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This rigid formation
at 10:43 5 Aug 2022

Its clear that KmK isnt going to change from the same formation. Teams are going to know exactly how to set up each week against us. Cook got slaughtered on here for never changing his system, yet KmK seems to get an easy ride. Cook never was for me,but we still keep the same formation week in week out that Mr K likes to play.
One up front,with strikers who are all used to playing in a two and you wonder why they struggle. Two sitting just behind, Chaplin isnt a no.10, he runs around up his own @rse most of the time. None of the number 10s really create a lot. Aluko is about the best we have. I dont think its a natural position for Harness ,think he will struggle if he is expected to play that role each week. It feels very much like square pegs in round holes in the forward positions. As you can see, lm really not a fan of a lone striker.
ls Hirst the answer to our striker problems ?
at 10:09 1 Aug 2022

lm not convinced. As Davis showed Saturday its a lot of money paid for a young kid who is still learning the game and too much pressure on a youngsters shoulders. Hirst would be in the same boat £2 million or whatever the figure is being put about for a youngster that everyone will then expect to get the goals to help fire us up the league. Its way too much to expect. After all he only scored the same amount of goals as Bonne did in the same sort of time scale. He maybe younger but he isnt proven and he could take a season to settle in. Have we got time for that ? Not in Game changers mind,they want success now. So l think we need someone with a bit more experience,who is used to a bit more pressure and with a track record, someone like Jerry Yates, whether that is possible l dont know. Any other names spring to mind ? because we really do need to get this signing right. I think its the most important signing of the summer.
Where are the goals in this side ?
at 10:45 12 Jul 2022

l just dont see them as it stands. Ladapo 12-15, Jackson(if fit) isnt going from a 5 goal a season striker to 20+ any day soon and then there is the kid from Arsenal( if fit), who has no real record at all. Chaplin around 10, Burns around 10, just not enough. If as people are saying we may have to wait until late August before we can get another striker in then we may be playing catch up like last season. We could be 6 games in and off the pace. We need to hit the ground running and l just dont see it with this current squad.
Are the replacements good enough ?
at 10:11 28 Jun 2022

Im not sure we have improved the squad. Ladapo will get around 12 goals,he isnt prolific, so a replacement for Bonne. Ball is another fairly defensive midfielder,so much the same as Morsey and Evans. Leigh is another left back to try out,a position we have struggled with for a few seasons now anyway and JJ is just a kid,who we really havent got time to bring on as a third division club wanting to go up,much the same as Barry was last season. Where are the goals in this team because l just dont see them ? I dont see an improvement,still think we are a 6-12 place team. Cant see us troubling the top 2 maybe flirt around the playoff for a bit but cant see us ultimately going up.
Where are the goals coming from ?
at 09:40 23 Jun 2022

Im really not sure. We have lost Norwood and Bonne. I really cannot see who we have brought in will improve on goals which lets face it was lacking badly last season. Jackson isnt the answer,cannot see what the fuss suddenly is with him.Yes he runs around like a headless chicken and KM seems to like that but he has done that before and has mainly been meh for the best part of 4 years.
Ladapo lve watched on and off for 2 years as was working in Yorkshire. He is a very sulky guy, if he isnt getting fed the ball he stands around for entire games,if he isnt in the team he sulks. He is not the all action guy some seem to think he is. He goes missing a lot.
The youngster from Arsenal is just a punt,lets face it. His goal scoring record is virtually non existent and he doesnt have a lot of experience in first teams on a regular basis. He will be lucky to get 4 goals.
Then there is Pigott,who has been woeful. A traffic cone does more on the pitch than the guy has managed.
l know l will get marked down but l just cannot see where enough goals are coming from. We couldnt score last season l really fail to see where all these extra goals are coming from this season. Not from Leigh or Ball,the latter being an excellent player though.
Mark Robins
at 10:26 14 Dec 2021

Id love to see him at Town, not going to happen l know,but he has done wonders at Coventry and they play the type of football we all want to see. The sort of manager we would want if we were a Championship team ?
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