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Good game and good result
at 17:03 19 Sep 2020

Middle 30 was a bit lacklustre and looked like the game was drifting. But the subs made a big difference - we looked much more organised and started to use that shape to pull Rovers apart.

Nolan was again the pick even before his excellent goal. But no-one had a bad game.

No words
at 11:25 9 Sep 2020

So NOW it's all in the past and we need to get the deal over the line. And all I'm seeing is former Remainer centrist politicians and journalists calling it smart, sensible politics.

More importantly
at 22:15 8 Sep 2020

Forget reading anything and everything into this game somehow.

But how good was that midfield turn and curved pass by Akinola? Certainly one of the best bits of football I've seen in an Ipswich game for years.

I hope Lambert is onto Bould about getting first dibs on him, McGuinness and Aziz. We'll probably need to be in the Championship by then of course.
Strange game but a good runout
at 20:42 8 Sep 2020

Blimey! These FLT games against Prem League D teams are so weird - it's men against boys like some strange footballing experiment.I can't help thinking how different the league games are with some proper physical battles to deal with.

Very good first 25 with Dozzell looking incredible but we've not looked that good since the goal. In that sense, I think the Arsenal equaliser might wake us up again.

RIP David Graeber
at 14:33 4 Sep 2020

Very sad news. If people are interested in society and the economy and where we're heading then this guy was a full generation ahead of the curve.

Not to mention a relentless fighter against the interests of the status quo and debunker of their accompanying narratives.
This is an excellent read with some great lines
at 10:38 4 Sep 2020

For fans of the vicious review of Tim Lovejoy's autobiography:

Here's this review of Jim Davidson's adult panto, Boobs in the Wood ... brutal, hilarious and disturbing in equal measure:
Playford Road rumour
at 20:04 3 Sep 2020

I have it on good authority that the players have no confidence in the fans who were complaining about being midtable in the Championship.

Don't shoot the messenger.
Andy Murray!!
at 22:02 1 Sep 2020

Has there ever been such a fighter in British sport?

I'm not convinced it's healthy for him in the long run but jeez.
As it's been a long week for many ... here's Elliott to cheer us up
at 15:36 14 Aug 2020

On Wednesday, I got sent this clip from a BBC Science documentary on Neanderthals and have been randomly chuckling about it ever since.

Food for thought
at 17:44 28 Jul 2020


It's "Corbyn for the clicks" in the headline but it's a Zeitgeist piece about how we see our politics and the world. Which is important given how particularly out of step and loony the UK has become with our neighbours re: struggling with left-wing politics and the need for balance.

I also find the conclusion depressingly accurate. Sticking its head in the sand so much, it's no surprise that a pro-status quo centre is nowadays being utterly outflanked by movements that want change.
What's depressing is how utterly predictable this is
at 10:40 20 Jul 2020

Today's question
at 12:43 17 Jul 2020

And tomorrow, the day after, next year, and probably in the year 2045 wondering why we went along with it at all.

This is very good on "effective opposition"
at 13:40 15 Jul 2020


It, along with the Labour report into the 2019 defeat, does however have a glaring miss that still needs to be addressed. How can an opposition party set the agenda or shift the debate in the media? There's evidently little to no support for transformative policies in the billionaire press. But there's little to no support coming from the soft Establishemnet of the BBC or Guardian either.

I think they need to be much stronger at rejecting the narratives of the press and certainly 4 years out from an election they need to be challenging that a lot more while they can. Shift their target audiences and create demand for your ideas there - not try to work through an outdated distribution network that will ask you to change what you're selling.
Why have I only found this now?
at 15:45 14 Jul 2020

Spent most of the afternoon going through this account and still in 2020.

Good article and sadly true re: BLM and other important issues
at 15:42 6 Jul 2020

Whether it be child poverty, disease, famine, environmental disaster etc. we're very good at paying lip service to the cause but pretty awful at actually sacrificing anything to make the necessary changes.


I also like it when people are surprised that a movement complaining about systemic racism wants to dismantle the current system. Ummm what did you think was the answer? Just posting a picture of you kneeling on social media?
In other sh!thouse news ...
at 16:18 26 Jun 2020

The UK doesn't deserve the utter shambles of its supposedly public servants.

at 18:04 15 Jun 2020

This was Communism a few months ago. Now "Will no-one think of the poor children?"

Establishment tosspots are now doling out favours like Victorian philanthropists.


WT Actual F!??
at 15:05 14 Jun 2020

Why don't they just prosecute them under existing vandalism and criminal damage laws?


FAO Swansea
at 15:34 10 Jun 2020

I know you found the Oborne article on Corbyn interesting.

Hadn't had the time to watch this interview until now but it's pretty revealing and definitely worth a watch. IMO, particularly the first half where it becomes very clear how Corbyn's world view is almost totally at odds with that of the Establishment, certainly in terms of priorities.

Corbyn's view and the policies he promotes put protecting the environment, protecting worker's jobs and their rights, and fighting inequality at the very top of the agenda. The establishment may talk about that but it's lip service and their very first priority is still protecting power and vested interests. It's probably worse now than it's ever been when you used to feel some sense of public and democratic duty. But politicians are generally a different breed nowadays.

Here, I think Corbyn was a threat because he was using reality in the UK and around the world to challenge this cosy world. But this is where Corbyn's weakness comes in. By refusing to face the reality of his opponents, across the commons floor and inside the Labour Party, and play their game he was set up to fail. Especially when the majority of a largely partisan media are playing exactly the same game, rather than being the trusted interface between the electorate and politicians.

It's clear that his leadership by consensus and not fighting his opponents and nominal colleagues wasn't the right way to go. He may feel he kept to his principles but I think a more ruthless approach was needed. And I think he certainly misjudged the result of the election in 2017: rather than people responding to his campaign and joining him, they actually redoubled their efforts to take him out. He should have used that time of relative success to go on the attack himself.

Anyway, be interested to hear what you think as a semi-reluctant supporter.

At a time when BLM is spread around the world
at 14:28 9 Jun 2020

And we show solidarity with US minorities as well as address our own severe shortcomings with structural racism and inequality.

Let's not forget the stuff that is less tweetable and rarely makes the news. We should extend that solidarity to a more critical assessment of the foreign governments our own government largely supports. From China for its multiple and continuing abuses of ethnic minorities and indeed the democratic rights of the masses, India and Modi for its potentially genocidal campaign against Muslims, Israel for the impending annexation of the West Bank that will put its apartheid system on the map, Saudi Arabia for its human rights abuses and war in Yemen on some of the poorest men, women and children in the world. The list goes on but it's a list we in the UK mainly turn a blind eye to.

There's a lot to be put right but we can start by trying not to profit from this stuff economically or in terms of our geo-political influence.
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