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Let’s not forget that Marcus Evans
at 23:51 24 Jan 2021

Threatened to spread malicious rumours about Jim Magilton in an attempt to avoid paying off his contract (This after sacking Jim whilst he was visiting his critically ill mother in ICU). This information was taken from Phil’s interview with Jim posted on this site.

The man clearly has no morals or conscience when it comes to business, so I find it difficult to believe his words about backing Lambert are anything but lip service and must be something he is either contractually obliged to do or is doing to buy himself time to avoid a big payout of some kind.
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I’m loving this new Phil ‘shoot from the hip’ Ham
at 18:55 24 Jan 2021

Some interesting little tidbits and hints being dropped today. Love it!

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work - you’ll be back soon I hope...

How would we do if we binned the first team?
at 16:35 24 Jan 2021

I honestly don’t think we would do any worse if we ditched all the first team squad that didn’t come up through the academy and just used home grown players from the first team squad and U23s. Especially if we had a better ‘coach’ in charge of them than Lambert.
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What are we missing?
at 15:58 24 Jan 2021

A while back didn’t Marcus Evans say something along the lines of the fans don’t realise how well we are playing because they are not physically in the stadium? Also he said something about statistics showing we were playing better than our results might appear.

Is this still the case or has he changed his mind yet? And what stats could he possibly be talking about? It’s all very strange.
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You know how well run clubs sometimes
at 21:08 23 Jan 2021

have a new manager on standby, ready to step in when the time is right and to prevent them from being snapped up by rival clubs?

I was wondering whether we might have done something similar with the Cowleys.

Then I realised this is Ipswich.
Barry Fry must think Evans is a right mug
at 20:42 23 Jan 2021

Evans uses Fry as a sounding board. Let that sink in. Our owner uses the director of football of a (currently superior) rival as a source of advice on how to run his football club. Like he’s really going to help him and not at all steer him down the wrong path.

“That’s it Marcus, I would definitely get Lambo signed up to a 5 year deal immediately before Barcelona come in for him”

We need help he said
at 20:37 23 Jan 2021

Then he stuck the help on the bench.

It’s a big joke. It’s a really, really big joke. Brenner
Really, really good
at 19:12 23 Jan 2021

Couldn’t ask for more.

What’s wrong with you lot with all the negativity?

Anyone would think we were absolute sh1t with a clueless chancer as a manager.
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Cowleys still available?
at 16:58 23 Jan 2021

Shall we have a whip round to pay Lambert off?
To be fair to Trump
at 20:28 20 Jan 2021

At least he didn’t start a war
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P.E. With Bluey
at 20:27 20 Jan 2021

Does that mean Lee O’Neill is Bluey?
This was shocking from ME
at 09:04 13 Jan 2021

Phil posted this in an earlier thread, but it shocked me so much I thought it’s worth its own thread. I never really realised at the time what went on with the way Magilton was sacked.

Essentially Magilton was sacked by phone as his mother was on life support. Keane was already lined up. And then Jim intimates false accusations were made against him because ME didn’t want to pay compensation. I’ve lost any respect for Evans after reading this.

[Post edited 13 Jan 9:05]
Political correctness gone mad
at 01:49 12 Jan 2021

Apparently you can’t even non-fatally strangle yourself wife now. What is the world coming to?

New strangulation law planned to tackle abusers, says justice secretary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55622596
[Post edited 12 Jan 1:49]
Brilliant news
at 21:17 11 Jan 2021

Covid: Morrisons and Sainsbury's ban maskless shoppers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55618408
[Post edited 11 Jan 21:17]
Does anyone here know Lee O’Neill?
at 18:27 11 Jan 2021

Does he strike you as bright and intelligent. The kind of guy you think “This guys knows his sh1t. I can see why he’s running things at ITFC.”

Or is he a bit dim and just a yes man?
Anti Maskers
at 15:26 10 Jan 2021

Saw this interesting thread on Twitter about anti maskers. Honestly what is wrong with these morons? Is it time that the law was stepped up to deal with them in a stricter way?

[Post edited 10 Jan 15:29]
If Marcus Evans thinks that’s acceptable
at 23:18 9 Jan 2021

Then we might as well all just give up now
Holy would have saved that Twines shot
at 21:05 9 Jan 2021

He’s 6’9”. Cornell is 4’9”.

Holy also might have reacted to a cross that went straight in.
Green shoots
at 19:05 9 Jan 2021

My ar5e
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