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Summary of ME's tenure?
at 19:26 3 Dec 2017

Extra points for the shortest answer that fairly describes the past 10 years.

Here's a selection:

Fifty false dawns

Learning too late

Support the RIGHT manager

Best intentions don't bring points

You have to be mad to invest in a Championship team

On a side note, I do have a lot of sympathy for ME. Always tried to support his managers with time and money (for the most part) but the only luck he ever got was by appointing Mick to save us. Not sure he's seen any luck at all in the higher ambition of getting promoted.

There's more to come
at 17:12 2 Dec 2017

We still stutter in possession although the return and growing fitness of Huws is starting to make a difference.

But by Christ we're a team that works for each other in defence and off the ball. If we ever truly clicked going forward we'd be scary.

Well deserved result for the whole team today.
Connolly's shot at the beginning of the second half
at 11:17 29 Nov 2017

Doesn't show up on any highlights it seems but at the time it looked as good a chance as any – certainly in the top three after the goal and Bialkowski's great diving save.

Looked like it just hit the keeper's hand rather than he knew anything about it.
Anyone else worried about "Poppyism"
at 22:02 9 Nov 2017

It's getting a bit oppressive. And I don't think it's about the sacrifices ordinary but very brave people have made.

My family lost heavily in the First World War and witnessed the effects of a PTSD Tommy in the Second World War. But I really hate the connection to current military activity.

It's not a military remembrance/justification. Quite the opposite.
Table shows we're one of the better teams in the league
at 17:31 4 Nov 2017

And that's without anything like a full-strength midfield for the entire season.

Bearing in mind, we've rarely been in this position over the past 16 years, maybe it's time to get behind the team rather than organize protests?
What's the exact frustration with this season?
at 17:58 1 Nov 2017

I understand 16 years' of frustration but struggling to understand the current rage from some people.

Certainly compared to recent years, we're a younger squad, scoring more goals, and showing we want to play some decent football. Results and performances haven't been consistently good but we're not far off the p[lay-offs and at times have played some very good stuff. Again, that's better than at any time in the past 3 years.

So what's the specific problem now? Again, I understand the long-term frustration that the players, Mick and even Evans to a large extent can't be held responsible for.
A couple of things stood out last night
at 11:52 1 Nov 2017

1. The need to defend for 90+ minutes at this level of football. The two goals were pretty soft (I don't include the 3rd one because we were clearly overcommitting forward to snatch a point and everything fell the right way for Cardiff on the break) which was annoying because it wasn't as if Cardiff was outnumbering us or cutting us open and creating chance after chance. But we got punished when we simply didn't concentrate.

2. We lost out physically. It seemed at the time and is borne out in the stats that we won relatively few challenges in the air or on the deck. Cardiff were a bigger, stronger side and they didn't even have to use the ball that well to beat us, in fact we had more and better possession I'd say.

All in all, we need to put a team and performances together where we are strong both on and off the ball. For me that side needs Adeyemi in particular in the middle and probably the more disciplined Spence at right back. Plus Waghorn or McGoldrick up front alongside Garner and sharing the physical load. So if we can take any positives out of last night we know that our fringe players can play a bit but that our strongest team is becoming clearer and clearer.
I've got a funny feeling November and December are going to be pretty good ...
at 18:53 29 Oct 2017

We played awful yesterday, certainly in the first half. But we at least got a foothold in the game and in the end we got on top of the conditions and the opposition even before Celina's winner. It still wasn't great but it was a gutsy performance, and the reaction and togetherness of the team at the end was really encouraging to see.

We're still lacking in the midfield without Adeyemi or Huws. Get one back if not both and we already look a much stronger side. Add that to our attackers who have been creating chances for themselves and taking them plus a defence that is finally settling in and we're starting to look a much stronger unit. Not to mention tougher competition for our rivals in the top half.

It's been a strange, up-and-down and injury-interrupted season so far. As we get nearer to our first XI with Adeyemi and/or Huws - and our younger members of the squad get to take a break with matches under their belt - I don't see why we can't push on.
This is a great way to waste 6 minutes
at 20:34 12 Oct 2017

Apologies if this has been posted already – I only saw it for the first time today. Top Internetz!

On the plus side of May's performance
at 14:48 4 Oct 2017

Maybe the EU will now have to start pitying the abysmal UK government? Not to mention the UK population it's leading into the abyss.
And our major signings, Webster and Huws, still to come back ...
at 23:17 26 Sep 2017

Although both will struggle to get in to the team at the moment.

Blimey! We might even get on a roll this season
Great game, disappointing result
at 17:00 23 Sep 2017

Can't begrudge Leeds winning by the odd goal but that was a proper game of football by two good sides.

We look a strong side as we're getting players back and the first XI starts to emerge. More than any other match this season this game suggests we really should be aiming for top 6.
This is heavy and disturbing but ...
at 10:13 11 Sep 2017

It raises the point of how do we protect children and help these people not become offenders if we generally make it so difficult for them to be open about it?

However hard it may be to get our heads and hearts around, I think it's time to recognise and try to be sympathetic to the underlying condition. After all, it seems a horrific curse to have this attraction.

And FWIW I say this as a father of two who wants to protect his children more not less.

All a bit disjointed today.
at 17:23 9 Sep 2017

Mainly in midfield where we really didn't link up with the forwards or help the defence much.

But difficult to see how to get the balance right there. On the face of it, it looked a decent 4 with McGoldrick also dropping to collect but didn't seem to click at all today. Maybe we also have to give some credit to QPR for neutralising us so effectively in the middle.

Need to bounce back with a win vs. Bolton – and hopefully a lot more fluidity too.
at 14:55 1 Sep 2017

Things our clownish Brexit negotiation team don't understand:

1) The need to sort out short-term issues and already agreed plans and payments first
2) The EU's right to negotiate exactly what it wants on behalf of its member states and citizens. And only secondarily, our needs and the rights of our citizens. That's our job and what we set in motion.
3) That if they DO know this then pretending they don't as a "cunning" negotiation plan makes them look just as stupid.
4) The meaning of the word "blackmail". Unless they really are scared of something getting out that's even worse than their jaw-dropping stupidity and incompetence.
5) Time is running out/has run out.
One tweet that encapsulates the Trump era so far
at 11:12 30 Aug 2017

I'd missed this so apologies if it's already been posted.

It's from Ann Coulter who is the US's Katie Hopkins and one of Trump's major cheerleaders and opinion-formers. It may be pure trolling but it's so stupid it's almost impressive.

August caught up with us today.
at 17:07 26 Aug 2017

With our injuries, too many players have been playing out of position or being asked to do too much. So far they've over-performed but today we were very flat, individually and as a team as a result.

We also made Fulham look very good. Not sure they're all that but today they had the time and space to do what they wanted.

Good time for a break and a breather and a chance to get a few players back.
If we don't get a CB in today ...
at 11:38 18 Aug 2017

Ward as right wingback?

He's got most of the attributes needed, I'd say.
Should conspiracy-peddling qualify as hate speech?
at 16:04 13 Jun 2017

Giving a platform for these anti-scientific loons is tantamount to hate speech in my opinion, as it's deeply disrespectful to human values let alone to the victims and their families of such events.

I know it's part of the whole First Amendment, free speech thing in the US but isn't it about time that we protected the truth or at least the desire to establish the truth against wild opinion? These types of opinion aren't facts or even alternative facts but somehow are given airtime and legitimacy as if they are the other side of the argument and the truth lies somewhere in between.

We seem to have been suckered ourselves by a fabricated reality over the last few years (Brexit claims most notably), and it's surprising that there's no real desire to censure it.
So it's "certain" and "safe" now?
at 16:23 9 Jun 2017

That's a relief. I hope she got her money back on "strong" and "stable" because they were evidently faulty.
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