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The TWTD League Calculator 2014/15 - Five Matches Left
Tuesday, 7th Apr 2015 14:12

Five games of the 2014/15 Championship campaign remain with Town having dropped to eighth following yesterday’s matches. Give TWTD's League Calculator a go to assess how the final weeks of the season might pan out.

The League Calculator allows you to input your predicted results for all the remaining fixtures likely to affect a club's league position and then outputs a final table.

To give it a go, click here. The League Calculator will remain available via the Interactive menu above throughout the remainder of the season.

Post your final table below or on the forum for discussion and assessment.

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bluefeast added 14:27 - Apr 7
I see us finishing where we are now , 6 wins in 2015 to date with 8 losses is I'm afraid our undoing after such a fantastic first 26 matches of the season. We look a side with no momentum ,ideas ,freshness or quality. Unlike the rest of the top 8 ,who i might add strengthened by bringing in fit players ,we brought in wood who looks overweight and sluggish ,williams who has not played since being injured. Lot of wages there and we could of signed players who would improve us straight away. Are we a wounded animal who will punish our upcoming opponents or are we a wounded animal who will seek to hide away. Our lack of quality , right back wouldn't make it into any other championship side in that position ,midfield , apart from skuse who is very good in a defensive capacity no other midfielder would make it into any other championship side , murphy is good ,sears is good ,but they need service and our midfield don't support our forwards. Frankly the fact our weaknesses have not been sorted as the season has progressed is and will be the lasting impression of what will end up a failed season. Tragic given on the 15th of January we were in second place.

bluefeast added 14:38 - Apr 7
Im possibly in a minority but for the life of me i cannot understand why MM has not sorted our weaknesses. Is it because he is stubborn to the point of being over supported. Chambers is a decent centre half but as a modern day right back he is terrible ,the lack of composure sets the example ,the ball becomes a hot potato . Just because he has certain qualities doesn't mean he should be picked out of position. Those opta stats yesterday were an eye opener , Mings has put in the 4th highest number of crosses by a full back in the championship ,Chambers has put in the least number of crosses. Thats how imbalanced our team is. I will not go an watch players like wood who I'm afraid weakens us , Sears must be thinking F this , play well ,score get dropped. MM your all over the place with your selections ,recruitment of unfit players and general over the top loyalty to players like Tabby as you call him. Same Tabby you wanted shot of in the summer ,who has been no better this season than last season. The message you send out is My way or the highway. Are you the man to take this club forward ,or are your failings simply being exploited by the opposition. The biggest lift huddersfield needed yesterday was when the team sheets were given out. How motivated they must of been to think they will be given complete control of the ball. You saved us from relegation in the past ,have you cost us promotion this season , the next 5 games will tell ,but where we are now is where we will finish.

barrysandals added 14:40 - Apr 7
Good wins against watford and Bolton are a distant memory but we still have an outside chance. I have us sneaking into 6th by a point.
We must get 6 points from next two games. We then have a massive game against Wolves.

rickw added 14:48 - Apr 7

8th... :-(
I have us winning all 3 home games and losing both away, for us to make the play-offs it seems we need to get results in both away games - Wolves away looks to be the key, goal difference between us Wolves and Brentford is very close.

They both have tough away games vs Derby and Boro, Wolves also have Birmingham away, so a local rival would love to stop their promotion, other than that I gave them mostly wins - so they've need to slip up as we did on Saturday

bluefeast added 14:48 - Apr 7
Also the McGoldrick nonsense thigh injury. Nothings been seen of him ,no club commitments or supporters clubs ,no interviews no nothing , no media absolutely nothing. Rumours are building , its nothing to do with a already organised move. No idea who's decision it is to cover this up or if the media know. Phil of TWTD can you comment on this ,has MM been challenged by the media in interviews when he discusses he's broken down again etc etc thigh injury its absolutely not is it >???????

riley26 added 16:36 - Apr 7
As far as conspiracy theories go, even if he wanted a move, or a team was lining him up, what benefit for either party would there be for him to be sitting on the sidelines for the best part of half a season?

riley26 added 16:40 - Apr 7
I think 4 wins and a draw will do it, assuming we beat Wolves, it's a huge ask but you never know, as bad as yesterday was, Murphy's penalty vs. Leeds and glaring miss against Brentford have been haunting me ever since.

paulthebluealien added 17:30 - Apr 7
How ironic is this.
Before the Huddersfield game people had us as dead certs for the play - offs. One, albeit, poor defeat later and the moan groans have written our season off.
Now, it is most certainly not over. We need to play significantly better than yesterday, yes. But with two home games we have coming up THAT is where are season lay. Win both, we'll be right up there with a fighting chance. Derby still have Brentford and Wolves still have us & Boro. There are clear signs of slight faltering in both Derby & Brentford.

So, don't start discrediting everything, quite yet.

confoosed_dot_com added 17:46 - Apr 7

done very quickly but resulted in the scenario of us possibly facing Norwich at Wembley...

TR11BLU added 09:39 - Apr 8
Team Pld W D L F A W D L F A Pts GD
Brentford 46 13 5 5 43 26 12 3 8 31 29 83 19
Derby County 46 13 7 3 48 20 10 6 7 31 25 82 34
Ipswich Town 46 15 5 3 37 14 7 8 8 29 32 79 20
Wolverhampton Wanderers 46 13 6 4 39 20 8 8 7 25 30 77 14

I have omitted the current top four as I believe they are gone.
And this with us not losing again....unlikely!

Derby and Brentford have kinder fixtures I'm afraid.

NorwichBlue138 added 08:25 - Apr 9
Sadly even with a few surprise results, best I have us at is 7th. We have won big games this season, where most have expected us to lose or draw (Watford away, for instance) so a result at Wolves isn't unthinkable, but too many times we don't turn up in big games and don't have that fight, passion or determination (Bournemouth played us off the park, Norwich home and away, Boro away) to rise to the occasion.

Very frustrating, as even when top of the league with 20 games to go, I honestly thought it would end up like this. Murphy's form in 2014 propelled us up the league and masked our shortcomings, but he's only got 5 goals in 2015, and without a free scoring midfield like the others in the chasing pack (Bradley Johnson 13 goals for Norwich, Leadbitter 12 for Boro, Matt Ritchie 12 for Bournemouth) we're relying on Sears (who has been excellent, but can't do it all on his own) and very little else. Still rooting for us to do it - would love a day out at Wembley more than anything - but the realist in me says it'll be Wolves v Watford and Derby v Boro in the playoffs, with us and Brentford falling short.

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