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ITFC now close to furloughing staff....
at 11:12 1 Apr 2020

And having had a massive rant about football clubs doing this on Joe's thread below and also on Twitter last night, it is slightly more understandable for a L1 club that doesn't get the income the Prem and top-end Champ clubs do. But I still don't agree with it.

That said, I would happily support the Government telling football clubs they are not eligible to do this.

Football as an industry has been paying the players far more than is sustainable for many, many years now.... this wouldn't happen in any other industry, so why should it happen in football?

If a few clubs go bust as a result, then while it is a shame for the fans of those particular clubs, for the rest of the game it should be the long-overdue wake-up call that football needs to get its house in order and very quickly.

What's needed is a strong and stringent independent regulator, as the current people in charge are incapable of running the sport.
Got a half day off today and a day off tomorrow...
at 08:41 26 Mar 2020

...Was supposed to be going to Edinburgh for the weekend.

1st class train tickets - put on hold, hotel cancelled.

Heopfully we will go in the autumn instead.
Japanese Prime Minister formally requests Olympics be postponed... (n/t)
at 12:32 24 Mar 2020

I used to think that Joe Wicks was a bit of a div....
at 09:19 24 Mar 2020

... but he's properly got the nation's kids engaged with his 9am exercise class on You Tube.

Our two are following it religiously, as is my wife (although I'm not sure her motivation is quite the same as theirs), and judging by social media, there's loads of kids getting involved.
So how would total lockdown work further than we already have?
at 15:48 22 Mar 2020

Other than closing non-food shops?

Those identified as key workers the other day will still be key workers and will need to get to get to work.
People will still need to go and buy food.
People will still be able to go for a walk / exercise a safe distance from others.

The thing that needs to change is the moronic “great” British public.
Happy Birthday Dalian....
at 19:28 21 Mar 2020

I can remember him scoring a few other thunderbolts... I’m sure one was against Bournemouth, can’t remember who else. And also a back-heel vs Birmingham in the last home game of a season.
Of all the Prime Ministers in the last 30 years...
at 20:26 20 Mar 2020

....(since Maggie), who would have trusted the most in the last few weeks and then the months to come?
Aussie Prime Minister gets it....
at 10:32 20 Mar 2020

... just shared a post on Twitter of his speech. But because I'm a useless clown, I don't know how to post the link on here.

If Boris does nothing else today, all he has to do is copy and paste the speech for the UK.
Peter Whittingham has died.....
at 14:12 19 Mar 2020

Confirmed by Sky & BBC.

[Post edited 19 Mar 14:19]
So football likely to be continuing well past 1st June....
at 14:00 19 Mar 2020

...assuming it re-starts end of April / May.

That's going to be a challenge for all the concerts the football clubs have planned.

Not least The Killers on 1st June behind enemy lines.
Leicester Hare Krishnas....
at 12:26 17 Mar 2020

Following on from the "in danger" thread.

This photo deserves a thread of its own, include a young Ron Weasley:

[Post edited 17 Mar 12:27]
Is it actually true that once you've had it, you're then immune?
at 15:20 16 Mar 2020

Which is kind of what the government seem to assuming?

No more football until September.... here’s how to sort it....
at 23:16 13 Mar 2020

Cancel Euro 2020, move them to June 2021.

Scrap all next next season’s cup competitions.
Resume play in September and play this season to a finish.

Three week break in October for the transfer window and to sort the fixtures out. Then start the new season third / fourth week of October.
Finish mid-May, play-offs done by the end of May.

[Post edited 13 Mar 23:16]
If we suddenly take 18 points from our remaining games....
at 06:41 11 Mar 2020

.... we still need several sides to average just less than a point a game for us to fluke our way in to the POs.

Not happening.
[Post edited 11 Mar 6:41]
Portsmouth and Fleetwood drawing with each other....
at 20:27 10 Mar 2020

...putting 3rd - 6th all on 60 points, and all 8 points plus GD ahead of us, with 8 games left for ITFC.

We in to the realms of point a game to catch-up...
Lambert hid amongst the players at the SBRL end after the match.....
at 17:47 7 Mar 2020

The players (rightly or wrongly) were getting polite applause for their efforts, so PRP hid amongst them.
At least Taylor is happy to keep his distance and get any stick.
Anyone going to the darts at the Corn Exchange tomorrow?
at 19:25 6 Mar 2020

RvB, Mardle and Fallon.

But not The Power. He’s injured his hip and pulled out. They’re trying to find a replacement at the last minute.

So tomorrow currently looks like this.
Walk dog.
Take eldest to netball tournament.
Leave netball tournament just in time to drop car at home and get to PR.
Watch 0-2 defeat.
Go along for the beers to watch the rugby, even though I don’t really like it.
Go to the darts and see who they’ve managed to drag in to replace the Power.
Stagger home.

Prediction Logged by at 09:26:12
Ipswich Town v Coventry City prediction logged
My tuppence worth....This is going to sound soft....
at 22:09 4 Mar 2020

.... but last night was an epiphany to me in that it made me realise, in all its raw awfulness, exactly what we have become.

And today I have felt bereft, bereaved, like someone close to me has gone.

I know life is about more than football and ITFC, but to those of us who have spent far, far more time and money than is good for them, missed various other things I could have been doing to go to games, and effectively planned my life around each season’s fixture list.... I now feel empty.

And the worst of it is, I don’t think we have reached the bottom yet.

ME can’t or won’t put any more money in.... and in the context of the football industry (as bat-sh*t mental as it is), that’s not good news.
I know a guy who works at the club, I won’t say in what capacity as it’s not fair on him and he said it simply.... “there is no money”.

Quite where we go from here, God knows. Lambert will be gone soon enough, but where we go from there I don’t know.... or don’t want to contemplate.
[Post edited 4 Mar 22:26]
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Ipswich Town v Fleetwood Town prediction logged
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