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Kiki Musampa
at 10:08 21 Apr 2024

On my 'social media thread', something just came up where people were talking about nicknames.

One that was mentioned was that when Kiki Musampa played for Man City (about twenty years ago) he was known (it didn't say if it was by players or fans) as... Chris.

Have there been any Town players with witty nicknames?

Beachiest team ever?
at 07:11 16 Apr 2024

Chesterfield, 4 points from the last 7 games, and have lost their last four.
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Khushi's bat
at 15:44 8 Apr 2024

At Trent Bridge yesterday (Notts v Essex) the umpires found that Feroze Khushi's bat was too big. He was required to change it, and Essex will probably be docked points.

It made me wonder if there's any rule about how big goalkeeping gloves can be. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger.
Hanging up his boots
at 12:22 26 Feb 2024

Hearing that Joe Hart has announced his retirement got me thinking, which Town players have ‘hung up their boots’ while playing for Town? Simon Milton springs instantly to mind, but apart from Phil Parkes (whose Ipswich ‘career’ was very much a postscript) I can’t think of any. I mean at the natural the end of a long career, not horribly unfortunate cases like Nydam. (Supple’s case is a very unusual one of course.) But there must be others, even if the lure of pulling on the blue & white stripes of Colchester has proven too strong for many.
Dull kit question
at 12:49 11 Feb 2024

When the ref and a goalkeeper show up with basically the same kit ( as happened yesterday and happens quite often) is one supposed to change, and if so who?

I was at a game in Germany (4th tier) yesterday, and the keeper did go up for a corner at the end, and was dressed exactly like the ref .

Two things I noticed, - one trivial, one less so.

The linesmen wore no studs. They were running up and down grass, no muddier than the pitch.

There was a bit of a ‘handbags’ mass brawl just before half-time. Lots of players holding each other at arms’ length and being over-enthusiastic vigilantes after a bit of argy-bargy. I wondered how long the ref would take to sort it out. Answer: not long. Ref simply called for the two captains, rugby-style, - and booked them both for not controlling their players. ( I guess teams in this league do not appoint their Morsy as captain!)
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Coventry -Leicester
at 12:33 13 Jan 2024

I don’t really know anyone who supports either of these clubs. But am I right in thinking this is historically their biggest game, like Town-Norwich, Forest -Derby, - even if they have plenty of other close neighbours?
Alan Devonshire
at 00:06 12 Dec 2023

According to this, just after he'd signed for Watford from West Ham, Alan Devonshire played for Town as a 'guest' in August 1990.

If so, I'm guessing it was a testimonial, but whose?

Follow-up question: who was the most recent Town player to have a testimonial?

Stoke statistic
at 11:18 6 Dec 2023

A Potteries newspaper has totted up how many strike partners Tyrese Campbell has had up front for Stoke since he made his debut in 2018. (He played very few games before the 2019-20 season in fact.)

Answer: 108
Hypothetical questions.
at 21:15 1 Dec 2023

Answer both please.

1. Which Town player ( as they are right now ) could you most easily ‘hide’ in a top class game ( say Man City v Real Madrid ) without him sticking out like a sore thumb?

2. Which player would most upgrade any mid-table league 2 club still hoping for automatic promotion?

Is it the same player?

Petr Cech
at 22:56 27 Nov 2023

I like the story about Petr Cech making his debut in the top UK ice-hockey league, Belfast v Glasgow, 6000 crowd, and saying that ice-hockey keeper was what he always wanted to be, but his dad chose football for him because the gear was more affordable.( Hladky said the other day that he has no interest in staying in football when his playing days are over, which is another Czech keeper saying a much milder version of the same thing.) But it got me wondering , are there any Town players who spring to mind as being very open about football is just something they do because they happen to be good at it and that’s where the money is, and never even supported any club or been a fan at all ( Olof Mellberg was one I remember). You see these stories sometimes about Premier League players who trained all week and had no idea that e.g . Northampton was not in the Premier League and that it was a League Cup game.)

I guess you have to be supremely talented to think like that and just land up playing football. I’m not talking about people like Supple and perhaps even Garvan who (sadly) became disenchanted with it, but people who said they were never really interested in the first place.

( please spare us all the ‘so-and-so never looked interested’ and stick to people who actually said they weren’t .)
at 20:10 24 Nov 2023

Márton Fülöp
Kevin Steggles Thomas Gaardsøe Gareth McAuley Graham Harbey
Danny Hegan Brian Talbot Jake Livermore Romeo Zondervan
John Deehan Ray Crawford
at 21:33 5 Nov 2023

I wonder if the 'arrangement' with GAIS is still a thing. This time last year, when Ben Morris finished his spell there at the end of the Swedish season, the club's website thanked him warmly and said 'the cooperation with Ipswich is ingoing".

GAIS have just been promoted to the Swedish top league. Whether that would make them more or less useful to Town is hard to say.
Brian Talbot
at 22:40 1 Nov 2023

A good night for Fulham's assistant director of football, I guess, though maybe he's a Town fan at heart. Looking him up on Wikipedia, I see he finished his career at Sudbury in the Eastern Counties League. There can't be many other ex-England internationals that have played in that league. (Now I'll wait while local football enthusiasts reel off a few names!)

(Edit. p.s. Actually it's too sad to think who Kevin Beattie played for when everyone knew his time was up. Clacton, I think, for one? )
[Post edited 1 Nov 2023 22:50]
Brighter news for Southend
at 17:48 3 Oct 2023

Bought by Australians . I’m glad. Must be awful to lose your club.
county cricket,
at 12:15 19 Sep 2023

Usch, play at the Oval but none at Chelmsford, though Sir Alastair was out earlier, for 6.

But the news that caught my eye was that bridge over the Severn near the Worcester ground has been closed because they found an unexploded WW2 device.
I wonder how many people have passed that device over the years.

p.s. Sorry to see that Josh Rymell has been released by Essex, as top-notch Suffolk cricketers aren't plentiful.
[Post edited 19 Sep 2023 12:19]
at 12:23 11 Sep 2023

Well I could no doubt look this up for myself, but any of the Suffolk clubs showing signs of great things this season?
at 18:41 9 Sep 2023

... must be close to sacking their manager. I wonder of how much interest this will be to John McGreal.
Nice day for it.
at 11:27 8 Sep 2023

Colchester's first game of the season was postponed because of rain. Tomorrow's might be very lengthy because of all the drinks breaks that are going to be needed. (Am I right in thinking that it's not THAT long ago that players were not allowed to take on liquid during the game? )

What's the hottest league game you can remember?
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