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The product 20,000 of us pay for
at 23:26 7 Aug 2020

has to be the same as a club that has 4000 customers. That is basically what has been agreed.

Please don’t turn this into a rant about the manager, team’s performance or ME. It is grossly unfair on clubs like us, Portsmouth and Sunderland in terms of revenue and expenditure. On those basic terms it is staggering and I can’t see it even being considered in other industries.
[Post edited 7 Aug 23:27]
at 13:35 22 Jul 2020

What a malignant buffoon we have “leading” the country. His performance today was appalling, looking for jokes about the Russia Report, banging on about Brexit being the will of the people instead of acknowledging the government’s “mistakes” and generally giving the full clown repertoire. I can understand some people share his (loose) ideology but I cannot understand those who like him or think he’s doing a good job.

I never thought my dislike of Thatcher would be surpassed but he has managed it. Her saving grace was that she was competent in the role and attached gravity to it.
When the new season starts
at 13:42 16 Jul 2020

how do you see crowds being let in? 25% ground capacity? All in masks? Toilets etc kept closed? Kiosks closed?

Just interested in how people envisage it.
The state of football in one article........
at 09:28 23 Jun 2020

£13.5 million!
RIP Paul “Tonka” Chapman of UFO
at 14:56 12 Jun 2020

Died yesterday on his 66th birthday. Played on some of the band’s best albums.
Suffolk County Councillor resigned
at 17:19 9 Jun 2020

Not sure if it has already been posted but the county councillor who posted at least one racist tweet resigned yesterday. I, along with others, made a complaint and have already received a response which was good service. Glad he has gone.
[Post edited 9 Jun 17:33]
Johnson v Starmer
at 12:18 3 Jun 2020

Another massive away win. Johnson getting ratty - shouting and jabbing his finger on his papers. Starmer just winds him up and lets him go.

Amazing to read that he is finally going to “get a grip” of No 10. What a brilliant PM he is!
[Post edited 3 Jun 13:54]
The potential now is that
at 17:22 25 May 2020

the press will lose more credibility. Cummings has made a statement and, unless there is more evidence to be produced, his version cannot be disproved. He has presented himself in a reasonable manner and talked about what are normally deemed confidential issues about his wife and child. This will elicit sympathy and support. I have no reason to like anything about Cummings because I find some of his philosophical beliefs to be the total opposite of mine but I think pursuing this issue now will be counter-productive. What I fear most is that people will place even less trust in the press.
[Post edited 25 May 17:23]
MP’s response to concerns
at 09:09 16 May 2020

I emailed Jo Churchill on Thursday, asking her to disassociate herself from the tweets re Starmer shared by three of her parliamentary colleagues.

I have received a reply from her office manager saying, “we understand the tweets you refer to have since been deleted.” Glad to know where she stands then. I have told her that she has failed to answer my question; no doubt this will be the stock answer as dictated by Party HQ. The sad thing is, it is what I expected.
[Post edited 16 May 9:15]
How many politicians and Mail journalists
at 14:16 15 May 2020

will be in a classroom on 1 June, having been told specially not to have ppe or observe social distancing? Brandon Lewis (a man with no experience of what goes on in a primary school) has gone on tv to say children need to learn social distancing. Like a load of 4-5 year olds aren’t going to cough, sneeze, snot and puke like they always do in all directions! They are also very tactile. I know other countries are quoted but in France the rules are being enforced like prisons. Italy and Spain aren’t reopening until September.

But no, the nine unions are just being bolshie for the sake of it apparently. This “national unity” is being politised already. Teachers, who have worked throughout this crisis, will be vilified as old-fashioned wreckers. The Tories and Mail readers want a war where there shouldn’t be one.
Budgie finances in trouble
at 09:54 25 Apr 2020

The PL is always on the edge financially despite the money going in. I suspect Norwich aren’t the only ones. Many of us anticipated that one day the bubble will burst - this virus might be the unexpected cause.
[Post edited 25 Apr 9:57]
If Trump were a cult leader
at 14:40 24 Apr 2020

And I think there is a case for saying he is, I think by now the FBI would be planning to assault his compound
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