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Live Music
at 22:40 26 May 2020

Dunno about anyone else, but live music is far and away the biggest hole in my life at the moment. Feeling pretty bummed that I'm not likely to see another live gig this side of Christmas.

One of the first bands I'll be hoping see when we return to normal are Thee Oh Sees. Seen them 5 times I think, and they are one of the best live bands on the planet right now.

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Another lefty criticising the government
at 15:03 26 May 2020

We won, why can't they get over it.

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Gove on BBC Breakfast now
at 07:41 26 May 2020

Such a snivelling turd.

These awful human beings really are treating our country as fools.
So as I understand it
at 18:43 25 May 2020

Cummings has confirmed that the media reports are correct. He has added to this by claiming to have driven with dubious eyesight.

But its the media's fault that people are unhappy with the situation?
Tories starting to splinter
at 09:32 24 May 2020

One observation over the last few years is that when the tories have an issue in the party they all pull together and hold the line, everything for the greater good etc. Whereas when Labour have an issue they tend to in fight and fragment, as seen over the last 5 years or so!

Does seem quite significant this morning that a few tory MPs are starting to snipe from the sidelines.
We're all in it together pt2736
at 21:01 22 May 2020

We really are governed by a shower of bast@rds aren't we?
Is it just me, or does this seem dodgy AF?
at 21:36 19 May 2020

No proof at all that it works, but someone somewhere is making a killing out of this. I'm assuming a friend of Trump.
55,000 excess deaths in 2020 in UK now, according to ONS.
at 14:01 19 May 2020

Though at least, looking at the chart on this link, it does clearly look like the trend is heading in the right direction. One can only assume that the 5g has now been turned off?

In all seriousness, lets all hope that this is a sustained trend.
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Your best lockdown achievements so far.
at 08:30 19 May 2020

I'm going to be setting the bar low here...

I've only gained a couple of pounds in weight.

I fixed the dishwasher power switch with a small piece of wood.

Made a genuinely attractive herb box for the kitchen out of left over ply.

Hardly touched the numerous odd DIY jobs around the house that have needed doing for about 3 years. Seemingly it wasnt lack of time stopping me from doing them....
RIP Fred Willard
at 20:52 16 May 2020

Why are the press being sidelined to have questions from the public?
at 19:17 11 May 2020

I couldn't give a toss what Barry from Scunthorpe has to say.

What happened to proper scrutiny from the press?

This sort of thing was bollox when Corbyn did in in parliament, and it is nonsense now too.
Press front pages yesterday vs what will actually happen from Monday
at 07:39 8 May 2020

That's a bit of a mess isn't it? The more this story unfolds the more it seems that government, in some form, has given the media the nod that big changes were coming on Monday yet in reality this just isn't the case.

Really is a shambles isn't it?

And could end up being a really dangerous shambles now unless government (and the media) manage to change the narrative.

Who knew that The Thick of It really was so accurate?!
Jury duty
at 15:50 5 May 2020

Anyone here got any inside info on the court system?

I've annoyingly been called up for jury duty from 1st June, but I'm assuming there is a good chance that jury trials wont have restarted by then.

.Gov website basically just says to watch this space.
Its almost a relief that we've balls the season up.
at 20:10 15 Apr 2020

Bear with me here.

If we had managed to be top at this point and yet still likely to be cursed to another season at this level it would be doubly gutting.

At least we've all already accepted that we're having another season at this level regardless, so binning the season off is of no great consequence to us.

Though the concern is, that if this season is expunged (love that word) now, that Lambo will get another chance to fail.
This from Emily Maitlis is essential viewing
at 07:01 9 Apr 2020

We are going to NEED to change how we look after our society after this. For too long we have seen a race to the bottom for those in low paid/manual jobs. What we're now seeing, as if it was ever in doubt, is these are the very people that are essential to keeping our country moving. Not the 'wealth creators'. For the avoidance of doubt, I have no issue with people being well paid, or even super rich, but we've got the balance so horribly wrong in recent times that it is a tragedy.

New Music Recommendations Thread
at 19:24 7 Apr 2020

I'd recommend the new Pigs x7 album to anyone who loves their heavy sh1t.

I declare it beer and peanuts o'clock
at 17:49 3 Apr 2020

Fooking hell my brain is fried. A week of home working juggling financial year end, corona virus reactive work and an avalanche of e-mails has done me.

But I'm pretty lucky in the main so shouldn't grumble. Still healthy, fully employed and paid, have a nice garden to pass the time at the weekends etc.

How are we all doing TWTD? Holding onto our sanity? Hope those of you with businesses, or working the gig economy in anyway, are keeping ticking over?

What a pain in the @rse this all is.
Cheesy 80s Bangers thread
at 19:26 31 Mar 2020

There have a been a few vaguely intelligent music thread on here today. I fancy being anti intelligent - have had a relentless few days at work so going big on cheese.

Post your musical choices, rules are that it must be from the 80s, it must be cheesy, and it absolutely must be a banger. It does not need to be good.

Starter for 10. That bassline just pops!

Songs describing now illegal acts
at 18:55 24 Mar 2020

Simple theme for a thread. Songs describing things that are now illegal in the corona quarantine era.....

Tim Martin is an utter turd part 673
at 10:21 24 Mar 2020

As if there was any doubt...

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