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Can PL change the game?
at 16:26 19 Sep 2020

It’s games like this where you need a bit of inspiration from the management staff to take additional points. We wait...
Judge out for the season
at 18:15 11 Mar 2020

Just creating another one to see if we can get a whole page with the same thread title...
at 21:40 7 Mar 2020

Does anyone know how many shareholders make up the 12.5% or whatever it is that isn’t owned by ME? I take it they are ordinary shares with no voting rights with no dividend payouts given it’s a loss making enterprise? Although, we did turn a profit one year after the sale of Wickham I think - was there a payout then?

Just curious.
Oxford’s performance
at 18:06 22 Feb 2020

What did everyone make of them today? I thought they were a better and tidier version of Bristol Rovers but take Matty Taylor out of the side and they carry little to no threat. Marcus Browne looked decent in the middle, powerful and strong looking to carry the ball whenever he could which is what we lack.

As per the Kassam we played to Dickie and Moore’s strengths and made them look far better than they are.

Turned over by another average side due to our lack of composure and character in my opinion.
Will Keane’s touches
at 16:01 22 Feb 2020

If he learnt to shoot first time he could have two or three already this game. Easy to see why he struggles for goals - always has one touch too many. Excellent at bringing others into play but limited in confidence in front of goal. Has to start contributing goals.
PL’s contract
at 18:25 17 Feb 2020

I was chatting to someone the other day about PLs contract length and they mentioned ME likely put it in place in case Scotland came sniffing if/when they bomb out of the Euro play-offs and when Clarke gets sacked. It doesn’t explain the length but might explain the timing. Has anyone heard anything along these lines? Have Scotland enquired?
Our strike force
at 08:04 7 Feb 2020

The lads on Blue Monday raised a lot of interesting points this week during what was probably the most sombre podcast of theirs i've ever listened to, for obvious reasons. There was a unanimous feeling that the Posh's strike force is easily better than ours and that we're looking at our strike force through a lens of what has been rather than the now. Is that true?

As Maddison is still a Posh player for now i've kept him in and selected Bishop over the ailing Judge regardless of whether you think Bishop is a number 10 or not, he can play there.
Which 5 of these would you select?

Maddison, Szmodics, Eisa, Toney, Dembele

Keane, Norwood, Sears, Jackson, Bishop
at 22:10 28 Jan 2020

For anyone who’s ever played in games like that where the ball constantly bypasses the midfield; ricochets canon straight to the oppo; first touches bounce off you and simple passes go out of play, you’ll know as well as I that you need leaders to change it. I thought Downes was excellent for the second half and tried to lead by example. He makes senior pros look vastly inferior in comparison.

I heard the lads on Blue Monday throw Garbutt and Wolfenden’s name into the mix for early player of the year nominees. No contest imo. Downes is an exceptional talent quickly becoming a real leader.

On to Posh. 3pts there. A point at Sunderland and then on the home straight.
at 21:51 28 Jan 2020

Love him as a footballer because he’s prepared to gamble. Other than that and Downes performance my sentiments are the same as the rest of this forum tonight.

For a side with so much talent, we showed no composure epitomised by Huws who, along with Edwards and the anonymous Judge were woeful tonight.

The most long ball display I can ever remember from a Town side. P*ss poor.
£100 parking fine from Oxford last Tuesday
at 19:11 21 Jan 2020

Anyone else ditch their car in the Hilton car park and receive a fine? Apparently it's not accessible to football fans. Given the inadequate parking facilities (and by that i mean there were none) i've asked Oxford United to pay the bill. If you received a fine you can tap an email on to mine to help the cause; wishful thinking maybe...
[Post edited 21 Jan 19:27]
at 07:49 15 Jan 2020

He's not having a very good season is he? A wing-back isn't his natural role and he works hard at it and to be fair, his positional play has given us stability but he doesn't seem to know whether to stick or twist half the time now.

When he has the ball at his feet he seems reluctant in his ability to get by his man for fear of losing it and leaving us exposed and when he gets a cross in more often than not it's too deep or wasted. A couple of occasions last night he could of gambled knowing full well Chambers would win the header against the full back and he was flat on his heels. Can't remember the last jinking run into the box he did to commit his opponent - they tend to be into blind alleys if anything now. Ironic he got booked for probably his best full blooded tackle of the season too!

Not sure what to make of him really. Anyone else?
How many should Norwood really have...???
at 08:55 13 Jan 2020

Some people called it out after the Bolton game and questioned Norwood's finishing. Saturday was another example of it. When you watch him and Judge's shooting in the warm-up, Judge is far more clinical and when we look at the sitters Norwood has missed during the season, i think that's a fair assessment. How many should Norwood have by now though?

Peterborough x 1 - missed penalty
Bolton x 2 - 2 great 1 on 1s
Wycombe x 1 - header from 3 yards
Rovers x 1 - hit the bar from 5 yards
Accrington x 2 - a 1 on 1 and a swivel from a few yards out

Some easier chances than others but all golden opportunities to be on 17 for the season by now. Have i missed any and will these cost us?
The front three
at 21:22 11 Jan 2020

Some of their exchanges today were sublime. Norwood takes a lot of credit for some great one-touch deft lay offs to bring people into play. Each one of them could have scored 2 or 3 and bagged a few assists each. There's been a lot of commentary about our squad not being good enough but there's the proof it is now some are being given a run in their best positions. Too many superlatives to mention today.

Thought Huws took a long time to settle into the game and assist aside, showed a lack of composure at times. Wilson's penalty giveaway was a schoolboy error and his distribution wasteful at times which has been a consistent criticism this season Thought Edwards did better in the first half and Opoku got the better of him in the second half.

Same side Tuesday night. Nothing to fear at Oxford. Should be a good un.
Approach to today's game...
at 10:00 11 Jan 2020

Edwards and Garbutt are key to making this as easy on ourselves as possible. If they retain the shape they did against Wycombe and don't over commit at the wrong times, keep the width and get good balls into the box early and frequently, this should be a comfortable afternoon.

Failure to do this, play to narrow or get caught on the counter and we'll get bogged down in a scrap.

Think we're all widely agreed we should keep the same starting 11 that finished ay Wycombe bar maybe one or two tweaks. The side should pick itself really given we're at home and Wycombe was a decent-ish performance.

If Edwards and Garbutt turn up and do the above, i'm gong with a comfortable 2 or 3 nil win...
The RB curse
at 08:23 31 Dec 2019

No such thing as a curse? This season may buck that belief, surely? The worst ever full back display I saw was Tom Eastman under Keane but there have been a few. However, looking back at RB performances this season we may be on for a new season low of woeful RB displays.

I make it 8 players utilized at RB this season: Emmanuel, Nydam, Cotter, Donacien, Edwards, Skuse, Wolfenden and KVY and KVY aside, they’ve all been pretty poor performances.

Emmanuel at Luton - terrible
Cotter against Coventry - out of his depth
Skuse against Rovers - did OK but never looked comfortable and at fault for a goal
Wolfenden at Lincoln - decent showing at Southend but poor at Lincoln and at fault for a goal
Edwards on a few occasions - dreadful and a liability
Donacien against Wimbledon - terrible although has improved
Nydam - injured
KVY - injured

KVY is the only player with any real credit and he’s out for the foreseeable. Why has this position consistently been an issue for Town for a decade?
More tactical naivety...
at 21:22 29 Dec 2019

Tactical blunders are becoming a common theme, especially this month. Today we played a high press as we knew they like to play out from the back and at times we hunted in packs well but as soon as that ball went long they broke better than we could recover and we looked ragged for it. In my mind that’s because of the high press. Anyone else see it that way?
at 17:08 29 Dec 2019

I’ve been to 15 games this season and watched 5 on iFollow. There are some fundamental things in the games I’ve seen that aren't being addressed.

- Holy is better in goal than Norris.
- Dozzell is anonymous when playing in a two man midfield.
- Edwards hasn’t deserved to start and has never done anything to justify a start. He can’t tackle let alone defend.
- Judge isn’t a wide midfielder. He’s a number 10.
- Garbutt is better at left-midfield than he is at full-back.
- Norwood and Jackson play better as a pair meaning balls into them and not channels.

All of these points I’m sure would be unanimously backed by anyone who’s watched us a lot yet we persist. We’re in decline and Lambert is now on a timer.
Spare wanted for Wycombe
at 10:12 28 Dec 2019

Anyone have x 1 spare for Wycombe? The old man has decided he wants to see in the New Year witnessing PLs lucky dip eleven.
I saw that as tactically naive...
at 18:50 21 Dec 2019

I made Pompey’s line-up a 4231 and ours a 532. Beg to differ but if that’s the case, why didn’t we maintain our 433 from last week? I assume in a 532 PL wanted to utilise the width to nullify their three backing up Harrison but we moved the ball far too slowly from the off to do this. Whenever we did get it wide, Pompey closed the space - did we remedy this quickly? No.

Using a 433 our two centre backs would have taken care of Harrison, their three behind him would have a free run at our full backs but so what? We’d be outgunning Harrison in the box 2-to1 and it would have left Skuse to do what he does best, pick up their more dynamic player and mark him out the game. Nolan and Downes could then get on the front foot and compete against their defensive two which they would have had the beating of and we’d have had three on four to stretch their back line as well as acres of space to drop into on a counter to move them around.

It’s all very well in hindsight but we were on the back foot from the first whistle. I thought PL approached every game to win? The above is a better approach to winning in my view unless I completely misread Pompey’s system?
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