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Let's buy young hungry players who can grow with this team.
at 16:35 4 May 2024

There are likely some good experienced players like Barkley about in the summer. Whilst it would be a good season signing let's go and build a squad that can grow with us (or worst case build value).

I'd take Kieffer but I'd like us to Look at players like Jobe Bellingham, Philogene, buy Sarmiento. Some good mid 20s players as well like Gus Hamer, Sheaf, Lath.

Pace and real quality on the ball will be a must.
Just unbelievable!!! Love you all
at 14:49 4 May 2024

What a club, what team and what a beautiful lot you all are!!!
Nerves wise how does this compare to last season?
at 16:05 3 May 2024

In my mind back then there was very little concern and fully confident. Basically just relaxed and knowing it would get done as it did - a 6-0 never in doubt.

The reality: I was irrationally concerned we would get done by Exeter and then tricky away final day draw and fail. Completely irrational but probably the how does this compare? Pretty similar but feels even more intense...

Roll on 4pm tomorrow.
at 16:11 1 May 2024

What do we think? He will be fit for Saturday?

Amazed if it was just cramp. I'm sure all the scans will done but the way he pulled up and after his last recent tare im just worried he's hoped it's cramp. An absolute result of it is. He's so important isn't he. Tremendous season yet again.
Does Edmundson start next match.
at 12:03 1 May 2024

I think most likely Woolf will but Edmundson was class. Don't know enough about Huddersfield strikers but I guess will depend on that a bit.

Would be harsh on Woolf and he'll be fresh so expect him to start. Really liked the balance and the partnership last night.

(Absolutely zero criticism of Woolf in this as rate him so highly and magnificent season overall. Edmundson has some different qualities and just looked great last night. A yard quicker for me as well he looks but that can be deceptive).

If be keeping George for next season for sure as well. Probably one new CB in with prem pedigree and experience. Baggott hopefully a champ loan.
at 11:47 1 May 2024

I was Sat in the perfect spot to see his save first half. It was absolutely sensational so credit where due and I'd be a hypocrite not to post this after my previous post. Take a bow Vaz. Absolutely brilliant reaction save.

He actually had little to do all game but that was crucial at that point.

I was miles away from their goal but heard it was soft but Wright just banged it low and very hard so that can happen.

Anyway, I can't criticise and then not praise. Best save I've ever seen live that. As normal his ball at feet game was class.

At the end of injury time is that the first time this season he's told the defenders to get lost and he went long kick?
Fantastic performance.
at 22:04 27 Apr 2024

We deserved more for that. I am angry and frustrated and will try to bottle it because absolutely criminal the reason we drew that.

We'll played lads.
[Post edited 27 Apr 22:04]
I can't remember a worse goalkeeping display.
at 21:54 27 Apr 2024

So frustrating. All the hard work. Everything that has come his way has been flapped to their player. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. I feared he could cost us if we go to playoffs but that is sickening to watch. Come on boys.
[Post edited 27 Apr 22:10]
Hull game.
at 10:17 26 Apr 2024

Importance of a switch on start. Was looking at our results/ games after international breaks etc. Where we have had breaks we've had 3 narrow wins, 1-1 with Leicester and the West Brom defeat. So results wise decent. I think performance wise we've lacked a bit and hardest part will be switching on and being in the pace of the game quickly. Hull will be ok rhythm.

Hard to take much from the previous games but you would think we would have staying power after rest vs tiring Hull legs. Wasn't really the case in the others except Leicester but hard to draw parallels as both teams had the break before.

Fast start boys, switched on and focused!!! Be right in the game for last half hour and really go at them.
at 10:13 26 Apr 2024

Wish him nothing but failure tomorrow night but he really does come across as a bright, intelligent and excellent manager. He'd be on my list when the inevitable happens (hopefully long way away...) though not sure we'd be such a step up for him to take him away from project he has.

There are a few really top young prospects now in this division with likes of him, McKenna, Rohl and Manning. Schumacher of course as well but terrible fit that move to Stoke but expect him to have them much better next year.
We might just need to win all our games...
at 20:36 16 Apr 2024

Southampton are getting the points and the goal difference sorted tonight. Wow it's going to be a fight right to the end isn't it! Got to go to Hull and Cov away and get something. Minimum 4 points from them now and might need all of them.
Wes Burns
at 17:14 13 Apr 2024

So hope he back. He's critical. Whether off the bench or starting (and hutch of bench) it makes such a difference to us.
Southampton could quite conceivably be ahead of us
at 17:06 13 Apr 2024

By the time we next play. If they win their next 3 they will be a point ahead and only will have played 1 game more. Us, Leeds and Leicester have really let them in from absolutely nowhere
Southampton score immediately
at 15:04 13 Apr 2024

They are right back in it. If we can get a win it's good news as they will be right up for Leicester and possibly Leeds game.
Lost a pretty 50/50 to a keeper mistake
at 14:35 6 Apr 2024

After an incredible never say die season and we lose and I'm seeing things like 'disgraceful', 'terrible' and 'inexcusable' etc. was very little in that by the end. We had some decent chances second half without ever really having sustained pressure.

We will need to pick these boys up and we need to go again. Gutted because of the opposition but we either fight are way to automatic or we play these twice more and beat them over two legs.
Knudsen interview
at 20:30 5 Apr 2024

Nice to hear from him and still loves the club. He's seemingly available. Assuming maybe has an injury....if he was fit what fantastic cover he'd be for Leif!! Obviously not match fit but right sort of character and would thrive under McKenna.
[Post edited 5 Apr 20:31]
So how do we line up against Norwich
at 16:27 2 Apr 2024

Got to think emotionally and physically we'll be a bit drained with only a 4 day turnaround.

I think McKenna will keep it as unchanged as he can but I do wonder if we just need a few extra legs in the starting line up. I expect it to be Morsy and Luongo in the middle but my starting 11. Clarke is one obvious change for me. Tuanzebe has been great but he really tired in the last game.

Moore (Al Hamadi if Moore doesn't make it).

Could see Sarmiento start as well but Broadhead was excellent in the reverse fixture. Taylor energy might be important though away from home you've got to think Luongo will probably start.

If not Moore is Buabo back on the bench?
Am I the only one that thinks Hull are playing
at 20:34 1 Apr 2024

Very well? But for a very poor goal to concede they've been the better teams. If course Leeds have a threat but Hull are knocking it around nicely and carrying a threat as well. Commentators don't seem to agree....
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