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Son of a legend
at 23:11 24 Apr 2021

Does he play like one? I’d watched enough of Dozzell last season to know he doesn’t have that drive to take him to the next level. This season has done nothing to change my opinion. If I was the son of a Town legend, I’d be leaving my heart and soul on that pitch after every 90 minutes to emulate my dad and to build my career. What have we got instead? A season of absent, abject, forgettable performances where you rarely know he’s on the pitch. No doubt Cook was referring to him with his comments this week about being accelerated to the first team too quickly, along with a few others.

Dozzell treats each game like a practice session and coasts from game to game with a rather distant, bemused look on his face. Given the option, I’d rather play the 35-year old Skuse next to Downes for the last games just to see the difference and really highlight how ineffective and forgettable he’s rapidly becoming.

I saw one good sharp pass into Edwards feet today, that was it. One pass.
Good half that
at 19:28 13 Apr 2021

I thought Nsiala’s panicked pass straight to the opposition was good. Judge spinning around in centre of our half for 45 mins was a particular highlight. Wolfenden’s professionalism at giving up the ball which didn’t go out was my favourite bit and I like the way Drinan’s football brain is 15 yards behind mine and I retired 17 years ago.

If Ward wants to turn his back on a cross like a schoolboy, he can do as long as he hands in his notice on the 95 minute mark.
Cook having an effect on Toto
at 15:56 27 Mar 2021

Cook said mid-week that Toto needs to do more which was a point made a few weeks ago. Toto’s confidence on the ball is already beginning to grow working with Cook again. A lovely dink over the wingers head and square volley to Chambers; a driven pass into Edwards...

Long may it continue. If he can add this to his game and cut out the lapses in concentration he might finally win me over.
Jackson for Bennetts
at 10:30 21 Mar 2021

Think this would be the only change I’d make next week. If we’re going to start defending in a 4-4-2 when out of possession, I think we’re moving toward a flexible system to get Jackson into the side regularly. He’d certainly be far more influential than Bennetts and it’d allow him to partner Norwood. Add Dobra to the bench on a regular basis and that’d do me nicely.

Thought Toto had his best game for us too. Cook seems to be coaching him to be more comfortable on the ball and he grew in confidence yesterday. Thought his positioning was excellent throughout, notable with the lack of last ditch diving tackles or blocks. Pretty faultless for the first time in ages. Looks to have edged ahead of Wilson in the pecking order.
Cook vs Cowleys on the mic
at 15:09 20 Mar 2021

We did win something today, if not the game. Good insight into in game management for all those who watched today. Cook constantly massaging and nurturing the positional play on and off the ball. Great to listen to. The shouts from the Cowley’s paled into insignificance. Delighted we’ve got Cook over them now I’ve heard them like for like. Cook will come good even if the result went against us today - let’s hope those selected start delivering.
Anyone seeing the improvements yet?
at 13:19 20 Mar 2021

Playing with such a better tempo further up the pitch. The high press is causing Pompey lots of issues. Good first 15.
Our Club
at 11:37 19 Mar 2021

It's simple words like this which you like to hear as a fan. All other managers in living memory refer to the club as "the club", Cook hasn't. Hopefully this simple unified message is the answer to turning around our fortunes rather than siege mentality psychology, grand PR gestures or big signings.

“I’m fortunate at the minute, Luke Chambers has gone to right-back. Luke Chambers has been an outstanding centre-half for our club..."
Started playing when the game was lost
at 21:42 16 Mar 2021

Much work to be done mentally more than tactically.
Aaron Drinan...
at 21:33 16 Mar 2021

...isn’t a League One standard footballer; he’s a body to fill a hole in the notable absence of others.
Unforced Errors
at 21:16 16 Mar 2021

Lots of finger pointing in all directions on here tonight but the simple fact is Fleetwood are far hungrier for this game and their quick press is causing us all the issues. So many forced and unforced errors.

The defence has been a shambles tonight. I’d have taken a point away but Wilson and Toto have spurned any chance of that. Games like this should be their bread and butter. Toto made three errors in one move for their second (not holding the line, then dropping too deep and not getting tight enough to the ball). Wilson gifted the first allowing a free header; Kenlock has barely picked a pass all night and the rest are equally as much at sea.

Terrible performance. Think this one is going off in 10 minutes.
Nsiala and Bennetts
at 21:07 9 Mar 2021

Two players we do not need. Nsiala has many critics and I’m one. He’s that bad that Appleton let him have the ball all night because he knew he’d give it back, slow the play down or make a mistake because he can’t make quick decisions or pass accurately with any intent.

We can praise his no nonsense defending but he’s an exceptionally poor footballer. Wilson has improved in my opinion and is earning his shirt. Night and day from Nsiala and this game showed it. Last 20 Wilson is carrying the ball looking to make things happen, Nsiala is playing walking football or dithering with poor touches and nearly throwing the game. It won’t be long before he’s replaced.

Bennetts. Terrible. End of.
Reality Check
at 15:08 6 Mar 2021

Kind of happy with a defeat in a perverse way. It gives Cook a good opportunity and perfect excuse to make a few changes. We've got away with a few wins recently so there's our reality check ahead of Tuesday.

Too many mistakes in the lead up to the goals today. Freddie's thrown away our point but Toto, Kenlock and Toto again should have done much better for their first and second. Bennetts' switched off from a corner, it should have been four.

The changes are no brainers for me. Dozzell, Toto, Harrop and Bennetts to make way for Downes, Wolfenden, Edwards and Judge, if available.
5/1 for promotion
at 08:11 5 Mar 2021

With only 4 of the top 12 to play in the last 16 and a settled side, finally it's looking optimistic. There's always a side that comes on strong in this division at this point in the season and looking at form, we're as good a shout as any. What's the consensus?

John Bostock
at 16:51 27 Feb 2021

Class at this level. Best player on the pitch today.
Community Run Clubs
at 21:24 18 Feb 2021

This article (one of two) gives a bit of a flavour for how few fans need to contribute to make a community run club a viable option.


Guardian Article
at 20:51 18 Feb 2021

Missed this first time around and worth a read for those who haven’t. It’s a depressing in truth and things have declined drastically since this bleak picture was written 2 1/2 months ago. I think everyone in and outside of club are looking at this situation scratching their heads at the lack of action.

Must be a takeover on the horizon, surely?

More flares and smoke bombs...
at 20:59 16 Feb 2021

...back to Playford Road Thursday lads.
Tonight I made a pancake...
at 20:34 16 Feb 2021

...that pancake has had as many shots on target as 14 Town players.
at 12:55 31 Jan 2021

Given ME’s experience with manager contracts and payouts prior to Lambert, it would be inconceivable to think that there aren’t performance related clauses in PLs contract. Given our current position and the woeful stats accumulated week-on-week, you have to wonder if there’s actually been a massive oversight - one of them must have been triggered now surely ie :

- outside of the top 6
- middle table almost bottom half
- run of “X” Home league defeats
- total number of defeats in a season
- points adrift of automatic promotion
- failure to beat sides above

The list goes on...

Does anyone know of any clauses that were written into previous manager contracts?
Artell has pushed the full backs up...
at 15:34 30 Jan 2021

...to counter our narrow front three who are causing their back four problems. Lambert hasn’t responded yet and Crewe have got back in the game and got into several decent positions as a result. Interesting to see how this plays out. Lambert needs to tweak it to stay on top...
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