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Huge statement of intent from Biden
at 14:28 22 Apr 2021

Was it expected that he would commit the US to halving their emissions in the next 8.5 years?

That's a huge commitment, one I am surprised they are even able to attempt. I imagine it'll also sent the Republicans into total meltdown.


Also an excellent animation on there showing the emissions of the biggest polluters over time. The rise of China since about 2010 is ridiculous.

All English teams withdraw from ESL
at 23:03 20 Apr 2021

Didn't last long then.

Not sure they are going to get off the hook that easily though, all very well making a statement that the fans are important after you've clearly indicated that they aren't.

McGuiness simply isn't ready
at 19:33 20 Apr 2021

He's been woeful.

Oh, 2-0.


So the ESL clubs think they can leave and stay?
at 17:16 19 Apr 2021

Saw the Man Utd statement that because it was midweek they could continue in the PL and it seems the other clubs think this as well:

"The ESL said the founding clubs had agreed to establish a "new midweek competition" with teams continuing to "compete in their respective national leagues"."


Seems fairly easy to just tell them they won't be allowed to play in their domestic leagues if they go through with it. Damage is already done though, even if it falls apart now fans have seen how greedy they can actually be.

Starmer thrown out of the pub
at 15:47 19 Apr 2021

He is of course entitled to not want Starmer in his pub but to then accuse him of failing the country for not opposing lockdown and for allowing restrictions on people is a denial of the science. I thought he was going to accuse him on not challenging the Tories enough which would be a fair point but he decided to attack the science instead.


Of course he is upset due to the economic issues that have come with lockdown but it's also important to not rewrite the science now that some things are opening up.

The BBC seem to have missed the unsavoury line at the start where he says we messed up the economy to save old people but it's available on the videos on YouTube. I wonder how widespread that view is across the country?

Starmers security also rather heavy-handed there, no real need for that.

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Most accurately named beer ever?
at 19:25 17 Apr 2021

So after many long months I had a couple of friends over to the postage stamp I call a garden and one of them came loaded with this (image from Google). Strong stuff at 10%+ but surely the best ever name for a beer?

Some interesting research around clotting caused by C19
at 12:17 15 Apr 2021

It's not yet been peer reviewed so have to keep that in mind but it does add some context around the risks of both the vaccines and actually getting covid which might be helpful for those with concerns.

"Now researchers at the University of Oxford – who were not involved in the vaccine trials – have released results of an analysis of a database of 81 million people primarily in the US, highlighting that CVST is around eight to 10 times more common among people who have had Covid, than those who have had a vaccine against the disease.

Looking at cases of the brain blood clots among 513,284 people who were diagnosed with Covid, the team found a rate of 39 cases of CVST per million patients in the two weeks after diagnosis with Covid, with about 30% of cases occurring in people under the age of 30.

By comparison, the rate was just over four cases per million among 489,871 people who had received an mRNA vaccine (either the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech jab) in the two weeks after vaccination. The team also looked at the latest figures from the EMA, which said that there have been around 5 cases of CVST per million people who have had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine."

Sounds like India needs to be put on the red list
at 11:43 14 Apr 2021

It sounds awful there at the moment with a new wave running totally out of control after the easing of restrictions:


This line is the one that is incredibly worrying though and I would think should mean India is on the red list until other countries can do some genome sequencing:

"Nightmare scenes of a country struggling to cope have begun to emerge as doctors speak of a new variant of the virus that appears to be spreading faster than ever before, affecting young people and even children this time around."

"This time we are seeing younger people between 20 and 40 getting seriously affected and even children are now being hospitalised with severe symptoms."

How come our ex-player can run with the ball and lay it off for an assist? (n/t)
at 20:20 13 Apr 2021

Bennetts should come on at half-time
at 19:13 13 Apr 2021

Yes he doesn't often have the end product but we are too predictable and nobody can beat a man.

The one time Downes beat a few people and made it unpredictable things happened.

Take off Drinan or Judge. In fact I'd take off Drinan and Judge for Bennetts and Jackson.

Need some pace and unpredictability.

Anyone still happy Harrop came in for Dozzell? (n/t)
at 19:02 13 Apr 2021

The world according to Joey Barton
at 14:58 13 Apr 2021

Although I guess there is a good argument that he's always been a loon but he made all his players take their boots off and walk around the pitch on Saturday before the match and this was his reasoning:

"The theory behind it is, the earth is a huge ball of molten lava spinning around the sun which is emitting electrical and heat pulses. The earth gets struck by lightning multiple times a day and absorbs positive and negative electrons and because of our bodies, we’re mainly water, and the moon affects tides and it’s logical to think the moon affects us.

So if you keep your shoes on, you’ve got rubber in the bottom of your soles. But obviously we’re made, developed over the evolutionary process, to walk bare-footed; that’s why we have hard skin on the bottom of our feet.

If we walk on beaches or grass, the positive and negative electrons in your body are able to escape via the bottom of your feet and you recharge with positive electrons.

Which makes sense to me. If the earth is constantly struck by the sun and these invisible forces of gravity and all these other things we are unaware of.

I saw a study this week about the Higgs Boson particle and how they think they’ve found the next progression from that.

We think we know a lot, and we do know a lot – you’ve seen how they’ve rolled the vaccine out across the country – but there’s also a ridiculous amount we know nothing about, certainly when it comes to energy fields, and things outside the remits of science and that’s an area to tap into.

Certainly the last frontier in football, we’ve done the health and fitness – the strength and nutrition, everyone knows you can sleep in hyperbaric chambers, you can take all these kind of supplements, you can do these things with your blood that they’ve done at the Tour de France.

We know there’s a lot of stuff in there about science that probably gives you between 4-6, 7, 8% performance increase, depending on which one you do.

But then there’s the last frontier, which is the space between your ears. Football can measure data, metrics, do lots of things but it’s got a long, long way to go in the mental space.

The space between your ears, which for me is the ultimate frontier and if you can break between there, and you can tap into that …

And I’ve been shown ways to do that by people a lot smarter than me; whether that’s Doctor Kevin Dutton at Oxford University, who’s a professor of psychology and has become a really good friend or Dr Steve Black, who I’ve worked for long periods.

And obviously Peter Kay who wasn’t a doctor but was a fantastic drug and alcohol counsellor and changed thousands of people’s lives through the mental health space.

Because I was so flawed as a younger man, I think I’ve got an advantage in the mental space; mainly because I was looking at how I can help myself be better, to help my kids be better.

Never ever was I think I’d use these things for football. Stuff we’ve done with the guys here the grounding stuff in the stadium, you think about the grounding moment.

I know I’m getting a bit long-winded and it’s a Friday morning but the sacred space is the key.

The Greeks believed in chronos – which is clock time – and kairos – which is significant time. If you are member of a tribe and you got initiated into a sacred space, it was the ability for time and space to alter from normality.

Most people travel through life operating in a normal time and space.

You can think about when you go out with your friends and family, or you go on holiday, or when you’re together with people that you love, Christmas; time and space seems to move quicker.

I use the analogy of being in a prison cell, how slow time and space becomes because of the negative. Feeling is experience is knowledge and I can only go from what I felt and experienced in my life.

And I’ve certainly felt my time and space shift for the good and for the bad.

We’ve been working with Steve Black about these secret energy chambers – and it’s there in my book – and we’ve been talking to the boys about this for a long, long period in time and the key components that need to be in place for you to break through into these unlimited energy stores.

I think a few of our boys are breaking through and are finding those slots, finding a cause bigger than themselves and finding something to play for that is more important than the self and that’s helping them perform beyond what they have been performing before.

As a team, we’re a tribe and, at this moment, we’re trying to use all spirituality and grounding moments. For me, a great recharge point should be a home stadium, and its pitch.

Certainly, if it’s the Memorial Stadium, it was Wild Bill’s Wild West Show or something to start with, then it was all the guys who lost their lives heroically in the wars, local rugby players, and our fans come to this church whenever they get the opportunity to be part of this tribe, and to sing the hymns and be part of this congregation.

I felt by grounding the players on this pitch and what it meant, looking into the stands and seeing the stands full, all the while with our feet barefoot on the pitch, using the forces of good and the nature and the universe, we had nothing to lose.

And judging by the way they played on Monday, it worked. There are multiple ways to get performance; you can move people spiritually and move people emotionally. Football is a spiritual and emotional game.

You only have to go to Anfield on a Champions League night and they play ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and it’s spine-tingling for an Evertonian, who’s in the opposition. So imagine what it’s doing for someone who’s supported by that in the Liverpool jersey.

If that doesn’t give you a performance boost by 5 or 10% then you’re in the wrong game, there's something wrong with you.

Thoughts on the "traffic light" travel system?
at 08:41 9 Apr 2021

Details here:


First thing that springs to mind is that it's all very well having a watchlist but I would think that in the majority of cases a country is going to jump from whatever status it currently is to red immediately if a worrying variant is found so having such a list risks giving people a false sense of security with regards to planning which is exactly what they said it should prevent. It's still better than no guidance though.

The airline industry aren't happy because of the requirement to take a PCR test on return regardless of the traffic light level. They want either no tests at all from "green" countries (that wasn't ever going to happen in my opinion) or less accurate rapid testing. However that wouldn't allow the UK to discover new variants entering the country because only PCR tests give that ability. This is important as a lot of countries simply don't have the infrastructure to detect new variants in a timely manner (if at all).

Listening to a Scottish MP this morning they wanted to go much further and say no summer holidays at all so perhaps there is a chance of that being implemented in Scotland (although I don't see what would stop someone driving to England and then going unless there was a lot of coordination).

Guardian long read on Covid scepticism
at 10:04 8 Apr 2021


It's quite a depressing read and shows how "normal" people can be sucked into these things through circumstances which are out of their control. The majority of the points put forward by people are easily disproven with only a bit of basic research but nobody does that as they don't want their views disproven.

A couple of paragraphs I thought were key:

This kind of thing is difficult to factcheck, and besides, factchecking is of limited use in changing believers’ minds, because sources such as the BBC or the Office for National Statistics are seen as untrustworthy, part of the lie. “If you don’t want to be convinced, then it’s not going to happen,” says Jon Roozenbeek, a Cambridge academic who studies disinformation.

One said sadly that his grandparents wouldn’t see him any more. “They believe this whole thing, hook, line and sinker. They’ve been brainwashed by the BBC. To be honest, I don’t blame them. I put it on for 15 minutes the other day, and I could feel myself getting brainwashed, too, so I switched it off.”

I fear the battle is already lost when presenting factual and scientific information is seen as untrustworthy or brainwashing. I've seen this exact behaviour on here in PM's, even citing the same things about the media and brainwashing.

Populism and Covid
at 23:28 6 Apr 2021

Covid has really highlighted the dangerousness of populism as a political paradigm. The top 3 countries for deaths (USA, Mexico and Brazil) all have (had) populist presidents who downplayed the virus and refused to take the steps required and it's directly caused huge numbers of deaths.

Even now, more than a year into the pandemic Bolsonaro still insists on playing it down. There were 4195 deaths in Brazil today, they are struggling terribly with the new variant and will probably overtake the US weekly average for deaths in the next few days.

To this he says:

"In which country aren’t people dying?"

He's still resisting the implementation of a national lockdown. It's tragic, one would like to think that people will learn from this but I'm not that hopeful.

Nobody can pass forwards
at 16:50 5 Apr 2021

It's just a steady progression from wherever we are on the pitch to the centre backs or the keeper.

They don't have many options to pass forward but someone has to attempt it at some point.

They were asking for it really
at 16:58 3 Apr 2021


If you're going to put brushes and paint in front of the art then someone might not understand.....

Some numbers on long covid
at 08:55 3 Apr 2021

The ONS has said that 122,000 NHS workers have been diagnosed with long covid closely followed by 114,000 teachers and a total of 1.1m across the country.


Some pretty awful numbers there which are going to have a long-term impact on the individuals and also the NHS and schools.

Tendulkar in hospital with covid
at 19:30 2 Apr 2021

It sounds like he's OK and is expecting to be home in a week which is excellent news but there has been a huge surge in cases in Mumbai where he lives. Assuming he is fine it might focus some people into following the appropriate measures as he's godlike over there.


This is awful from the Sicilian health chief
at 15:27 1 Apr 2021

It's amazing that after a year these things are still happening:


"According to prosecutors, who put a number of people under house arrest and the Sicilian health chief, Ruggero Razza, under investigation, health authorities in Sicily allegedly altered the number of new Covid cases and the number of Covid tests as part of a “grievous political design” to avoid the region being classed as a high-risk red zone and put on hard lockdown."

"According to investigators, reports of deaths and new cases in the region were spread out over time to paint a rosier picture than was actually the case."

Everyone knows there are economic issues related to lockdowns but this is literally putting peoples lives in danger.

[Post edited 1 Apr 15:27]
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