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Ok. Moving on from Laura K, institutional sexism and engrained toxic masculinity
at 19:16 7 Jan 2021

Who, in your opinion is the sexiest bird who ever lived?

I'm torn on this one but I'm gonna be dominated by music here

1/ Bridget Kelly
2/ Suzi Quattro
3/ Kim Wilde (she should be very happy because rarely does a blonde get on one of my lists)

Notable substitution is Gina McKee who basically can't sing.
Local vaccine update
at 11:18 4 Jan 2021

Just been confirmed Mother is getting her 2nd Pfizer jab on Wednesday.
Sorry Gainsborough, I've just seen that you've covered this already.
at 09:58 29 May 2020

Over and out.
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I just had a text from Micky Flanagan.
at 09:46 11 May 2020

Apparently we can go OUT, but not OUT OUT.
I wonder who will come out worse through this, Norwich or Ipswich?
at 10:09 8 May 2020

Norwich have massive overheads and a relatively poor owner, we have minimal overheads and a relatively wealthy owner.

I don't know why the powers that be are still discussing this season when it is more than possible there won't be a next season.
According to Bossbeard
at 16:27 4 May 2020

Who for some reason frequents a Scouse football board, the Mayor of Liverpool (Liverpool fan) suggests that Liverpool should not be given the league as the feral feckers can't be trusted not to invade Anfield en masse to celebrate and thus ignoring separation distances.
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Anyone else going for the £50k Bounce Back loan?
at 14:07 4 May 2020

Barclays is crashing although my mate did his with Lloyds this morning

It's mental. £50k no interest for a year and then only 2.5% interest over 6 years if you don't pay it back!

No personal guarantee. Free money!

Ah Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Friday choon
at 09:53 1 May 2020

Is it time for a lockdown liquid?
at 17:23 30 Apr 2020

I think that's a yes!
This is terrible from the Daily Mail.
at 10:29 30 Apr 2020

I can't believe they won't use her name, just a number!

Am I permitted to post positive ventilator news?
at 17:07 27 Apr 2020

Friend of mine works at Penlon in Abingdon which is the company that designed the ESO 2. Penlon usually make around 700 anaesthetic ventilators per year but through the ‘UK Ventilator Challenge’ (a consortium featuring Penlon, McClaren, Ford, Airbus, STI and other companies) they are producing 15,000 machines in 10 weeks.

The Penlon facility in Abingdon has been converted into the test house (ventilators undergo a lengthy and thorough test), Airbus are assembling the absorbers, McClaren the trolleys then it all goes off to Ford to be assembled into the full ESO 2 ventilator (AVC, Flowmeter, Absorber and ventilator) before going back to Abingdon to be tested.

My mates job is Final Approval doing the very last QC and paperwork checks and authorising the machines release.

The machines are restricted for use in the Covid-19 pandemic and are heading out to the NHS now

300 supplied
1000 by the end of this week
1500 per week thereafter

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I'm not a tweet person, just a twit so I hope this works
at 13:35 24 Apr 2020

Handjob is making a right balls up of this one. (n/t)
at 17:05 23 Apr 2020

Is anyone else actually quite enjoying this lockdown or am I a weirdo?
at 17:06 21 Apr 2020

And before anyone starts throwing things at me I fully appreciate some people are in awful situations, a point that I have often mentioned and I also fully appreciate that some people have lost loved ones and or are dead.

But I have to say personally I'm finding it quite soothing at the moment.
Musings from Hong Kong
at 11:26 19 Apr 2020

Had a brief but what I think is a very interesting email conversation with a friend in Hong Kong yesterday, particularly the original email which highlights there current situation. They currently have 4 deaths and I believe that this is likely as my friend is an intelligent normal man who lived half his life in UK

It needs to be read from bottom to top.


Hi Lucan

I don’t think that will ever happen in our life time. I just feel sorry for the next generation. There won’t be another berlin Wall to come down but the great wall of china is still standing.

How are you coping with the lockdown ? Must be a horror for those with families and the infirmed.

Here all forms of business are going off the map, the restaurant trade and bars are the worse effected.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Hi Wong

Yeah I know.

What’s the answer, if big boss gets thrown over will he be replaced by someone worse?

I don’t know by the way, I just pose the question.

Sent from my iPhone.


Hi Lucan

But what they are doing to Hong Kong and their own people in China is criminal.


Hi Wong

To be fair China is hardly a communist country anymore.
Sent from my iPhone.


Hi Lucan

Nobody here is wearing PPE unless you work in hospitals, airport arrival and disinfecting personnel.

You see French President Macron criticizing the communists regime and asking them to come clean but his government have placed an order for 600,000 face masks.

Just saw on local news Wuhan wet market has opened for business, didn’t see any bats, but lots of red things dangling on hooks.

I think its about time Trump abuse of his authority even further to send a few Exocet missiles and use the seats of power in Beijing as his targets.

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Hi Wong

The problem also though is the reliability of PPE coming out of China, and we bought 3.5 million test kits earlier this month from China that were useless

I don't like Hancock, he reminds me of one of those teachers pets at school however he is the one that is wanting to keep the lockdown whereas our chancellor who is getting all the plaudits wanted an earlier release.

It’s an impossible situation.

I think we will be on a rolling lockdown for minimum of 12 months.
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Its true Lucan. Only 4 have died so far. We were well prepared end January for the worse scenario, wearing masks priority contrary to government advise. That guy Matt Hancock must be held accountable for some things, your lockdown was late. Having said that we are used to this sort of thing, a lot of people still remember SARS in 2003 and put this into practice. I feel sorry for your lock down especially those with big families.


Hi Wong

Only 4 deaths? Do you believe these figures?

How can HK be so low, our real count is probably over 20,000.


Hi Lucan

We are on the same cruise ship as you lot in the UK but with far less regulations. There is no lock down like in Britian /Europe, we must abide to social distance of not less and 1.5 metres when you are inside restaurants but it doesn’t apply if you are queuing up in a supermarket . So where is the line drawn. We can buy most essentials although 6 weeks earlier panic buying started first with bog rolls, tissue, sanitisers, Dettol, of that nature. Now bog rolls are stacked ceiling high and no takers. People were warned not to buy more than 2 cartons of toilet paper because they would turn mouldy and damp once the monsoon starts and make your flat smell like a compost heap. That’s exactly the scenario now.

Number of death remain at 4, cases tested positive just over 1000, and since Easter weekend the number is single figures daily, and all can be contributed to students coming back from overseas.

We can go out and shop and make our errands without the fear of being stopped by the law unless you started to gather in large groups in public areas. Old men used to gather in public parks to play chess watched by a group of enthusiasts but all that has been banned. All bars and licensed alcohol venues have closed indefinitely and so have gyms, cinemas, concert halls, museums, watering holes for expats in Wanchai and Lan Kwai Fong have closed and many won’t recover or continue their business when this is over.

I was going to London in May for 7 days but all plans have been put on the back burner and reservations cancelled. Being a sporting nation it must turn people mad at weekends that there is nothing on the calendar. Not even a bunny race !

Otherwise we are keeping well and you too in these unprecedented times.

All the best Wong.
I had a letter today and my results show that I have tested positive for Covid19
at 13:55 15 Apr 2020

Or so I thought

Until I read it more carefully and apparently I am being prosecuted for possessing Cocaine on March 19th.
Artists / Bands that are obviously / probably good but you can't get into them
at 14:46 13 Apr 2020

The Doors
The Clash
Michael Jackson
Bruce Springsteen

Probably loads more.
at 15:27 11 Apr 2020

For obvious reasons I won't be seeing a GP anytime soon but I seem to have developed gout in my big toe. Therefore any tips and medication advice will be appreciated.

It hurts like a motherfecker.

I blame Jeera because he previously asked me for gout advice and I didn't have it.

Edit; I've had a bad elbow for a while, could this be related.

[Post edited 11 Apr 2020 15:30]
Ending this Pandemic
at 17:22 9 Apr 2020

Can someone with more grey matter than I advise how this pandemic is going to be extinguished?

By all accounts it isn't like SARS and is quite easy to transmit. Considering it jumped from a Pangolin or Bat to one person (lets just say in November) and has since covered the globe with lightening speed how can it be eradicated seeing that it is impossible to get back to zero infection.

TWTD assorted loons and crackpots need not reply.
[Post edited 9 Apr 2020 17:53]
Covid grants. Can anyone explain the difference between -
at 14:34 9 Apr 2020

Small Business Grant Fund (£10,000)

Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund (£10,000)
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