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Well that's just great. Co-op at the end of our road has been ramraided
at 20:13 6 Apr 2020

That was a lifesaver during this crisis, particularly for older residents. Cordoned off by police tonight, so we had to travel much further and queue at a Tescos for essentials. Just found out why. Ramraided by a gang in a stolen Range Rover and the ATM machine taken.

Looks like criminals don't have time off when the world's in lockdown. Fecking barstewards.

Question - does anyone know the comedy sketch where there's a guy who tries
at 11:47 6 Apr 2020

to chip in on a conversation where he knows nothing about the topic and just looks an idiot? I think it might be The Fast Show, not sure. He might even have been talking about football come to think of it.
People are idiots part 895939093
at 09:35 4 Apr 2020

Denying it is even more ridiculous when you read further down that it isn't the first time they've flouted the rules.

Hold your hands up luv, don't double down. You're embarrassing yourself.
Have you all had your recycling collections stopped?
at 13:52 3 Apr 2020

I guess it's not as essential as regular waste collections, but the bins are rammed up our way and I can see people opting to fly tip in the near future, sadly. Luckily we have a garden so we can pile up our cardboard in the corner with a brick on it, not sure what people without gardens are going to do.
CBD oil
at 11:12 3 Apr 2020

What's that all about then? I keep hearing about it, there's even shops dedicated to the stuff now. Anyone used it? Any good?
Jesus, can everyone stop singing about their life!
at 14:34 1 Apr 2020

Fun game to play with your other half while in isolation ;)
at 11:38 31 Mar 2020

WITHOUT prompting, ask your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, significant other or friend, these questions and write EXACTLY what they say!

•What is something I say a lot?

•What makes me happy?

•How tall am I?

•What's my favourite thing to eat?

•What do I do when I’m not with you?

•What makes you proud of me?

•What is my favourite movie?

•If I could go anywhere, where would I go?

•How do I annoy you?

•What is my favourite TV show?

•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?

•What do I hate?

•What’s my favorite alcoholic drink?

•What gets my temper going the most?

•What's my shoe size?

•Describe me in 3 words:
International Space Station fans
at 20:02 28 Mar 2020

It went over at 5 to 7 tonight and will be back round again in half an hour (8.31).

Amazes me it's that quick at going round the entire planet. 17,130 mph! How many astronauts on it at the moment? They must be the safest humans right now!

Anyone with telescopes or binoculars had a look? Can you see the shape of it rather than just a bright star?

Love space, me.
I'm beginning to wonder if the planet, or Mother Nature, knows how to look after
at 09:39 28 Mar 2020

itself. Whenever the human population is soaring too high a new disease comes along to knock them down a bit. Now, with pollution at all time highs, people protesting in the streets about it but governments slow to react or in denial, then suddenly we have this virus that has drastically slashed travel and the pollution that comes with it. Meanwhile, scientists discover a bacterium that eats plastic, a substance that can't easily be recycled, which has been mounting up to the tune of 8bn tonnes, and which has only been around since the 50's.

Is my imagination running away with itself or is there something bigger than us at work here?
I put the recycling out at 8 last night and the whole street applauded me
at 08:36 27 Mar 2020

This lockdown really has got to people hasn't it?
How are big families coping with the two items rule in supermarkets?
at 09:58 26 Mar 2020

Must be hard if a family of 4 for example are having pie and mash for dinner... but you can only buy two pies.

I came a cropper myself - wanted to get some energy drinks (I drink the natural energy one Tenzing rather than the chemical filled Red Bull or the crappy Tesco one). Thing is, Tenzing only comes individually. So while I could only buy two of them, I could get 12 cans of the crappy Tesco one. Bit annoying.
Well I never knew that, your microwave can slow down your internet!
at 10:59 25 Mar 2020
Feck me, 20 years since Reuser's debut?!?
at 10:51 25 Mar 2020

Where does the time go?!?
What's good on Netflix or Prime right now? Series or a one off film, not fussed
at 20:56 24 Mar 2020

How are they supposed to enforce this one exercise thing a day?
at 09:12 24 Mar 2020

Surely the police aren't going to take note of every time they see you jogging.

And this thing of no more than 2 people... unless you live in the same household. Are police going to be stopping groups and checking? How?

All sounds very wishy washy to me.
Missing sport? This will definitely cheer you up
at 19:48 21 Mar 2020
Phil, what are you and the likes of Stuart Watson, Brenner etc. going to do
at 16:46 19 Mar 2020

with no football to report on?

Suddenly occurred to me when seeing the Sears story. Can only be so many of them you can do?
Recommendation for vacuum cleaners please?!
at 15:24 19 Mar 2020

I'd rather not pay too much over £100, but have no clue really. Anyone got a good/reliable one they'd like to recommend?
Does anyone else feel like they're an extra in a disaster movie?
at 20:34 18 Mar 2020

Amongst the horror, which is sure to get worse (top science fella saying 20,000 deaths in the UK would be a good outcome!) there are some lovely bits of dark humour popping up. I cracked up earlier when the woman reading the news coughed and said, "Don't worry, it's not prolonged, I haven't got a fever... sometimes it's a bit dusty in here," and just now a cheery woman at the front of the queue in the Co-op asking for 400 cigarettes and saying to her friend, "See you later, hope you don't die in the apocalypse."

I love the online choirs and the people singing on their balconies in Italy. And the chef making meals for free for his local community after work. And the gin brewery turning its hand to hand sanitiser.

Worryingly I think Boris is doing a good job. We really need Bruce Willis in that role. And Jeff Goldblum as the top science fella.
Labour spending = bad, Tories spending (more) = good
at 12:18 14 Mar 2020

Spending in the Daily Mail's article on Sunak’s budget far exceeded what it reported Corbyn planned to spend. Yet they said Labour’s moderate plans would “bankrupt UK” but that Sunak was ‘rescuing’ the country!

The loveable British press.

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