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Let us not forget...
at 08:03 24 Feb 2021

Doncaster put four past us last time and it was the same back four that played last night.

A good result against Hull but we need to back it up with wins over both Doncaster and Accrington before we can even consider that Lambert is starting to turn this around.

Anybody confident that is going to happen? No, me neither.
Mick's at it again (n/t)
at 15:10 20 Feb 2021

Every excuse in the book being used by Lambert....
at 11:50 17 Feb 2021

But what really irks is him pulling out the injuries / having to play the youngsters card again.

Look at the average age of the bench last night, it's completely disingenuous to suggest we are being forced to play youngsters.
Elon Musk pledges $100m to carbon capture contest
at 14:45 8 Feb 2021

To win, teams must create...

“a solution that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and lock it away permanently in an environmentally benign way”

Congratulations to whoever invents forests.


Feel Better, Live More Podcast
at 14:50 15 Jan 2021

Seeing as its the time of year that a lot of people focus on health, I can highly recommend the Feel Better, Live More podcast series with Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

i'm sure many will already be aware of it, but for those who are not there are some really great interviews with plenty of easy, actionable health tips.

This latest one with Prof Matthew Walker on the subject of sleep is a real eye opener, having also read his book it is really quite amazing how many different functions in our bodies are effected by sleep. Something that we often take for granted and seldom prioritise can play such a fundamental role in our overall health.

For the first time ever...
at 12:44 1 Dec 2020

I will be hoping ITFC lose a game of football tonight. It pains me to say it but it really is for the long term benefit of the club. The sooner we are out of the top six the sooner we can get rid of the idiot in charge and start rebuilding with somebody competent like Danny Cowley.

[Post edited 6 Jan 10:55]
National lockdown - the case against
at 10:08 4 Nov 2020

On a recent TWTD poll 80% were in favour of the national lockdown, based mostly I suspect on the evidence presented by Johnson, Vallance & Whitty on Saturday Night, however some of the data used has already been proven to be incorrect and numerous Scientists, experts, and MPs are now calling them out on it and are claiming a National Lockdown is not required at this stage.

Professor Carl Heneghan of Oxford University has pointed out that :

- The projections were based on 3 week old data.
- They have already proven to be incorrect. 1000 deaths forecast on 1st November, the actual number was around 200 ( official reporting now states 162 ).
- 4000 deaths per day is a doomsday prediction was never a realistic number
- Cases are Dropping or flatlining in the most affected areas, Manchester cases down 20% in the previous week.
- The 3 Tier system therefore showing signs of working but has not been given the full enough time.
- Non-covid excess deaths in the home are increasing, this will get worse in another lockdown.

Professor Tim Spector from Kings College London is another who has disputed the figures. Based on the Zoe study which surveys a million people in the UK weekly they have shown that that cases are far from rising exponentially and in fact are falling in the Northern hotspot areas. They also have the 'R' number dropping to around 1.

Professor David Livermore of UEA has said that the Government is using "clearly ropey statistics" that just "don't make sense"

Tory MP Peter Bone has said "There are lies, damn lies, and covid statistics' going on to add that the Government is using selective data to prove it's case and not getting a balanced range to get to the right decision.

Another Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne is "devastated" about a second lockdown: "It's a disaster... people will be unemployed... their lives ruined and they'll die in greater numbers... it's mass hysteria".

Cases dropped overall last week for Suffolk and we know that other areas such as Cornwall have low numbers. Why do we need a National Lockdown when the tier system seems to be showing signs of success and other areas have falling numbers anyway?

Boris has claimed there is 'no alternative' to the National lockdown, this is simply not true and Boris is doing what he has proven over a long period of time that he does best - telling lies. History will show him to be one of the worst PMs this country has ever known.

The long term effects of this year are going to catastrophic in my view, and it will not be because of a new virus, it will be because of the direct actions the Government has taken, causing huge long term damage to their own Country and people.

Everybody is so fixated on Covid cases and deaths that I am concerned we are not seeing the bigger picture. I urge everybody to start looking at all of the evidence ( Julia Hartley Brewer on Talk Radio is worth a look ) and to then start questioning what is really going on and why?

[Post edited 6 Jan 10:59]
You should be more afraid of this Government than Covid-19
at 12:45 16 Oct 2020

MPs yesterday voted in favour of passing the Covert Human Intelligent Sources Bill.

Amnesty International have described it as 'deeply dangerous' and I agree. In what sane society would you require a law to be passed that allows a Government to potentially murder, torture or commit an act of sexual violence against it's opponents?

This is not just for MI5 by the way, it extends to the Police and bizarrely even the Environment Agency and Food Standards Agency ( ?? )

Shamefully Keir Starmer allowed the Tories to get this through by ordering Labour MP's to abstain. Despite this those with moral decency, such as Zarah Sultana, refused and others even resigned from the front bench ( Dan Carden ).

I have said before that this Government is using Covid-19 to increase their power while eroding civil liberties at a rate of knots and this has been largely ignored or dismissed. The evidence is mounting by the day.
Lambert out, Paul Cook in please
at 18:01 29 Aug 2020

Marcus really needs to put Shambert and us out of our collective misery and replace him with Paul Cook while he is still available. Looking at his record over recent years and it really is quite impressive.

Chesterfield - Promotion from League Two as Champions followed by finishing 6th and in the play-offs in his first season in League One.

Portsmouth - Again promotion from League Two as Champions, after which he was poached by Wigan.

Wigan - Promotion from League One as Champions, followed by retaining Championship status the following season. We all know what happened last season of course, technically they were relegated under Cook but without the points deduction would have been comfortably mid table.

All of this was achieved while playing an attractive brand of passing football, I think he would really get the best out of our talented youngsters.

Cooks win percentage with Wigan was 41.3, Lamberts at Ipswich is 26.9. When you also consider that two of those seasons for Cook were in the Championship it really is a no brainer.

Come on Evans, take decisive action and make a good decision for once.

Staying inside for too long can weaken the immune system
at 12:04 22 May 2020

Maybe those people going to the beach to get fresh air and sunshine rather than staying indoors aren't quite as stupid as they seemed.

Novak Djokovic against mandatory vaccination
at 17:04 20 Apr 2020

Novak Djokovic has revealed he is against mandatory vaccination and it could put his tennis career in jeopardy if he is prevented from travelling due to not agreeing to take a future Covid-19 vaccine.

It's a shame the press have to leap in with the immature 'anti-vaxxer' remarks instead of engaging in sensible debate, after all this raises an important debate around civil liberties. If the likes of Bill Gates get their way, nobody will be able to work, travel or do pretty much anything else unless they are up to date with all vaccines and eventually have a microchip or some kind of biometric id to prove it.

To my mind maintaining sovereignty of your own body and what goes into it is a fundamental human right, as are the right to work and travel. If we allow the state to mandate medical interventions in order for us to be active in society then we are going down a potentially very dark road in my view.

I am all for making a vaccine available asap for people who feel they need it but I would strongly oppose it being mandatory, after all if the vaccine works then why should anybody who takes it need to fear somebody that doesn't?

I realise Covid-19 has changed the the landscape considerably but I hope most would agree with maintaining the basic right to medical choice and health freedom. What do the good people of TWTD think?

They really need to get a grip on testing
at 11:20 19 Mar 2020

This case from Lowestoft is a little worrying with regards to lack of testing.


"The mum-of-three said paramedics recorded her as having COVID-19 in her medical notes. Although she says she was not officially tested, paramedics ruled out other illnesses including flu, a cold and a throat infection."

Is it not a little concerning that this case was seemingly recorded as Covid-19 without any test having taken place? Surely if somebody is ill enough to require paramedics and their symptoms match they should be a priority for testing to get it confirmed as fact, not a best guess?

From what I can see Covid-19 symptoms are not notably different to other seasonal respiratory illnesses that in previous years would have just been put down to 'a virus' (unknown ) by your GP. I have experienced this myself and I'm sure many others have, so how can they be certain this is Covid-19 and not a different virus?

It seems to me at the moment that in reality they have absolutely no idea what the actual scale of the breakout is in the UK, so how can huge decisions like shutting down the economy be made on guesswork and statistical modelling?

Alex Jones selling fake coronavirus cures
at 13:18 13 Mar 2020

FFS. When is this idiot going to be locked up? He should certainly be made to pay back every penny he has made from selling this rubbish at the very least.

Poyet and Tarrico looking for a new opportunity
at 07:36 12 Mar 2020

We could do a lot worse....

Got to be an attacking 4-3-3 tomorrow for me
at 16:05 6 Mar 2020


Donacien---Wolf---Chambo--- Garbutt



Need to go for it, nothing to lose.
James Henry
at 14:24 26 Feb 2020

11 goals and 8 assists this season for Oxford, very impressive stats.

Isn't that what a certain ex championship attacking midfielder was supposed to do for us this season?

Is Henry that much better than Judge or does his Manager just know how to get the best out of him?

( sigh )
Time for Lambert to step up
at 14:47 25 Feb 2020

If Lambert has anything left at all as a Manager, he needs to find a way to win matches again at this level with the players he has available, starting Saturday.

The margin for error is now so small that I believe we need at least seven points from the next three games just to give us a fighting chance of finishing top six.

Blackpool is a must win to try and regain some sort of confidence and momentum, it really is make or break now. Not finishing top six this season really will be a monumental failure, and one that should cost him his job regardless of the contract.

Personally I think he is finished as a Manager and I don’t think he can turn this around. I really hope he proves me wrong.
I wouldn't sell Woolfenden for a penny under £8m
at 13:15 14 Jan 2020

And even that may be too cheap, he could potentially be worth 3 times that in the next couple of years.

Having seen both Wolf and Webster play at Town at similar ages I think the Wolf is going to go on and become a better player.

I don't care what division we are in £3m is an insult and nowhere near market value for an up and coming English ball playing centre back. Tell the blunts to do one.

The player himself might well want to leave but he is under contract and therefore until the valuation is met he should be told categorically that he is going nowhere.

[Post edited 15 Jan 2020 10:02]
If you are still genuinely undecided on who to vote for tomorrow.....
at 17:12 11 Dec 2019

…….or you feel its just not worth voting. I have just one piece of advise.

Think of the most vulnerable people in your community, and vote in their best interest.

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