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F*** off
at 14:14 16 Apr 2022

Firstly. Why is Warne’s technical area the whole touchline.

Secondly. How many times have we won throw ins that Warne has given to his players and the referee has assumed it’s their ball.

Thirdly. What do we have to do to get a free kick. Walton being strangled at set pieces. Played being shoved everywhere.

After Norwich, I’m strongly moving Rotherham up the top of my div list. Horrible team and while we’ve been poor second half, it’s incredible how much sh*t they get away with while the locals call for red cards for the most innocuous of things.
Bakinson may have earned himself a contract today
at 17:55 2 Apr 2022

Without even playing.

Just goes with highlight how much he actually offers. Really missed him.

I don’t think anybody comes out of that without credit but that probably spells the end for Carroll. Just no place for him in this system. He’s been a great player in a two or three but simply can’t do either of the roles we need players in.
Very exciting to see a world of options open up on the scouting front
at 13:07 30 Mar 2022

A very smart move for so many reasons, but you'd imagine someone identifying talent for Manchester United will have contacts the world over and also a huge database of players not deemed good enough for them that may not have lived up to their potential and could be viable options for us and absolute stars here.

Does anyone know what the current situation is with work permits, EU players, those from overseas etc. It's all well and good being aware of the next Taricco, Guentchev or Petta, but there seem to be so many rules now, post Brexit especially, that prevent players from signing for us, that I wondered what our worldwide market is likely to be reduced to, assuming we now have this huge scope for player identification.

Is it still the case that players with international caps are likely to be granted work permits and does this apply to U23 / U18 internationals?
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The art of original chants
at 12:30 28 Mar 2022

It is properly dead now isn't it.

Pompey and Argyle both had massive, vocal followings and apart from one club related song (Play Up Pompey / Argyle, Argyle) it was the usual 'Football In a Library (which made zero sense Saturday coming seconds after a loud tribute to Mariner), You're Supposed To Be At Home and X Is A Sh*thole, I Wanna Go Home). Sitting near the away fans it's been the same with Sunderland, Wednesday and everyone else for seasons.

I can't remember the last time I heard a genuine, of the moment, match related chant either home or away. Used to be pretty commonplace that something would happen in a match and a chant would get going.

Even the Graham Poll one after the corner debacle was vaguely original but that's going back 20 years!

There must be a plethora of stories about good ones, like the Shilton one (did we come up with that or was it one doing the rounds post-Tina?)
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What on earth am I watching in the El Classico
at 21:19 20 Mar 2022

Let my 8 year old stay up to watch it but had to explain that Barca, who he has a soft spot for, were miles behind the runaway leaders Madrid and Barca would probably lose.

Absolutely incredible. Barca should be about 7 up.
YES!!!!!! (n/t)
at 16:34 5 Mar 2022

at 10:23 27 Feb 2022

Having seen him twice live this season, especially yesterday when Morecambe had almost nothing going forward, he seems like the perfect player for McKenna’s system as a focal point.

He can clearly score tap ins and make goals for himself out of nothing. But what was impressive has been his work rate, how many defenders he occupied by himself and his hold up play, intelligence and vision was great.

Bonus point also that he didn’t sh*t-house his way through the match.

I get that Pigott was as good for a similar side last season but Pig seems to be more of a get on the end of a barrage of crosses type at Wimbledon. Stockton has reminded me a little bit of Stewart and Counago at times in that he’d be quite happy to thrive in a possession based side.

Wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s made his way onto the summer shopping list, although have a feeling we may target players even further along with the resources we have.
I’ve never known a player so out of form as Bonne
at 07:50 27 Feb 2022

1 goal in 20 is absolutely atrocious, made worse by the fact he’s not out of his depth. This is a guy who scored 11 in 12 or whatever it was to start the season.

He’s also not a guy that’s being hammered by fans like any other player would be during this run. He’s one of our own, he’s being backed by the fans and we all understand the personal circumstances that have most likely contributed to the start of the run, if not beyond.

It’s completely undone any chance of a permanent signing. We’d be insane to spend the money required to go and get him now and the worst part of all this is as annoyed as we are at his form or how it’s impacted our seasons he’s hurting on the very same basis of being a town fan as well as on the professional side.

His first half header summed it up yesterday. He was running towards the goal, facing the goal and when he went to connect he turned his head massively away from goal. Don’t think he could be expected to react to the save from Morsy and then he should have buried a rebound second half too.

Feel so much for the guy. Clearly a nice guy, clearly loves the club and clearly has the talent required but the last few months have seen his form dwindle to the point where he’s no longer winning headers, making runs or doing the basics.

Would love nothing more than for something to go his way between now and the end of the season in the hope he starts to get back to his best. Ordinarily we’d have little choice but to drop him but with Norwood doing nothing and Piggott just not working for us, let’s hope that if Bonne gets more opportunities something happens for him.
Does McKenna deserve even more credit that he's been getting?
at 13:12 23 Feb 2022

Most of us can see that 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats is an excellent start (those two defeats away to two of the form teams at the time as well), but to be on the verge of a club record so quickly?

What's amazing to me is that it won't just be a record for clean sheets that could be broken Saturday, something that we didn't achieve with some of the best defenders in the world or even in a McCarthy side that might set up to be super negative. It's the fact that during those 5 clean sheets and 8 in his first 11, we've won so many games, we've played some lovely stuff and we've not been at all boring to watch or what you'd associate with a side about to potentially break a hundred and something year old clean sheet record.

To do that straight off the bat, with a new side, one that was underperforming, with an oversized squad and so on is absolutely remarkable.

To climb the table at the same time, seemingly create a proper team harmony, I don't think anybody could have done a better job and it bodes incredibly well for next season and beyond, if not this season.

[Post edited 23 Feb 13:15]
43 seconds
at 23:54 19 Feb 2022

Where does that stand in the quickest ever Town goals at home or overall?

I’m sure I’ve seen loads but only the opener at Charlton in the 3-2 nightmare springs to mind as a first minute goal. Having a complete blank on any inside 60 seconds.
Burton have signed Oumar Niasse!
at 17:16 17 Feb 2022

What the …

Can only hope he’s miles off fitness for Saturday.
[Post edited 17 Feb 17:17]
What level do you reckon we’d have to drop to?
at 21:42 15 Dec 2021

Before we actually challenged for promotion?

I’m thinking we could definitely start to believe in the Conference South.

Time for Gamechanger to start looking for an exorcist!

Being a Town fan hey!
Very difficult to see where we go from here
at 09:20 8 Dec 2021

More players in January is hardly the answer. We have brought in 19 players, the vast majority of which are either proven to be top players at this level or the level above, therefore we already have enough ability in the building.

The supporters have been phenomenal, but let down last night by a minority of idiots. People will naturally voice their frustrations, but altercations and any comments beyond disappointment in the performance or desire are completely out of order. Only so long that the fans can continue to back the side in good numbers.

Ashton didn't appoint Cook. We are miles off where we should be. I really liked Cook, was supremely confident he would turn us around and ignored last season, his poor record and the demolition of the squad because I could see what he was doing. But you can't get to a seasons worth of games with a squad you inherited around the playoffs and the second half of that tenure with a squad good enough to get promotion and be where we currently are, on the back of performances being so poor too.

An inexperienced up and coming manager may struggle to turn around a group of talented players that seem to be in a collective slump. An old head like Warnock might kick them up the backside and get them playing in the short term, but he is hardly what the long term vision suggests, unless we simply try and get out of the division, which likely means said manager, against the actual vision, being here for at least 18 months given this season now looks impossible.

The new owners can hardly remove Ashton so early into his tenure (at this stage I don't think Ashton can be blamed for much) but if the next appointment is largely down to Ashton's recommendations and it's wrong, then replacing him undermines all the good will with the fans that the owners know what they are doing.

It just all seems like an absolute mess. A month ago I witnessed one of the best away days I can recall and it looked like we'd finally clicked and gelled and that's been followed up by a goal drought, falling to beat League Two sides and U21 teams, being lucky to beat the bottom side and failing to take points off a number of rivals.

At a time like this, you'd want a Holland or a Butcher or a Mowbray or someone that bleeds Blue and White to try and spark something, yet we have a recently appointed captain that looks, sounds and plays like he never wanted to be here when his old gaffer was in charge, let alone now.

And to top it all off, the one player that stopped us being absolutely humiliated last night, who I'd love to see signed permanently was assaulted and may well reconsider any thoughts he had of staying beyond his loan.

At least when it was Evans or Lambert you could wish for a new ownership group, a competent CEO, talented players and deep pockets. Not sure what to hope for now!

Better catering?
So many threads on the depressing managerial links and those out of work
at 15:54 7 Dec 2021

I don't understand why there's such a fear we are going after a Harris, Hughton or Warnock. This isn't the Evans era anymore.

We have new owners with deep pockets who want to see us not only get promoted but promoted again. They sanctioned the funding for the CEO to go after the captain of Luton, a mid-table Championship team, a regular starter for Barnsley, who made the Championship playoffs, a Kosovo international who should be nowhere near League One and a very solid player at the level above in Morsy.

Out of work managers will always put their names forward but I fail to see why we won't do the managerial equivalent. It's a stretch but why not someone like Mowbray. Of course, he's sitting pretty in the playoffs but that's exactly where Conor Chaplin finished too. If the pay is good enough and you can sell the vision I don't see why a club of our stature with the money behind us can't recruit big.

We have the funds to get to where Blackburn are in a few years and beyond, much further beyond than Rovers, because of our funding. There are countless managers in the Championship you could see being paid as much, if not more to come here and buying into the project as the new boards 'man'.

That's just England. Ashton is data driven. He's putting recruitment into place to be national, continental and worldwide to a degree for talent pools. He's well connected. When clubs like Brentford, Watford, even Norwich, can pluck managers out of Spain, Holland, Germany or wherever, it's hardly unthinkable that we won't have our eye on people already as a contingency for if Cook went.

We all know under Evans it would be another out of work, likely depressing appointment, but Ashton and Gamechanger have shown they can convince players to come here and raise eyebrows. In the uncertain world of football, I fail to see why they can't do it in a managerial sense too.
[Post edited 7 Dec 2021 15:58]
Unless I’ve missed one
at 18:13 5 Dec 2021

It looks like we will be the only replay?

One game ongoing so could end in a draw but Salford currently winning. Makes the chances of being on TV pretty high.

Luckily we always perform when on the box
What a farce!
at 21:50 27 Nov 2021

Belenenses start a league match with Benfica with 9 men. 2 of which are keepers. Obviously no substitutes.

Benfica 7-0 up at the break.
Managerial matches made in heaven
at 11:59 12 Nov 2021

I have never really liked Frank Lampard. Not even any proper reason. Just find him irritating. So it will be much easier to dislike him once he's firmly planted in his yellow and green training top.

Got me thinking. Managers you admire at clubs you admire and managers you loathe at clubs you loathe?

Despite managing them, I could never dislike Chris Hughton. Just seems a really nice guy. However, Allardyce at West Ham was perfect for that conundrum. By contrast, can't be many better than the gent that was Sir Bobby at the well run, 'nice' club that was Town.

On another note, which managers would best suit which clubs?
[Post edited 12 Nov 2021 11:59]
The squad strength really is absurd
at 11:07 5 Nov 2021

We could potentially name the following tomorrow (subject to fitness):

Donacien / Woolfenden / Burgess / Penney
El Mizouni / Harper
Aluko / Chaplin / Fraser

We wouldn't have involved a single player that started on Tuesday.

When you consider that the team above could be named and a bench of Walton, Nsiala, Morsy, Burns, Celina, Edwards and Bonne, in case we needed them and that wouldn't even include Barry or Carroll or the likes of Coulson or Norwood, it really is a fantastic squad which goes to show what an advantage we might have later on in the season as some of the smaller, unfashionable clubs lose players through injury or try and force key players with niggles to continue in vital matches.

However, if Cook is stating “We are approaching tomorrow’s game as if it’s the biggest game of our season and that will be reflected in the team selection.” then presumably that's the strongest side (potentially unchanged from Tuesday) then use the XI above on Tuesday to give the current eleven a whole weeks recovery for Oxford.

Would also be two sides that should comfortably win those ties, gets everyone involved pretty much and keeps momentum for the preferred league side.
[Post edited 5 Nov 2021 11:14]
That bloody air raid siren
at 14:11 19 Sep 2021

Given the FA are so pedantic about a number of things don’t affect the match at all, it seems weird that they allow things like the PA blasting out noise as a team takes a corner or even towels all over the ground and players wasting 30 seconds drying it when they are winning with a few mins to go.

The towel thing has always bothered me. You don’t see free kick takers drying the ball on a wet night so they kick it properly! But players can towel the ball on a dry day when the ball won’t even be remotely wet. Huh? Cheltenham was a dry day. They must have wasted 5 minutes with that towel. It’s not like the half time sprinklers were that much of a factor.

Didn’t say anything after we lost at Cheltenham in case it came across as bitterness. But we won yesterday and yes players should be able to cope with noise or ‘intimidation’ or whatever but I’m surprised it’s allowed.

Still better than Fleetwood’s goal music which I can’t find a legitimate reason to ban.
Oh Carroll
at 11:10 16 Aug 2021

Let’s just enjoy the ride!

We’ve put together a 16 of new signings now that wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of the Championship.

Hopefully people can trust that a manager, with proven success managing squads full of decent League One players to success, can navigate this squad to success in time.

Especially when you consider that the large majority of our squad will clearly have both personal and financial motivation to get back to the Championship. That drive alone has been lacking for some time at Town.
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