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Once Upon a Time in Iraq
at 20:49 5 Aug 2020

Anyone watched this on the i-player?

Pretty engrossing, but depressing, documentary series on the aftermath of the Iraq War, talking to civilians, soldiers and reporters. We all know it, but just confirms what an almighty clusterf@ck the whole situation was.

Review of it here...
Operation 'Blame the Public' has been a success then......
at 15:58 5 Aug 2020

Corona Virus Hoax/Bill Gates/face mask etc posts on social media
at 20:12 4 Aug 2020

Obviously you've all seen this nonsense so I don't need to explain it.

Is it just me that finds myself getting unnecessarily annoyed/disappointed when I see what I had assumed to be intelligent people posting this stuff?

Corona Virus fitness regimes
at 14:10 20 Jul 2020

With the lack of any organised sports, and sports centres etc still closed down, how are the fine people of TWTD keeping themselves in shape?

I'm starting to push myself a bit more on the bike now, done just under 60km in the last 4 days on 3 rides. Its on a hybrid bike rather than a road bike, so takes a bit more effort to clock up the distance! I'm by no means a fitness freak, played a bit of 6 a side footy and walked to work, but badly needed to stop myself going full slob.

On this note, has anyone heard anything about when sports centres might open for football, badminton etc?
Is modern top level football a bit boring?
at 18:34 19 Jul 2020

I don't watch much Premier league football outside of MOTD (ie highlights only), but on the rare occasions I do, such as the cup semi on now, I just find it a bit dull. It is all a bit too cagey and teams are too good at defending, so not much goal mouth action at all.

You can see that the technical ability on display is very good, but not nearly enough of it results in exciting football.
Friday night amusement - crap waxworks
at 22:31 17 Jul 2020

Did anyone here ever visit this place in Yarmouth before it closed?

There is a striking similarity between Hitler and Trump today......
Cr@p 90s Football
at 08:23 14 Jul 2020

This is one of my favourite distraction pages on twitter, but today they have posted the best for a fair while.

Magical football, some of the full back play makes Donacien look like Cafu .

Best ever pop tune
at 19:58 10 Jul 2020

Any suggestions pop pickers? I reckon this is pretty perfect.

That kit is basically the budgies bird mess one...
at 15:29 9 Jul 2020

but in pale blue and white isn't it?

Nolan extends contract and Downes probably off.
at 19:19 6 Jul 2020

crikey it is depressing being a town fan.
Boris Johnson doesn't believe in gestures, he believes in substance
at 15:16 3 Jul 2020

That is what he thinks with regard to taking a knee for BLM, but what about any other subject? Quite a long thread.

WFH in this heat
at 10:06 25 Jun 2020

Not a lot of fun is it?

Sitting here getting sweaty and trying to focus on work isn't exactly resulting in peak productivity!
Aphids aphids aphids!
at 08:39 24 Jun 2020

Any other twtd gardeners being swamped by the various green/black/white fly hoards this year?

Don't recall seeing them in these numbers in recent years. Assume it is because of the mostly very dry and warm period we've had since March?
Conservative Party Happy Fathers Day message on twitter
at 15:59 21 Jun 2020

This is a nice enough message from them, smiling picture of dad and child, lovely stuff.

Then read the comments to see the mindset of conservative voters. Pretty safe to say we still have a racism problem in this country I reckon.

Actually quite a remarkable read.

Apologies for spamming a few twitter links, but some of the stuff going on at the moment is pretty appalling.
[Post edited 21 Jun 15:59]
Phil logging in and seeing another argumentative 6 pager underway....
at 13:56 21 Jun 2020

Hip Hop and beats DJ Mix
at 23:05 20 Jun 2020

I've created a new DJ mix, choc full a great 90's and 00's beats and hip hop, as per the tracklist below.... let me if you'd like a link to it and I'll DM you. I would post the link here, but its got my name and face on it so rather not post on the forum!

1) Nightmares on Wax – Morse
2) Beber and Teasdale – Razorblade
3) Groove Armada feat Jeru the Damaja – Suntoucher
4) Gripper – Fame
5) Funky Fresh Few feat Afu Ra – Drop a Jewel
6) Aim feat Diamond D – The Omen
7) Maroons feat Erin Anova – Golden Rule
8) DJ Format – Little Bit of Soul
9) Deadbeats – Got It Going On
10) Gorillaz – Rock the House
11) Black Sheep – Butt in the Meantime
12) Ugly Duckling – Fresh Mode
13) Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing
14) DJ Shadow – Hardcore Hip Hop
15) The Wiseguys – The Executives
16) DJ Vadim – Your Revolution
17) Mark Rae – Depth Charge
18) Mr Scruff feat Roots Manuva – Jusjus
19) Fingathing – Head to Head
20) The Nextmen – Thinking Man’s Session
21) Nightmares on Wax – Ethnic Majority
22) Bushy – There’s a Light
23) Rae & Christian feat Siron – Distant Invitation
24) Public Enemy – Give it Up
25) Roots Manuva & Chali 2na – Join the Dots
26) Ultramagnetic MCs – Ego Trippin’
27) Cypress Hill – When the Sh1t Goes Down
28) J. Walk – Following the Noughties
29) Dual Contol – Bring it On
30) Freddy Fresh – Skylights
31) Gripper – Jazz Cop
32) Mark Rae – Make No Mistake
33) The Wiseguys – Who the Hell?
34) Nightmares on Wax – Bless My Soul
Group 'defending' Felixstowe war memorial today
at 22:17 20 Jun 2020

Couple of questions.

1) Can anyone explain that salute?

2) has there been any actual attacks on war memorials? I'm aware of attacks on Churchill and slaver/racist statues but not war memorials. Feels to me like there is some kind of move to paint BLM as disrespectful to our war dead.

The political right on social media
at 21:51 20 Jun 2020

They are a bizarre bunch aren't they?

On the one hand bemoaning the 'aggressive' tactics of the left.

And at the same time calling the left snowflakes.

Some weapons grade irony right there. Appreciate that this isn't exactly a new observation.
Dominic raab on taking a knee
at 10:25 18 Jun 2020

We are governed by some of the scummiest people imaginable.

Winning at lunch
at 12:17 17 Jun 2020

Today I am having scotch egg in a roll. With salad and salad cream. In it also, I'm not a savage.

It is a triumph .
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