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I've turned
at 13:43 27 Jan 2020

I've just eaten a vegan sausage roll.
The wrong Milliband, Corbyn - and now a probable Rebecca Long Bailey
at 11:30 27 Jan 2020

Is Marcus Evans involved with Labour selection policy?
Travels in Euroland with Ed Balls
at 08:32 23 Jan 2020

Ok I have a shameful confession, I am growing to like Ed Balls. His Trumpland series was very good indeed and I am looking forward to the Euroland version.

I have seen no clips or anything but it will be well worth watching. Get on it TWTDers

I suspect the content may surprise some of the ardent Euro Militants (although that isn't definite info as I have only heard a brief review as I was waking up this morn)
RIP Dr Jay
at 14:40 22 Jan 2020

Man of the people
Bloody nightmare drive, Orwell bridge closure and all that caper.
at 21:53 21 Jan 2020

Had to go to Norwich this morning and the traffic was diabolical because of the bridge closure so I decided to go cross country to Eye through Debenham and get on the A140 at Brome - but oh no, had a diversion somewhere midway, didn't know where I was heading and ended up at the A140 near A14 (Coddenham??) so I must have been going round in circles.

The crazy thing was I passed a few big farm type houses with banners outside saying NO to the Northern Bypass which is quite ironic as if there was a northern bypass I (along with a line of others) wouldn't have had to drive past their bloody houses this morning.

It reminded me of the undersized suggestion box on Alan Partridge.
Any tree surgeons on here
at 10:26 14 Jan 2020

I need a bit of advice
Milk Slop
at 03:37 12 Jan 2020

I've just shared a couple of PMs with Jeera about weird foods and it got me thinking.

My odd bod father in law used to eat something he called milk slop, it was basically a couple of rounds of bread in a bowl covered with hot milk - it may have contained onions from memory but I could possibly have dreamt that bit.

Has anyone else heard of this ridiculous dining experience?
King Gary
at 00:49 7 Jan 2020

Any mention of this on here yet?

Has to be the funniest program of the decade.

This isn't definite info
at 15:03 1 Jan 2020

but quite possibly definite info.

If what I was told last week there may have been a bit of a a hoo going on then this cements Lambert and gives a firm message that PL is in charge and will be for the foreseeable.

Whether it is a wise decision to give 5 years remains to be seen but it does send an authoritative message out and may lead to some stability.
Can anyone give me a guideline of how long it takes two people to erect a shed
at 17:08 27 Dec 2019

forget for one moment I'm an idiot
TWTD Christmas joint cook off. Vegans, vegetarians and weirdos - do not open
at 22:16 24 Dec 2019

Going round daughter Lucans tomorrow and she has bought a huge turkey that will need a bit of persuasion to get in the oven.

We are taking the beef and I have got this Mother. We have to go round hers at 9.30 tomorrow morning so I have to get up and put daisy the cow into the oven at 5.45

9.2 kilos of taste sensation

Other TWTDers Christmas cooking exploits eagerly sought.
TWTD help needed - re; wifi booster for Sky Q / Netflix etc - plus Sparky advice
at 16:13 24 Dec 2019

It's come to this, I need help.

Mother has moved into Lucan Towers and apparently she has TV issues (I have been told by my wife that there is a problem as Mother has been dropping hints. Being a man I didn't recognise this, I foolishly assumed that if there was a problem she would just tell me and ask for help)

Anyhoo - it's not as straightforward as it seems.

I would initially have thought the best thing would be to use those wired plug things that in effect hardwires the TV to the router however she has moved into a new purposely built annex adjoining the main house and although we only get one electric bill for the property she has her own fuse board so I wonder if this option would actually work?

If the above is not effective then is there a decent wireless booster and do they work?

Another complication.

The main problem is with TV in bedroom with Netflix etc but she now also wants a fire stick. If the "wired" connection would work is it a case of just plugging the TV into the booster connection socket thing?

TV number 2 is in her living room and is operated by SKY Q mini box from the Q box in the main house. This normally works but has dropped a couple of times, if the hardwire plug thing would work does the TV get plugged into it or the SKY minibox??????

I heard an amazing fact yesterday - and thinking about it, it must be true
at 17:16 13 Dec 2019

If you take Blair out of the equation (who was arguably a Tory) Labour haven't won a general election in 50 years.

If Scotland ever leave the UK there is not even a long term opposition.
What the hell is it about Brighton?
at 04:28 13 Dec 2019

Anyway, I love these election nights and talking to everyone but I'm a bit pissed now and I've got to drive up north in an hour so I'm going for a power nap.

I bid you good evening.
That Labour bloke from Stoke is talking a lot of sense
at 00:23 13 Dec 2019

Nice to hear someone giving an honest account of things.
If you think the potential landslide is down to Brexit
at 22:30 12 Dec 2019

then you would have to concede that any 2nd referendum right now would result in a bigger leave vote - and I don't think it would

The problem is Corbyn and his buddies.
Hells teeth!
at 22:02 12 Dec 2019

Do I dob a thief in so close to Christmas?
at 17:15 12 Dec 2019

I have CCTV footage of a courier nicking one of our cartons on a delivery.


There's really only one answer isn't there?
Another reason why Corbyn can't be trusted.
at 23:32 11 Dec 2019

Poor old Ed Miliband despite being Jewish happily attempted to eat a bacon sandwich despite it being against his religion and making a right old hash of it.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand pretends to be a vegetarian but is often spotted at The Islington Pork Lovers Association quaffing his bodyweight in pig food products.

I rest my case.
Genuine question to vegans
at 07:59 9 Dec 2019

I was frying up a leftover kebab last night and the smell was so alluring that I began to salivate and this got me thinking.

Does the same thing happen to you when you mow the grass?
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