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I welcome any numbskulls to reply hereunder and say they are sorry for hounding
at 11:48 9 Feb 2020

Mick out

Its time to protest for Evans Out
at 06:10 9 Feb 2020

He has very slowly destroyed the club
It cannot get worse now. The 5 year contract for Lambo was finsl straw

Evans OUT
When does the acca man post - he won me some cash last week
at 08:00 8 Feb 2020

Why do people always bang on about the transfer fees received
at 05:58 28 Jan 2020

Its totally irrelevant to the fans and has been ever since Evans has been in charge. It is his business decision and his annual loss he tries to plug every year.

We know that what comes in from a transfer fee has no correlation at all to what we spend so why do people get so animated ?

Its modern football, we have a rich owner when you need an ultra ultra rich owner. Get used to it........there is nothing you can do about it anyway
Many folks going in the home end for the Wimbledons ?
at 14:14 21 Jan 2020

Its not generally something I like to do but doesnt seem much choice.

The locals will be a friendly bunch down there wont they. Like their tennis and strawberries and genteel things like that im sure..........
I dont understand why the Lib Dems and Labour cannot get there act
at 13:41 28 Nov 2019

together and form an electoral pact. Neither party is going to achieve anything without this. Lib Dems only want to Remain and they cannot achieve this splitting the remain vote in 2.

This whole fiasco is so depressing............

An electoral party that has spent 10 years destroying this country is going to get a whopping majority

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Where has the Acca thread gone last couple of weeks
at 19:42 4 Oct 2019

Was a great source for betting info ?
Mk dons
at 13:30 14 Sep 2019

Can i pay on gate Tuesday ??
I am really really concerned
at 21:52 19 Apr 2019

That Lambo is a total pile of poop.

He has achieved absolutely nothing and seems unable to instill any kind of improvement whatsoever.

We may really struggle next season. Darkest of dark days

Evans you have totally destroyed this club.
Who owns this relegation
at 20:02 13 Apr 2019

Evans ? Lambo ? Hurst ? Numbskulls that hounded out mick ?

I would say 1 Evans
2 Numbskulls that hounded out mick
3 Hurst
4 Lambo (he definitely has some responsibility he had plenty of time to turn it around and has done nothing)
Paul Lambert
at 21:32 10 Apr 2019

I know we are giving him time etc. and I am on board with this and understand the arguments etc.

But there is a real high chance he is just an absolutely appalling manager that has his finger prints all over this disaster isnt there ? Obviously we hope this isnt the case and no idea where we would go from Lambert but am veru concerned he is not the man for the job

Maybe its just an impossible job now with Evans at the helm amd the continued lack of investment
Do we actually have our own song - not stolen from anyone ??
at 14:10 19 Feb 2019

Wow loving this going down business has really galvanised the fans........
More PR from the PR genius
at 12:52 10 Feb 2019

To get the fans on side.

Are there any limits to what he will do to keep the fans onside !!!!
Great news ITFC fans
at 22:08 2 Feb 2019

Only 3 months of this sorry season left.

My mate is a sunderland fan and absolutely loving life in league 1
Paul Lambert isnt
at 16:27 26 Jan 2019

Ole Solskjar is he ?
The PR genius and best manager we have ever had
at 16:59 19 Jan 2019

Or so it seems on here fails again
If we get 19 games out of Steve Colins
at 19:51 12 Jan 2019

We have a slim chance of survival. Football's not a difficult game is it. In the championship you need hard seasoned professionals and MM had spent 5 years telling us that.

V telling none of PH buys were in the 11 today and still cannot believe the amount of money he was allowed to waste.

Lambo has got the whole fan base treating him like
at 22:01 10 Jan 2019

Jurgen Klopp when he is more like Frank Spencer. The man is a media genius

He should try PR for the Tories......

What is going on with Lambo
at 20:38 8 Jan 2019

Why is he concentrating on the top end of the pitch. It doesn't matter how many we score this defence always concedes more......

Nice too see players in early in Jan tho

We are down but be nice to go down with a bit of fight and hope for next season
Is Lambo actually any good ?
at 18:03 1 Jan 2019

I'm beginning to wonder, love his positivity and not advocating a change when we go down.

Just wondering how good he actually is.

I hope he stays and we fund out next season. Surely won't be clubs queuing up for him anyway after 2 poor rescue attempts on his CV now
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