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at 10:46 9 Jul 2019

Not sure why the forum has become quite so tetchy again after a relatively quiet few weeks but just a reminder that we're not quite so forgiving on abuse/stirring etc as we were as we've got rather fed up with the hassle. That goes for long-term users as much as anyone else.

Perhaps rather fewer threads on certain non-footballing topics which have been somewhat over-prevalent over the last few months would help matters.
Kick-off likely to be delayed
at 13:30 6 Jul 2019

Team arrived a few minutes back after three-hour drive. Didn't notice any significant absentees, Edwards here, Judge with his cast off although he said it would go back on soon. Paul L not overly impressed with the pitch.
Thanks for abuse reports
at 11:16 7 Jun 2019

Bearing in mind the discussions of the last few days, I don't think we're being harsh to ban that user.
State of the Board Discussion
at 18:16 5 Jun 2019

Another not overly pleasant day on here, even though we've had a signing, even if not a particularly high profile one.

Despite its not particularly brilliant or insightful starting point the 'All these protesters' thread has rather got to the crux of one of the bigger issues at the moment.

There are a number of posters who, rather than engaging in debate on an issue - political, brexit-related usually - post an insult aimed at a group they disagree with or something deliberately inflammatory without having any intention of involving themselves in any actual debate. It's all got very snipey, not just at other users but in a wider sense, protesters being today's target.

The forum has always been a friendly, inclusive place, welcoming to all, a community. Disagreements and argument maybe, but for the most part there's been an underlying geniality and good humour, posters have helped one another out and looked out for one another. This does appear to be being undermined by the recent unpleasant undertone.

While we've always been the ones running the site, we've never sought to be overly dictatorial. We've often put matters relating to it to posters. I don't particularly like banning people (although we have banned one user as Gav had an investigate and discovered a long-banned user with a new name), I usually give posters more than enough warnings to give them ample chance to use the board in line with the manner in which most others post.

Should we be a bit more draconian in how we police this sort of thing? Getting a bit fed up with how the last few days have progressed. We've gone from abuse PMs being a rarity to them becoming frequent most days. Have had a fair bit going on away from TWTD lately and haven't really needed the additional unnecessary hassle.

Obviously the sort of nonsense outlined above needs to end or we will have to ban a few more users, but any thoughts on how else we can try to get things back to normal?
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