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At last - a good news story!
at 14:34 4 Jul 2022
Anyone familiar with Morocco?
at 18:20 2 Jul 2022

I am clueless.

Thinking about popping over for a week but where's the best place to go?

Don't really want tourist places and preferably no bars, just normal Moroccan life.

Don't mind busy places.
Wednesday night toon.
at 22:55 29 Jun 2022

I know it should be Friday but tomorrow is too busy and Friday is Guns n Roses

In the spirit of things

Although it was a choice of three so can we compromise on two?

at 21:21 29 Jun 2022

Your dream has gone baby!
[Post edited 29 Jun 21:31]
I think I have a spare for Guns n Roses at WHL Friday night
at 12:45 29 Jun 2022

If anyone is interested.

Pitch standing

Friday toon
at 00:33 24 Jun 2022

Now I know Bob's a shy guy but I really think he is in awe here - and let's face it, who wouldn't be??

I know I'm a Floydy and I also get mixed up with them - and The Stones and Bowie as to who is number 1 but - really, as a bloke - has anyone got anywhere near Dave?

My toilet has a load of pictures in it and right by my bog roll is a picture of Davey standing on a plinth when he was a youngster, I think it's my favourite picture I own. RKD bought it for me.

I'm actually being quite serious here but when I've had to make a serious decision I look at him and think "What would you have done Dave?"

Anyone else going to see Guns n Roses next Friday at WHL??
at 18:40 23 Jun 2022

What we've got here is a failure to communicate!

So, these American sweet shops taking over Oxford Street
at 11:36 23 Jun 2022

What's it all about?

Something doesn't ring true, is it some money laundering thing?

nothing is priced up and they are usually empty - the cost of setting them up and the rent would be crippling.

What's going on????
Oi. Mr John - Jules. I know you are monitoring the board.
at 18:32 22 Jun 2022

What is your favourite cheese?

Friday toon
at 05:57 17 Jun 2022

at 15:05 31 May 2022

We had a thread on passports recently but I can’t find it.

Dolly hadn’t renewed his and blamed the world but was told my many people (including me) that it’s his own fault and he lacked personal responsibility.

Then I realised my Mrs had run out and it was by fault as it’s a blue job.

Anyhoo - please to report, ordered online on 15th and received today.

I’m guessing we were either lucky or (more probably) it’s the paper applications that are the problem.

Strangest thing happened last night - TW4TD hive mind post.
at 10:03 28 May 2022

Went to bed about midnight and the mobile rung with a no caller ID so I didn't answer.

It rang again a minute later so I answered it in case it was some kind of emergency. I have multiple landlines redirected to my mobile but by the notification I receive when I answer the phone I can tell where it's directed from and it was an 01603 number - so I know it wasn't a straight to mobile call, not if that makes any difference.

Anyhoo, when I answered it a guy said "British Gas emergency line" as if I had called him. I said that I didn't call out, you called me, how can I help - and then the phone went dead.

This then happened every minute about 10 more times although after a few calls The British Gas reply was replaced with an Autoglass reply.

Eventually I had to turn my phone off.

I mean, WTF? Anyone have any ideas?
[Post edited 28 May 10:59]
Early Friday toon - if it's allowed
at 23:45 26 May 2022

I'm tired and emotional and tomorrow is triple busy. There doesn't seem to be any spare time these days, everything is 100% batsh1t crazy!

This is not really a Friday toon but worth a watch if you have time - it's a sort of bonus track(s). Superb stuff though.

Edit - It's Friday now

[Post edited 27 May 1:04]
Flight advice in these unreliable weird times
at 17:28 26 May 2022

Easyjet from stansted or pay £150 more and take KLM from London City?

Quick TW4TD advice to save me looking it up
at 10:29 26 May 2022

Do we have to pay roaming charges in Europe yet?
iCloud madness - need help please.
at 22:26 19 May 2022

So…. I run MacBook at home and iMac at work plus iPhone.

Spent last four hours of the day at work today on the iMac finishing off complex excel sheet.

Get home to edit a few bits and notice MacBook hasn’t synced. Spent last hour trying to sort it and in between looked at iPhone and noticed updated excel sheet is on there.

Still can’t get the MacBook to sync so I thought I would email myself the updated file from my phone and work on that but phone version has reverted back to my old unsynced MacBook version.

It’s as if MacBook has taken control and regressed my phone - will it do the same to my iMac?

What’s going on?

Am I screwed?
Coffee bags
at 14:21 14 May 2022

Champagne Socialist Artsbossbeard advises me that he has bought some coffee bags (like a teabag but with coffee in)

Has anyone seen or used these and what the hell is the point??
Just finished watching Coogan and Sarah Solemani's Chivalry
at 23:44 29 Apr 2022

Highly recommended

Brilliant stuff.
Friday Toon
at 10:29 29 Apr 2022

Season is over - chill. Onto more important things, Botanist and Moloko review.
at 18:01 23 Apr 2022

Popped into Botanist today for a snout and a spot of lunch. They were only dealing with pre books so just had a couple of coffees, went to pay only to be advised they were on the house. Sat outside so never had much of a gander but all in all it looks really nice.

Unsure of where to eat we went on RKD's recommendation of Moloko for a bit of Tapas. It was very lively and full of ladies that lunch.

They do a set of three Tapas dishes for £15 (choose from about 12) and then a load of add ons from main menu if desired. We went for the riff raff x 2 plus 3 extra and it was more than enough - possibly too much.

So - 9 dishes plus a basket of bread with aioli was £59

Probably my best recent local meal and I include Unruly Pig and Mariners

Quite honestly it was 10/10.

Check it out Tw4tders
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