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St Pauli
at 11:30 17 Oct 2021

Planning a trip to the Millerntor early December with some mates. Has anyone ever been? Any good hints and tips to share if so?
Nowt bad as an away point…
at 16:57 16 Oct 2021

Right lads? Win your ‘ome games, pick up points away and we’ll be alright…
I think it went something like that for years so probs best to keep that in mind tonight.
Last hat-trick from a CM…
at 22:16 28 Sep 2021

Magilton? Miller? Anyone know…?
When they asked for patience…
at 21:57 28 Sep 2021

…because we needed time to gel, what did people think they meant by that?

A perfect night tonight and that bit of magic you sometimes feel in the air under lights at PR was there on the way into the ground. Three games in a row where we’ve restricted the opposition to nothing. ‘Patterns of play’ (TWTDs new buzz phrase) appearing all over the pitch. Partnerships developing, strength in depth everywhere, new owners, a new manager, an entirely new squad that play football on the front foot, a 20+ goal striker in the making, chants and songs breaking out all over the ground and Mick played McGuiness at wing-back tonight…

No matter the oppo, that was an exemplary performance. The only downside is that the BeeB miscounted our shots at goal by some distance.
[Post edited 28 Sep 22:11]
Their disallowed goal…
at 10:31 19 Sep 2021

…tight call but we have to defend that better. When Evans saw the danger but lost the tackle, we were a bit stretched in the middle and despite regrouping, we allowed them to much time to get that ball in the box. Coulson has to defend that better too.

Bit of work to be done getting the wide players to tuck in when we don’t have the ball still.
Yeeeah! Party round my house tonight…
at 16:59 18 Sep 2021

…everyone’s invited!
In Pompey tonight…
at 22:16 11 Sep 2021

…with a Pompey crew talking Jacobs and Cook.

Funny vibe here given our result and our start. I’m demoralised but they’ve shrugged it off as an inevitable gelling period citing that Cowley is now experiencing this given the old have completely transitioned to the new and performances have dropped. A lot of love here for Cook from people who’ve met him first hand. Patience is the takeaway from them but that’s a hard soundbite conceding five.

On Jacobs, they mentioned he’s not been in any squads and were surprised he passed his medical.

Scant consolation on what felt like a pivotal day at PR.
From last season’s squad…
at 08:30 1 Sep 2021

…who would you have in this season’s A team or B team and why?
Relish this…
at 20:03 31 Aug 2021

…it’s unprecedented at this club and is unlikely to happen again. An A team and a B team. 2 players for each position with plenty of fluidity and goals throughout the side. Players ready made to step in to a system as like-for-like replacements.

It’s a phenomenal achievement, one of which I doubt we’ll reach the heights of again given the scale of the rebuild. Enjoy all - it would be a staggering failure if this season panned out be anything other than successful.
Incredible business once more
at 12:38 30 Aug 2021

Anyone questioning the signing of Celina needs their head read. We now have two quality players In every attacking position competing for a position - this is really healthy and nothing but.

Although I’m in no doubt we’ve now tipped the scales on wages compared to last season if we hadn’t before, the amount of quality we’ve been able to attract because of our management staff on top of heightened salaries is exceptional.

Now, sort the leaky defence out with a commanding keeper like Walton, a fit Edmunson and hopefully a skipper in Morsy to compliment that midfield.
How many on here went to the game today?
at 20:43 28 Aug 2021

There’s a lot of chat but not much commentary on the events on the pitch. Can anyone provide any valuable insight into why we’ve abysmally failed to hold on to a commanding lead at home to a minnow? Did Cook and the mgmt fail or did individual players? It’s one or the other…
Glad I’m at Edinburgh Fringe…
at 18:35 28 Aug 2021

…not that it’ll take my mind off a pi**poor result when 2-nil to the good.

Who went? What was it like? Were the goals conceded soft? Who was at fault? What did Coulson look like? Is Edmunson for Wolfenden going to solve our issues? Why if two up did we not see the game out? Which areas of the pitch aren’t doing their jobs to allow the pressure to build?


Cook at Southport
at 22:00 25 Aug 2021

Just read that Cook had to oversee a major squad overhaul in 2006 at Southport when they went from being part-time to professional when back in the Conference National. With only a handful of the previous season’s squad available, it was a complete rebuild from the ground up.

It didn’t go well and they were relegated that season although pretty much nailed on with the bookies to go that way anyway. I wonder what Cook learnt from that.
Coulson vs Penney
at 18:14 21 Aug 2021

It’s going to be a fascinating tussle for that shirt this season. Coulson looked rusty today for obvious reasons but Penney’s goal on Tuesday and his incisive ball forward to start the move for the second give him the edge for me at the moment.

He’s starting to whip balls into the box earlier too.

Building out from the back
at 18:11 21 Aug 2021

There’s no doubt Lambert was chastised for this and many clubs have failed many a time to do this well, Arsenal under Emery being a perfect example. Our shape and ball retention is definitely better under PC and we do look to play wide or through the middle more often than not and any long balls into channels have more purpose but we have to do it quicker and push up quicker too.

The longer we play with it in our third the more likelihood we have of conceding. We got away with it a few times today but we need to better.

I thought our shape improved in the middle withCarroll coming into pick up Thine but we lost a little in the wide areas as a result. It’s all about getting that balance right as Cook has said but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us revert to a 3 man mid short-term to resolve a few defensive frailties and having better options to build from the back and play through the middle.
Janoi Donacien
at 08:11 18 Aug 2021

Worst fears confirmed last night (as if they were in any doubt). I’d argue that’s going to be one of Donacien’s easier games this season and he looked pedestrian and very uncomfortable last night. Time and time again he looked for the comfy pass, which slowed the play or spurned possession. I thought his positioning going forward was about 10 - 15 yards behind the play every time and he needlessly shanked it out when not under pressure or gave away plenty of avoidable throw-ins to play to their strength.

Afraid to say but it’s very evident, his season is going to be extremely limited now and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an RB come in on loan.
Right to criticise Cook tonight
at 00:40 18 Aug 2021

Just got back and I thought we were very naive tonight. As others have said, we should have put that game to bed within 30 mins but we gave away countless needless throw-ins to play to their strengths.

Bigger concerns are that at no point tonight did the full backs really get beyond the wide men, a hallmark of the way Cook likes to play. Have we become fearful already? Not that Donacien is the right selection to do that. I’d argue his selection lead to a lot of our problems in truth.

At times Cheltenham had no answer to us but at times we looked pedestrian, tired maybe, which leads to the question as to why Cook didn’t freshen it around the 60 minute mark - it was obvious we needed it. All night Cheltenham crumbled when we ran at them so why leave Dobra on the bench when Fraser was non-existent? Evans and Harper looked shot so why leave it so late to being Carroll on? Jackson for Pigott made no sense either.

Hladky remains unconvincing to me. Burgess showed he’s a real leader and Edwards is clearly playing at the wrong level. Quite liked the burger and good to chat to a few Town fans on the same page. Time to gel, yes but 4 wins in 20 and giving away a comfortable victory simply isn’t good enough.
at 18:00 7 Aug 2021

Voted MoM on here and rightly so. Is he the best like-for-like midfielder in the same mould as Jim Magilton we’ve had in the last 20-years? It’s an early shout but on that performance (all be it League One), it looks very promising. Thoughts?
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