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So, Hatstand - what a div, eh?
at 19:33 25 Nov 2021

TWTD opinions sought
at 19:45 17 Nov 2021

Looking to buy a pod coffee machine thing for the office.

* Don't want to be tied down to a specific brand of pod

* Need to be able to make a strong cup of coffee in a decent size cup rather than those miniature small people type cups.

*Obviously must be able to produce coffee from a decent quality pod - is it possible to have option of flat white, expresso cappuccino etc - or is that down to getting those milk frother things?

*Don't want to spend more than £100

Advice appreciated.
Sha sha lee
at 22:54 12 Nov 2021

Memories - Just walking back from the pub with the boy and my mate Mick the Fish
at 23:11 6 Nov 2021

and Mick's wearing Blakeys

Anyone remember them?

Even back at school in the 70's we all wore Blakeys. I had forgotten about them..
Ulez advice
at 16:22 24 Oct 2021

My mate has a vehicle that is registered in my name. Tomorrow he has to pop over the line into Ulez territory on behalf of me. Now, I know you can pre register the vehicle with a bank account for direct debit purposes but I don't want to do this as I will get stung £12.50 every time he goes past N Circular.

If I don't register the vehicle will they just send me a bill - similar to if you forget to pay when crossing QE Bridge?
Went to see Never Lost at Home last night at The Wolsey with the boy.
at 15:31 10 Oct 2021

Excellent and SBR was fantastically acted again by Peter Peverley

Butcher, McCall, Mills, Osman and Warky were there and were in the bar afterwards for photos and chit chats

Sat directly behind Hoppy and his daughter but I resisted giving him a nudge as I feared he might tell me one of his jokes.
Why do tradesmen who are on day rate turn up for a job, and then
at 09:59 8 Oct 2021

Decide they need a load of materials and then drive the other side of town to Screwfix? Why don’t the useless bastards get what they need on their way in?

I do know the answer by the way.
Probably been done to death before but Euro Car Parks fines - do I need to pay
at 13:32 29 Sep 2021

the bastards?

I'm thinking not.

Mrs spent more than 2 hours at a retail park spending all my hard earned and the've clopped me for £100

A brief Google says (providing I don't mind the hassle of threatening letters) I can tell them to swivel.

Anyone on here refused to pay these?
Tonight I met an absolute 100% board legend for the first time.
at 00:26 29 Sep 2021

So, I wonder up the steps to my designated seat. I haven't been to a game in a while so I'm not sure where I'm sitting but one of my mates plonks me down.

Next to me on my immediate right is a very suave looking cherry who I assume is one of our lot. Turns out, after a brief chin wag that it isn't.

Anyhoo, I have a few brief conversations with this guy about the game but I must admit I am more drawn to the guys style. The bloke is 100% dapper and knows how to dress and I am admiring him. You cannot buy looking cool, there's a load of tickets out there who can afford it but they will never look first class.

I'm waffling.

Turns out after a couple of nods and how's your fathers that I met BLUEBEAT tonight, although neither of us knew it at the time.

Next time we'll have a beer baby!
First game back for a while.
at 23:01 28 Sep 2021

Don’t know what you TW4TDERS have been moaning about.

Didn’t know who anyone was but the No 7 clone of Eric Gates and James Bullard was the star of the show.

Word of warning
at 09:48 15 Sep 2021

Don't get ill, give birth or be in an ambulance on the way to hospital if you are on the M25 today.
RIP Geronimo
at 09:05 1 Sep 2021

I've been following this story for some time and accept that if he had TB then he should be put down.

There were however good reasons put forward to suggest that the previous tests were flawed, I cannot understand why they couldn't just give one more test? Instead DEFRA turns up heavy handed with a dozen police and manhandles the terrified beast away to be put down.

Am I missing something?

Wasn't the whole thing 100% unnecessary?
[Post edited 1 Sep 9:17]
She's one of our own!
at 10:02 28 Aug 2021

No subject
at 07:35 25 Aug 2021

[Post edited 25 Aug 8:10]
Covid medicine news
at 13:48 20 Aug 2021

The UK regulator has approved the first drug to prevent coronavirus. Ronapreve is an injected artificial antibody treatment.

AstraZeneca is seeking approval for its own antibody cocktail, which prevented 77% of symptomatic Covid in clinical trials
Hey Koonty
at 11:21 20 Aug 2021

Afghanistan produces most of the world's opium and heroin but the Taliban claim drugs will no longer be produced under their rule

This will lead to a massive price increase of street heroin.

Do you think this could be the final nail in the coffin for Scotlands deficit?

Raab - sorry if old news
at 14:05 19 Aug 2021

I don't see a problem with him being on holiday but I just read that whilst on holiday he refused to take a call re Afghanistan issue.

I have never liked the bloke but this is off the scale. I mean, what is wrong with these people?
I've had a Brexit result!
at 15:51 18 Aug 2021

Just got clearance and VAT bill in for a container that's just docked.

Now we have left the EU there is no duty with China (our goods are normally 6.5%)

This will save us around £20k a year

I had no idea this has happened.

Also, we normally have to pay VAT on entry which is an average of £20k a container. I know we get it back but it really screws the cash flow, especially if we have all four containers in one quarter.

Now though they have introduced a PVA (Postponed Vat Accounting) where you simply defer the VAT until your VAT return when you claim it back at the same time thus it's zero.

The PVA thing is an absolutely massive boost for importers.
Anyone want to earn £100 tomorrow to help unload a container - Dorset DT11
at 14:49 18 Aug 2021

We are a man down and the farmers are all busy

Usually takes about 4 hours
I'm not saying I'm feeling old but I'm watching Back to the Future 2
at 19:12 8 Aug 2021

for the first time.

They have gone to the future and it's 6 years ago.
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