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Unless I’ve missed one
at 18:13 5 Dec 2021

It looks like we will be the only replay?

One game ongoing so could end in a draw but Salford currently winning. Makes the chances of being on TV pretty high.

Luckily we always perform when on the box
What a farce!
at 21:50 27 Nov 2021

Belenenses start a league match with Benfica with 9 men. 2 of which are keepers. Obviously no substitutes.

Benfica 7-0 up at the break.
Managerial matches made in heaven
at 11:59 12 Nov 2021

I have never really liked Frank Lampard. Not even any proper reason. Just find him irritating. So it will be much easier to dislike him once he's firmly planted in his yellow and green training top.

Got me thinking. Managers you admire at clubs you admire and managers you loathe at clubs you loathe?

Despite managing them, I could never dislike Chris Hughton. Just seems a really nice guy. However, Allardyce at West Ham was perfect for that conundrum. By contrast, can't be many better than the gent that was Sir Bobby at the well run, 'nice' club that was Town.

On another note, which managers would best suit which clubs?
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The squad strength really is absurd
at 11:07 5 Nov 2021

We could potentially name the following tomorrow (subject to fitness):

Donacien / Woolfenden / Burgess / Penney
El Mizouni / Harper
Aluko / Chaplin / Fraser

We wouldn't have involved a single player that started on Tuesday.

When you consider that the team above could be named and a bench of Walton, Nsiala, Morsy, Burns, Celina, Edwards and Bonne, in case we needed them and that wouldn't even include Barry or Carroll or the likes of Coulson or Norwood, it really is a fantastic squad which goes to show what an advantage we might have later on in the season as some of the smaller, unfashionable clubs lose players through injury or try and force key players with niggles to continue in vital matches.

However, if Cook is stating “We are approaching tomorrow’s game as if it’s the biggest game of our season and that will be reflected in the team selection.” then presumably that's the strongest side (potentially unchanged from Tuesday) then use the XI above on Tuesday to give the current eleven a whole weeks recovery for Oxford.

Would also be two sides that should comfortably win those ties, gets everyone involved pretty much and keeps momentum for the preferred league side.
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That bloody air raid siren
at 14:11 19 Sep 2021

Given the FA are so pedantic about a number of things don’t affect the match at all, it seems weird that they allow things like the PA blasting out noise as a team takes a corner or even towels all over the ground and players wasting 30 seconds drying it when they are winning with a few mins to go.

The towel thing has always bothered me. You don’t see free kick takers drying the ball on a wet night so they kick it properly! But players can towel the ball on a dry day when the ball won’t even be remotely wet. Huh? Cheltenham was a dry day. They must have wasted 5 minutes with that towel. It’s not like the half time sprinklers were that much of a factor.

Didn’t say anything after we lost at Cheltenham in case it came across as bitterness. But we won yesterday and yes players should be able to cope with noise or ‘intimidation’ or whatever but I’m surprised it’s allowed.

Still better than Fleetwood’s goal music which I can’t find a legitimate reason to ban.
Oh Carroll
at 11:10 16 Aug 2021

Let’s just enjoy the ride!

We’ve put together a 16 of new signings now that wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of the Championship.

Hopefully people can trust that a manager, with proven success managing squads full of decent League One players to success, can navigate this squad to success in time.

Especially when you consider that the large majority of our squad will clearly have both personal and financial motivation to get back to the Championship. That drive alone has been lacking for some time at Town.
Just goes to show what fans on forums know
at 17:33 15 Aug 2021

A lot of Accrington fans saying Burgess will be easily replaced.

Burgess own Twitter shows he’s retweeted just about every League One team of the year and he is of course in the lot of them.

So one of the best two centre backs in this league last year. Won most aerial duels in the division. But not that good according to Accy supporters. Okaaaay then.
Skip Hire
at 11:40 15 Aug 2021

Any recommendations people for the Ipswich area?

Looking for one I can just throw all the stuff that’s accumulated in the garage in. Only needed for a day or so. Want as big as I can get for £300 or so.

That seems to get you something the size of a shoe box these days from the quotes I’ve had.
League One - last season and the season before
at 23:25 13 Aug 2021

Just had a look back at the table last season over various match days to see exactly when the league table starts to take reasonable shape.

The most interesting thing I found at the 12 game mark, which I’ve always thought is when you can start to tell who will be in the mix (being roughly a quarter way through), is that both of the last two seasons, only two of the eventual top six were in the top six at that stage. The season ended for COVID in 2019/20 but I’ve used the table at 35, 36, 37 games as it was.

So in terms of the above, we’d have had a greater chance of making the top six if we were not in the top six after 12 matches than if we were, based on those previous two campaigns!

I just hope perspective is largely maintained if it takes us a while to start picking up wins on a consistent basis. Of course, the more points we get early on, the easier it will be to stay up there, but this division really is one where you can’t read much at all until late November time, when it starts to get fairly consistent in terms of the top 6-8 then against those there come May.

By that point we will have a long since settled side, likely of serious quality and depth in every position, to really kick on if we aren’t already there or thereabouts, which I’m certain we shall be. Regardless of what happens at Burton!
[Post edited 13 Aug 23:26]
at 06:56 11 Aug 2021

People judging a proven manager on last season (when every player had stopped playing for him, were only interested in not getting injured to get a deal elsewhere and the majority have ended up dropping into League Two such is their quality) and two games into this season, with an entirely new squad, where we’ve created 38 chances to the oppositions 14 and played some of the best football we’ve seen for many years.

To be honest I expected two disjointed performances with players who have never even trained together and we’ve played some lovely stuff at times and created chances galore. Last night we looked great with a load of kids thrown in too, who immediately fitted the identity we are creating.

Cook goes to clubs and makes them infinitely better to watch and infinitely better in terms of points. He’s been allowed to build a squad of (mostly) Championship level players to get us out of League One. Anybody questioning the fact we’ve had mixed results so far isn’t cut out for anything but instant success. Perhaps following PSG as well might help pacify a bit?

When Cook’s team has settled a few weeks after August ends and the window shuts and they have 10-15 games then by all means get angry and upset if we aren’t in the mix. At that stage there won’t be any excuses and the CEO and owners will most certainly act. But when Ashton, Cook and everybody else is calling for unity and to get behind the side, the small minority (and it is a very small minority that cannot see what’s truly going on) only harm what we supposedly all want to achieve.

We’ve got a fantastic manager at this level (not a Jewell or Lambert with their mixed bag or a Hurst who has done it for a smaller time in the lower divisions) and a fantastic squad at this level. A guy that immediately saw all the issues we did that previous managers had overlooked or ignored. A guy brave enough to rip out the rotten core of this club with the owners support. The football is immediately better. We are creating chances galore with the new system. For goodness sake give it some time to actually have a chance of success instead of demanding it in the face of some pretty mental extenuating circumstances, namely the majority being with an entirely want-away squad.

If this minority cannot see the difference between the opening two games and the last few months of last season, it’s almost impossible to point out. We’d all like to win instantly. But I, for one, am really encouraged by how much we’ve improved so quickly and hugely excited by the coming months.

As for anybody blaming Cook for us not scoring in a match where we had 25 shots and the team he selected and the tactics he selected would win us that game by a mile on most occasions, where to even begin!

[Post edited 11 Aug 7:08]
El Miz
at 21:15 10 Aug 2021

64 successful passes out of 64 attempts.

Certainly doing his case no harm in the kind of system we will play.
Kyle Edwards - Gwion Edwards
at 13:30 9 Aug 2021

That single handedly sums up the new era versus the old one.

This is a player I was impressed with a couple of times I saw him in the Premier League last year. He’s only 23. He’s cost nothing.

We must have a queue of quality defenders desperate to get signing up to ‘the project’ now :)
What world even is this?
at 12:48 6 Aug 2021

A potential front four of

Barry Fraser Chaplin

With the likes of Bonne and Norwood, Jacobs and Dobra and Burns competing with them and as options on the bench.

That is quite simply outrageous at this level. That's before you consider Evans and Harper sitting behind them.

It's going to take some time to gel but that level of talent alone should make us a force from the off.

How mad it is to have gone from the likes of Drinan, Bennetts or Hawkins starting to having players like Bonne, Burns and Jacobs where we are not even sure will definitely all make the bench.

Fair play to the owners , Cook and Ashton. They are building an unreal squad and importantly one that either pushes on in the Championship next season or, if the worst happens, can be right up there next season, similar to the Burley teams that just missed out but went again the next season.
Coulson watch
at 18:11 23 Jul 2021

Not in the Boro squad for their match at Plymouth tonight.

21 players named. You’d imagine after two goals the other night he’d be in there unless he was due to sign somewhere else imminently?

Presumably if they are doing a tour of the South West with unlimited subs there’s no reason not to have him involved.

Fingers crossed.
[Post edited 23 Jul 18:13]
Football. Bloody hell.
at 21:46 14 Jul 2021

My goodness we have suffered for a long, long time.

I’m having to pinch myself that we are still in for Crooks and could end up with arguably the two best number 10’s in the division!

If we somehow manage to sell the dream to Celina …

You can see why Cook wasn’t that worried about retaining any of last years side!

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