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I've had a Lucan Baptiste moment
at 20:04 18 Jun 2024

I was going to post this in Blueas First we had an Empire post
at 21:19 12 Jun 2024

but didn't want to derail the thread. Also, it's a bit blooming boring at the moment so here goes, re comedy.

I admit to being a hard man to please re comedy shows. I have walked out of a Frank Skinner show and a Reginald D Hunter show because they just weren't hitting the spot.

My favourite comedian at this time is Dan Tiernan, I saw him the other week in Leicester Square. Absolute nutter.

Overall though, the two most funniest comedians I have seen live were Jethro and Rob Brydon.

Tht was intersting wasn't it.
We all know that the world is a crazy place right now...............
at 23:45 11 Jun 2024

.............but if you could liken it to any other time that you had lived in, what would that year be and what song from that year would you play?

I'm saying 1974 baby.

[Post edited 11 Jun 23:53]
Hands up if you think the world is ok
at 23:05 4 Jun 2024

[Post edited 4 Jun 23:06]
TW4TD hive mind - Trading 212 advice
at 09:57 3 Jun 2024

I have an old friend (in both senses of the word) who asks me questions about things he needs info on.

On occasions I have no idea what he is talking about and today is one of them.

He seeks advise on Trading 212

Initially he told me it was a bank account that gave him 5% interest but after 5 mins of googling it looks to me like some kind of broker who invest and play about with your money.
Just been writing an article about the now defunct Ipswich underground network
at 15:09 1 Jun 2024

and came across some sketches of the proposed 1962 Felixstowe to Ipswich Bullet Train project with a proposed journey time of 3 mins from Felixstowe Euro Gateway to Derby Rd International.

[Post edited 1 Jun 15:23]
Our Joe made a great comment on Blue Monday
at 21:16 30 May 2024

If we hadn't have gone up (which was obviously on a knife edge) It would have been more likely that McKenna would have left - and then what calibre of manager would we have got?

It then reminds me that we were biting our nails in the championship for most of the season.

I'm not saying we were lucky because I think we thoroughly deserved it, but it really demonstrates the fine lines doesn't it.
Someone down below mentioned something called WOTB
at 21:37 29 May 2024

I confess I'm a bit bored so I checked it out.

Oh boy, it's a pretty unreadable format but guess what I found when they were talking about us****

**** They will never be us
Urgent help please - anyone in the energy business?
at 14:02 29 May 2024

I am contracted until 2026 but my broker just called and advised that electric is going to do nothing but go up and up year on year.

She advises me that she has secured a price of .32p KWH from 2026 and also advises that she thinks by then the price will be around the 45p - 50p mark

I know she is obviously on commission but I seek advice.

Do I twist?
Mc Kennnaaaballs Wednesdfay tuunnesss
at 00:25 29 May 2024


Man cool Mothers
My one and only criticism of McKenna
at 17:48 28 May 2024

and I accept that it might not be at the forefront of everyones mind....

But he seems to wear the same clothes every time I see him.

At first I thought that maybe it was his lucky match day clothing....

......but having a kickabout with his kid?

Same same!

Alan's fact of the day.
at 07:41 28 May 2024

Re Dusseldorf and fans friendships.

Apparently, Leicester have a similar deal with VfL Bochum.

Oh my god - another McKenna thread, but here goes.
at 23:03 23 May 2024

If we lost Kieron to Man U then fair enough but I can't honestly see Man U going for an unproven manager at the highest level. Not saying he can't do it but I think it's an unlikely appointment.

If we lost him to Brighton I'd be annoyed and although I have been criticised on here for suggesting it's a sideways move, I stick by this. I was having lunch yesterday with a WHU fan who agreed. So, Brighton a better club? Up yours baby!

I've rambled a bit, but I've been finking.

I think Ashton has got this sussed whatever happens, in fact, I think losing Ashton would be worse that losing McKenna.
[Post edited 23 May 23:04]
Grandude, grandkid suggestions - attention people on the Ipswich to MK axis
at 23:52 21 May 2024

Looking for suggestions or advice etc.

Myself and Lady Lucan are taking the grandkids to Woburn safari.

The plan is to drive to a hotel in MK on day one, stay over, visit safari on day two and then drive back to Silly Suffolk.

Simple you scream - however, kids shouldn't be in car seats for too long and why waste the drive by just driving.

We are looking for suggestions for a Grandude stopover between Ipswich and MK on the forward and back journeys. This doesn't need to be some mega spectacle. Just a nice spot for a picnic by a lake is good, anything is better than a sanitised service station.

All suggestions welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Here's one for a quick fire response (because I'm in the middle of cooking them)
at 22:21 21 May 2024

What about marmite on a burger?

I think I'm on to something.

I will report back.

To lighten the mood,
at 23:40 20 May 2024

Has anyone on here taken or booked a driving test recently? n/m
at 16:18 20 May 2024

VAR again. Sorry but I thought it needed a new thread as it's a different take
at 20:23 15 May 2024

on it.

Personally I was never keen on it but then again I really don't care that much either way.

What I don't understand is that most people wanted VAR. Every time there was a bad decision people were wondering why, in this day and age, we couldn't have video technology.

Now we have it, people are moaning that it's daft that someone is deemed to be offside because it's only an inch.

Isn't this what people wanted?

Enlighten me someone.
Anyone see those clashes outside Eurovision last night?
at 15:36 12 May 2024

Crazy stuff.
"Smallbone comes to nothing"
at 15:35 12 May 2024

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