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Why is everyone so against Mike Ashley taking over ITFC?
at 21:39 25 May 2020

He couldn't do a worse job than Evans, surely? He has pots of money. Morally and ethically we're already well down the river.

So what's the issue?
Bands that should've been much bigger than they were
at 14:45 23 May 2020

Ruby Cruiser - cracking debut called 12 Short Stories, which was exactly that. Punky/poppy and quirky. Then disappeared without trace...

X-CNN - rockingly good. Again vanished and hard to find...

ROC - Indie/electronica from Brixton. Have made a bit of a comeback in recent times but still virtually unheard of, which is a travesty...

Some of the questions the press ask at the daily briefing are pretty daft
at 17:34 15 May 2020

"Are you absolutely confident you're doing the right thing"?

He's hardly going to say no is he?
Trump is actually quite dumb isn't he?
at 13:22 10 May 2020

How on earth did this guy get elected president of the USA?

I'll post this before Callis does... food for thought (pun intended)
at 21:29 9 May 2020

Industrial animal farming has caused most new infectious diseases and risks more pandemics.
Why is there talk of Leagues 1 and 2 being abandoned
at 14:42 9 May 2020

but not the Champ and the Prem? Surely if they can play on, Leagues 1 and 2 can?
Space is mental isn't it?
at 21:01 7 May 2020

The nearest star, other than our sun, is 4 light years away. So even if we could travel at the speed of light, which we can't yet, it would take 4 years to get there.

That's the NEAREST star (well, second nearest).

The furthest star, that we can see (sort of... we're aware of, due to fluctuations in light) is 9 BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY.

And that's just what is observable with current technology. There's obviously way more than that.

Our brains can't comprehend how big space is... even the observable space, let alone what we can't see.

It's crazy how tiny we are, with all our petty squabbles, football teams, wars, pandemics. If feels weird to say all this has no meaning, it just exists, it just is. But then what meaning does most of space have for us anyway, when it's too far away to interact with? And what meaning do humans have, any more than the last ant you saw, in the whole of space?

All we can truly say is there's something bloody weird going on.

I may have lockdown fever.
I may have had some wine.
[Post edited 8 May 2:15]
Comedy XI
at 11:13 6 May 2020

Mich D'Avro
Marcus Stewart Lee
Paul Tommy Cooper
Alan Lee Evans
Make sure you keep an eye on your parents during this pandemic.
at 16:02 4 May 2020

Apparently mine had a go on the fixed exercise equipment in the local park on one of their walks, before realising it was actually out of bounds, and then doing a runner.

They're 75 and 83.
Things you've discovered since moving in with your other half?
at 14:34 1 May 2020

- Sriracha hot chilli sauce.
- Spring onions - never really thought about them before but they're a revelation in sandwiches.
- Loo rolls don't stay in the packet, they have a small wicker basket that they live in.
- Neither bread nor ketchup should go in the fridge, ever.
- You can never have too many scatter cushions.

EDIT: Forgot fabric softener. Dunno about the softness but my clothes have never smelled so good!
[Post edited 1 May 18:44]
Would you choose a perfect virtual life over a real one, with all its problems?
at 19:59 29 Apr 2020

Not a particularly new concept, but if you could get into a machine tomorrow and live the perfect life - no pain, no hardship, the ability to do whatever you wanted - in exchange for your real life, would you take it?

Once in the machine your real life is forgotten and your senses are just fed everything, so you experience it as if it's real. Any family members are there, if you want... but they're not your real family, you've said goodbye to them. You live out the rest of your days in absolute bliss. No money worries. No stress. Everyone loves each other. Maybe you can fly, if that's what you choose.

However, none of it's real. You leave behind your real life, real family and friends. That's the trade off.

Do you get in the machine?
at 12:01 29 Apr 2020

Very interesting that this has been released by the US Department of Defense and they say it's genuine and they don't know what it is.
Even more space news
at 14:37 22 Apr 2020

For anyone keen to see the Starlink satellites, at 9.34pm, Starlink-5,6 will be visible over the UK skies for six minutes, travelling west to east'

News article about the whole event:

More space news - updated, now with actual space news!
at 09:42 22 Apr 2020

Messed this thread up. This is what I meant to post;

Hubble captured a planet exploding in 2004...
[Post edited 22 Apr 14:33]
Most terrifying music ever
at 21:27 20 Apr 2020

Greatest British sporting comebacks or 'against all odds' victories
at 17:47 19 Apr 2020

you can think of?

Top of my head (footballing-wise) there's Leicester winning the Prem, then Man U and Liverpool's comebacks in the Champions League (!999 and 2005 respectively). Any more football or other sporting ones you can think of?
Hidden gems of movies
at 15:45 18 Apr 2020

What are some really great movies that are perhaps less well known?

My vote goes to Chronicle (2012). It's a 'super-powers' movie, but nothing like a regular super-powers movie. Done in a handheld camera documentary style (but not shaky) it's about some teens who find some weird crystals and begin developing super powers (and one of them chronicles the events as they unfold on his handheld camera).

What makes this different is that they don't solve crime or save the world from aliens (which is why I said super-powers rather than superhero). Instead they lark about pulling pranks, just like real teens would. This is what I love about it; the realism. They act like teens would if they started developing the ability to fly, telekinesis etc.

If you liked District 9 and Arrival in how they attempted to portray alien invasion in a realistic way, then this is the 'humans gaining super powers' equivalent.

It's quite dark as well, as one of the teens starts to go a bit crazy... but I won't spoil it by saying any more.

Whenever I mention Chronicle most people have never heard of it, so this is my vote for 'hidden gem'.

Following the artists/bands you can't get into thread... those who like them...
at 18:34 17 Apr 2020

What song would you cite to convince others of their greatness? Bearing in mind those who don't like a particular artist/band have probably based the decision on the singles/most well known stuff.

The rules
1. Posters may only post one song to convince others.
2. If you don't like the artist, you must listen to the song in full. If you still don't like them, fair enough, at least you gave it a go.

For those who don't like The Stone Roses, I'd give you;

I've seen it all now. Wrestling is apparently an essential service!
at 20:36 14 Apr 2020

Even Callis won't be able to justify this?
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse
at 16:35 14 Apr 2020
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