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at 16:43 15 Jul 2018

We constantly overun the ball
at 16:45 14 Jul 2018

Rashford was terrible for it against Croatia.
2 - 0 n/t (n/t)
at 16:19 14 Jul 2018

I know we are losing but I just can't feel anything but flat watching this.
at 15:07 14 Jul 2018

The players must be feeling terrible, I really don't see why they play this game.
This novichok thing is getting really weird.
at 11:10 14 Jul 2018

So the novichok that poisoned the last couple has been found in a bottle inside their home, experts are now analysing it to see if it's the same novichock as the Skripal batch - or I presume a different batch that was ordered from Avon.

Nothing adds up about the whole thing from start to finish - starting with the fact that the ex Russian spy in fear of his life didn't have a CCTV system.
Emergency film recommendation
at 22:34 13 Jul 2018

Just decided to sit and laze and want to watch a decent film in a hurry - an old classic perhaps.

Was gonna watch The Big Lebowski (sp) but it's £5.99.

Fargo is an option and for nix but I'll give my brothers 12 mins for suggestions, this will take me up to 22.45 and my frozen lamb shanks will be done to perfection.
Just watched TOTP 1984 and on it was Madonna and Cyndi Lauper - both of who
at 21:04 13 Jul 2018

I find incredibly attractive and it got me a thinking. I know it's difficult without giving it serious thought but off the top of your head who are the top 5 sexiest birds of all time - in their pomp.

I will have to say - and in no particular order

Elizabeth Carling
Pauline Collins
Briget Kelly

Apologies to Esther Hall.
My mate just text me as he just found out that the iconic 80's Dutch kit was
at 19:02 13 Jul 2018

called Ipswich

Right, I'm going to try and post the related tweet here.

Also Adidas have a watch called Ipswich
[Post edited 13 Jul 19:03]
Just popped out the front of one of my retail superstores
at 16:54 13 Jul 2018

and some bloke is on my property picking up litter with one of those stick things. I make conversation and he tells me that he often walks up and down picking up litter as it's the only way to keep a clean street, I often wondered what happened to all the beer cans the herberts chuck on my frontage. Anyway, I thought it was very public spirited of him and I told him so, only trouble was I had to wait for him to bügger off before I flicked my fag.

Just seen a short clip of May sitting down with Trump for a pre meeting media
at 12:51 13 Jul 2018


Blimey she looks weak, whoever advises our PMs is an idiot. She is obviously following instructions from her gurus but that is not how to look strong.

She spends 10 seconds facing the cameras and the ten seconds turning and looking at Trump, it's as if she is looking for a nod of approval, it looks terrible. She should stare at the camera only with a "This is what's going to go down" attitude and mentioning "Special relationship" so many times is a bad move.

Trump has done what he does best and he is an absolute master at it. He throws so many cluster bombs around the place that he unnerves his opposition and any small thing he later concedes is looked upon as a major achievement - which it isn't.

Talk about being on the back foot
Right, I think I have grasped it.
at 10:19 13 Jul 2018

We have the leader of the free world undermining our government while his friends at Fox and Murdoch Empires try to overthrow it with what is basically a media Coup d'etat

Our London mayor (quite amazingly IMHO) is happy for a childish stunt to go ahead with a stupid balloon and we will have 1000's of professional ne'er-do-wells protesting against something that, er, I'm not sure they know.

Our guests behaviour is appalling, he has basically entered our front room and shat in it and rather than rise above this the Great British public (with the help of extreme organisations) are fighting it out with Trump in a race to the bottom.

I'm not a great fan of May but she is in an impossible position.

By the way Republicans, this is why we have Her Maj, she's gonna have a word with The Donald and threaten him with a kick in the balls.
[Post edited 13 Jul 11:47]
Word to the wise - ITV 4 now
at 20:05 12 Jul 2018

Monster carp
I thought Neville and Dixon talked rubbish
at 22:45 11 Jul 2018

But Hoddle and Bilic spoke a lot of sense.

Anyway, nice while it lasted.
Gonna be riots a plenty tonight I’m afraid.
at 22:42 11 Jul 2018

Town upon town.

Glad I’m at home I think.
Just watching Theresa May speaking in The House
at 15:47 9 Jul 2018

Gotta say I find the whole laughing, jeering and cheering from all sides of the house disrespectful and juvenile.
Boris has resigned n/t (n/t)
at 15:02 9 Jul 2018

Big shout out for BankersDebtSteve
at 11:36 9 Jul 2018

During a random about nothing thread I mentioned that I was struggling to get a taxi from Darsham to Southwald where upon I was to go on an Adnams Brewery tour.

I got a flashing red from BDS (Who I have never met) offering to pick me up and drive me.

As promised BDS was waiting at Darsham to drive me to my place of drunkeness.

Ever the modest man he didn't want me to mention it but.... hey ho.

Today I am not a well man.
My tele's gone technical
at 16:50 7 Jul 2018

This is what you call Total Football. (n/t)
at 16:36 7 Jul 2018

This is a walk in the park - at the moment
at 16:17 7 Jul 2018

We are simply superb.
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