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Prediction Logged by at 14:02:05
Coventry City v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Where's these Wycombe tickets then?
at 09:03 5 Dec 2019

I demand to be able to order them from the warmth and comfort of my office a full hour earlier than the plebs standing in the cold at PR.
Another bbc quiz - Ballon d'Or winners....
at 15:54 2 Dec 2019

15/20, plus one I couldn't spell right, so 16.

Edit: Link added.
[Post edited 2 Dec 16:09]
Watched (flicked through) FA Cup MOTD highlights last night....
at 12:13 2 Dec 2019

...and saw Ellis Harrison playing for Portsmouth.

Given that it's generally accepted Jackson and Norwood are our first choice pair, given Norwood's slightly patchy availability, Harrison would have been an ideal striker to have kept in the squad.
Duckenfield not guilty....
at 15:47 28 Nov 2019

Hope BL is ok....

[Post edited 28 Nov 15:50]
Portman Road flooded....
at 14:02 28 Nov 2019

I know it's rained a bit this week, but there must be two factors at play here....

1) Archant having their offices literally a couple of feet from where the flood is.

2) Drains must be blocked surely? It hasn't rained "that" much.
The disallowed goal last night seems set to join other great ITFC injustices....
at 15:04 27 Nov 2019

... in the club's folklore, along with:

- Bob Hamer awarding a penalty against Phil Whelan for a perfect tackle on Dean Saunders in August 1992.
- Clive Thomas and his 70's antics in the FAC semi-finals.
- The ref who awarded the goal against us (Clive Thomas again if I am not mistaken) when it hit the outside of the stanchion.
- Kevin Lynch giving a penalty, then changing his mind, to give us (and then not) the chance to equalise late on at Carrow Road in November 1995.
- Paul Durkin sending off John Wark, again at Carrow Road, this time in Autumn 1994.

It's particularly special when you an remember the name of the ref in question. That's the true measure of incompetence.
[Post edited 27 Nov 15:34]
Greater Anglia in the news....
at 14:27 27 Nov 2019
We are such a meek and mild team.....
at 12:00 27 Nov 2019

.... full of nice lads.

All very noble, but we've seen it multiple times now where teams come here and boss the referee and we do nothing other than accept it.

I'm not saying we should do it ourselves, or at least not to the extent that the likes of Wycombe do, but we should at least be strong enough to not allow the opposition to intimidate / influence the officials - if the opposition are in the officials ears, then so should we be, and putting ourselves between the opposition and the officials to stop it happening.
Us, Wycombe, Sunderland and Pompey all playing tonight....
at 15:19 26 Nov 2019

... after a slow start, Pompey are starting to come up on the rails.

Fully expect them to be in the POs by the end of the season.
Prediction Logged by at 14:42:27
Ipswich Town v Wycombe Wanderers prediction logged
Bloody hell, just seen the Bolton score from yesterday....
at 13:03 24 Nov 2019

... sorry if it’s already been covered.

Wonder what our Posh friends made of that?!
Prediction Logged by at 09:10:54
Ipswich Town v Blackpool prediction logged
Killers tickets booked.....
at 10:07 20 Nov 2019

... Decontamination unit on order.
Jose confirmed as Spurs manager.
at 06:39 20 Nov 2019

Killers performing at Carrow Rd next summer....
at 09:21 15 Nov 2019

They seem to be able to attract the big acts.... where as we get Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond every other year.
[Post edited 15 Nov 9:22]
Why do both Manchester U-21 clubs get dispensation to play....
at 15:53 14 Nov 2019

...their Leasing Trophy games away in the KO stages?
Another BBC quiz - name all the opponents who have beaten England...
at 15:40 13 Nov 2019

Was last night the highest aggregate shirt total to play for us?
at 09:50 13 Nov 2019

40, 42, 44, 50 and 51 all on the pitch at the same time.
Awful ground in an awful location.... with the usual awful infrastructure...
at 08:46 13 Nov 2019

for a new stadium.

Left Ellenbrook shops at 18.20, should have been at the ground by 19.00, even allowing for the journey to take twice as long as it should.

Got to the Ardleigh turn-off and the queues were already back to there, so we turned off and went through Severalls at 18.40.
Got to Axial Way, less than a mile from the ground and it took 50 minutes to then get to our booked parking space at the ground.
We could see the traffic coming in from the A12 as well, it was complete gridlock around the ground.

Apparently there was a broken down lorry on the Copdock roundabout (although we didn't go that way - left Ipswich via Belstead and Copdock back roads), which Col U knew about. Stuart Watson tweeted Col U had announced it was likely there would be a delay to kick-off..... so Col U knew there was a problem and fans would be late arriving.

Yet the match still kicked off at the scheduled time. We missed the first 2-3 minutes, but there were still large gaps in the away section, and people were still coming in constantly for the first 30 minutes of the game.

Given it was a 19.30 kick-off, there is no reason why they couldn't have delayed the start for at least 15 minutes, which would have allowed more fans to see the start, or even 20.00.

How on earth do they cope with a big game? Another awful, soulless out of town ground with dreadful infrastructure, whether you travel by car or train.

Only consolation is that where we ended up parking was very close to the away stand behind the goal, so we were back in the car 1 minute after the final whistle, out of the car park, back along the A12 and back to Ellenbrook by 21.40.
[Post edited 13 Nov 8:47]
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