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The the best of one's knowledge
at 07:37 2 Apr 2020

More inportant why are we still having to see and hear the sickening briefings from incompetent pathological liars like Gove and his discredited fellow loons long after the utter incompetence of this callous and dangerously incompetent government's approach has lost all credibility.

It's one thing to bluff and bluster your own country to economic disadavantage through Brexit whilst dangerously running down or destroying vital services and the weflare state - quite another to ignore reality in the face of a golabl pandemic that exposes your previous 12 years in government as dangerously (if not murderously) short sighted.
Can’t see how this season is going to be played to a finish
at 10:28 31 Mar 2020

If they can apportion points penalties in any normal season I cannot see much problem with starting next season with a points bonus.... ie everyone starts from where they are now.

Even whining scousers might be happy with such a masterful plan
NHS Nightingale
at 10:26 31 Mar 2020

Too little too late - its essentially a gigantic PR exercise - albeit an impressively effective one..

Have you any idea what the population of London is - and how soon this will be full - if needed? And where any ventilators needed might come from as the proper hospitals are already desperately short.

Just imagine if we had a government that prioritised health care and the economy over tax cuts and poisonous EU dogma.... it might not have been necessary in the first place.
Keir Starmer shadow cabinet
at 16:05 30 Mar 2020

Germany have 4x the number of hospital beds, care in the community and vastly more healthcare staff.... last week they did 400,000 covid tests.

Having a strong economy and spending a bit of it on healthcare is perhaps gives countries a better chance - thevpoint being that a country with a strong economy will be better placed to recover from current events.

And having suicidally weakened ours just before all this was perhaps an accident waiting to happen.
Covid Parties
at 15:45 30 Mar 2020

Well yes this is not far from officia government policy of old people die anyway and herd immunity until another boffin did a sum on the back of a fag packet.

It might actually be more benefial than cooping up 57 million people who havent got the virus in self isolation for three weeks before telling them that they have to carry on for another six weeks.

Or not follow your own instructions, catch it and bluster that you're going to run the country by skype because its not that big a deal really

Of course IF the government really cared they would have invested in some testing so those who actually have the virus and their contacts could be isolated (if only we had somewhere to isolate them).
Keir Starmer shadow cabinet
at 15:37 30 Mar 2020

Dear cretin - in case you hadn't noticed the Tories have destroyed care in the community, slashed vital services way beyond the bone, cut a dysfunctional NHS way below standards where it can function effieciently - then compounded a decade of suicidal error by inviting the country to devalue tis currency and hamstring its economy..... I put it to you that none of these options is sensible even in 'normal times' - and was not the ideal preparation for current events..

Leaving the country unable to respond adequately to a global pandemic - and doubling down by not acting in the national or international interest until it is too late is something that should come back to bite them... IF Labour can form an sensible platform and mantra for the next four years.

Probably wont happen though so rest easy in your ignorance.
Keir Starmer shadow cabinet
at 07:45 30 Mar 2020

I hardly matters does it as the Tories are now managing a sh!t storm largely of their own making for th erest of this parliament..

The key position will be on health - already adequately filled and home secretary..clearly not filled

Other than that all he can do is distance Labour from the looney fringe and bang on about the self destructive idiocy of cutting vital services.

In four years time the message might actually start to get through.
Ian Collard
at 07:41 30 Mar 2020

That's a shame because he was a key player of sorts in a difinitive time in the club's history. He came from WBA in part exchange for Danny Hegan - the combined fee makes Hegan the most valuable player Town have ever sold by a considerable distance as it was over 80% of the record fee at the time.

He added a considerable wow factor has he'd played in the recent Everton v WBA cup final.... the one with 'that' Jeff Astle goal.... until then the notion of an FA Cup winner playing for Town was a tad fanciful.

His main problem was 1. he wasnt Danny Hegan and 2.he was somewhat injury prone

But he was a fine player as many of that team were, being able to establish Town in the top division at a time when England were the number one ranked team in the world and English football was at a peak.

He ran a restaurant in Felxistowe for a while I believe.
Sweden going it alone
at 15:52 29 Mar 2020

It's also a very big country with very few people.

And incidentally just about the only country in the civilised world with fewer hospital beds per person than the UK

KIds still in school too.
No surprises that things will get worse before they get
at 11:19 29 Mar 2020

50% death rate if those on ventilators is not entirely encouraging either.

Perhaps the government strategy of not testing and isolating, thus ensuring nobody knows just how many are infected in the communities whereGPs, carers, shop staff etc continue to serve on a daily basis on the true front line without protective equipment - now added to with all the national hosipital contents sent home without adequate care provision might not be entirely positive either.
Once this is all over and some normaility is restored.....
at 16:43 28 Mar 2020

A backlash against the conservative party is far more likely. Dumbing down on devaluation of the £ and hamstringing the economy for three years via a ruinous Brexit vote following on from a decade of now disastrous cuts which now can be clearly seen to have deadly consequences.

Dispensing with care in the community, cutting back on police, social services, the NHS - then sedning out an entire nation of hospitalised patients out into the virus-filled community to free up beds, ignoring all the warning signs and actions until it was far too late - and actually hastening the deaths of thousands? of citizens with a lunatic view on 'herd immunity' that shocked the world.

And if that isn't enough - well the sacred cow of the housing market is going to tank.
Observing the downgrade of the UK's crdit rating today
at 14:59 28 Mar 2020

It's fair enough. Brexit will irretrievably harm the economy for decades to come at the very time that the government has to rebuild the economy whilst not being able to credibly claim austerity - as austerity created the absence of care in the community and hospital beds, lack of police and public services turkeys now coming home to roost. You cant cut what isnt there - especailly as people now know its needed.

You have to remember we voluntarily crippled our economy and devalued our currency three years ago - so the Uk is well behind the curve on any possible recovery. Add in a bonkers government - and the picture is not entirely rosy.
Despatches From The Front Line part One:
at 15:47 27 Mar 2020

Keep clapping the sauce pans if it makes you feel better
Despatches From The Front Line part One:
at 09:08 27 Mar 2020

I know it is very fashionable to borrow war terminology but at the risk of pointing out the obvious, the understaffed, under-resourced NHS hospital is not the front line... the 'front line' is in their communities where the 'war on the virus' is being fought through semi isolation, well meaning volunteers and ever-diminishing stocks of disinfectant.

It is also into this virus-rich environment, made far more dangerous by government inaction that all those people who would normally be being looked after in hospital are being shoved out into - without much interest in the care available at the best of times, let alone now as the worst of times approaches.

What are the supermarkets like?
at 08:59 27 Mar 2020

The answer to your question almost certainly depends on where you live and the customer demographic of your chosen supermarket.... not to mention when you choose to go.

On a small sample of Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose based on the small number of trips I have made it's waitrose for me - and the people I am shopping for.

Another aside is that better quality products are available from shops in the high street - butchers, fishmonger, baker - and now bizarrely, off-licence.... which are probably much better to support at the moment - or more so than ever - with no queues whatsoever.... just the joy of a mulitple infection risk.... which around here is virtually non-existant for now... but no doubt about to change.
Has anyone in here signed up as an NHS volunteer?
at 07:42 26 Mar 2020

Do you have to volunteer for the NHS?

Most local communities have been doing much of this for weeks. I'm betting there will be a lot of crossover.

All the isolated people in our village are being well looked after by neighbours and worthies rallying to the cause. As one who is now shopping for three different people and families I can advise that you get a good sneering at buy others fighting for the bread and toilet rolls.

Walking someone else's dog doesnt seem to fit government guidelines either.
So realistically how long do we expect this total social lockdown to last?
at 15:39 24 Mar 2020

Summarises rather neatly why its so difficult to communicate that going out spreads an incurable infection that kills people (albeit probably not you).. - and the actions made yesterday are alredy at least two weeks too late.

How do you get through to idiots that this is a transmissable disease that will overwhelm our iadequate helathcre system and kill at least 20,000 people - but not them?

An already overstretched NHS awaiting a deluge of patients they are not remotely able to deal with. The measures announced yesterday will kick in in two weeks time IF people adhere to them.... which they won't.

In two weeks time when The NHS is overwhelmed and Boris wishes we had those 40,000 nurses, 20,000 police etc so thoughtlessly removed by insane tory cuts and the economic madness of Brexit.... well the 'lockdown' will be made even more intrusive... and that won't work either.
Your memories please of the 1991-1992 title winning season..,
at 09:34 23 Mar 2020

Chris Kiwomya's skipping celebration behind the goal when he socred.

The surprising success of steve whitton as a lumbering winger with thunderous cross

Winning the title without a proven central striker..... dozzel sort of filled in alongside kiwomya

Finding out that experiencing aa draw at the manor ground could be a joyous event
Interesting article in The Telegraph re Italy and the coronavirus
at 09:26 23 Mar 2020

Well, yes. The only solution to this crisis is to pretend it doesn't exist - as per flu deaths, road deaths and any other 'acceptable' cause of death. You can be 100% sure that this governemnt will be very anxious to suppress the true numbers when armageddon strikes in two weeks time.

For example not many men die of prostate cancer in this country - they die 'with' it....simply because it is not economically possible to treat prostate cancer with the same alacrity as breast cancer.

And as this article alludes to, by doctoring death certificates you can die 'with' corona virus too. Of course this will be happening here - and everywhere else.... it is cynical and morally wrong - but it is also economic necessity.
So how would total lockdown work further than we already have?
at 18:33 22 Mar 2020

hmmm - there arent many police around here to stop people being idiots... nearest police station is over 30 miles away.

And Saffron Walden police station is now a block of flats called Constable Court
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