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at 09:30 28 Sep 2020

Fake news - after all many experts on here repeatedly declare you can't make millions by declaring losses
CBD users, I know there's a few on here
at 10:59 25 Sep 2020

Depends how much you believe in it. In the USA it performs more miracle cures than Jesus Christ managed in his lifetime.
How thick is Matt Hancock?
at 10:57 25 Sep 2020

Not as thick as the good folk of Haverhill who voted for him
Is America heading toward civil war?
at 10:52 25 Sep 2020

Not sure Texas ever surrendered - so technically the Civil War never ended
Ex Town Players without clubs
at 09:18 23 Sep 2020

Adeyemi took the money and rode off into the sunset of retirement.

I suspect the salary cap and covid will ensure a long llist of unemployed players from every club in the league.... although it might do wonders for the amateur game
Macmillan cancer support...
at 09:14 23 Sep 2020

Yes indeed - but isn't it baffling that their admirable service is required - and very necessary?
US election megathread
at 09:12 23 Sep 2020

Our first past the post system ensures an elected government that does not represent the wishes of the majority of voters every single time.

The electoral college, which is a throwback to when travel and communication were a tad difficult sometimes ensures a president elected by the majority of voters.

Not last time though - and probably not this time. probably time for the democrats to mobilise the dead again
You have to take your hat off and praise the Lord for Marcus Evans
at 09:07 23 Sep 2020

I think you'll find his other 'businesses' have been clobbered on a global scale.

His alleged wealth was always a tad dubious, as shown by his lack of investment in his investment.

Don't take continued shovelling of offshore cash into a Suffolk black hole as something that necessarily will continue.
The stupidity of some people
at 09:04 23 Sep 2020

Alas you could follow the rules to the letter - and then catch the virus on a trip to the supermaket and take it home as a present for all the family..... as repeatedly happened this spring

You cant hide from a virus.... there is no sense to the partial measures waffled about yesterday, just as there was no sense in a pretend lockdown.

I'm not sure that a virus follows 10pm curfews. If only there was an effective track and trace system, something could be done that might delay its progress innto the vulnerable.... but alas Dido is still working on that one
National Savings Interest Rates have just crashed
at 13:46 22 Sep 2020

negative interest rates have been arounnd for some time.

Just been known as financial adviser's commission
Covid Briefing: Patrick Vallance very good
at 16:14 21 Sep 2020

Only it wasnt very good was it? A couple of monologues of what might happen with worst case scenarios from two blokes who utterly discredited themselves by not standing up to Johnson and Cummings, when Cummings destroyed the lockdown and with it all government creditbility..

You could cook the stats in those selected maps in many ways - plenty of areas are coming down... and why is the north suddenly ahead of London, that oh so vital global hub?

No mention of false positives either

Presenting a divided UK, and worst case scenarios without any discussion is potentially very dangerous. Meanwhile in Sweden and New Zealand.....
Anyone else follow the Tour de France this year?
at 15:56 21 Sep 2020

Yes - difficult to avoid if you live in France. Generally agreed to be one of the better tours.

Brailsford was shown up to have feet of clay when not buying up all the talent and receiving courier packages.

And two Slovenia provided a popular winner and second place who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on the last competitive stage. Not sure about the right-on decision to have handsome men handing out flowers - but you cant have everything.
Who has been the best Bond?
at 10:03 20 Sep 2020

Never mind Bond - Connery answered that question years ago. Who has been the best Felix Leitner?

The CIA's top man has changed colour and been eaten by sharks and still comes back for more.

Jack Lord for my money
RIP Jimi Hendrix
at 15:08 18 Sep 2020

Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding are none too lively nowadays neither - nor manager Chas Chandler.

Not sure Jimi will be resting in peace - man
Back working from home again. How to cope...
at 16:20 17 Sep 2020

My niece is a type 1 diabetic in her early thirties.

She spent just over 3 weeks in intensive care during the first wave. I hope that provides you with some motivation.

In spring a hobby, cycling etc was a viable option - and still is while the weather lasts. Got a garden? Feeding the birds or the local hedgehog can break the monotony.

Easy for me to talk as I've packed up working and moved countries... BUT as I patiently wait to move into my new abode I am snacking, drinking loads, put on weight and going out at least once a day into covid-rich environments... just to escape from my self-imposed lockdown.

You are right to be worried - the great unwashed have no inkling of what might be coming this autumn and winter - and probably no longer care as the vast majority see themselves as not likely targets, which is understandable as its true.

Dominic Cummings can't be blamed for the second wave happening across Europe, nor for the onset of autumn and winter - but he will be mentioned in desptatches when it starts going pear-shaped again, simply because he made any future government edicts unbelievable and unenforceable..
A Crisis of Conservatism
at 16:05 17 Sep 2020

I'm sure he's quaking in his boots.

What on earth makes you think the incompetent opportunist gives a monkey's about the conservative party? Or Brexit?

And come to think of it a monkey is probably more capable than most of the career politicians sitting in safe seats
Jacob Rees Mogg is a nasty piece of work part 163716372
at 16:00 17 Sep 2020

The key word is 'can' a quarter of a million can indeed be tested - if only there were a quarter of a million tests and a quarter of a million peoplein the right place at the right time to have those tests. BY the same token their moonshot fantasy will become fact.... ten million can be tested a day.

Then there is the small matter of being able to process those tests.... here in France they are doing a million tests plus a week. But they forgot, or never realised that those tests have to be processed - and its taking so long that taking the tests is proving meaningless, despite doing a million a week - and then some.

The health minister is carrying the can for that one.
Plug in Hybrids - not as environmentally friendly as advertised?
at 10:18 17 Sep 2020

Isn't it Drax who generate 'green, renewable, right-on' electricity by burning wood pellets from virgin North Carolina forests - and supplying said eco-warrior elecectricity to North London?

Coal from yorkshire would probably be more ethical, more sustainable - and less costly to the enviroment.
Why do clubs in the North West seem to be the ones struggling the most?
at 10:05 17 Sep 2020

Is it because there are a lot of them perchance in the lower divisions?

Suffolk only has one league club - currently £100 million in debt and subject to two recent winding up orders

Its not that different, other then the dodgy chancer running Town has (for now, maybe, perhaps) deeper pockets - even the body issuing the winding up order is the same that struggled to get the money owed to it out of Town.

Covid hysteria will no doubt send many more clubs to the wall if this season unravels,, which at the moment appears almost certain.
US Open Golf
at 09:59 17 Sep 2020

I think Paddy Power will win the US Open wuite comfortably by winning a shedload of dosh from punters who want to bet on a lottery.
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