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Monday night dinner thread
at 18:59 21 Sep 2020

What's being served up on twtd dinner tables tonight?

Just made myself a delicious chicken noodle soup. Loads of fresh ginger, chilli and garlic. Mixed veg. Soup based around miso paste, soy, honey and mirin. Bit of 5 spice added too, and a splash of sesame oil.

Properly punchy tastes.

Single posts by TWTD regulars that became legend
at 14:25 21 Sep 2020

There are a few on here that have made a post that has come to almost define them, that they probably even regret as it gets brought up so often.

I'm think J2 and cooking - literally any post on here about dubious food comes back to a mention of him.

Dolly and suits.

Sitters and shoes.

Which other posters have made posts that they probably regret?
Get In!
at 16:41 19 Sep 2020

Downes and Lankester have made a big difference for us since coming on.
Lots of tidy passing, but pretty toothless
at 15:49 19 Sep 2020

A few bits of play where the final ball was lacking, but not a lot to get excited about really.

Dozzell good but now clearly being marked out of it.

Bishop anonymous

Norwood looks miles off the pace


Bristol Rovers look like a very poor team indeed though.
Dozzell is having a great game so far
at 15:18 19 Sep 2020

Having the opportunity to play the holding role seems to be giving him a chance to shine.
Tom Hunt watch
at 10:07 18 Sep 2020

I see that our awful, bag of sh1t, local MP has caught the attention of the Secret Barrister with his continued, ill informed, populist bullsh1t.

Eat Out to Help Out Impact on Economy...
at 16:23 16 Sep 2020

As part of my job I need to keep track of a number of national indices that impact on contract inflation, and I noticed on today's latest publications that the eat out to help out scheme has absolutely hammered the inflation figures - the 12 month figure for CPI for example is now at 0.2%, which is a big drop from the already low 1.1% figure for the previous month.

Does anyone with a better handle on national finances know what the potential impact of that is? The scheme has obviously been great for those participating pubs and restaurants, but is it to the detriment of the economy overall?

edit: obviously this is pretty dull stuff. Also, this isn't meant to be a leading post to pop at the govt, I'm interested to know if there are unintended consequences here.
[Post edited 16 Sep 16:24]
Sears off and Judge left on?
at 13:35 13 Sep 2020

Am I missing something?
Nolan is having a good game
at 13:24 13 Sep 2020

I've often moaned about him as he makes so little impact on games, but he has had a really good game today so far.

Busy off the ball, tidy in possession, and much more positive passing.
at 13:20 13 Sep 2020

For a player who is supposed to be good at the basics of heading and blocking, he is coming off second best an awful lot in this game.
Decent last 10 minutes from us
at 12:33 13 Sep 2020

STarting to play with a bit of purpose after a fairly unconvincing first 20.
This is a must win isn't it?
at 12:04 13 Sep 2020

Just listening to the mess that Wigan are in, and the players they have had to move on.
The club's anti racism Post on Facebook
at 11:32 13 Sep 2020

reading the comments underneath is pretty depressing stuff.
Oven ready deal...
at 21:20 1 Sep 2020

Easiest deal in history...

We hold all the cards....

etc etc.


Who could have seen this coming a mile off?
FAO TWTD gamers
at 21:29 25 Aug 2020

I recommend the 'High Score' series on Netflix.

Its a really good documentary on the history of computer games, and as well as looking at some of the obvious stuff (the guy who invented Space invaders etc) it also looks at more obscure stuff and people that you'd not otherwise be aware of.

UEFA Cup final is on free in HD on BT ultimate on Virgin
at 19:41 21 Aug 2020

I assume similar on Sky.

Thought any fellow non sports subscribers might be interested.
East Ipswich smells a bit tonight
at 19:31 13 Aug 2020

I assume the Cliff Quay sewage works is struggling in the heat!

How are we all getting on in the brave new CV19 world?
at 19:14 10 Aug 2020

Feels like we're in a stage of being as 'normal' as possible at the moment, waiting to see what happens next and whether we can embrace life again or go back into lockdown of some sort. A sort of limbo.

How is everyone getting on though? Get the impression on here that most people are doing OK, but I have a couple of mates who are pretty much guaranteed to be jobless once we come out of this.

I've had to really start making an effort to break out of the lockdown mentality over the last few weeks as I realised that the Summer was drifting by and I'd barely left my house and garden, so have had a few days out seeing the sights, sounds and smells of Suffolk. I know a few of my work colleagues have been really struggling with being stuck and home and not being able to do any of the things they would usually do for a distraction from the 9-5 grind of work, including the thrill of watching ITFC.

Not sure what the point of this post is really, just wondering how you're all getting on and if anyone has anything to share.
FAO Fans of Fatboy Slim's Music
at 09:11 7 Aug 2020

Yesterday my old DJ partner in crime did a 5 hour and 67 track tribute show to Fatboy Slim. All mixed live.

I know plenty of you on here like a bit of dance music, and several have enjoyed my mixes over the years, so thought this might appeal to some of you. It will make a great soundtrack to a BBQ.


Once Upon a Time in Iraq
at 20:49 5 Aug 2020

Anyone watched this on the i-player?

Pretty engrossing, but depressing, documentary series on the aftermath of the Iraq War, talking to civilians, soldiers and reporters. We all know it, but just confirms what an almighty clusterf@ck the whole situation was.

Review of it here...

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