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Keep calm
at 16:00 1 Apr 2021

Good Friday's ITV 3 schedule shows a certain resolute commitment to British comedy.

Carry on Cowboy
Comedy (1966)

Carry on Doctor
Comedy (1967)

Carry on Matron
Comedy (1973)

Carry on Cruising
Comedy (1962)

Carry on Behind
Comedy (1975)

Carry On Screaming
Comedy (1966)

I'm wondering who actually went to these films in the cinema when they came out. (Apart from Morrissey, obviously.) Was it kids, couples, dirty old men, or a bit of everything?
at 07:31 11 Mar 2021

I have tried google, but am hoping TWTD will be more helpful.

Does anyone know of examples in other countries of punishments which are designed to fit the crime? To be clear, I am not talking about the severity of the sentence, or about gruesome stuff like cutting off the hands of pickpockets, but more about very specific/ingenious punishments for relatively minor offences.

I know in the USA they have 'shaming' punishments whereby offenders have to stand out supermarkets with 'I am a shoplifter' signs around their necks. Again, I'm not so interested in this.

What I'm interested in is does anyone know of a place that has punishments of a 'see-how-you-like-it?' type? For example, 'you don't clear up after your dog, we'll dump a load of dog poo on your front step'. I guess I'm thinking of things like fly-tipping, chucking litter out of cars, stealing plants from public parks, and doing graffiti. (I'm guessing there ARE places where for the last one the punishment is to clean it off?)

I should say, I'm not saying such punishments are necessarily a good idea. In general I guess 'weird and wonderful' punishments, mostly involving shaming, are rightly considered Mediaeval. But I'm writing something, and have reached the conclusion that such punishments are few and far between nowadays. I wonder if any of you well-traveled people have come across anything.
Junk question
at 18:35 3 Dec 2020

Why do charity shops sell any number of egg cups, lank ties, copies of 50 Shades of Grey, mottled tea-spoons and Keane cd's, but not things like hammers, screw-drivers, and pliers? Where does all that slightly useful stuff go when people emigrate or die?
5 subs
at 18:43 20 Nov 2020

about to watch the Colchester game, and curious to see what difference the 5 subs thing makes. If someone in the midfield picks up a booking early on, I can imagine he could get subbed before half time to let someone else ‘put himself about’. I wonder if first half substitutions will become common. Changes the game a lot when people don’t have to be so worried about picking up a yellow in the first 15 minutes.
at 21:30 10 Oct 2020

Top of the league with a negative goal difference, - that takes some doing.
The world according to Gooch
at 13:38 29 Sep 2020

This headline, you're going to half like it.

Suffolk and good
at 11:53 19 Sep 2020

If there was a ‘county of origin’ tournament , what would the current Suffolk team look like? Nick Pope in goal, presumably, but who else? Anyone better than Macauley Bonne up front?
at 17:50 30 Aug 2020

Somebody asked about Twitter on here a day or two ago, and I've always been a non-Twitterer. But now I find that the only way I can see what is happening in Minsk (and Brest) it to type 'Belarus' into Twitter and watch the snatches of video. The stasi drag individuals out of the crowd and shove them into vans, and there's a good chance these people will never be seen again, or be found hanging from a tree after a 'suicide', - but still protestors step forward to argue with the police. I am in awe of this level of courage, which I strongly doubt I'd have.

Tanks are heading towards central Minsk right now. Meanwhile, Putin has offered to send in forces to help out the dictator. I don't know if anyone here in TWTD has any expertise in this area, but I just wonder if there is any hope that the Belarusian army is patriotic enough to resent the threat of this incursion, and will choose country over Lukashenko, and turn against the police.
Conjunction trends
at 21:55 18 Aug 2020

Three times in a fortnight I’ve seen ‘lest’ in a football report. It’s the new ‘albeit’, I tell you !
at 00:30 18 Aug 2020

I must admit, I never understand what it means when a player signs for (say) a year “with an option for another year”. Does that mean (a) if the player later decides he wants to stay another year, the club can’t say no, or (b) if the club likes the player and wants him to stay another year , he can’t say no. Because if it’s neither of those, I can’t see the difference between this sort of signing and a simple one-year contract; i,e, if player and club are obviously getting on well, extend the contact. Explain please. (Am I right in thinking these ‘options’ are increasingly common?

at 01:26 7 Aug 2020

Pub chat with fans of many persuasions, and all agreed that short-sleeved football shirts with some kind of generic long-sleeved gym-wear-of-a-vaguely-matching-colour underneath are an abomination. All present agreed too that Arnold Muhren is one of the true late greats in the long-sleeves Hall of Fame. My question to you is 'who was the last Town player you strongly associate with the long-sleeved shirt, Mick Lambert-style?' (For me it was Nigel Cleghorn. ) When was the last season that players had the option?
at 17:48 21 Jun 2020

I noticed that against Exeter last week, Colchester had advertising on their shorts. Not a good look, but I guess it must be on its way in ?
at 11:03 10 Jun 2020

I'm wondering, is car-sickness still common? I hated going on long journeys when I was a kid, but I'm wondering if the entertainment options and the relative smoothness of modern gears means it's no longer so prevalent. (My mother's palliative was a glass of Stone's ginger wine, even when I was about 7.)
one love
at 21:13 10 May 2020

Reading an article singing the praises of Matt le Tissier as the greatest one-club player, I can only think of Gary Neville as a serious challenger for that crown. But who would Town's best contender be? I'm guessing one has to go back to the sixties or early seventies? (By one club, I mean one professional club, here or abroad.)
Two questions
at 12:36 5 Apr 2020

Two unrelated questions. (The first one may sound a bit snide, but it's not meant to be, it's a genuine question.)

1. Is there any work going on on the railway tracks, taking advantage of the low traffic?

2. It said on the radio this morning that local /village food shops are doing good business. Is this evident in rural Suffolk?
How are Vitebsk getting on ? n/t
at 15:40 29 Mar 2020

listen 'bor
at 08:58 19 Mar 2020

Listening to a lot more radio, and struck by the number of vaguely Geordie accents out there.

Got me thinking, how many East Anglian voices are there in the national media, including sports media?
Chris Sutton I'd count as national, Terry Butcher perhaps. Even people like Steve Lamacq and Tom Ravenscroft to my mind don't have full-on' East Anglian accents. (I remember watching 'Twenty Twelve', the Olympics-build-up comedy and thinking that the guy in charge of traffic was almost the first person I'd seen on tv talk properly since John Bond! )
Every cloud, etc (n/t)
at 11:05 16 Mar 2020

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