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TWTD help Fergal
at 10:05 10 Dec 2017

I'm not great at this sort of thing so I hope I've done it right.
Window cleaning advice
at 16:38 9 Dec 2017

Don't get Witchdoctor to clean your windows in December, he doesn't carry change at Christmas time.

The fecker walked away with 25% tip despite destroying my security lights with his ladder last time he was round.
[Post edited 9 Dec 16:39]
My Christmas gift to you all.
at 15:15 9 Dec 2017

I’m in love with 4th December.
Up the Ammers.
at 14:41 9 Dec 2017

Couldn't work out what to eat last night.
at 15:23 8 Dec 2017

Fancied Peri Peri chicken but Ipswich is poorly served in the Peri Peri area and Nandos don't deliver so I had a Mizu

I don't think there is a tastier and fresher delivery option anywhere for the price, it is always spot on.

Family Lucan all had a main and RKD and I ordered an extra Curry Mee but couldn't eat it. We split it into two bowls for later consumption and the portion would actually serve two as a main meal.

If you haven't had Curry Mee from Mizu TWTDers then get yourself in gear - it is phenomenal - a curried noodle soup with meats and veg.

I'm just about to eat mine now.

Super stuff.
Brexit. What we need is a riot. Where are the crusties when you need them.
at 09:54 6 Dec 2017

I find it strange that when a perfectly reasonable rates replacement tax is brought in or when some criminal gets shot by the police there are mass riots throughout the UK.

When something really bad is happening like Brexit no one is to be seen. It’s as if the riots are an excuse to destroy, loot and mame.

Where’s swampy when you need him?
Phone nerd advice
at 15:07 4 Dec 2017

Wife needs a new phone and she isn't overly bothered about the latest "ting"

I am far too ill, tired and busy to look at options so anyone with some spare time, can you advise the best one for a tenner a month or under.

Many thanks
Anyone got a Google phone?
at 22:22 26 Nov 2017

Just wondered what they were like.
Talking of Villa Park, there was a semi final pic of Man C and Ipswich fans in
at 14:50 25 Nov 2017

the Holte End and they were available for sale - someone posted a link around August time.

I can't find it and I want one as I am pretty sure a young slim Lucan is on it.

Any ideas?
Zero hour contracts
at 16:37 22 Nov 2017

The relatively new term of zero hour contracts.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the difference between this and casual labour?

Aside from the fact that casual labour has been with us since the year dot and has kept many a family in some kind of wage for decades and decades.
Worth a stand alone thread. Cricket fans without BT. Snedders is the main man!
at 14:24 22 Nov 2017

Helluva game at Sheff U (n/t)
at 21:41 21 Nov 2017

RKD is in NZ and he reckons the place is simply amazing.
at 13:43 18 Nov 2017

Today he reckons he went to the beach and made friends with a seal and a penguin, he then went snorkeling and danced with an octopus.

I think he might be back on the gear.

I have a strong feeling he will end up moving there which would be a fantastic experience and it got me thinking.

Message to all the junior blues - don't waste your life here - get travelling.

I can't believe I didn't take the opportunity to live and work abroad but alas it's too late for me now. In my youth we even had the opportunity to work in HK as we owned it.

I considered it but I'm not kidding that ITFC kept me here.

What a waste.
I seek 2 day shortish haul break advice
at 14:14 17 Nov 2017

Normally I would go somewhere and get hammered but the future ex wife and I thought we would like to go somewhere where we can actually do or see something rather than just go from bar to bar.

Unfortunately this isn't my area of expertise and all suggestions are welcome.

Berlin would be the sort of place but I've been there a couple of times already.

Cheers chaps.
Anyone else see Rob Brydon last night?
at 09:10 16 Nov 2017

‘‘Twas superb. Very funny.

Why do you always forget all the jokes by the next morning though?
The death of Stalin
at 17:58 15 Nov 2017


Go see it.
Kieffer Moore - I don't know much about him
at 16:18 11 Nov 2017

What's his playing style and should we be excited?
RKD is flying out to NZ tomorrow on a freebe courtesy of my mad Mother.
at 21:53 10 Nov 2017

Spending my inheritance.

Believe me this will be hard work. Can everyone give him a group hug.
Alright Motherfeckers. Thought I might treat the future ex wife to a west end sh
at 22:06 5 Nov 2017

ow sort of thing.

Being an absolute heathen I'm clueless. I think I'd like to see Cabaret but is that on? Is Liz Min still on the circuit?

Money not much of an issue - although I don't want to spend hundreds but I don't know what these things cost.

Can you get tickets for decent shows for £100ea?
Any recommendations ?

[Post edited 5 Nov 22:12]
My stupid junkie mate has just injected himself with curry power by accident.
at 22:40 24 Oct 2017

He's now in a korma.
[Post edited 25 Oct 1:20]
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