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I wouldn't sell Woolfenden for a penny under £8m
at 13:15 14 Jan 2020

And even that may be too cheap, he could potentially be worth 3 times that in the next couple of years.

Having seen both Wolf and Webster play at Town at similar ages I think the Wolf is going to go on and become a better player.

I don't care what division we are in £3m is an insult and nowhere near market value for an up and coming English ball playing centre back. Tell the blunts to do one.

The player himself might well want to leave but he is under contract and therefore until the valuation is met he should be told categorically that he is going nowhere.

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If you are still genuinely undecided on who to vote for tomorrow.....
at 17:12 11 Dec 2019

…….or you feel its just not worth voting. I have just one piece of advise.

Think of the most vulnerable people in your community, and vote in their best interest.

This is a rather harrowing tale
at 11:24 21 Apr 2019

A well written piece by a young lady which highlights what we already knew, that there is still real ignorance and racism in certain white majority communities.

I do have to disagree with the author though regarding use of the N word. For me it should be consigned to the waste paper bin of history and socially outlawed by all communities, black or white.
[Post edited 21 Apr 2019 13:22]
At least we are not Norwich
at 08:52 15 Apr 2019

Top of the league and absolute certs to go up but seemingly they are too 'nervous' to support their team or make any noise unless it is to slag off one of their own young academy players.

From the Pink-un -

"REALLY POOR SUPPORT TODAY - Considering how many of us made the trip, the noise from our end was disappointing. I know we're nervous but this felt like a game where we had to give the lads an extra 10% and we just didn't. Far too many people sitting on their hands waiting to be entertained as though it's our divine right to turn sides over. Not interested in making any noise unless it's to discourage products of our academy."

"HOW UTTERLY POOR WAS TODD CANTWELL TODAY - Weak, ineffective, positional play was poor.
no way should he be starting for us.
i never ever want to see him start for us ever again"

I know its only two morons off a message board, but really? What a contrast to the support we showed on Saturday for our club on the day we were relegated. If we were in their current position I am absolutely sure the support would be total and unanimous.

I really hope they get some absolute hidings next season to give them some more to blub about.
Team for tonight
at 13:49 13 Feb 2019



Keep the diamond, two up front and go for it. We have nothing to lose.

Skuse out because his form is terrible. Bishop in because he is better than Nolan. Jackson in as I think he might have something to offer in a front two.
Simply not good enough
at 17:24 2 Feb 2019

We have played three mid table teams in a row and not even managed to scrape a point, we really are going down without even the merest hint of a fight.

Yet again all the other teams at the bottom dropped points but it doesn't even matter, we are simply not good enough to ever capitalise are we.

Sad times.
Set pieces
at 11:40 28 Jan 2019

We have been terrible at both ends of pitch all season haven't we? I could be wrong but I make it Swansea away when we last scored from a free kick or a corner.

This is one area where Lambert has disappointed me I have to say. I had hoped he would improve us but we still look likely to concede from one every game whilst offering minimal threat at the other end.

For a side that creates little from open play you would think this would be a top priority.
James Colllins
at 19:52 24 Jan 2019

“The truth is that I’d be playing in the park with my mates if I wasn’t playing here, so any level will do as long as someone wants me at 37 or 38. I’ll still give my all, as always, in every training session and every game.”

Absolutely love this, great attitude.
Christ, this doesn't look good....
at 09:22 22 Jan 2019
Who on earth is 'Pundit' from the eadt news comments?
at 11:51 7 Jan 2019

Wow, impressively consistent levels of internet trolling.

Anybody on here wish to own up to being this comedy creation?
at 11:47 6 Jan 2019

After his woeful performance yesterday I think PL needs to have a serious look at getting somebody else in and sending him back to Everton in January.

Some of his performances have been decent but overall he is just not what we need right now, not strong enough in the air and far too often he loses his man to a bit of movement in the box, as highlighted again yesterday.

I don't think CCV is the answer right now either, for me we need a big no nonsense centre half who is going to dominate in the air and offer a threat at set pieces. If he can't pass out then so be it, we need to get back to basics before worrying about anything else.

Nsiala starts alongside Chambers for me next week (assuming we don't get someone in before then).
[Post edited 6 Jan 2019 11:54]
at 14:25 5 Jan 2019

Looks like they have decided the FA cup is not of interest to them again this season, nine changes from their last PL game and a tame home defeat.

They are in no danger of going down so why on earth would the FA cup not be a priority at this stage? I just don' t get it.
The really frustrating thing about all this....
at 12:39 2 Jan 2019

You could see in the first half that we are actually not that far from being a pretty decent side.

Imagine a fully fit Huws alongside Bishop and Skuse as your midfield three, add a decent finisher up top and a couple of upgrades in the back four and you would have the makings of a really good team.

It just feels like its all too late now though, we have too much ground to make up, which is a real shame.
Harrison / Roberts
at 11:12 21 Dec 2018

Surely it's time for Harrison to start instead of Roberts tomorrow? ( although reading between the lines from what PL said yesterday it doesn't sound very likely )

As much as Roberts has done his best and certainly works hard, he is miles away from being an effective championship striker.
[Post edited 21 Dec 2018 11:16]
Chambers - 'I can pass the ball as well as anyone'
at 10:42 19 Dec 2018

Interesting piece here about Chambers enjoying the responsibility of passing out from the back.

I did notice against Wigan that he was surprisingly comfortable on the ball and his passing was generally good. The stats seem to back this up also with Chambers at 77% pass completion against Wigan, the highest in the team.

I think most fans have always viewed Chambers as a bit of a hoof merchant who can't really play, it seems this may have been a bit unfair and down to management instruction rather than his ability.

It will be interesting to see if he can keep this up over the rest of the season.
Is Lambert being a little naive tactically?
at 17:43 3 Dec 2018

As much as I admire Lambert's 'on the front foot' approach and wanting to entertain, is it realistically the best way to gain points with the quality of players we have available?

Particularly away from home I wonder if we would be better served by getting 10 men behind the ball and looking to score from counter attacks and set pieces?

I know we all got fed up with MM's pragmatic approach but surely most would now accept such tactics given our desperate circumstances.

Maybe our players are just that poor that we would lose anyway but it seems to me that going to places like Forest and Stoke and trying to take the game to them is only going to go one way when their better players get time and space in which to play.

Joe Lolley
at 19:41 30 Nov 2018

Absolutely on fire this season for Forest.

Spence, already low on confidence, could be in for a torrid afternoon. Hopefully Donacien coming in for Spence will be one of the changes.
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