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Phil... Pedant’s corner...
at 21:26 19 Apr 2019

The Villa 0-4 was a year ago on Sunday, not Monday.
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Preston North End v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Bolton sold to Bassani confirmed. Not sure how that is good news for them....
at 16:14 17 Apr 2019

If the Football League approve this as they see him as a fit and proper person, then it makes that particular test look even more ridiculous than it already is.

ST savings for new / returning ST holders vs. match day tickets....
at 14:50 17 Apr 2019

Thought I'd give this its own thread rather than it get lost on the general squabbling of the other one...

If you buy a ST (as a new / returning ST holder and therefore £352 before any further target-based discounts) and miss 5 games, it still works out at £19.55 a game for the ones you do see.

Miss 6 games = £20.70
Miss 7 games = £22.00
Miss 8 games = £23.46

So you'd have to miss 8 games out of 23 (over a third) before you start to lose on having a ST vs paying the regular match price of £23.

And even then, it's only 46p per game = £3.68 total, and for that, you get to keep the same seat every match and have a higher ranking in the priority system for away games.

Not sure why anyone who can make it to two-thirds or more of the games wouldn't do it.
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So if the sales targets are hit.... then I assume the club simply refund ...
at 11:30 17 Apr 2019

....the subsequent saving for those who pay in a lump-sum?

That said, I know that well over 90% of ST holders pay by DD.
Who is likely to be playing for the U-23s at PR tonight?
at 10:44 15 Apr 2019

May well go and watch....
Phil: Had Judge scored instead of hitting the post, we would have...
at 18:42 13 Apr 2019

...taken the lead, not levelled.
Almost as bad as getting "Judgey" tattooed on your backside...
at 11:35 12 Apr 2019
Anyone else follow Andy Holt (Accrington Stanley chairman) on twitter....
at 11:10 12 Apr 2019

Makes good point after good point about the ridiculously unsustainable financial situation football is in.
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Ipswich Town v Birmingham City prediction logged
Has there ever been a more divisive subject in the country than Brexit?
at 09:38 10 Apr 2019

(Edit: In our lifetime. No, not yours Factual).

Before Cameron decided to buy himself some cheap votes by saying we'd have the referendum, our membership of the EU was down the list of priorities for the public behind a whole range of other stuff.
Other than some racist loons and the UKIP mob who didn't like Eastern Europeans coming in and doing the jobs Brits wouldn't / couldn't do (and doing them to a much better standard), our membership of the EU wasn't really on anyone's agenda.

Now it's dominating every day. Not just on the news on tv, but on social media, on here etc.
I dare not mention the subject to my Dad, as he's goes off on one (and is on the other side of the argument), and people you'd previously considered ok are sharing some of the Brexit lies and propaganda on the likes of Facebook.

It's the one and only subject there seems to be at the moment and is dividing the country - a party political squabble has split the nation.

It's even worse than the years old debate as to those who oppose which is the correct way jam and cream should be applied in a cream tea. Everyone knows it's jam first, and cream on top. Only those weirdos from Devon think otherwise.
[Post edited 10 Apr 11:02]
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Brentford v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Lap of honour after the Leeds game....
at 11:18 9 Apr 2019

.... the club probably haven't thought of it, but it might be quite difficult to do this.

Leeds fans have every chance of either celebrating promotion all over the stadium / Cobbold (and it will be quite an effort to move them outside the ground) or smashing the place up as they've blown it....

Edit: Yes, I know .... there shouldn't be one after the season we've had etc etc.
[Post edited 9 Apr 11:19]
U23s League - I'm confused.....
at 12:32 8 Apr 2019

Phil's report says we have won the Southern section. Good stuff.

But tonight we are playing Leeds in a league match - and Leeds are the current leaders of the north section?
How is a south section team playing against one from the north in a regular league game?
Leeds have only got the usual away allocation for the final game....
at 11:52 8 Apr 2019
IT Failure?
at 16:56 5 Apr 2019


Don't believe it for a minute. Anderson / Bassini up to their necks in it and I bet the IT story is just an excuse.
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Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Ronnie is White Gold is played by the same actor....
at 11:00 4 Apr 2019

... who played Gumbo in ID.

Mind blown.
Sunderland fans still undecided on Ross...
at 10:19 4 Apr 2019
Cindys / Cane Club.....
at 08:51 4 Apr 2019

...Featured in the Star's "Days Gone By" recently. Bit before my time (but only just, Cindys closed in 1991), but I'm sure there's plenty on here who can remember it.
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