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Did Hurst stumble across it...?
at 14:40 8 Oct 2018

On this week's Blue Monday a comment was made about Paul hurst "stumbling across" a team that clicked to give us a much needed a win at the Liberty Stadium. Is this accurate?

I'm in two minds. You'd have to assume he bought Nolan and Jackson/Harrison to make those places their own, which they haven't for varying reasons. Given Dozzell may have been going out on loan at one stage and has had rehabilitation issues, it's fair to say he probably wasn't first choice until Nolan decided to disappear in games after the first whistle.

Sears you'd assume wasn't first choice striker given he didn't start there on the opening day and had an injury here and there but now he's back in the fold after some good displays from the bench and in training i'd assume, he's a definite starter against QPR.

These two additions Saturday gave us more cohesion by all accounts but were they stumbled across or has Hurst wanted them to start but for one reason or another ie: injuries, form of others etc... they've not. MM was unfortunate in that his signings got injured and he never had a the side he signed to really play together. Has Hurst suffered a similar fate and Saturday bore the first fruits of what his desired first eleven is or was it fortuitous and did he stumble across it?
MASSIVE half coming up...
at 15:53 6 Oct 2018

An away win, against a quality side and out of the relegation zone prior to the international break will be an enormous lift. What have we learnt from last week and how is Hurst going to nullify them to get us over the line???
Swansea ticket allocation
at 15:42 4 Oct 2018

Have we sold our allocation for Saturday? There's no option in ITFC to buy one. Any available on the gate?
What's wrong with this picture?
at 14:28 3 Oct 2018

Posted this in another thread but there's a tonne of stuff here for debate and scrutiny...

[Post edited 3 Oct 14:28]
Simple things to get right
at 06:45 3 Oct 2018

It's painful when watching as a fan how the bleedin' obvious reasons unchecked game after game. We lack a cutting edge yet remain with a system that leaves the front man isolated. We have a defensive midfielder who showed last night he has the undoubted quality to play higher up the pitch and deliver menacing balls in the box. We have a shape in midfield that isn't designed to get enough bodies in the box and we've got a forward line unprepared to gamble.

Reality is, until we change these simple things, we're not going to threaten and with no threat, we're going to struggle. The problem now is, as we continue to struggle, the more reliance we'll have on two 'defensive' midfielders when we should be thinking the opposite.

After a decent 10 minute spell in possession last night, we threw two goals away and the confidence went. Thank God for a rocket at half time to restore some pride but unless the above is remedied, it's in vain.
at 21:23 2 Oct 2018

Quality tonight. Best player on the park.
Hot tips...
at 01:02 30 Sep 2018

Saw this at Brum today. Brilliant. Looks like the Peaky Blinders have been up to their old tricks again! Anyway plump for any of these...??? Sears looking good value amongst this lot...

[Post edited 30 Sep 1:03]
The right back curse...
at 18:45 29 Sep 2018

How many good, natural right full backs in recent memory have missed out due to players being picked ahead of them being played out of their natural position?

David Wright is a big one who lost out to Carlos Edwards I think.
Jonny Parr for Stearman and Chambers
Donacien for Pennington
I think even Edwards lost out to Tom bloody Eastman at one stage.

What gives!?
Kayden Jackson
at 18:28 29 Sep 2018

Thought he was excellent today. Worked hard, pulled off his men well, ran the channels all game, even won a few headers - deserved a goal today. Needs to mix his game up a bit more and come short a more often but I think Nolan is letting him down in that supporting role a bit - he never seems to want to or looks to get beyond him. Good link up by the pair for the goal though so cause for optimisim.

1-2-3 touch...
at 10:08 29 Sep 2018

Anyone watch the Leeds game last night and see the difference in how they moved the ball around? That's the level to be at. Loads of energy in that midfield with some lovely movement and the 1 and 2 touch passing was quality at times.

This is what Skuse and crew need to emulate. As much as Skuse as had decent start to the season, he has to start dictating games at this pace. We've got the youth and energy around him in Chalobah, Edun and Nolan. Time to up it.
Bringing back Dozzell
at 08:10 28 Sep 2018

It seems the furore around Dozzell not being in the picture at present is gathering momentum, another stick to try and beat Hurst with.

To all those who are quite frankly, stupid, Dozzell is 19 and on the road back from a ruptured cruciate. It's a long slow road but he's making good progress in less competitive matches. Hurst has already said that Dozzell had muscle imbalances that need to be strengthened, again, this takes time. So to all those clamouring to rush a kid back into competitive first team action after a major injury, get some perspective.

West Ham pre-season is a stroll around compared to the Championship. I'd rather they took their time with Dozzell than rush him back and risk his promising career.
What does Hurst change for Brum?
at 21:10 23 Sep 2018

No doubt our lack of attacking edge is cause for concern. We're not shipping that many goals so it's obvious where the problem lies. So what does he need to change?

One of two things need to happen as a minimum. Either the two wide men play narrower making us tighter and compact allowing full backs space to bomb on or, the wide men play wider allowing space for midfielders to break beyond or support the front man better.

If we adopt the first approach, Donacien has to start. If we adopt the second any combination of Chalobah, Nolan, Edun, Harrison or Sears play with Skuse. All have their own merits. Most struggling for form.
Hands up if you booed yesterday
at 08:12 23 Sep 2018

Last season it got pelters on here, a crime, how dare it be so at our leniant family club. It's not got a mention this weekend or in midweek. How come? Is it acceptable now?
at 17:56 15 Sep 2018

It's hard to find any positives from today other than Rowe getting some minutes. Most would have expected a couple from Harrison, Jackson, Edun, Chalobah and Donacien to miss out but all of them!? Bizarre...

Walters and Nolan were too isolated, the midfield too wasteful, ponderous and no way near dynamic enough and the defending was lethargic. After a break I think everyone expected more. Today's performance was reminiscent of the reason I stopped going under MM - so many aimless balls into channels or for Walters to scrap for.

We can only assume he left those lot on the bench ahead of Tuesday night but instead of picking up 3 points we're now staring down the barrel of no return from 6. Here's hoping our decent run of floodlit Tuesday night PR games pays dividends because today was woeful on every level.
Long sleeve 81/82 Pioneer Shirt
at 10:12 7 Sep 2018

Anyone any idea why there's no long sleeve white version of this shirt in the online shop? Anyone know where i can get one?
My first Hurst disappointment
at 07:27 3 Sep 2018

No doubt the starting selection left everyone a bit perplexed before kick-off. Some big calls but that's what he's there to do. Looking at the way both sides lined up, we didn't set-up in a 4-2-3-1 as Hurst claimed in the post match presser, it was a 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2. Graham and Edwards were no ay near advanced enough and Walters was all too often alongside Jackson.

Looking at the bench, i figured Edun and Chalobah would come off it and revert to the 4-2-3-1 later in the second half when they started to tire. Sticking an extra man in midfield and bringing on two dynamic youngsters would have stretched the likes of Tettey and co but this never happened. Given all the games to date, i'd have expected this. Question is, why not?

Did Hurst miss a trick here? Did he get the MM fear of losing a derby rather than really going for it?
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