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What’s this strange feeling?
at 12:11 27 Oct 2021

The week’s dragging and it feels way too long until Ipswich next play.

What’s that all about?
Standing up against transphobia
at 18:49 26 Oct 2021

Love the attitude and she’s spot on. The blatant and almost entirely accepted monstering of the trans community is one of the most depressing things I’ve seen in modern Britain — at the heart of that campaign, there’s a deeply disturbing lack of empathy and compassion towards individuals who are struggling enough.

But here’s an inspiring rejection. And she’s right, the forces of evil won’t win.

Read the thread.

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Chaplin and Aluko have made a big difference
at 08:21 20 Oct 2021

We saw it against Cambridge until they went off and we saw it again last night. Both of them have been excellent at defending from the front, occupying defenders and generally keeping the ball and the pressure further up the pitch. That they’ve been scoring is a bonus but really a reflection of the overall job they’re doing.

We’ve now got a few bench-mark players around the team: Donacien, Edmundson, Morsy, Chaplin, Aluko and Bonne. And plenty of opportunity for others to come in and do the same.

Feels positive, not just because we’re seeing more and more of how Cook’s formation should work but opposition teams will probably need to worry about us a lot more as that pattern emerges.
Our next priority: sort out our away form
at 08:56 11 Oct 2021

4 of the next 5 games are away from home.

The next set of games already seems to be a defining spell to see if we can maintain the gradual improvement and keep pace with the top of the table. But this will be asking a lot.

The settled defence and Morsy are a change from the beginning of the season so should give us something to build on. But wonder if we’ll see a slight change ahead of them to make us tougher on the road?

I wouldn’t be averse to seeing El Mizouni in there alongside Morsy. And maybe think about adding a bit more work rate and strength in the front 4 like playing Pigott behind Bonne and with Chaplin and Burns to the side?

Alternatively, we might have turned a corner, learnt a lesson from the Accrington game and we stick with a winning side ... but I do think we need to be able to keep the ball higher up the pitch for longer when playing away.

Thought we were pretty strong today bar a poor 20 minutes before HT
at 21:33 9 Oct 2021

We still have issues at times going forward and finding a rhythm. But we’re capable of some great stuff in flashes.

More importantly, we’re looking much more solid in defence and generally off the ball in the past few games. That’s going to be our foundation this season and let our attack really find its feet.

And on a side note: the Ipswich game had the nerves jangling and then I was immediately pitched into the Scotland game. Two wins in a row but never again — you just can’t watch two teams who regularly break your heart back to back.

Utterly exhausting. But I’ve had a little cry and a lie down and now feel much better.

Enjoyed that
at 21:01 5 Oct 2021

Gillingham put up a fight but without any real quality.

But we played well. No great team performance which is understandable given it’s a scratch team but good individual performances all around the park.

The couple of standouts for me that might cause Cook some headaches were El Mizouni and Barry’s cameo. I think both get on the bench on Saturday at least but I’d like to see a Morsy-El Mizouni midfield at some stage this season.
7 pm kick off tonight
at 16:29 5 Oct 2021

Reminder if you’re thinking about listening to/watching the game tonight.

That nearly caught me out.
Well, that was disappointing.
at 16:58 2 Oct 2021

Never really got going and never put Stanley under any real pressure either.

No-one played badly or didn’t put in the effort but very little clicked and we could barely get any possession in the Stanley half.

Need to regroup and work out what went wrong there.
Weird Ipswich statistic
at 20:06 1 Oct 2021

It’s only 9 games in so I’d expect this to change but ...

At home: We’ve scored the most goals. And conceded the most goals.

Away: We’ve scored (almost) the fewest goals. And conceded (almost) the fewest goals.

Is it just me, or does that make anyone else’s head hurt? It’s not as if we play defensively away from home either.
Doncaster have been crap but ...
at 20:42 28 Sep 2021

... our defence and Morsy have given them nothing. Steel trap so far.

There’s more to come from the attack, but our defence has come on in leaps and bounds since Bolton. And even before that.

Massively encouraging if we can build this sort of platform for the flair players.
I liked Morsy on his debut
at 20:11 28 Sep 2021

I think I love him now. Lovely control of a game – on and off the ball.

Exactly what we’ve needed.
It’s a game of margins but think we’re making those marginal gains now
at 09:50 26 Sep 2021

Yesterday, we stuttered in and around the box more than recently and we have to be more clinical. But just a couple of moments going the right way and we’re winning that game fairly comfortably I think..

Apart from Wednesday getting the rub and the lead with a loopy shot, I think we’ve looked a lot stronger and more cohesive in defence. We were regularly getting cut open before that but the defence has definitely settled — and even Penney looked more solid as he slotted in. Sure Burgess had a couple too many errors in possession but off the ball I think we’re getting there.

Looking forward to Morsy being the missing piece to anchor the midfield and free up the other CM to get forward in support. Our best moves and pressure yesterday came when Carroll or El Mizouni could get up to the attacking third.

Onwards and gradually upwards. And if we start getting just a bit more clinical we’re going to bury a team one of these days.
Comical (and good) equaliser
at 17:06 25 Sep 2021

But thought that game was a missed opportunity. We made sooo many poor decisions in and around the Weds box.

Fraser was very good still and the perfect person for Bonne’s clever chance to come to and play in Chaplin. But we butchered a load of situations throughout.

We’ve got to be more clinical and more collected than that.
Didn’t realise it was pantomime season
at 16:59 25 Sep 2021

“He’s behind you!” 😃
Cook’s probably right about Donacien
at 11:57 24 Sep 2021

As the best one-against-one defender at the club. But that’s not happened overnight and he should have been given much more credit for that before hand.

Same really happened with Knudsen who was as good as Berra in his defensive role. Yet criticised for a perceived lack of ability going forward. When the truth is that he (and Donacien for that matter) was/is perfectly OK in that department too.

I think at League One level, and certainly with the attacking talent ahead of the defence, we’d do well to value the defenders who get the basics right.

at 23:44 21 Sep 2021

Wow! What a sh1tshow. You have to go back to IDS to see as dysfunctional and lost an opposition as this.

The only winners are an independent Scotland. Possibly Wales and Northern Ireland too at this rate.

As bad as that sounds, not sure what else gives Westminster and our media the kick up the @rse it needs.
Alright, line up and tell me what you want for ITFC now
at 22:09 14 Sep 2021

Word of warning: 90% of the time I’m just going to call you a soppy twerp.

So serious answers please.

Edit: OK, I ballsed up the question. I was thinking more about what people want to see done now rather than the results itself. Because on that score anything less than Champions League winners in 4 years shows a deep lack of imagination.
[Post edited 14 Sep 22:26]
Feel sorry for Barry
at 20:51 14 Sep 2021

Hasn’t done much in our games so far. But you can see he’s a player who is always trying to take an extra touch and failing.

Hope he gets a break, a bit of confidence and starts getting into games. Looks like he’s struggling out there.
Interesting selection
at 19:32 14 Sep 2021

Chance for a few to stake their claim.

But overall it looks like a chance to see what Morsy and Carroll are made of and see how much they can get a grip of a game.
That was very poor
at 17:05 11 Sep 2021

Pretty much the antithesis of a team display.

Cook and the players aren’t going to play their way out of this league. Mainly because we don’t have a solid platform to play from.

Morsy can certainly make a difference but IMO we need to tighten up as a team and focus on not letting the opposition play first.

Without the confidence to do that we’re never going to have the confidence to attack freely either.

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