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Corona Virus could kill off Town
at 12:30 5 Mar 2020

If we believe Marcus Evans runs his businesses a bit more effectively than he runs his football club - and they generate some money - which allows him to drip feed a few million to fund the decline of Ipswich Town - the rise of Corona Virus is a little worrying.

His number one earner is presumably industrial-scale ticket touting for global events which may well be cancelled for the forseeable future.

His number two earner is possibly farcical hot air conferencing - which has been a bit moribund for a while - and is equally threatened by a rampant virus.

And if the elusive Evans is even more strapped for cash.... he presumably won't be putting very much Town's way.

Ironic that not enough hand-washing may eventually lead to Evans washing his hands of ITFC

Norwich Chant at Spurs last night
at 09:32 5 Mar 2020

9,000 lusty voices kept chanting....

FIVE more years, FIVE more years for Paul Lambert
FIVE more years for him
FIVE more years, FIVE more years for Paul Lambert
And the scum wont win a thing!!

Luckily none of the commentators knew what they were on about - but the spurs supporters who work here still managed a chuckle - and recorded it so I can listen all day
HS2 'Biggest infrastructure project in Europe'
at 07:41 12 Feb 2020

Really? It's a short stretch of rail between London and Brum - with maybe a short extension which is more likely to be quietly dropped as the economy slows post-Brexit.

Last time I looked there was an integrated high speed rail service across most of Europe - some of which can already be accessed from London via the tunnel.

Presumably they just mean it's ludicrously expensive for what it it.
All quiet from the NFL enthusiasts?
at 13:37 3 Feb 2020

Or are you not up yet after your late night?

Personally I thought it was a classic of its kind - even after it finished when Trump thought Kansas City was in Kansas

And for once the Mick McCarthy-like mantra that 'defence wins superbowls' was wrong

Interesting times ahead with a couple of allegedly generational quarterbacks in this year's draft (admittedly one may be terminally injured) to add to the Jackson and Mahones future.
How's the Town to win every game bet doing?
at 13:21 2 Feb 2020

Not sure if the betting addict who suggested this is actually doing it - but presumably with each inept performance the odds on a win lengthen each time so these things tend to balance out.... admittedly well in favour of the bookies.

Just wondering how much money has been tossed away so far.
Bad news for shouty woman for Labour leader fans.....
at 13:29 21 Jan 2020

Those of you who think being gobby and from North of Watford are plenty good enough reasons to lead the mighty Labour Party might be in for a disappointment...
Good news for vegan mountaineers and yetis...
at 08:24 10 Jan 2020

and waitrose customers.... more yak milk will become available

Probably good news for tibetans living in the region too - global warming is a bit like brexit - there will be winners and losers
Football's betting denial....
at 09:43 9 Jan 2020

I've never been much a of an enthusiast for betting on something as random as football, nor for preying on the weak and vulnerable... but clearly the FA are - as well as football clubs

In those far off days when I was involved in marketing it was a general assumption that any market with two big brands in it already was a touch difficult to get into without segmentation.... yet there are over 20 betting companies in this country sticking their names on largely awful football team shirts.... so it must be working.

More's the pity
One for the NFL fans on here
at 13:26 6 Jan 2020

The Dallas Cowboys are interviewing Mick McCarthy - who is currently favourite to land the job
Wing Wonders (Part Two)
at 09:00 4 Jan 2020

As the sixties morphed into the seventies, wing wonders at Portman Road were a bit like London buses. Four had come along at once, though in truth one or two (like those same London buses) were also easy to miss.
Wing Wonders (Part One)
at 10:05 31 Dec 2019

It’s a curiosity of Town’s great years that the two big successes – winning the league under Alf Ramsey and the UEFA Cup under Bobby Robson were based on teams without true wingers.
NFL 100
at 09:56 29 Dec 2019

Hope you TWTD NFL fans have been watching the NFL top 100 filmlets celebrating 100 years of the NFL? If not look them up on Youtube - and some of the round tables. Depending on when you started watching there are some great memories -and you begin to see the real Bill Belichick.

Two of the most admirable traits of the NFL is that despite all the hype they revere greatness- and focus on the greatsof the past and that passes on to the current players.
John Cobbold’s Ace Gardener
at 10:13 27 Dec 2019

For newer Town supporters perhaps, the name Colin Viljoen has disappeared into the mists of time. But for those of us who started supporting Town in the 60s his name is fondly recalled as a true great. His highlights reel alone (alas it exists only in memory) would mark him out as someone special.
Big Al
at 16:53 24 Dec 2019

When the Kevin Beattie statue is revealed, I suspect it will be his great pal and fellow central defensive titan, Allan Hunter, who will do the revealing. What will be going through Big Al’s mind I wonder? Sadness at his friend’s passing – but mixed with fierce pride perhaps.
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