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Why we can't head into another 5-10 years of Brexit.
at 14:53 18 Dec 2018

Top of the list, the offensive mispronunciation of "negotiate" as "nego-see-ate".

Utter cockwomblery.

Awful game
at 17:03 15 Dec 2018

Brilliant result!

One key value of the EU to member states is at play here ...
at 16:09 10 Dec 2018

Ireland, with the support of the EU, isn't going to suffer for the actions of a larger neighbour. A neighbour that's historically used to getting its own way.

The backstop won't be negotiable in any real sense. And rightly so for the people both sides of the border.

Good performance, crap result ... and the result is all that matters
at 17:04 8 Dec 2018

We made Stoke look average, indeed we had the edge over the 90 minutes.

But two moments of quality decided the game (as well as us lacking that incisive quality when we were in good positions).

So much encouraging stuff from the team as a whole (and Lankester and Downes were excellent throughout) but we need points. And likely an injection of real quality so we can turn performances into draws and wins.

This is starting to feel inevitable.

Which loanees/signings do we need?
at 20:42 6 Dec 2018

Not sure exactly what Lambert will be looking for.

Position-wise, I think it's got to be a couple of strikers now – one big one to take over from Roberts and keep him as a healthy backup. And another one with a bit of guile and finishing ability like Waghorn. I'm bored by non-Ipswich football these days and I've no real idea what's available so any suggestions welcome to give me a bit of hope.

But, of course, there'll be other positions too. Anyway, which players do you think could be just about within our range and would add something? And let's say there's a transfer budget of 2-3 million given how dire a position we're in.

So Jensen was right
at 18:33 1 Dec 2018

“There are two kinds of European nations. There are small nations and there are countries that have not yet realised they are small nations.” Danish Finance Minister, Kristian Jensen.

Reality bites.
Well, we need more. And points, obviously.
at 17:02 1 Dec 2018

But if we'd played like that earlier in the season we wouldn't be in the current difficulty.

Negatives are, as ever, mistakes at the wrong time and not taking our opportunities. But Bishop was hugely encouraging - he gave us a completely different threat and impetus in the middle and has pushed himself ahead of Chalobah and Downes on that showing.

Good performance, sh!t result.
This is the trap at the bottom of the table ...
at 15:51 1 Dec 2018

No complaints at being 2-0 down but hugely frustrating that nothing seems to be falling the right way. We could have been 2-0 up instead but this is the way things go when you're bottom.
For those of you who just want Brexit to be over with ...
at 12:29 26 Nov 2018

(Sorry for starting another thread)

I think we all want it to end but if you think it's boring now then you should be hoping for a rejection of May's deal in parliament and a reversal of the decision to leave. If we go with May's deal or a no deal then we'll be tied up with trade negotiations and Leave/Remain recriminations dominating the news for the next 5-10 years maybe more. Meanwhile, real issues in our country will be overlooked or underprioritised and underfunded.

Arguably, we haven't even got to the difficult stuff of Brexit yet. Just saying.
We looked like a team that could finish midtable
at 21:52 23 Nov 2018

You can see that as a positive or a negative but the real concern is that we're going to need "promotion-winning" points soon.

Lambert, the players and the fans deserve huge credit for tonight. But a miracle signing or two might be needed to pull ourselves out of this.
Town players and what their names mean in their native language
at 09:20 17 Nov 2018

Shefki Kuqi – Kids are in bed. Do you want pumped?
Guirane N'Daw – Be back home by 6 for your tea.
Pablo Counago – Paul's fallen over again...the daft sod.
Samassi Abou – A bit sh!t.
at 20:41 12 Nov 2018

is a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.

We've got rid of the least qualified and most unscrupulous in Davis and Johnson (and marginalised Farage and Rees-Mogg for the time being). But my God, "the worst" really is wall to wall.

May and her cabinet are at a level of incompetence that they probably think they're doing well.
Spence played very well today
at 21:09 10 Nov 2018

Often the fall guy so just thought I'd try to balance things out a bit.
One thing I don't understand re: Hurst ...
at 20:35 10 Nov 2018

We've already done more pressing in two games than we did under the previous 14.

WTF happened there?
Looking at our relegation rivals ...
at 20:28 10 Nov 2018

I'd be more worried about going down if I was a Reading fan.

Some really good individuals (Meite in particular) but an awful looking team.

Tough not coming away with three points but I think we should be looking a lot further up the table after today.
Points and wins are a must though.
Poor result in the end but a step in the right direction
at 18:24 3 Nov 2018

Incredible to see the difference Roberts could make doing his Daryl Murphy tribute act. We won headers, we pressurised the defence and generally had a threat that's been lackung for most of the games this season.

We still look disjointed and lack fluidity, and we faded a little/went into our shell in the second half but overall it was a much better performance. And barring a great strike from Gallagher (and a foul in the wall IMO) we'd have scraped three points.

Disappointing with how it ended but I think we can definitely build on this at Reading.
Hell of a mess for Lambert to sort out
at 17:12 27 Oct 2018

Nothing against Klug as he´s literally had no chance to turn things around but a big challenge for Lambert to get us moving upwards.

For me, it's down to the lack of shape and direction that's then compounded by players whose confidence is shot. So we just look clueless. But build a shape and direction that helps the players know what to do and we'll improve hugely. Millwall are an example of that themselves – really nothing special as individuals but they all know what they're doing and where they need to be.

One slight problem however is that we don't have any strikers who can give us the simple out ball and can make it stick up front. Somehow we've found ourselves in the position of having to play our way through sides just to put a little pressure on the opposition let alone create a half-chance.
Someone on the radio just said "lack of effort"
at 21:49 24 Oct 2018

Nothing to do with effort, that was there in spadefuls.

It's the lack of direction and purpose. Probably a fatal lack of attacking quality too but we can't do anything about that until January.
That was pretty sh!t but ...
at 21:42 24 Oct 2018

That's our back 5. Maybe with Donacien instead of Spence but he did well enough.

The rest of the team worked hard and helped out in defence (apart from switching off at corners) but the real problem with this team remains that we're utterly toothless.

If we don't get our attacking play going (that will also lighten the burden on our defence) then we're fecked.
Looks like the Brexit uncertainty is starting to bite in real terms
at 13:19 22 Oct 2018

Backs up what people are seeing and feeling on the ground but this shows it's not a local or specific industry problem.

The knock-on effect on the smaller companies and individual workers will be bad too.
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