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“Coronation Street trending on Twitter.
at 08:41 17 Mar 2020

Ken Barlow MUST GO!
[Post edited 17 Mar 8:41]
In lieu of football today
at 10:55 14 Mar 2020

Have a watch of this. Whatever you think of the man, he’s a proper football manager.

Stuart Taylor
at 07:49 10 Mar 2020

Maybe he’s the problem. He’s the coach after all. Looking at his Wikipedia page, he resigned from being manager of Limerick In 2014 then joined Aston Villa as U23s coach before joining Wolves under PL in 2016. Hardly a glittering cv.
Sack Lambert
at 13:08 23 Feb 2020

And pick the team by TWTD poll.

Couldn’t do any worse. Wages can be split between us all or donated to the Phil Ham Foundation for impoverished fanzine editors.
[Post edited 23 Feb 13:08]
If we get relegated every season for PL’s 5 year contract
at 20:47 22 Feb 2020

What division will we end up in?
Do our players actually get coached?
at 20:28 22 Feb 2020

Our play seems random and without any obvious pattern or strategy. Plus we never seem to use set pieces in a way that suggests we plan or practice for a particular outcome. The players just seem to play as individuals rather than as a unit. All very frustrating. Not much has really changed since Hurst really.
[Post edited 22 Feb 20:28]
ME didn’t look happy today.
at 19:55 22 Feb 2020

From where I was sat I made a point of looking at him today. Was a fair distance away but his body language didn’t look great. Spent the whole game talking to Lee O’Neill left early before half time and full time. Looked generally agitated and pissed off. I wonder if he’s considering letting go of PL.
[Post edited 22 Feb 19:55]
Will no one rid me of this turbulent manager? (n/t)
at 15:19 15 Feb 2020

Phil - How do you feel about all this?
at 23:41 11 Feb 2020

Genuine question Phil, but is all this getting you down like it is the rest of us? I feel for you as we can take a step away from the forum for a bit of sanity but you have to put up with this dross day in, day out.

I just want to say thanks for all that you do. You do a great job and for all of our sakes, I hope that things improve on and off the pitch soon because it’s getting hard to take.

Just get George Burley in NOW
at 08:32 9 Feb 2020

Get him in as Director of Football.

I’m not sure what Lee O’Neill does but it’s not good enough.

Marcus Evans _ please accept you are out of your depth and get in someone who knows football and ITFC to run things.

This is getting depressing now.
[Post edited 9 Feb 8:33]
Would Burley do any worse?
at 11:24 3 Feb 2020

I have previously suggested that we get Burley back as manager (prior to PH and PL appointments.) The general opinion on here was that he's yesterday's man, football has moved on and also there were suggestions of issues with drinking.

But I still think he would do a better job given the resources and players we have at the moment. His teams had an identity. A system. And they played positive, exciting football. He gave youth a chance and also seemed to be able to pick a player.

He's local. He's an ex player. An ex manager (Ex manager of the year in fact). I know he got us relegated, but he also got us promoted and into Europe. If I was ME I'd give the guy a chance.
[Post edited 3 Feb 11:27]
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