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The BBC and free and fair elections...
at 21:31 11 Dec 2019

"- That the necessary steps are taken to guarantee non-partisan coverage in State and public-service media." - i really don't think that the UK meets that criteria.

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Looks like rain...
at 20:32 15 Sep 2019

"Protesters" with umbrellas for protection against the rain...or is it protection from prying cameras?

Friday night choons!!!
at 20:34 6 Sep 2019

Can you see the war on music, can you see the war on sound...

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Really poor goal to concede that
at 16:38 17 Aug 2019

I don't think Lambert will be happy about it.

Imo partly the midfields fault as no one in the midfield actually picked up Maddison and partly Chambers fault for not being able to deal with it.
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Brexit explained...
at 16:14 22 May 2019

Brum goal
at 19:45 14 Apr 2019

I thought i'd seen about as bad defending as you could ever see against Brentford.

Yesterday though, f*ck me.

Kenlock done like a kipper, Bishop way too late with his attempt, Collins then fails to block the rather tame cross and then finally our player of the year fails with his attempt at an intervention.

Why do we continue to make mistakes like this?

We'll have crosses like that to defend and more in League 1 and we can't even manage it now.

Tbh, i was expecting Lambert to have sorted the defence out to some degree but the mistakes still keep coming.

Genuine question
at 17:05 30 Mar 2019

What is Lambert playing at?

These last few games should be used to galvanize the team spirit and morale, to pave the way for next season and to strengthen the team mentally for the promotion push back to the Championship.

Is there a game today?
at 15:32 30 Mar 2019

Well whenever it is, need to go for it now.
Judge and Knudsen
at 15:53 10 Feb 2019

Anyone notice Judge having words with Knudsen after the final whistle?

Judge was saying something to him and Knudsen looked well pished off and just kept shaking his head like he was disagreeing.

Wonder what was said.
"First half the team were just not there" - Lambert
at 20:38 2 Feb 2019

Anyone else find these comments a bit worrying?

I mean where were they then?

Ffs, we are not down yet and it's a must win game which could of put us right back in the mix and to then state - "first half the team were just not there" i think is very concerning.

Also i find it a bit odd that these comments from Lambert didn't get a mention in the 'Lambert: A Really Poor Goal to Lose' news item.

6 points off the relegation zone and 19th in the table.
at 19:42 26 Jan 2019

But they don't care!

Great to see Millwall giving it a proper go in the cup.

If only we had half their fight and spirit.

After watching the highlights
at 13:38 20 Jan 2019

What the blazes!

How on earth has Elder not made it to that ball first?

He was infront when the ball was played.

He was then out of position for the second.

Then just after that Dack done him like a kipper and nearly scored.

Great clearance by Collins early on though.
[Post edited 20 Jan 2019 13:40]
Wow...Former CNN journo of the year
at 19:10 20 Dec 2018

journalistic fraud ‘on a grand scale’.

Meanwhile, in the land of the free...
at 12:20 20 Dec 2018

In half the states of the USA it is now mandatory to support a foreign government.

Can someone please explain to me how this could even come about?

So that's why Macron wants an EU army...
at 20:29 8 Dec 2018

Protests all over France, his popularity at just 23 percent and according to a poll for RTL 72 percent of the public support the protest movement.

Mick, coaching and the defence...
at 10:57 29 Nov 2018

An important part of a managers job is coaching and developing players so they can improve their game.
Telling the defenders to lump it high and long isn't coaching and with all those years under Mick none of them have actually improved as players and now we are paying the price for it.

Mick was an international defender but yet he utterly failed to improve the defence and the way they perform.
We are defending the same way now as we did under Mick but now we haven't got Murphy, Waghorn, Garner, Didsy or Lawrence to score the goals.

It had been left to Hurst and now Lambert to coach and improve the defenders to get them to play the right way - on the deck, pass out and at the same time to defend properly.

It's all very well telling the defenders to lump it forward but at what cost?
Unfortunately it's at the cost of improving and developing players and that is where we are now imo but fwiw i think Lamberts coaching will succeed and that he will actually improve the defence and thus make them better players.
Lambert - "Got to stop crosses coming in"
at 22:22 28 Nov 2018

One of the first things he said and good to hear.
I think we'll make it.
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