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broseleyblue added 22:25 - Jan 14

Really disappointing especially as large crowd and terrestrial tv. I know selection restricted by lack of availability but so little quality, just work rate. I just can't imagine how we'll cope if we somehow get promoted. However, the last two games demonstrate the futility of not strengthening this transfer window (assuming we don't). Maybe these two games will convince MM and ME to add some creativity, pace and a backup striker with the ability to score goals.

spiegal added 22:33 - Jan 14

Why oh why do we continue to play Luke Hyam...not an ounce of class..not an ounce of vision, not a clue about how to link play....somebody tell him that the only way you pressure a defence or a midfield is to be at least 40% positive...such a very frustrating player. Couldnt play a forward pass all night.

BigG1983 added 22:34 - Jan 14

Pretty poor game. Feel we resorted to long ball and although Lawro's commentary annoyed me he was right to point how often we passed back to Bart. 2 games in a row where we have failed to impress but hopefully this is our blip done and it might even alert Mick to the fact that we don't have any backup for upfront, definitely not worth persevering with the Badger!

Michael11 added 22:43 - Jan 14

Awful game. Bring on Millwall!

baxterbasics added 22:53 - Jan 14

Disappointed. Not so much in the score line, which is quite respectable given the opposition.

More disappointed in the way they went to pieces after the goal.

Disappointed in all the high balls, and on such a windy day too.

Disappointed in the sloppy passing.

Disappointed in the lack of any test on their keeper.

Disappointed in Hyam and McGoldrick.

Not so disappointed in Mick who probably did the best he could with such a bare bones squad. Maybe an argument Mings should have started?

At least it's 'only' the cup and Millwall looks a good place to recover the form.

tractortrev added 23:19 - Jan 14


Juanforthemoney added 23:26 - Jan 14

I thought that Bru once again showed that he is worthy of a starting berth on a regular basis. At least he demands the ball and is prepared to look for a forward pass. Sadly poor Hyam is looking bereft of ideas at present. The squad looks a little stretched at present and given the illnesses and possible injuries we will be picking up, there must be some thought to increasing the squad numbers. Both strikers look like they could do with a rest and the midfield still lacks creativity.

RomfordBlue added 23:50 - Jan 14

Another consecutive hugh dissappointment. Little skill and a lackluster performance in front of the TV cameras. Apart from Bru and Hunt - and Ambrose in the first half, the whole team were again quite amateurish. McGoldrick really must stop this selfish trend he has adopted in his frustration about not scoring. If he is not working in partnership with Murph, we are in trouble. 4 - 0 v Millwall Saturday is what is needed or else warning bells wil really start ringing - again!

Hegansheroes added 01:58 - Jan 15


Sam751 added 07:34 - Jan 15

I am not sure why the forum seems to have imploded and gone into meltdown about how awful we supposedly were last night.

I thought we were unlucky to be losing at half time and that the first half performance was very good. We competed well and passed the ball as good as, if not better than Southampton.

Second half Southampton upped their tempo and looked in control without making us look silly.

Overall I didn't think it was a match to be disappointed about. Ambrose played well and was far more effective than Anderson normally is and Bru looked a class act. If we play like we did in the first half against most of the teams in our league we will win comfortably.

northstand1962 added 08:06 - Jan 15

Very disappointing with such a large crowd to cheers us on, Luke Hyman may be one of our own but not creative enough for me. With Salmon being released hopefully Mick will look at getting a decent strike to give Murphy and Mcgoldrick some competition (they have done nothing wrong) but we could become too predictable.
Bru again showed he is a very good player and should start along Skuse, Bishop and Ando in midfield
Only a couple of bad results, keep the faith and believe in Mick
Millwall on Saturday, a win and the start of another unbeaten run

aljames added 11:16 - Jan 15

Disappointing Ipswich! What a let down, plenty of effort but no quality. Not a single goalworthy effort apart from the early marginally offside goal. Defended comfortably but on that performance midfield & upfront still a long way off premier standard. Could MM get his players to spend a few hours each week practising passing to each other? Lets hope we can get it together now & improve for the league matches.

Superblue95 added 11:37 - Jan 15

I think the only positive that could be taken from this game was that it wasn't in the league. Hyam waa worst player on the pitch by far, our usual sturdy defence looked very shaky with too many sloppy passes back to Bart who messed up just about every kick. Mcgoldrick very selfish trying to do everything himself and Murphy couldn't get in the game at all. Bru was the only one trying to make things happen and split open their defence but it just wasn't coming off. Mings looked good when he came on but other than that thoroughly poor performance against a premiership team who were there for the taking

Pilgrimblue added 13:45 - Jan 15

So disappointing but surely MM now will realise that the squad isn't good enough to sustain challenge. The team has definitely over-performed and has relied on Murph's goals. If he dries up we're in trouble. Hyam should be loaned out he's been very poor with only his tackling being of any plus.
If McG is out and Sammon gone we're very light on strikers. Badjer needs more sub experience and that leaves junior Hunt, wow!! January could be very bad month so unless MM can find a jewel or two we'll be lucky to keep up in top 6.

rickw added 14:07 - Jan 15

Ref was very poor, only saw handballs one was and gave them free kicks every time they went looking for one....

Pilgrimblue added 15:19 - Jan 15

A game to forget, there wasn't a plan or enough passion the players just looked dead. Passiong was terrible (as in Derby game) with too many players unwilling to hold the ball up and think what they were doing. Couldn't believe Hyam just passed it straight to opposition and if he did find Town player it was backwards or very near. He needs to go out on loan and learn hopw to hold ball and run forwards! Only bright spots were Hunt and Mings, shame they weren't on pitch at same time.
Time for McG to pick his game up. His shooting is unacceptable and has forgotten hoiw to link up with Murphs. He does ok outside box with some skills but its inside the box that counts where penalties can be earnt or more effective layoffs to team-mates! His blast late on was desperate.
Bru looked good (as always) but needs Bish and JW to work with. Ambrose looked ok but slow on right, centre best.

Robert_Garrett added 19:47 - Jan 16

never mind there is always next year

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