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McCarthy: No Plans to Speak to Evans About Future During Break
Thursday, 15th Mar 2018 17:23

Blues boss Mick McCarthy says he has no plans to speak to owner Marcus Evans about his future during the international break which follows Saturday's game at Bristol City and dismissed suggestions that his contract situation should have been resolved before now.

The under-fire Town manager is out of contract at the end of the season but with Evans having the option to keep him for two further campaigns.

Asked if he planned to use the international break to speak to Evans about the future, he said: “No, I’m not planning to have a chat with him about anything. I think I said the other night I had 10 games, I’ve got nine games now and I fully intend to continuing doing them and trying to get as many points as possible.”

After the events of Tuesday, is he looking forward to the break? “I don’t need it in relation to me, how I feel and having time off and getting away from people giving out stick to me, not at all.

“In fact, the more people give out stick to me the more belligerent I get, so be careful.”

McCarthy has said he’s sick of answering questions about his future and his contract. Could the situation have been avoided if an early decision had been taken? “Not really, no. You just all want to know, it’s like you all want that little snippet of information.

“I’m got no idea how many people would be glad to see the back of me after Tuesday night, and even before that.

“I’ve said before, be careful what you wish for. I think there’ll be a fair amount of people, and lots I’ve spoken to who have given me support and they would like me to stay.

“But that’s not been resolved and until it is, I’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.”

Might having his future already resolved have prevented the events of Tuesday evening?

“I guess so, I guess if they’d turned around and offered me a new five-year contract and said they wanted me to stay here and continue doing what I’m doing on the budget that we’ve got, getting the team to play however we play and do and getting the results we get over and above what would probably be expected, I wonder what people would say if he said that,” he reflected.

“I don’t think any message Marcus gives out, and he’s never been one to be speaking too often to you [the media] and, of course, the more you clamour for it, the less likely it’s going to come because he’s not going to be pressurised into it, as I’m not going to be pressurised into anything either.”

Does he feel it’s unfair he’s the one always answering the questions with Evans remaining taciturn with ME Ian Milne putting over the club’s position publicly.

“I don’t do fair and unfair really, I just keep coming out and doing my job,” the Blues manager added. “I don’t think you’ve heard me come in here and moan too much about anything, have you?

“And I keep doing it, and continue to keep doing it. And by speaking to me and asking me it’s not going provoke Marcus into coming to speak to you. And I’m actually comfortable with it, I’m cool with it.”

He says he fully understands why Evans hasn’t sought to make an early decision on his future: “It’s interesting, we had this discussion before Christmas and I said then that you’d have to wait and see.

“What if I decided I wasn’t going to stay, irrespective of [anything else]? There wouldn’t have been a change of manager then. My contract would have been seen out anyway.

“If I’d have turned round and said I wasn’t staying, I wonder how that would have affected the whole piece.

“I’m not going to compare myself to Sir Alex Ferguson, but the time he and told everybody he was [leaving at the end of the season], suddenly players looked like they’d downed tools and didn’t play any more.

“And the following season he stayed and, of course, they won the league. So, that would have been remiss of me and I think very unprofessional if I’d have decided that.

“And what happens if Marcus had come out and said, ‘No, I’m not keeping him’ and I’m going. I wonder how I would have felt about that, and everybody else.

“They might have been throwing their hats and knickers in the air, dancing on the table, I haven’t got a clue.

“But I’d have still been here, I wouldn’t have gone. I wouldn’t have said, ‘Well, I’m going to go then, if you’re not going to keep me, I’m going to go, I’m going to walk out’.

“No way, I said I’d got my 12 months at the end of last season and I was going to see my job and that’s what I intend to do, and if Marcus wants to extend that, I will consider that, certainly.

“And I might consider it even more now after all the people are trying to get me out, just to really annoy them.”

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Count_Arthur added 17:35 - Mar 15
'I'd consider staying on just to annoy the fans'
Wow, this is turning into an unbelievable soap opera.
I can't believe he tries to spin all this as it's the fan's fault and no one from the club seems to be on 'our' side. Please go Mick, this is ruining the club we love, have some decency!

BlueMachines added 17:48 - Mar 15
What a way to mend bridges!!

runaround added 18:10 - Mar 15
It seems both McCarthy and Evans are still not in tune with what the fans want or are thinking. Basically threatening that the more fuss the fans make the more they will be difficult or belligerent.
The fans are the club & willl be here long after McCarthy, the current players & probably Evans will be & if the club loses fans for good it will be very damaging. This has gone on for too long & changes have to be made now. In some ways I accept that McCarthy shouldn’t have to resign but Evans needs to stand up & make a decision & statement by Monday at the latest & ideally sack Mick as I can see no other way forward. To allow this to drag on longer will cause more problems for club both in the short & long term.

Spanishblueblood added 18:10 - Mar 15
The guy is soooo childish, so the more we call for his head....the more chance of him staying.
Its like the time he said "The more the fans call for a certain player to play....the less chance there is of me playing him"
The guy is an absolute disgrace but Evans is an even bigger disgrace for not sacking him!

Gforce added 18:31 - Mar 15
The toxic atmosphere on Tuesday ,Could well have been avoided if Mick had
picked a full strength team,instead of making so many changes.
He really did bring it all on himself.Why change a back three,who were playing well and keeping clean sheets and along with selecting Hyam,Gleeson,Nydam and one goal a season Sears ,the writing was on the wall from the start.
Surely if you're fighting for your job and an outside chance of the playoffs ,you play your strongest side ,it's not rocket science !

NoelTheDub added 18:31 - Mar 15

Seasider added 18:39 - Mar 15
Mick being belligerent and bloody minded,that makes a change.

I wont call him a Dinosaur,as that's not fair on Dino's;but this man wont change,and we all know it.

Presumably our invisible glorified ticket touting owner realises it as well;but that doesn't mean he may offer him the extra 2 years,who can say.

The owner seems so detached from the club now that perhaps he is not too bothered, as he is prepared to wait to sell some of the training ground for housing ,because it is right on the edge of Ipswich;and the talk about a Northern by-pass is getting louder.

Karlosfandangal added 18:54 - Mar 15
Fair points Mick......honest in his point of view......

jas0999 added 19:11 - Mar 15
This whole situation is a mess. If Evans keeps him on then I fear for the future of the club. Can’t see anymore than ten thousand attending each game. Yet, unless Evans bucks up I fear for the clubs future anyway. Mick was at his arrogant best again today. Poor.

jas0999 added 19:12 - Mar 15
Also, what shameful comments saying he’d stay to annoy the fans. Wow. Simply wow. Evans must be the worst owner in the country to accept this.

PutneyBlue added 19:14 - Mar 15
Seems only reasonable. He's saying
(1) I don't know if I want to
(2) I don't know if ME wants me to
(3) If I do a Ferguson on it, you can kiss player motivation goodbye for the rest of the season.
(4) Both ME and he are stubborn, so pressurising ME to come and talk is counterproductive.

I can't see why people see his straight talking as rude. Would we be better off with someone smooth who could assure us that he loved us but didn't cut the mustard as a man-manager or a wheeler dealer?

Suffolk_n_Good added 19:17 - Mar 15
How can Evans allow this baffoon to remain in his position is beyond me....

pragmatic added 19:28 - Mar 15
Karlosfandangal exactly much rather have a forthright & honest answer will we have this from a new manager the one who will have us playing like Brazil every game & guarantee promotion 1st season ?

howdonblue added 19:32 - Mar 15
Comparing yourself in the same breath as Alex Ferguson your delusional mate

Northstandveteran added 20:09 - Mar 15
Despite my disgust at the brand of football on display at Portman road, the Norwich home game being the final straw and last game I attended, have always quite liked McCarthy's belligerent attitude and not always understood the complete breakdown in his relationship with the fans.
However, saying he might stay on to annoy people?!
I thought the f off comment at carrot road would see the axe swing.

Just posted on another thread on here. Just don't go. Apologies for repeating myself but if the stadium is empty for the last few games and he is presented with a new contract, at least then we know that Evans is using the club for tax reasons. Where we would go from there? Well....

wayway added 20:43 - Mar 15
I thought the comparison with Ferguson was spot on, they have both got a face like a smacked arse

bluejacko added 22:02 - Mar 15
Hang on weren’t we told something about a decision on the manager when we got our season tkt renewal packs? Yet here he is saying no talks with the owner about his future!

warktheline added 22:42 - Mar 15
Yet another shocking interview from McCarthy! Be thankful McCarthy your 'plying your trade' in sleepy Suffolk, and not the East End of London! It's getting all rather 'nasty'!

cat added 22:57 - Mar 15
Yer right there walktheline, shocker. Someone needs to grow a pair and question him on his dire tactics, that’s one of the main issues on here.

SheptonMalletBlue added 08:11 - Mar 16
what a horrible B@stard he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pauldart added 10:27 - Mar 16
I know I'm going to get negative response, but without his style of management and getting more out of the players/budget he has had we would be in League 1 or even league 2. Reality check is that we haven't any money to spend- I'd hope that Mick stays as rather have championship football that dropping into lower league.

ClactonTrueBlue added 10:36 - Mar 16
ME have you heard this interview with your manager? Now do you understand why the fans feel the way they do? I hope your expectations on season ticket renewals is not too high!

HarleydavidsonBlue added 12:17 - Mar 16
I Have just read MM comments on the back page of today's EADT re his tenure of appointment. I was so incensed that I had to comment on it. No one is bigger than the club, including you !! (legend in his own lunchtime comes to mind) I think you will find that at the end of the day Mr McCarthy the long suffering fans of this once great football club will decide on how long you stay. You and ME have ripped the very soul out of ITFC and it must not continue. This great club of ours will be great again, but not with you at the helm. And for the record, I have been a supporter since 1966 (a great year for English football, but that's another story )

thechangingman added 12:53 - Mar 16
I bought my 6 year old daughter a junior Blues membership this year, which came with 'free' tickets to attend a match.
I am afraid the fact is that I don't want to take her in the current climate at the club. I love her way to much to inflict this current administration on her.
I've never, ever felt this way about Town - not even under Keane.
To literally bin free tickets is heart-breaking, but not as heart-breaking as taking my daughter to this dying enterprise.
RIP Mick McCarthy's Town - Long live Town after he's left...

Gcon added 16:24 - Mar 16
I admire the way he stands up for himself. You need that, and self confidence, in a manager.

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