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If the current form continues...
at 09:45 18 Dec 2019

Do you think ME will pull the trigger on Lambert? and if so, when?
Car Parking
at 07:49 24 Sep 2019

Quick question - does anyone know if the main car park opposite the Cobbold stand take card or is it just coins? I usually get the train to home games but this weekend I'm driving and cannot remember for the life of me!

Prediction Logged by at 11:08:50
Ipswich Town v Shrewsbury Town prediction logged
Tech wizards requried - new laptop
at 14:15 13 Aug 2019

I'm looking at purchasing a new laptop for the first time in about 7/8 years. Predominatly used for studying (watching online lectures, answering interactive questions & online mock exams which I believe are created by Java??) and the Microsft office package (Powerpoint, Word & Excel). Plus, if I get time and my other half allows me the odd game of Football Manager! (big kid at heart!)

Any suggestions on where to look first? Budget wise I don't want to spend a fortune but I'm completely out of sync on how much they are these days.

Thanks in advance!
Start of season bet
at 07:53 18 Jul 2019

Anyone else have any bets before the season starts? I think I'll go with the following this year:

Promotion - Bristol City, Posh, Plymouth
Relegation -Birmingham, Bolton, Macclesfield
at 10:01 17 Jul 2019

Not my greatest moment, but I think I was caught speeding last Thursday going from a country road (60) into a village (30) by one of those police camera vans. I think I was doing about 40 as I was slowing down to enter the village.

Looked on Google maps and the distance from the speed change to where the van was located is 0.2 miles. I read online there is a 1 minute allowance to reduce your speed, and I assume 0.2 miles is a lot less than a minute at 30mph?

However, as I got face on and I could see the officer inside was writing or something that looked like this. Could this mean I might be fine as he wasn't operating the 'gun' or does it it mean I've been caught and he was writing my details down?

Hoping some of you might be able to shed some light as I've been driving for 3 & a half years and never had this before!
[Post edited 17 Jul 2019 10:02]
Golf courses - in and around Suffolk
at 13:25 10 Jun 2019

I was wondering if people had any recommendations for Golf courses in and and around Suffolk?

I've played Felixstowe, Newmarket & both in Bury St Edmunds. Any other good ones in terms of condition/design or price?
Just found this which is quite interesting...
at 11:29 15 Feb 2019
at 12:23 14 Feb 2019

If PL is going to keep two up top and Judge as a 10. Is it not worth using Jackson more than Harrison for the final 20/25 minutes?

Harrison is a better footballer and arguments can be have over whether he should actually start. But, when teams are tired Jackson's pace could cause a lot of problems in a two and Judge/Bishop finding those passes.

Norwich, everything thing we should aim to be
at 12:45 12 Feb 2019

This might get some down votes or cause a few people to argue with myself, but Norwich are everything we should aim to be.

Promoting youth players to the first team, and playing them week in week out, whilst being surrounded by experienced players.
Playing attractive football and sticking to it if the results don't come good straight away.
Scouting different leagues & nations for bargain buys rather than journeyman or paying over the odds for lower league players.

Yes this season has been a surprise for them, but wouldn't we love to be doing what they're doing now and since Farke took over? It didn't start great but they've stuck to it and hats off to them.
at 10:38 8 Feb 2019

Just wondering if any of you are keen Golfers? Did you have lessons, and if so how many to begin with? Best course in the area for visitors & beginners (and cheapest)? How many times do you play a week?
Gary Madine..
at 15:25 4 Jan 2019

Going to Shef Utd on loan. I wonder if that frees up Leon Clarke or Connor Washington for a loan? Both be good for us.
6 pointers
at 12:46 28 Dec 2018

Are the games vs Millwall & Rotherham at home the biggest games of the season so far?

Only a win in both will do for Ipswich, a loss in one or both I think could be the end of any chances we have. I know it's early but the gap will be too big then.
Bottom 3
at 10:44 17 Dec 2018

Who does everyone think will be in it? Ipswich making the great escape?

I think Bolton, Reading & Ipswich/Brentford
at 15:30 5 Dec 2018

With the recent article regarding Evans putting the club up for sale for £35m (but won't waiver the £90+ debt)

How much is Mike Ashley asking for to buy Newcastle? and do they have any debt like us?

No real reason, just genuinely wondering the difference in valuations between the two clubs.
Transition and period
at 12:10 15 Aug 2018

We're 3 games into the season and anyone would think we have 3 games left of the season. To think everything was going to click and the results would come straight away was extremely wishful thinking.

From what I've read, and correct me if I'm wrong, it sounds as if we were unlucky not to beat Blackburn first game of the season and that we dominated Rotherham but didn't score (one of those days as some would say). Last night doesn't sound great and I'm for one pleased PH came out and said what he did. High expectations even in the League Cup is what we've been crying out for last few seasons and why should he not dig the players out?

The saga with Waghorn hasn't helped at all. If that went through earlier the new players would have had a couple more weeks to gel with each other, rather than a few days (hours even)!

As the title says, and many pundits love to say, we're in a transitional period. No need to worry!

Marcus Evans
at 10:34 8 Aug 2018

Got his man and backed him in the transfer market. Can't ask for much more than that as a fan. Hopefully the results will follow!
Transfer Window
at 16:50 1 Aug 2018

People are aware it shuts August 9th and not tomorrow? If the signings aren't made before Blackburn & Exeter it's not the end of the world. Realistically, I'll be surprised if we sign anyone tomorrow that they will play much, if any, against Blackburn on Saturday. In Hurst we trust!
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