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McCarthy: It Was Our Day Today
Saturday, 4th Nov 2017 18:48

Town boss Mick McCarthy felt the first goal was key as his side battled their way through the first half before putting in a more entertaining performance after the break to claim a 3-0 victory over Preston North End at Portman Road.

Asked whether it was a game of two halves, McCarthy said: “Yes, because there was some entertainment in the second half. But it was what was required.

“There are all sorts of ways to win a football match. I’ve been in the Championship long enough to know there’s a team coming to play against us that’s going to be pretty tough and resolute and that’s what we were going to have to be and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“And the one bit of quality in the first half was the move before the goal. But if you want to start a game like that and think we’re going to be a nice football team, you suddenly get your arses kicked and they’d be on the front foot and they’d be doing it.

“So, having nicked it, it was a really good move. Waggy wins the freekick and he dispatches it nicely.

“In the second half we’ve started well and it always looks better when you’ve scored three goals. If it had ended up 0-0 they’d have booed the s—- out of me, so everybody’s happy.”

Waghorn’s freekick, his eighth goal of the season, followed Celina’s similar set piece at Burton last week, but McCarthy felt both keepers ought to have done better.

“I think I’d have saved them both,” he insisted. “I’m not kidding either! I don’t give a monkey’s about that.

“I’m complaining about us making mistakes on Tuesday night and it ends up in our net. For all Bersant’s was a decent strike last week, if Bart had let it in I’d have been fuming.

“And if Bart had moved four yards and let the other one in today, I’d have been even more fuming.

“But I don’t think we get too many breaks and much luck, we’ve earned that bit and it was our day today.”

The Blues boss was more impressed with Celina’s second-half goal, his sixth of the season and his third in three games.

Like Tom Lawrence last season, the Kosovo international appears to be holding his own goal of the season competition.

“I don’t think his freekick will be in that,” McCarthy added. “As important as it was and how valuable it was and how much it meant to me and to us, I don’t think that’s going to get the goal of the season, or Waggy’s.

“But the third one today was fabulous. He’s been terrific, he really has. But as for all the furore about him, he’s had to learn my ways, what I expect of him and, to be fair to him, he’s done it, he works very hard, he’s great.

“He’s extremely fit, a great athlete. But even at 3-0 we got a chance to break and he ended up giving it away twice and they ended up breaking on us and I’m pulling my hair out because he’s been brilliant. But if I stop doing that, nail the lid down.”

He added: “I can’t teach Bersant much about skills, tricks and dribbling. But City sent him here to learn about discipline and working hard – and without that he won’t be a player.”

The Town boss says the first goal is important in the Championship: “It makes us all feel better and gives you a bit of momentum. In any league it’s important.”

He says Waghorn’s strike didn’t make a huge difference to his team-talk: “No, it would have been much the same. All it was that I had a better ‘well done’ to say because it was a proper scrap.

“Adam Webster, that was the best game for me that. He was different class, he was playing against a really good, big handful [Jordan Hugill] and it was nice to see him on his arse and not Adam, although he was a few times. But he got up and he kept challenging.

“And it wasn’t for his silky running out with the ball, it was for that clean sheet. He was different class.”

McCarthy received criticism from some sections of the support for making six changes at Cardiff in midweek. Does he feel vindicated following today’s result and performance?

“I just avoided swearing there! What would have come after I don’t give a?” he joked. “Yeah, I saw Alex Neil say something about how he went down and he shouldn’t have gone. Well, is it my job to get results?

“And I tell you what was important as well, having had the Burton result, we could have got beaten at Cardiff whatever team we put out.

“And you know what have happened then? They’d all have come back here and got in a quarter to four in the morning and we’d have lost and they’d have been playing here in a ‘must-win’.

“I’ve got a squad of probably 19 players, it’s my job to pick and choose and we weren’t that bad at Cardiff. We just gave a lousy goal away after half-time, we were in the game in the first half.

“So, I’ve explained it better than I was going to when you first asked, and I hope that is sufficient.”

Regarding Cole Skuse, who went off injured in the first half, he said: “Skusey’s got his leg in a brace, it always looks worse. We’ll assess it tomorrow. [Physio] Matt Byard will assess it and find out.

“Kevin Bru’s been great, he certainly wasn’t going to play a full game today, not having played a full game on Tuesday night.

“I thought Callum Connolly was different class, to be quite honest. He’s had to go and play in midfield, not had to, I knew he could do it.

“Kevin’s been excellent, I can’t really express my thoughts any more than I did on Tuesday night about how professional he’s been. Very good.”

McCarthy admits that Skuse and Connolly wasn’t a midfield pairing he expected to be playing.

“I think it shows the commitment of the players to actually go and play in there,” he continued. “‘Cal, fancy that?’, ‘No problem, I’ll go and play’. You all know that wouldn’t have been the midfield pairing, but it worked anyway.”

Preston manager Alex Neil felt Town’s opening goal came during his team’s best period of the match.

“Disappointing, the first half it was a scrappy game really,” he said. “They got a freekick from which they led after probably our best part of the game. I thought we had a five or 10-minute spell where they put four or five crosses into the box and looked threatening.

“I don’t think they’d had a shot at our goal up until that stage. Whether it was a freekick or not I’m not sure, but I think [keeper Chris Maxwell] gambles to go over to the side of the wall and the lad Waghorn puts it in the far corner.

“I think from that point it was really disappointing going in at half-time 1-0 down because I didn’t think there was anything in the match, I thought it was really scrappy until that point.

“And then in the second half, we came out and one cross comes into the box, it was a bad header at the back post and it ends up 2-0.

“At that point you’re chasing the game. We can kid ourselves that after that that we played well, but we didn’t. We kept the ball because they allowed us to but didn’t really have too much in the way of chances afterwards.

“The fact is I’ll take full responsibility, I picked the team. My biggest disappointment is for the Preston fans who travelled down so far to watch that because it certainly wasn’t good enough.”

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northernblues added 19:02 - Nov 4
Good result, I'm no fan of mick but he's done ok with limited resources, however I don't like his style of football or his manorism, but we should make the most of our good results

hogster1970 added 19:03 - Nov 4
Mm always has to have a dig at celina. Yes he gave the ball away a few times but mostly attempted to get it back. But he gives us a lot more on the ball then any player we currently have. And what a goal well done celina. The turning point is when bru came on. It took a while but he did make a difference and he was instrumental for the 2nd goal. Not that I like a player to be injured but I feel the midfield is a bit more dynamic when scuse is not there. But the 20 mins of the second half we played some great stuff. But did go flat once calina goal went in and we was cruising but that's to be expected

blue75 added 19:03 - Nov 4
I’m pleased we got 3 points but as people like to try to point out that McCarthy outers don’t moan after a win thought that’s just what I’d do. First half I watched the bench every time Bart got the ball McCarthy or TC would wave him to kick it up the pitch even when the full backs were in good positions to receive the ball. Still want him gone but everyone can go home happy tonight!!

Dissboyitfc added 19:06 - Nov 4
Is it me, did i just read that he expected to lose against Cardiff so rested Players for todays Game?

Blimey we werent playing Man city!

TractorBeezer added 19:06 - Nov 4
Yes you are wonderful MM.
It was great result but it's not all about you mate.
Well done lads.

Rensham added 19:23 - Nov 4
Super Mick McCarthy. And well done Connolly. Hope he gets a run of games in midfield #topsix

yungblue added 19:31 - Nov 4
3-0 flattered town if truth be told, not much in the game other than bad GK and a couple of minutes of quality. Overall was a dismal game to watch.
-McGoldrick played wide the whole game, no where near as effective out wide.
-Celina another good goal. Gave the ball away a couple of times but works really hard.
-Webster Man of the Match.
-Bigger picture remains MM has to leave in May.

madmouse1959 added 19:44 - Nov 4

BillyBaxterwasbest added 19:55 - Nov 4
Well done Mick McCarthy, a good game, good selection, the right tactics, and three goals. What more can you ask for on a small budget.

Lathers added 19:57 - Nov 4
Great win... Makes McCarthy's team selection versus Cardiff all the more baffling! Got to start Didz, Garner, Wags and Celina every game unless they are bed ridden. And keep the back 4 the same ffs #tinkerman 😂

itfchorry added 20:04 - Nov 4
McCarthy Out

Pip50 added 20:14 - Nov 4
Win lose maybe draw lose that’s been the story of McCarthys rein.
Limited resources as he happily tells us but much of the Championship runs on the same budget.
Yep I’m happy today but longer term he has to go.

ArnieM added 20:19 - Nov 4
Good result against an injury hit PNE. But I'm not bothered about that , weaver had major injuries most of the season. That's what's squads are for.

Micks game plan is to match and grind down the opposition in the first half , nick a goal if we can. Then all being well come out and play a bit of Football in ten second half and nick another goal. That's pretty much what he tries to do every game. With the usual subs coming on around en70mins mark. Today followed that pattern to a T and it worked. But it's SO bloody boring wat hing this negative , match em up and grind em down first half style of Football, where by and large we pump balls at their back four and make them work.

When Town do decide to play it on the deck and flowing pass and move Football, there isn't too many teams that can Luce with this approach from us . Is it too much to ask for , for McCarthy to adopt this second half style of Football, for most of the game - especially at home?

Well played lads . 3 valuable points . 7th place , with a gMe in hand .

How'd the scum get on, anyone know ?

kevinocallaghan added 20:21 - Nov 4
One third into the season, we’re in 7th spot , our three strikers have approx 20 goals scored between them , still have Emyr Huws to come back , and Adeyemi. I’m happy enough with that .
Decent job Mick !!

barrystedmunds added 20:22 - Nov 4
Always take a win, but it's the nature of it all. Possession count 65, 35 in their favour which while it doesn't win matches suggests an underlying problem. The football is dire. Move on Mick, move on!

essextractorboy93 added 20:46 - Nov 4
Performance wasn't great but 3 points is always the most important thing about a game! Well done to Mick and the players for today. Good to go into the break on the back of a win! COYB!

mickymacsbarmyarmy added 20:55 - Nov 4
Reason you have to go Mick is a decent attacking manager would with this squad could take us all the way.
No ifs or buts, mcgoldrick, garner, waghorn & Celina should be first names on the team sheet every game. Add to that huws & adeyemi if they ever get fit & Grant ward.
Add to that the best keeper in the championship & Webster, let Knudsen & kenlock fight it out for left back & iorfa & Spence for right back.
in my opinion not a better 11 in this league.Yet Mick is scared to take the shackles off where a better manager would.

carsey added 21:01 - Nov 4
Preston were particularly poor and never looked likely to score especially with Bart on good form. Town were just a bit better but far from great. At 3 nil the team could and should have played to retain possession but they have been brainwashed by McCarthy and couldn't resist hoofing out from the back every time. So many times Webster put his foot through the ball when of all the back four he ought to have controlled it and passed it. Knudsen and Spence were equally gulity. You know of expect it of Chambers but not the rest. They have proved in short bursts they can play football but they are scared of McCarthy.
Grateful for 3 points but please nobody be under any illusion Town under McCarthy are not very good and mid table is the best we can hope for.
If McCarthy was really any good and so highly thought of why have Crystal Palace or Everton come calling for him in their hour of need? Answer he is a dinosaur who's methods don't work long term.
Roll on the end of the season

kevinocallaghan added 21:37 - Nov 4
Mickymac , I think you’ve just suggested Mick and his team have put quite a decent squad together. Were Joe Garner , Celina and Waghorn on your radar before we signed them ? They weren’t on mine. I agree , it would be great if Huws and Adeyemi could be fit and available .
Another two talented players signed by Mick.
Imagine if we had the budgets of Sunderland, Middlesbrough Norwich , Hull or Fulham !! ?

grumpyoldman added 22:20 - Nov 4
Kevinocallaghan and you imagine what a forward thinking manager could do with this squad, give players license to express themselves, take responsibility and play to win matches instead of boot the ball up the field and hope a blue shirt gets near it.

kevinocallaghan added 22:56 - Nov 4
Aren’t our players playing to win matches ?
Who’s this forward thinking manager you suggest? And he’ll have us higher than 7th will he ?
Mick has won promotion with both Wolves and Sunderland , they gave him a reasonable budget to work with and he got results.
With Huws and Adeyemi back from injury we can be better.

grumpyoldman added 23:09 - Nov 4
Were the team MM put out against Cardiff set up to win, when you play four defenders, two defensive midfielders are you set up to go for a win? Mick did get both the teams you mentioned promotion, as did Paul Jewell at Wigan, does this automatically mean they can do it at another club. Remember both the clubs you mentioned happened before financial fair play with owners prepared to spend a load of money for their plaything. QPR look like they are going to be fined massively for breaking these rules and how long did they last in the Premier League? Other clubs are doing better than us with smaller budgets, that’s is a smokescreen put up by MM, some are taken in by it others are not

broheim75 added 00:36 - Nov 5
In 7th with a game in hand, limited budget, average wage structure, a load of injuries (particularly in centre midfield). We are doing alright, those who wish for total Football living in dreamland.

Tractorboy1985 added 01:38 - Nov 5
Can we all just accept that we hate the style of football.. mick is a moaning ol sod.. he plays players out of position.. we love our club dearly... but without investment from a mr Evans we cannot expect anything better than the position where we are? I’ve said for years whilst Cole Skuse plays in our midfield we will only be a mid table side! Such a ‘safe’ player.. we need energy and young legs from the midfield to provide the strikers! Creativity.. someone to pick a pass! Not a crab who rotates side to side.. it’s too negative! A fully fit bishop (I don’t think it will happen) but I hope I’m wrong and Huws would be an exciting prospect going forward! Anyway.. I’m running on.. been at a charity do tonight where the club and players kindly donated a signed shirt.. I wasn’t going home without it!! In memory of my wonderful nan.. £325 raised for the dementia fund.. worth every penny! COYB ❤️

BlueMachines added 06:34 - Nov 5
Muck is so scared of losing (see paragraph 4). Some on here hate others negativity about the football. But please note the most negative thing at the club is the manager, not the fans.

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