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Cameron Burgess and his poor first 6 months
at 09:15 23 Jan 2022

I was thinking yesterday, as I watched Accrington's CB's launch the ball high in the air for the umpteenth time, that it isn't surprising that Burgess has struggled to settle into a team that wants to pass from the back. If that is how he was playing there then I struggle to see how anyone thought he was a good fit for what we are trying to do.

I've not seen a team so determined to just make everything a scrap for a while. It wasn't just long balls, but they were literally pumping it up in the air regardless of where it landed, to get a 50/50 scrap for it.
Andy Holt has gone full melt down and quit twitter
at 23:21 22 Jan 2022

What a massive fanny.
Celina was excellent today
at 18:33 22 Jan 2022

There are a few on here who, inexplicably, don't see what he does for us. Today should have shown them the error of their ways.

So much of our best football went through him, and I thought it was probably his best performance since rejoining. If we can get him performing like that every week we'll turn over a lot of teams.
Accrington have got some big lads
at 15:00 22 Jan 2022

Like a team of bloody giants lining up.
North Koreans are hard AF
at 18:07 21 Jan 2022

Anyone seen this? Utterly bonkers stuff.

FFS TWTD, you call yourselves cheese lovers, yet this has been missed
at 19:35 20 Jan 2022

Delighted to get Walton on a permanent
at 19:20 19 Jan 2022

We've had sub standard keepers ever since being in the godforsaken division, and whilst I don't think that's the reason we're still here, I do think having a proper quality keeper is a major step for finally getting out.

Obviously he'll still make occasional mistakes, like at Bolton, but the confidence he brings by commanding his box, and making all the regular saves plus those that need a bit extra is a huge bonus. Not squirming in my seat every time the other team has a corner or set piece is a major difference to Holy and Hladky.

TWTD Confessions Thread
at 19:02 18 Jan 2022

Right, time for us to expose our darkest secrets, things that the rest of the board will look down upon us for.

I'm Dubtractor, and I actually quite like Hawaiian Pizza.
Sky high inflation rates
at 14:53 17 Jan 2022

Why hasn't more been made of this by our media?

Current inflation levels are the highest in 10 years, soaring by the month, and will be costing UK residents a serious sum. Yet there doesn't seem to be much noise about it?
Tory party political broadcast on the box right now
at 19:00 12 Jan 2022

Desperately trying to divert attention.

Me and Mrs Dub might just have sworn at the TV several times.

MK Dons away - tickets
at 19:23 10 Jan 2022

With the size of their ground, getting tickets will be easy won't it?
A lot of things to take from this performance, but Morsy.....
at 16:48 8 Jan 2022

For me Morsy looks a different player with more license to get forward. He is so positive and so much of the good stuff we've done today has involved him.
The really noticeable difference for me - movement
at 16:19 8 Jan 2022

The movement off the ball from us, especially players looking for the second and third passes in the move, anticipating where the ball is going to end up.

This quite often results with us having a player on the ball in space in decent positions.

at 15:16 8 Jan 2022

This is so damn good so far.

Is this what proper coaching looks like?
What a well worked goal
at 15:11 8 Jan 2022

That was a massively impressive passing move.
at 22:19 7 Jan 2022

It was first broadcast 30 years ago today.

Great programme for gamers of a certain vintage.

TWTD/mumsnet question of the day
at 14:46 6 Jan 2022

Are any of you clued up on home insurance?

As mentioned before we are on the lookout for a new home, and a few places we've spotted come with a thatched roof, and in addition often have old style wooden doors (so without the complex locking mechanism).

I cam work out for myself that this will mean higher insurance costs, but does anyone have any ball park figures for how much more?

I would contact my current insurer but finding a phone number to contact them is like finding a needle in a haystack!
Today's random google thing
at 12:55 5 Jan 2022

Took me a few moments to notice, but def try this in google.

Cook speaks
at 11:06 5 Jan 2022

Still pretending that the end of last season doesn't count then...

I did another 80s pop party mix last night
at 11:52 1 Jan 2022

I don't usually share my radio shows here, but last year's 80s special seemed to be appreciated by a few on here so I'm going to share this year's too!

This is another 'DJ Mix' show, so all tunes are mixed and blended together (hopefully successfully!), and as well as pop classics, there is soft rock, dance, hip hop and some absolute cheesy whoppers. I'm not on the microphone too much on this one so you can enjoy the tunes without my dulcet tones spoiling them!

80s With a Beard NYE Special Tracklist
Knight Rider Theme
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Toto - Africa
Carly Simon - Why (Vocal 12” Mix)
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
Beastie Boys - She's Crafty
Steve Winwood - Higher Love
Soul II Soul - Back to Life
Boogie Box High - Jive Talkin'
Orange Juice - Rip It Up
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Mantronix - Got to Have Your Love
Change - Change of Heart
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
Survivor - Eye of The Tiger
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride
Hipsway - The Honeythief [12" Mix]
Spagna - Call Me
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real
Wham! - Everything She Wants
Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters
Double Trouble with the Rebel MC - Street Tuff
Madonna - Borderline
Sabrina - Boys (Summertime Love)
Westworld - Sonic Boom Boy
Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue
Deee-Lite - Groove Is in The Heart
Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia
Five Star - The Slightest Touch
Lionel Richie - Dancing on The Ceiling
Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
The Jam - Start!
Adam and the Ants - Stand and Deliver
Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour
Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child (Wild One)
A Flock of Seagulls - Telecommunication
Go West - Call Me
Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up
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