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at 22:09 18 Jun 2021

Not really. We desperately needed a point to hang on in the group, you needed a point to keep on track.

Good game overall. Defensively both teams were excellent.

Keeps the dream alive for Scotland until the Croatia game and the inevitable disappointment against the ageing Balkans.

PS I love Billy Gilmour.
Stupid song/chant for Burns
at 08:29 4 Jun 2021

To the tune of the Pet Shop Boys classic.

Wes Ley Burns
Dur dur dur dur

And repeat.
We’re culpable in this
at 10:34 22 May 2021

Successive governments and oppositions have continued to be totally hypocritical over the Israel-Palestine situation. Unfortunately as a people we don’t seem to care the UK is enabling this.

The Palestinian “Ambassador” (he would be ambassador if our “two-state” rhetoric was real) is spot on.

at 15:05 19 May 2021

It’s funny how the most active in the smearing of Corbyn as an antisemite, and Labour as an antisemitic party, all seem to be colossal Israel apologists. They’ve really gone for it this week.

I thought their activism was about anti-racism and protecting British Jews from an “existential threat”?

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
Throwing a lifeline to Starmer
at 14:05 16 May 2021

As Labour slides into irrelevance and the Greens seem to be emerging as the third party in England & Wales, he’d be an utter fool not to build an alliance of some description. Let alone that the environment is the single most important challenge we face and where petty party allegiances and factional ambitions should go out the window.

So, of course, he won’t take it.

Just before everyone gets the pitchforks out
at 08:41 13 May 2021

Who is the source for this? It doesn’t mention one in the article.

We don’t know what was said to Dobra or Downes etc. in their meetings with Cook.

If the source is Cook or someone close to him, it could just as well be a general message that players need to prove their worth, no matter who they are.
If anyone asks who my favourite Ipswich player is ...
at 20:45 12 May 2021

It’s Cameron Humphreys.

Great effort by all the boys. They’re lovely players but they’re a fantastic team above all else.
Talking of what confidence can do for a player ...
at 10:47 10 May 2021


I’ve been critical of him over the past year or so as he seemed to be developing into a more and more limited player. But looks like so much of that is down to confidence and him retreating into his shell.

Hopefully, he’s one player who is responding to Cook, not least the encouraging shouts to get forward.

You’ve also got to think that if we get half of the team playing with confidence and enjoying their role it’s going to drag all of them there. I think that’s at the core of teams with momentum and something we really haven’t seen since 2014-15.

Overall a good, positive performance
at 21:20 4 May 2021

But we need to turn off that beam, laser shield or whatever it is around the penalty area that makes us look like none of our players have ever scored a goal, even in training.

You’ve got to think it’s a severe lack of confidence because there’s no other explanation for professional players to be so blunt in front of goal.
Thank feck that didn’t go to penalties!
at 20:47 30 Apr 2021

Completely untrained for feeling the raw emotion of a pressure, winner-takes-all game involving Ipswich. I barely survived the 90 and extra time was killing me.

Great game played by two great teams. Really looking forward to seeing what Atay and the boys can do in the semifinal.
FA Youth Cup stream tonight (Friday) at 5 pm
at 19:47 29 Apr 2021

Took me a while to find it so thought I’d share. This is from the ITFC site:

“The quarter-final clash with the Blades will be behind closed doors at Portman Road, however Sheffield United will be providing a live stream via live.sufc.co.uk which will be free for all UK-based Town fans to watch.”

Edited: header was a bit misleading given the match is now tonight, not tomorrow anymore.
[Post edited 30 Apr 8:53]
Tony Blair’s mullet
at 13:36 28 Apr 2021

I know we need to keep our eye on the prize and it’s apparently Boris’s wallpaper that’s the key focus.

But this has to be recorded too. Introducing The Blair: nothing up front and a neoliberal war criminal in back.

The reason there is political cronyism, chumocracy, sleaze, corruption ...
at 12:35 25 Apr 2021

... or whatever you want to call it, is there’s a basic lack of standards and honesty anyway.

In a democracy, lying IS stealing. But we have a media and rather too many voters who think that’s all part of the game.

The Duntification of UK politics is complete
at 23:49 23 Apr 2021

Never seen a team butcher so many attacking opportunities
at 19:57 20 Apr 2021

No real missed chances as we’re screwing up the final ball or touch to have a chance. But blimey we’re poor in the attacking third.

Combine that with an inability to put a head on the ball in our own box and we’re 2-0 down despite being the better team overall.

Northampton have also turned their fewer opportunities into chances almost every time — something seriously amiss with us.
at 18:53 20 Apr 2021


The Super League is a massive step
at 00:17 19 Apr 2021

But not as bad as the death by a thousand cuts we’ve seen over the past 30-odd years. The difference is that now 90% of clubs are officially on the outside rather than just unofficially.

I think the genie’s been out of the bottle for far too long. Even if the Super League is somehow blocked then there’ll be concessions made that will screw over clubs like us just as much if not more, like a closed shop Premier League.
Today’s game feels a bit surreal
at 09:24 17 Apr 2021

Surely got to be one of the strangest vibes around a match in years?

I have no idea what to expect, what any performance will say or how I’ll feel if we do the unexpected and actually sneak a win. Would a win just prolong the pain or be the start of a healing process?

And all against the backdrop of an empty, quiet stadium punctured by the shouts of angry coaches and players.
Well, this isn’t depressing ...
at 12:04 16 Apr 2021

The unwavering support for the Conservatives around 40-45% seems almost Trump Republican.

Crumb of comfort: I’ve never seen the Greens as high as that. Cement that and they could have a UKIP effect on mainstream politics but as a force for good.

I don’t think the players are the problem
at 23:15 15 Apr 2021

OK, certainly collectively they are. But I can’t quite understand making definitive judgements about individuals not being good enough.

Surely if we’ve followed Ipswich long enough — and football generally — we know that some players perform much better or much worse depending on the team as a whole.

Hell, we had our best season in 30-odd years when the players all played better and reached a higher level than any of them ever played before or afterwards. What does that say about them as individuals apart from that they needed to be in the right team with the right manager?

I like to think that Cook knows that more than anyone else based on successive promotions. So yeah, as a side point, anyone criticising Cook now, based on him inheriting an obvious non-team, is a bit of a div.

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