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at 23:16 24 Dec 2019

I’ve been out since 12 midday, plenty of pints of IPA consumed and a lot of convenience food along the way. I’ve just got into bed next to my sleeping wife and I’ve let rip.... I can’t defend myself, it absolutely hums, possibility one of the worst smelling farts I’ve ever done, almost ashamed.
I’m not confident I’ll make it through the night without either waking her up through the sheer putrid stench im producing or potentially worse still I’ll crap myself

Either which way, i wish you miserable fecks a merry Christmas and happy new year
Putting Corbyn in charge of this Government would be disastrous (n/t)
at 08:28 30 Oct 2019

Wilfried Bony - Incoming?
at 05:55 13 Aug 2019

Currently training with Newport but I know he is a player who’s agent we’ve been in discussions with, as ambitious as that sounds.

Gotta admire the effort.
Not claiming defo info here, but.......
at 14:17 26 Jul 2019

I've heard form a friend who has a credible contact that we have the following players who are of interest and some form of discussion is taking place;

Marc Wilson
Jack Hobbs

Both with/still with Bolton last season so would seem plausible

Liam Ridgewell, released by Hull last season but i'd say wages would be a stumbling point.

I've no real reason to disbelieve the source as I know he has contacts, plus the names above all fit the 'experience' that PL has referred to as what we are in need of.

Pubes in urinals!!!
at 14:02 19 Jul 2019

Ok.... So i've been at 3 clients offices this week and noticed on most visits to the toilets that there has been a large scattering of pubes in the urinals. Something I can't say has ever stood out that much in the past on visits to use the porcelain, be it public or at a place of work.

Given this has been in 3 seperate businesses in 3 different towns/cities it's just made me wonder. HOW? Why?.......

Are people just ripping them out and dropping them in for bants, or do they have malting issues....

Just a bit bizarre
I see the flouncing has started over 'lack' of signings
at 11:49 4 Jul 2019

And even players 'linked'.....

Sit back and relax a little. 100 points 100 goals!
Trouble on Sunday
at 08:25 7 May 2019

Saw some verbals between fans at the end by the club shop and quite a bit of trouble in the car park. Several town fans getting a whack from the police and pushy shovey with Leeds fans... Went straight home from there so didn't see anything else.
at 08:16 4 Apr 2019

I get that it is supposed to be a better option to cigarettes, but jesus christ I do not appreciate having to walk through a plumb of smoke/vapour or whatever it's called when walking behind someone having a toke.....

That's all..
Burger lands at Colchester training ground
at 12:45 29 Mar 2019

A bit random this;

It does make me wander, perhaps those with aviation knowledge could comment. But are people generally allowed to 'launch' balloons like this, particularly with chunky equipment attached? Just thinking of the issues if it were in the path of a plane etc. Would the planes force just push it out the way or is there a risk it could damage the fuselage if the box/go pro hit it or be ingested into the engine.....
Free agent been at the club this week
at 11:59 28 Feb 2019

Ok so I don't know who, but i've been told that a current unattached striker has been at the club this week, presumably with a view to a short term deal.

Could be possible given our lack of strikers currently, but they'd need to up to a level of fitness to make any meaningful impact.
Collins out of tomorrow’s game (n/t)
at 18:39 9 Feb 2019

Just back from the game...................
at 11:52 7 Jan 2019

Well back from the north as stayed up there with a friend for a few days.

I think the game has been done to death on here and there is not much more I can say on that. But what I will say is how much I enjoyed the 'day', 90mins aside. Nice little club Accrington, good pubs and old school terracing, I enjoyed it. I was to the right of the goal and towards the group of town fans that were in that little section in the corner. What i'll say is that I wish the majority of our fans (note I'm not saying all) could have a sing song and join in with groups that are. The guys in the corner were very vocal and myself and others at our end of the terracing were trying to get it going along the length or the stand, but all to often it falls on a wall of silence.

I know it's hard being a town fan but we really do need to be more in unison when it comes to being vocal at games, can make a massive difference.

Believe me or don't
at 15:28 3 Jan 2019

But I have it on very good authority to ME is in discussions with 2 interested parties concerning potential take over. 1 has been a fairly long term discussion and the other relatively new in comparison.

I guess with it being no secret that he'd sell if the deal was right that it's expected that he'll be having such discussions.

Will they come to anything though?
Turkey roll experts
at 21:41 24 Dec 2018

Ok so last min change of plans, we are doing dinner at home tomorrow instead of the better halves relatives. Her brother has the turkey roll, 5000g. Having never cooked one before whats the best prep method and cooking time? I’m reading 25 min per 450g. But having never done one before and being sure some of you finer tuned individuals have experience in this field thought I’d ask.

Happy Christmas Eve one and all
Buffoon in NSL section 5
at 10:39 29 Nov 2018

I was stood across with S6 last night but near the stairway over the side with S5....... There was an absolute buffoon who spent most of the first half and first 20mins or so of the second half just yelling at people. He did sing a fair amount but also spounted a load of drivel. Was mildly amusing to start with but did wear thin after a while and got a bit uncalled for when he started to have a go at 'shirters' and moaning about people not singing. Generated a lot of attention and comments from those around me. Good to see people being passionate but clearly very drunk and fell on the side of annoying after a while.
Wonder how his hangover is today.
Markus Babbel
at 12:01 12 Nov 2018

Understand Lambert is going to reignite our interest in him. Better late than never I guess.
Bart needs to be back in goal tonight
at 08:39 18 Sep 2018

While I know he hasn't had the best start to the season he shouldn't have been dropped in my view.
Funny ol feeling this morning
at 07:52 11 Apr 2018

MM has to go and that is what I wanted and don’t think he should have hung about after the announcement. However now he’s actually gone it feels strange. Kind of like a relationship you’ve had with someone where you’ve both agreed it isn’t working and you are going to call it a day, the separation is tinged with a degree of sadness....
[Post edited 11 Apr 2018 7:53]
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