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One of the best squads in the league
at 19:02 13 Apr 2021

Bunch of parasites
[Post edited 13 Apr 19:03]
4-0, 5-0, 6-0 .......... Cannot we put any team to bed?
at 17:08 2 Apr 2021

The great surname will get away it......as he always does with his mistakes......and stupid fouls and free kicks

Have a great weekend Blues !
What a f.... start ! Lets smash somebody else for a change (n/t)
at 15:14 2 Apr 2021

Just to cheer you all up !
at 22:41 27 Mar 2021


Wigan's home results this season
at 17:50 27 Mar 2021

Wigan 0-5 Rochdale
Wigan 0-5 Blackpool
Wigan 0-5 Hull
Wigan 2-3 Northampton.........yes Northampton

and we have never troubled their goalie today.

The tougher training sessions must have affected this poor mob.

It's gonna be Cook's toughest ever job without a doubt. Good luck to him !
This week's tough training sessions must have affected them
at 15:51 27 Mar 2021

They are looking jaded and lazy.

Wonder when they start whinging about Cook's methods like they did about the previous managers.

Poor mob having been used to the easy life at Ipswich. OnE oF tHe bEsT sQuAdS iN tHe lEaGuE according to some people

Vast majority of this squad has to be shipped out come summer.
One of the best squads in the league according to some, hahahahahah
at 15:17 20 Mar 2021

Imagine if we somehow got promoted. Imagine this lot in the Championship. This would be more embarrassing than the shower who got us down without a fight but still got clapped and cheered by SBR.

Cook needs a hell of a long time to mould the team that could finish 21st in the Championship.
What a pass from Gwion (n/t)
at 13:35 20 Mar 2021

Good luck Cook with this mob. You will need it (n/t)
at 21:50 16 Mar 2021

Wonder if they will start whinging about his methods
at 15:11 6 Mar 2021

It is a big job for Cook to rouse this mob. If he tries too hard then some of these snowflakes will be probably whinging about his methods like they did about the previous managers.

The truth is the majority of them have been stealing a living for years. Relegated without a fight, nice, easy payday at Ipswich as they had been pampered by a large number of our fans. All was manager's fault, eh? No it wasn't. Everybody has been sharing the blame.

Freddie hopeless Sears dear me Cook kick him out of the club please !
Andre Dozzell pampered by many due to his surname. Awful today, continues making stupid fouls.

All the best Cook and make them work hard for their wages + big clearout this summer regardless of which division we are in.
Evans please just follow Shambert and leave the club too (n/t)
at 21:39 28 Feb 2021

[Post edited 28 Feb 21:39]
The fraud occasionally gets things right when he makes correct team selections
at 17:30 27 Feb 2021

Play with your two best centre backs and you'll give yourself a chance. That's why we have picked up 7 points out of possible 9 against the top half opponents. The only goal we have conceded isn't either Nsiala or Wilson's fault as it came from the Downes' 'assist'. However yet another good performance from both of them.

That sh1tshow against Swindon from last January and the manner of some goals we have conceded (Swindon, Sunderland) is still haunting me therefore I'm very pleased to see our defence performing so much better nowadays. Both Nsiala and Wilson are undroppable at the moment.

Credit to the team for todays game. Doncaster looked fresher having not played in midweek however they found it a bit hard to unlock our defence.

The facts aren't lying. We have had more good games than bad ones with Nsiala - Wilson combo in the team.
[Post edited 27 Feb 17:31]
When was the last time we have had a penalty? (n/t)
at 15:38 27 Feb 2021

Toto Nsiala - MR. CLEAN SHEET !
at 21:20 23 Feb 2021

Yet another clean sheet when he is in the team.

A scapegoat and easy target for some when we have bad results. Treated very badly by some percent of our fanbase but again it is him who comes off very well.

He gives away number of penalties doesn't he? So what? Yes bad decisions at times, it happens. But his combo with Wilson had given us number of clean sheets and good results at the first stages of the season and they both still look by far our best pair of CB's.

Dismal 0-3 defeat to Hull earlier on this season or that embarrassing home defeat to Swindon. Had Toto played in those the results may have have been better. Surely against Swindon.

Of course both Nsiala and Wilson will have bad days along the way but they will have had more good ones. The facts are undeniable. Our defence is better and more assured when they play.

Both have had a thankless task to cope with one of the best league goalscorers in Wilks but they kept him quiet. They were rigid, tough to break down, they restricted Hull forwards to very little. Hull's best opportunity to score came from a Dozzells' mistake in the first half.

They both are undroppable at the moment particularly Toto.

Taylor: 'we deserved to get something out of the game'
at 21:36 9 Feb 2021

Equally stupid as the fraud.

[Post edited 9 Feb 21:36]
Dozzell .....is he begging for yet another red card today? (n/t)
at 20:50 9 Feb 2021

How credible is he?
at 22:19 28 Jan 2021

First goal ....same like against Swindon
at 20:34 26 Jan 2021

Where were the CB's?
[Post edited 26 Jan 20:34]
Fleetwood's right back today
at 18:39 23 Jan 2021

Andre Dozzell
at 17:28 23 Jan 2021

One wonderful pass after which people rave about him and then goes anonymous for 4-5 games.

What does he offer to this team?

Bang average League One player.
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