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Oh well
at 16:03 22 May 2022

That's the Premier league done and dusted after 3 minutes then.
Glasgow Street art
at 08:56 22 May 2022

You kind of take them for granted if you are in the city a lot but they are outstanding works of art and really brighten up the city.

Anyone fancy a depressing read?
at 17:54 21 May 2022
Pub time - Friday night choon and drink thread
at 17:11 20 May 2022

[Post edited 20 May 17:11]
Non clocks
at 11:47 19 May 2022

Those numbers people just stick on the wall in a circle rather than having a proper clock.

A bit naff or minimalist chic?

Saw one the other day and thought it lacked imagination.
[Post edited 19 May 12:09]
Rubbish game so far
at 20:35 18 May 2022

Rangers don't have much creativity.
Oli McBurnie
at 18:09 18 May 2022

Trying get stuck in the middle of this brawl

And kicking a fan whilst on the ground

Whilst wearing a boot to protect a foot injury. A lengthy ban once he’s recovered from his injury I would imagine.
Did the next Mayor of Ipswich
at 08:42 16 May 2022

Hide this scandal before and during his election?

R,I.P. Ray Hill
at 09:02 15 May 2022

Classic poacher turned gamekeeper.

He joined various far right anti immigration groups in the 1960’s before a Damascus like conversion after making friends in the Jewish community.

He continued working in far right groups such as the National Front although he was secretly working fir Searchlight, disrupting the activities of the far right and exposing their links with terrorists.

He was in so deep that when he outed himself it sowed distrust and irreparable damage to the far foregut mivement in the UK.
[Post edited 15 May 9:03]
That Forest away shirt is absolutely ghastly (n/t)
at 15:48 14 May 2022

Songs that were on the “wrong album”
at 08:20 11 May 2022

Almost Blue by Elvis Costello. Was on the album Imperial Bedroom and not the album Almost Blue.

Waiting For The Sun by the Doors. Was on the Album Morrison Hotel and not the album Waiting For The Sun.

Any more?
One of the best signings we ever made
at 07:47 11 May 2022

I dint think it can be over estimated to say how much this club was on its arse before John Lyall won the First Division title.

That title win is the reason we get 20,000+ fans at a league one game 30 years later.

Portman Road was a morgue. We were getting crowds of under 10,000. Lyall brought the fans back and that title win set up everything that went after it.
Starmer to resign
at 15:12 9 May 2022

If he's issued an FPN*.

Very clever and puts the ball back into Johnson's court.

*Durham Police have already said that they do not issue FPN's retrospectively, so he won't need to resign even of found guilty of breaking the lockdown rules.
Dog dilemma
at 11:36 9 May 2022

About a year ago one of my 19 year old daughters boyfriend couldn’t afford to maintain his flat. So we let him stay with us until he was on his feet.

In February the pair of them told us that they wanted a dog. The boyfriend had grown up around dogs all his life and would 100% look after it, walk it and feed it.

I was reluctant but it was on the promise that he was saving for a new flat and it would only be fir another six months. Mrs GB and I were reluctant,, but my youngest daughter hadn’t had the best couple of years and although we’ve never had a dog, she is dog daft so we thought that a dog in house would be positive for her. So they bought a Sprocker Spaniel.

Anyhoo. Having a dog was like having a baby. My 19 year old started to feel like an old married woman and wanted to be out partying, not living with her boyfriend in a couple of our rooms and having the responsibility of looking after a dog. The boyfriend got a new job which meant he couldn’t look after the dog and they ended up splitting up. With the boyfriend moving back in with his mother. This was a month ago.

Now, the dog had been with us for a couple of months, my youngest daughter had formed a bond and he’d become part of the family. So we made an arrangement that we’d dog share and have him for three or four nights. But those three of four nights turned into a week and now the ex boyfriend has said his mother has too much on to have another dog in the house so he doesn’t want him back.

We have 4 kids, two at uni, another at 19 and my youngest most likely going to uni in a couple of years.

We are both in our mid and late fifties. We had planned for a quieter life. Spend more quality time on our own. See a bit more of the world. Now we have a responsibility to look this dog for the next 20 years. It may outlive me.

We have to think about who can look after him when we go on holiday. We have to make arrangements for care when we are at work. We didn’t plan for this or ask for this.

The easiest thing to to would be fine him a home with people that will care for him. But we’ve now had him in the house for three months and he is very much part of the family. We just couldn’t give him away. It would be heartbreaking.

What to do?
[Post edited 9 May 11:39]
Put a bet on Wes Streeting
at 17:49 7 May 2022

That's all.
Sounds familiar
at 16:06 7 May 2022

Starting to feel sorry for the way Cook's career isa going now.
Another reason to hope Everton get spanked this afternoon
at 13:08 1 May 2022

Your essential ITFC players
at 08:43 1 May 2022

The ones that we have to keep at the club this summer.

Who would you rather see relegated from the Premier League?
at 18:08 30 Apr 2022

Who would you rather see relegated from the Premier League?

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Dead rubber or not
at 14:01 30 Apr 2022

When was the last time we saw an Ipswich team play such fluent and attractive football?

We have every reason to be positive about next season and our future under McKenna.
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