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Poor effort
at 12:28 15 May 2022

A) Should have got closer and B) should have dropped the newspaper under his other arm. Awful execution.
If we’re going for an LWB next year then why not Humphreys?
at 12:42 4 May 2022

Certainly as competition/backup, that position would be ideal for him I’d have thought. More of an all-rounder than Burns on the right who is pretty much a direct, pacy winger who can get back to help out occasionally — basically a more effective Gwion Edwards.

But Humphreys has the engine to patrol the left flank plus the ability to be constructive on the ball wherever he is. And he doesn’t seem to get panicky around the box which is probably our biggest failing this season.

Be interesting to see if they have him earmarked as a central midfielder (which he can certainly do) but difficult to see how he’ll get as much of a chance there. Plus left-sided quality is a much more problematic area for teams to get right.

Either way, he’s got to be a shoo-in to match day squads because of his versatility. So hopefully he’s a player we can develop within ITFC rather than sending him out on loan which often seems a little bit hit and miss nowadays.

Local elections?
at 09:56 4 May 2022

What a strange country we are that the local elections are becoming Partygate vs. Beergate and anything else that makes up the Westminster political/media bubble.

Local government on its own terms should be the focus. The only connection made to Westminster should be how local resources and services have been starved of funds over decades.

TWTD crowdsourcing project: Vegan Cheese
at 22:31 7 Apr 2022

If there’s something this forum know, it’s f@cking cheese. Probably the only thing we can agree on, apart from MarkTWTD being our mysterious, spiritual guide.

And we come from far and wide with many thousands of different ideas, skills and perspectives. There’s a massive Wisdom of Crowds opportunity here. And the sort of money where we could collectively buy ITFC. Plus NCFC as a dedicated feeder club re-named Ipswich North. We’re talking billions.

So, can we crack the following problem?

“Let’s produce a vegan cheese that you want to put on a cracker.”

I vote clive_baker as CEO. I have nothing to add of any genuine value but can help come up with a name (Taricco?), tagline and some marketing fluff.

But sign up below and let’s make the impossible possible.
KMac still has a bit to do with this team
at 16:11 27 Mar 2022

Yesterday’s overall performance was so good, and Plymouth barely landed a glove, but the concern about creating and converting enough chances still remains.

No blame attached as I don’t think it’s anything that has been particularly in his power given these are the strikers/attackers he inherited. But the result is that, despite settling the defensive side and making us much tougher to crack, we’re still only 3rd in the form league for McKenna’s 17 games.

Hopefully we can still squeeze into the playoffs and then I think our solidity would be a massive advantage. But more likely we’re looking at the next season in League One with a need to have our attack firing so that we are legitimately leading the way as the top 1 or 2 teams in the division.

The good news is that I’m confident of a good transfer window with McKenna in charge. I think if he’s allowed to address our attack and build it around 2 or 3 key players (Burns, Chaplin and ?) then I think we’ll be more enough for this division. And will be interesting to see if he can get something out of Harper, Edwards, El Mizouni, Dobra etc. with a clean slate and coming into a pretty solid structure otherwise.

A consistently performing, lynchpin striker who can give the attack a focal point and weigh in with 10 or more goals looks absolutely vital though. And I don’t really feel we have that at present or at least that Pigott can turn his Town career around to do that.

[Post edited 28 Mar 11:54]
Greetings from the Political Void
at 13:26 10 Mar 2022

Hooray for the “grownups”.
Fantastic from Morsy today
at 17:17 5 Mar 2022

Deserved his overdue goal but the overall performance was outstanding.

As our only out-and-out midfielder during most of the game, he still managed to boss the middle of the park.
Trojan Horse Letter podcast
at 09:56 28 Feb 2022

A great listen — both as a commentary on the UK’s fairly open islamophobia fetish but also the personal journey of the two investigative journalists.

It’s long (c. 7 hours) but nevertheless a gripping story that raises a lot of questions.
at 19:47 22 Feb 2022

Typical of the opposition that have frustrated us in the past.

But Sheriff McKenna is in town. Let’s get this done!
An Ipswich win. But ideally a goal each for Pigott and Jackson please
at 14:23 19 Feb 2022

I can understand that McKenna is experimenting with his forwards as it’s probably the least clear part of the team selection nowadays.

Some goals and genuine competition within that group would give us (and them) a proper boost.

The second automatic spot
at 11:39 9 Feb 2022

And no, I’m not saying that is anything that will likely trouble us. But it could be an interesting added pressure for the teams we’re trying to catch.

I think Rotherham are probably gone as one of the automatic spots and just don’t see a team that good, simple and effective collapsing.

But Wigan’s loss last night and their fixture backlog make them look a lot more vulnerable. They may well power through but they’re in the sights of the team below. That combination of hope they can escape the play-offs while still protecting their place could be an interesting mental challenge and maybe one where League One players and coaches will struggle more than the very best.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a team and manager that are looking to build performances and results (“trusting the process” etc.) and are probably much more comfortable in taking the games one by one and not getting too far ahead of ourselves.

I’d rather have the points but I expect we can make up more points than we think on a couple of those teams.

Then if we’re properly in the fight with a half-dozen games to go we’d have to see how that pressure of being in position affects us. But I think momentum and confidence can be on our side with the trajectory our season has been on — not forgetting that we’ve also had the player numbers to keep the team relatively fit and fresh.

Just need to keep the focus on ourselves and our next opponent for as long as possible.
Merry Sixmas! (Odd-shaped ball thread)
at 11:44 5 Feb 2022

Six Nations starts today. And it looks every bit as tight as last year, also that anyone can win it (bar Italy) given how Wales did last year.

How do people see it finishing? I’m going for:

1. Ireland — possibly the best-ever Six Nations pack and still a very decent back line.
2. France — ridiculous talent throughout and they’ve been together for a number of years
3. Scotland — solid upfront which was always the Achilles heel and possibly the best backline
4. England — unusually underpowered and inexperienced but an exciting, fast team if all clicks
5. Wales — they have a big-game mentality but don’t think they can repeat the same trick this year
6. Italy — still developing and they may pull off a shock result but can’t see them In the mix

Bring it on!

This is a pretty decent skewering of UK politics and its coverage
at 00:20 4 Feb 2022

Johnson is an awful PM and a renowned liar. His smear against Starmer is out of order.

But why discover these standards of acceptable political behaviour now? Or is it, in fact, just the same opportunism and lack of integrity we complain about with Boris?

Too easy for Sheffield Weds today
at 17:29 29 Jan 2022

After their goal they were happy to let us have possession. And on a blustery day and a bobbly pitch we were way too slow with that possession and posed little threat.

Meanwhile they could and probably should have scored 1 or 2 more.

Bit of a cold shower but plenty to think about and improve on over the next week. Namely that it’s fine to play it out from the back and try and work an opening in midfield but then you can’t slow it down and undo all that work. Also, play the ball earlier sometimes — attackers will just stop making runs otherwise and everything gets stodgy.

We’ve still got weaker opposition to play over the next games but we really need to be putting our foot to the floor now.
Did we travel expecting Morsy would play?
at 10:19 26 Jan 2022

Missed any pre-match discussion/post-match interviews but is that why we didn’t have a midfielder on the bench?

If so huge credit to Bakinson and Carroll getting through the 90 unscathed plus putting on a decent enough showing in such a new midfield.
Impressive team performance in the second half
at 17:19 22 Jan 2022

We rode our luck in the first half as Accrington were definitely causing us more problems. But instead of 2-0 down we got it to 1-1 at halftime.

But a good solid team performance after that to blunt Stanley and put the pressure on them. And we got the goal we deserved.

Still a work in progress but when we’re good we’re very good, and when we’re not so good we at least stay in the game.
Our media is really really weird/dangerous
at 16:57 16 Jan 2022

Journalists like Peter Oborne and others (mostly independent or from small outlets) have been documenting Johnson’s lies for years: (Only got up to June last year dealing with the backlog of lies).

However, the rest of our media has largely been ignoring this.

Then one day, almost collectively, they decide that this one set of lies about having parties/“work events” really is enough. But this is nothing in the list of lies and falsehoods that have led to disastrous and damaging policies like Brexit, austerity and Covid responses.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that this is less about Johnson’s integrity and behaviour threatening the country’s interests. But more that now it’s threatening their interests.

Let alone that the party stuff was or should have been on their radar from the start. There were barely any attempts by staffers to cover this up because they didn’t think they had to.

With press like ours, Johnson isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy he’s the end goal. And you see their danger as by pivoting they’ve pretty much reversed the polling lead in just a couple of weeks. That’s far too much power for a media that has its own interests at heart.

Overlooked talents
at 12:18 16 Jan 2022

1. Aluko’s defending/closing down of the opposition. He really is phenomenally good at it for an attacker.

2. Morsy’s surges inside and beyond the right side of the penalty area. Now one of our main sources of threat.

Any more?
Let’s take it a game at a time and trust in the process
at 11:42 16 Jan 2022

Yesterday was disappointing but expectations have frankly been all over the place since McKenna has come in and started off with a couple of wins.

Let’s be patient and let him work on the team —in training but also finding out more about them during matches.

We can be optimistic of course and hope that this is a blip on a longer run of wins. Then who knows if a play-off challenge is possible? But we really can’t be getting ahead of ourselves or despondent that we’ve already failed.

I think Accrington will be the perfect challenge as they’re physical and like to push us back (at least that’s what happened at their place). So the chance to learn from Bolton and do that side of the game much better. Oh, and of course turn our possession into pressure of our own rather than the chance for them to counter.
Bad day at the office
at 17:15 15 Jan 2022

Nothing looked right today but I think that’s still down to a lack of confidence. And even then we could have scored a goal or two and the result could have been different.

People have been talking about McKenna as if he’d just flicked a switch — but of course coaching a side is about incremental marginal gains. We’ll have a below-par performance from time to time but it’s raising that par that’s the key.

On to the next game and hopefully a performance and result to build on.
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