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Anyone recommend some noise-cancelling headphones?
at 14:19 21 Jan 2019

Science bods... can you help? I think I've solved the mystery of the universe.
at 11:42 20 Jan 2019

They say the universe started with a big bang... but you can't have something just appearing out of nothing. Therefore, the universe can't have a beginning - and yet must do (because it exists). A paradox.

Similarly, if the universe is expanding (like they say it is), what is it expanding into? And whatever that is, what is on the other side of THAT? Therefore, the universe must go on forever... and yet can't do (everything has an end or edge). Another paradox.

Both of these paradoxes suggest the universe shouldn't exist. Its existence doesn't make sense.

Well surely then, the only logical conclusion is that it DOESN'T exist?!

It's either a figment of our imagination... or a purposely created virtual reality?

I appreciate this last bit isn't a new idea (The Matrix) - but how else do you explain the two paradoxes?

I hope someone can answer soon as I'm off to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich to watch a couple of shows about space and I don't want it to be a waste of time!
Biggest problem for me is midfield
at 17:15 19 Jan 2019

They just don't create anything... and don't really protect the back 4 much either. The Bishop for Sears substitution I was calling for 20 mins before it happened... and one of the first things Bishop did was have a shot cleared off the line. Chalobah flatters to deceive, Skuse looked rusty, Judge looks skilful, but again rusty.

And we're still giving away too many daft free kicks in dangerous areas by diving in.
Brexit summed up perfectly
at 14:10 18 Jan 2019

Would you like to go deep into an internet goldmine?
at 13:24 18 Jan 2019

Forget about the top story - it's basically what it says in the title. What you need are the comments. We're talking people who dress up as horses for sex thrills and a mad girlfriend who baked all of a guys beans. Literally (not a euphemism).

Happy Friday.
Forget all this Brexit nonsense, there are much bigger things afoot
at 07:52 18 Jan 2019

Apparently we are being run by Saturn... which sounds a bit like Satan... and the moon is an amplifier that amplifies the frequency of Saturn's rings, which in turn creates the false reality we live in. And Madonna is in on it.

So says David Icke. And he has all the evidence! THIS is what the internet was made for...

Some of you bandying about the term "snowflake" could do with watching this
at 10:24 13 Jan 2019

Very funny, and very correct.

Rachel Parris is lovely too.

I'm currently supping an alcohol free Ghost Ship
at 18:21 11 Jan 2019

There's always free drinks on Fridays... but never Ghost Ship. So I was surprised to see an alcohol free one in the ice bucket, and of course had to sample after the proper one's raved about so much on here.

It's alright. Quite nice. Pale and fruity... not quite as tasty as Brewdog Nanny State though. That's still king of the alcohol free beers from what I've tried.
Is it possible Marcus Evans could pull out of ITFC WITHOUT a buyer?
at 10:08 9 Jan 2019

Theoretically it's just a business to him... which, if he decided he didn't want to waste anymore money on it (not surprising now fans are turning against him), he could just wind up?
This is the weirdest thing I've seen for a long time
at 22:50 8 Jan 2019

The people who invented the Internet could never have envisioned it would lead to this...

[Post edited 8 Jan 23:06]
What did you all think of the new boys?
at 13:48 7 Jan 2019

Bit early to judge them, but first impressions...

Elder - pacy and got forward quickly and with intent... but had vanished a few times when it came to defending, much like Spence does. Pennington wasn't great but I got the impression a few times that was due to having to cover for the AWOL Elder.

Keane - didn't have a lot of time but looked to have very good close control and also fairly quick (in thought and feet). Made a few positive runs and also held the ball up well in order to bring others into play a couple of times. Promising.

Neither world beaters but potential in both, which is the best we can hope for I guess. I think both did well under the circumstances (thown into a new and struggling team).
Anyone recommend a good image site that has more natural stuff
at 14:33 4 Jan 2019

Like Getty... but less "Getty" if you know what I mean? Stock imagery that doesn't look quite so 'stock imagery'?
Who said Crouch and Adam were done deals?
at 14:18 3 Jan 2019

You'd have thought we'd have heard something official by now?

Maybe the club is still sorting out Crouch's height tax, a recent law introduced by the Home Office's 'Let's Feck Up Ipswich' department.
One chink of light in all this
at 20:57 1 Jan 2019

We do seem to have a crop of really good kids coming through, and the four academy products starting today looked excellent. I've been critical of Kenlock in the past but I thought he was very good today. i think this lot, with more experience under their belts, stand us in good stead for League 1.
Whatever happened to Carayol?
at 14:39 31 Dec 2018

Get him back for a short term contract!
This is a bit look at me but I need your advice
at 10:49 31 Dec 2018

Where to go for my first alcoholic drink in a year. It needs to be fairly epic (but not quite as epic as say Australia) because I need a good ending for the book (might have mentioned I'm writing a book about it).

Anyway, myself and my work wife are planning a road trip for that first drink/ending of the book. We've narrowed it down to;

Oban in Scotland - remote distillery on an island, for a fine whisky.
Bushmills in NI - whiskey at the oldest distillery in the world.
Wine in Paris.
Beer in Amsterdam.

The first two fit the epicness best... but I'm more of a beer man than a whisk(e)y drinker.

What do you reckon out of these? Or is there something else you'd throw into the ring?
Well said Chambo - over to you Marcus
at 10:32 31 Dec 2018
Enjoyed Sunderland Till I Die... but I reckon a TWTD fly-on-the-wall documentary
at 09:59 29 Dec 2018

would be better.

Gav tries to fix the summer update in time for summer.
Drama as Phil runs out of Hobnobs.
Rommers behind the scenes at uni as he smashes modules.
The excitement when Glassers sees a potential anti-Corbyn story... then Mr Bean style hilarity as he opens his laptop too quickly and sends his dinner flying.
We cut between Callis selecting veggies in a very sedate vegan shop... to a horrible screamy 'music' gig.
Cut to an early morning train where Lucan has just cracked open his first beer of the day.
Meanwhile J2 is in the kitchen...

The possibilities are endless. I'm sure you have your own...
Only 18% of teams in the EFL have NOT broken their transfer record since 2005.
at 00:28 29 Dec 2018

17 teams. You can guess who one of them is, I'm sure.

Port Vale
Too much time on his hands... but this is superb
at 00:08 18 Dec 2018

And it involves criminals covered in glitter. What's not to like?

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