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This made me laugh
at 10:07 21 Feb 2020

In an age of slightly sterile, family-friendly and corporate football (which on the whole is better than the alternative) ...

Vladislav Surkov and HyperNormalisation
at 10:22 19 Feb 2020

One of Putin's advisers is sacked and while that's not major news in itself it reminded me of HyperNormalisation, the excellent Adam Curtis documentary where Surkov and his political theatre figured prominently.

It was probably a fair bit ahead of its time when this was made as we were just dealing with the idea of Trump getting elected and what was happening with Brexit. But now that we've got used to it and even seen where our own government has ended up with Johnson and Cummings, I think the documentary probably makes more sense and will resonate with a lot more people.

It's a long film but pretty easy to watch in bite-sized chunks.

[Post edited 19 Feb 10:23]
Needed that ... and hopefully the start of a little run
at 17:54 15 Feb 2020

Looked dodgy for the first 20 but we created and took chances so in the end it was pretty comfortable.

We are still flat-track bullies IMO but we did compete well today to neutralise Burton so the win was much more about us pushing for the win than them just falling away.

Oxford looks a massive game but no reason why the current balanced side with a majority of players in the right position can't take the win.

On a related note, Earl looks to be a very good LCB or LB. Filling that gap pushes Garbutt forward either as a LWB or LM and we suddenly start looking a much more balanced side as a result.

Let's keep it going.

Same problem we've had all season
at 21:44 11 Feb 2020

There's really no connection between the midfield and attack.

Whether that's personnel or approach I'm not sure but you won't beat teams without showing some sort of fluency in attack.

Apart from that the rest of it looked fine. But of course pretty toothless.
Better first half
at 18:55 8 Feb 2020

But back to the shapelessness and bluntness in the second half. We really caused very little threat when a bit of pressure could have seen Sunderland and their fans wilt.

Being out of the playoffs should give us a kick up the backside. But I think the automatics might be out of reach unless we have a massive turnaround - and especially we need to show that we can beat a halfway decent League One side.
A post-Brexit solution?
at 16:22 7 Feb 2020

Brexit has caused a huge division in this country between Brexiteers and Remoaners.

So how to bring the two sides together when there's what one side thinks and believes going against what the other side thinks and believes?

We need to use objective facts to bring the two sides together. And discussions where facts are the currency not emotions or beliefs.

Alternative suggestions welcome.

Reading about Trump's State of the Union address and one line popped out
at 11:15 5 Feb 2020

""We will never let socialism destroy American healthcare!"

Pick the bones out of that one. The best explanation I have is that he means the American healthcare industry and specifically their profits.

But let's be clear, this is who and what we're dealing with when it comes to the NHS and other areas of UK/US trade.

Rotherham were by far the better side
at 21:47 28 Jan 2020

You've got to admit that the better team wins some times.

We didn't play well but that was still down to Rotherham more than us.

Let's learn from it and move on - if we're remotely as good as Rotherham were tonight then we'll go up with them anyway.
Good call nt (n/t)
at 21:26 22 Jan 2020

BBC's Infinite Monkey Cage podcast on Conspiracy Theories is very good
at 20:51 20 Jan 2020

Seems appropriate to post this here given the number of conspiracy theories that have done the rounds over the years.

Whether you believe in conspiracy theories or you don't (and get exasperated trying to debunk them with facts), both sides can gain something from listening to this.
at 17:10 18 Jan 2020

Keeping up the progress of the past few weeks, we looked like a really good football team today.

Tranmere with a slightly flattering lead at half-time although credit to them for taking their chance. But all in all, that was our first 90-minute performance by my reckoning.

All the players looked comfortable in their roles and the players around them and all the subs came on and gave us a lift. And when we had Woolfenden breaking forward and Bishop on the ball we looked like a top Championship team!

Let's keep this going. COYB!
Good point but bittersweet
at 22:13 14 Jan 2020

I’m sure the conditions played a big part but we didn’t really put much together tonight. It was a good hardworking display that didn’t mean Oxford deserved anything more than a point either.

But FFS we played about 30 blind first-time balls in that second half when we were in possession and didn’t get anything out of them. A bit more attacking bravery and a desire to keep the ball and who knows?

At the very least, our attackers might have got involved. I think Keane and Norwood/Sears got on the ball 4 times between them the whole half.

Not a huge problem but let’s stop doing things that just don’t work.
On the bright side ...
at 17:31 4 Jan 2020

At least we didn't lose in the league.

We probably should have won that based on the performance.

Keane did some good stuff and scored a great goal.

Kenlock and Dozzell showed some glimpses of what they're capable of - although neither were under much pressure defensively so it was a lot easier for them to be forward-thinking today.

Last but not least, Bishop played very well. He showed what we could do with a player who is willing to drive through the middle and he should have given Lambert a lot to think about as a challenger to Judge in the attacking midfield role.

I'm not sure it told us much else that we didn't already know about the rest of the players. The usual collection of strengths and weaknesses on show. But dare I say it, we're getting closer to a first XI and now with nothing but the league to think about. And maybe that's the most positive thing we can say about today's defeat.
This season is starting to look very iffy
at 17:21 21 Dec 2019

Out of form and now slipping back into the play-offs (and possibly out of them) we're now starting to look like a lower midtable side but in League One.

Today, we weren't good enough against a fairly ordinary Pompey. It's just that we were even more ordinary. And unfortunately it seems to be a fairly typical performance even going back to our early season when we were popping up with goals and results.
For whom the bell trolls ...
at 14:11 20 Dec 2019

From the BBC:

Almost 50 MPs are calling for Big Ben to chime the moment that Britain leaves the European Union.

The Elizabeth Tower, where the Great Bell is situated, is currently being refurbished and only rings out on New Year's Eve and Remembrance Sunday.

But the MPs - led by the prominent Conservative eurosceptic Mark Francois - have signed a Commons motion, urging Parliament's authorities to allow an exception at 23.00 GMT on 31 January.

They say the move would "provide an appropriate national focus" for what they say is a "truly historic event".

Who would have guessed that Mark Francois would have been front and centre of this?
In principle, football shouldn't be political ...
at 13:56 15 Dec 2019

... but when the world does little about oppression then very good to speak out. And hopefully Ozil brings it to a wider audience too.
BBC is trolling us with Arron Banks, surely?
at 01:43 13 Dec 2019

Sort of sums up the new reality but still seems a kick in the democratic nuts.
Agree with Nicola
at 00:48 13 Dec 2019

Good result for Scotland but bad result for the UK as a whole.
If you're still trying to work out who to vote for ...
at 17:53 2 Dec 2019

... here's a good trick.

1. Watch Channel 4 tonight at 10 as it explores child poverty
2. Think about how many children 4 million is (It's 1 in 3)
3. Vote for the local candidate who has the best chance of stopping another Tory MP

Job done.
Get Brexit Done is the biggest non-truth* out there
at 10:34 25 Nov 2019

*It's not exactly a lie but the implication that Brexit will be over and done with any time soon is complete pie-in-the-sky stuff. The government will likely need its full 5-year term to address it – and even then it might still be their slogan going into a 2024 election.

Meanwhile we'll have years and years of this stuff to look forward to dominating our politics, media coverage and most importantly business, the economy and society. All under the "non-control" of a government who thinks the best direction is objectively the worst for the economy and has only barely been able to navigate a withdrawal agreement in three years.

What chance do people give them of negotiating an actual functioning trade agreement by December next year and before we just crash out on our @rses instead? I think Norwich have more chance of being 10 points clear at the top of the Premier League by then.

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