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Knudsen soon before their equalizer
at 14:07 18 Feb 2018

If you're unable to make a simple pass that could have led to the 2nd goal why not to into the corner and do the timewasting?????

Match thoughts
at 06:55 4 Feb 2018

Decent away performance. Best I've seen for a while as we have had many poor ones but this is what happens when we show an interest in attacking an opposition.
First half an hour could have been anything. A few worrying moments as we certainly allowed them too much space at times. On 10 min Skuse gave away the ball and it could have ended up badly as Asoro despite tight angle narrowly missed. Couple of minutes later a moment of hesitation from Knudsen which enforced him to pass to Connolly. The latter got easily outmuscled and once again an opportunity for the hosts.

The brightest moment for us during that spell was Waghorn's free-kick as he hit the bar.
Five minutes later another moment when we got away with bad defending. A corner for Sunderland and O'Shea headed wide as he was totally unmarked.

Yes we were under a little cosh. They had too much space but that is not as if they totally dominated us. We tried to play football in a good way with little hoofing.

Garner's goal shot Sunderland's confidence to pieces and they never recovered from this. Their heads totally dropped. They were far from that somewhat impressive first half an hour spell. What followed this goal was most pleasing moment of the day for me. Just go for it, keep on attacking as they are for taking. And that is what he did ! It was a pleasure to watch and the team was rightly rewarded in the shape of the 2nd goal. Ward who himself has had a really good game outran their full-back, great cross that ended up with an own goal.

The half time scoreline a bit harsh on Sunderland for their endeavour but this ain't our problem. Both goals took the entire confidence from them.

There isn't lot to talk about the 2nd half. Sunderland's chaotic attempts caused no problem whatsoever for our much improved defence, much improved in compare to the first half. The only moment which made Bialkowski save was Lua Lua's shot. Town looked content with the two goal lead but Waghorn should really have scored when one on one with Camp. Forgettable 45 minutes but not going to moan over it. Comfortable two goal lead and we never were in a danger of squandering this.

It's a shame we don't produce more displays like this. When you compare it to the Bolton two weeks ago it's like a night and day. Different approach, different football yet there were some silly, really stupid comments on here that we 'looked like good team at Bolton' whereas we had been bang awful. Today we didn't even hoof much. Not even from Chambers.
Compare it also to Hull from last November. We had been 1-0 up and allowed opposition to come back and have a go at us. Nowhere near that today as we went to attack the opposition instead of sitting back.

Grant Ward deserves a special mention as it certainly has been his best performance for a long time. Waghorn also stood out in the 1st half.

Yes I would have cursed McCarthy for having left Celina on the bench if we hadn't won. He would have torn them apart on his own.

Funeral atmosphere among the home crowd but don't blame them for this. As ourselves they are owned by disinterested person who don't back his managers. Still though it's baffling why the players of McGeady and LuaLua's calibre started on the bench. Both proven at this level and Josh Emmanuel in particular knows what they are capable of as they tormented him in the past (McGeady and Preston away last season, Lua Lua during the Brighton's 3-2 win at Portman Road couple of seasons ago).

Brilliant first goal, brilliant set-up for the second, keeping the opponents under control. The performance like that though not completely perfect still makes hell of a difference as all I ask for is to show a desire to attack an opposition. Don't sit back and focus on stopping them from playing just have balls to attack them. Yesterday that was the case so really pleased.
Forest's Ben Osborn after the Wolves - Forest match last week
at 18:37 27 Jan 2018

Wolves 0-2 Forest

'We thought Wolves might start the game with a bit of arrogance so we needed to get in their faces and we did that. We had a long meeting on the morning of the game about Wolves and what we need to do and everyone left there feeling pretty confident.
It was quite surprising given the run we were on and coming away to the top of the league.
But THE MANAGER made it really simple, just to raise THE INTENSITY. That's what we did and IT WORKED !

Getting in the opponents faces. Bigger intensity. Why couldn't we follow that attitude for a change? Why do we have to wait for the new manager to start football matches with a different approach?
Match thoughts
at 21:12 20 Jan 2018

If there was a game that needed to tell you that this team doesn't benefit from McCarthy and his flawed 'philosophy' that was the one and obviously there is more to come like that for the remainder of the season. We had to wait 82 minutes to start watching a bit of proper football from the team.

First half was an utter tripe. Literally no positives at all. As it mostly is the case under McCarthy we 'have to watch' the opposition and what they do. Try to stop them playing and keep lumping the ball the forward. Lump it, see what happens, maybe we'll get some luck etc etc.... Super Mick and his typical stuff !

We could have been down after 15 seconds but for the quick reaction from Bart.

Bolton dominated the proceedings in the first half but they clearly lacked the quality. At least they had a desire to attack the opposition whereas we didn't. Buckley was their liveliest player and it's possible that they found our weakness in Iorfa as the majority of their attempts came from his side. To be fair though he didn't do too bad.

Alnwick in their goal will have been bored sh*tless. No shots on target (until 40 min), no shots off target, nothing to worry about. A bit of pressure in their box in the 30 min but their defence dealt well as it was a first 'notable' moment from us. We may have had more possession at times but didn't do anything. Deathly slow midfield incapable of making simple passes. Town fans were clearly displeased to put it nicely.
Couple of glimpses from Celina, the player who always seems to have that 'something' in the bag however given his potential I expected more from him.

39 min and .... we had a corner ! Happy days ! Super Mick ! A minute later another one after which we finally produced something meaningful as Alnwick saved Chambers' shot.

Terrible first half between two very poor teams. A few minutes after the interval we conceded a bad goal as Madine was left unmarked.

All of sudden we became more lively. Super Mick's 'philosophy' as we have to be 1 down before mounting any bit of fight, eh?

Couple of minutes after their goal one of the most annoying moments as McGoldrick ought to have passed the ball to Waghorn and simple tap-in would have been a formality. The former instead decided to be selfish as his tame shot was easily saved by Alnwick.
We may have shown a little bit more willingness to attack but it was still Bolton who looked closer to score. Bialkowski's save from their free-kick followed by a shot 2 minutes later that went narrowly wide.

McGoldrick kept frustrating with his misplaced passes and selfishness as we could have had a winning goal 4 minutes from time. Before that though an equaliser and that was a really nice stuff which we are totally starved of. That was a football ! Proper set-up to the Garner's goal. 82 minutes before mounting an action like that. Soon after we saw another moment of panic in their defence as we tried to rip them and play football. Waghorn hits the post in the final moments of the match. Unfortunately the last 8 minutes of the match was too little to win it.

Why can't we play like that in the first 82 minutes? And this is one of main issues with McCarthy that is unwillingness to attack an opposition. I as a Town fan want our team to dictate the proceedings, to see the opponent scared of us etc etc. I firmly believe that this group of players could thrive under a different manager. Now they seem to be shackled/clueless/devoid of ideas and today this was the case against poor opposition. Bolton were a bunch of donkeys and the table doesn't lie as they are down there for merit. I don't necessarily demand a fully open football but we should have been on the front foot for the majority of the match. But we wasted the opportunity, two points dropped. We would have won it with a positive thinking manager.

McGoldrick and his attitude was very annoying as was Town's performance. Clearly not like a team player today and he could leave us any time for me if he carries on like that. Really disappointed with his display.
Garner despite the goal anonymous throughout.

New boys did fine. Gleeson a few passes forward. Perhaps not accurate at times but I liked his intentions.

Disappointed but not surprised given McCarthys philosophy. There is a hope though (if he leaves us in May) that under the different manager we will see the different approach, domination and willingness to win football matches. At least 4 more months of the ordeal though. To think the morons like Holloway or other pundits from outside keep telling us how lucky we are with him in charge.
[Post edited 20 Jan 21:14]
Legia Warsaw after Kevin Bru
at 17:39 16 Jan 2018

According to few Polish websites there is a competition between Legia and a few other clubs. Strong interest from Legia apparently.

The link below and you have the 'translate' option.
So he isn't unhappy with the performance
at 19:58 6 Jan 2018

He must be the only one.

However he knows that the comment like this will rattle our fans as he's been doing things like that for a while. And then when we 'retaliate' he calls us fookers (like he did last season) who know nothing about the game.

Self-obsessed pest who thinks he can do and say what he wants. He loves sniping at us and will carry on.

This is bang embarrassing even though we have only 10 men
at 21:28 2 Jan 2018

Ridiculous and schoolboy defending.

There will be plenty of excuses though from the Super Mick brigade here.
Thank you Spence ! (n/t)
at 21:18 2 Jan 2018

Match thoughts
at 00:15 24 Dec 2017

The final outcome is a right reflection of the match. 90 plus minutes of the few real chances for Wolves and none for us. Yes none from us as Ruddy wasn't properly tested even once.

Not surprisingly our approach was bang defensive. Our sole intention (until we conceded the goal) was to contain them and stop them from playing. Unfortunately too much pointless hoofing which was annoying and disappointing.

That approach may have worked for the first 40 minutes as below par Wolves barely caused a havoc among our defence. Below par according to one Wolves fan I've spoken to after the game on the way back. We were too respectful for my liking. Kenlock at times struggled with Cavaleiro's inroads on his side but what is worth noticing he had a help in Celina.

People are quick to say that we are having a long injury list and it's being used as an automatic 'excuse' for the defeat. Yes we have but would we have been set up differently if we had had more available midfielders? No we wouldn't. We had been using similar tactics in the majority of away matches. Our approach would have been the same just to sit back and stop opposition from playing.

There is a tinge of disappointment for me as:
1. We haven't created a real opportunity to score.
2. Chronic lack of pace therefore no ability to hit them on the break.
3. We weren't able to beat their defenders when one on one.
4. Long balls towards Garner as taller than him Wolves central backs had no problems to deal with that

We certainly were more active in the 2nd half but no ability to cause a real trouble. Again if other midfielders had been available I'm not sure if it'd made any difference as our deeply sitting central midfield doesn't provide forward passes.

Two tame free-kicks from Waghorn and Celina in the first half from strikeable distances never caused them problems. Second half? A few corners but nothing came out of it. Any time we were receiving the ball in our half we never committed the players forward. It was laborious, slow and Wolves defenders always had a time to come back and regroup.

But I cannot say we were disastrous as we were far from it. Equally though there won't be much to remember from the match. Wolves didn't play like a top team but they won't care at all as they got 3 points and they are getting closer to the elite.

The biggest positive is that we haven't been hammered. Kevin Bru in our central midfield in compare to 15m Ruben Neves for example so there was a little hope. I firmly expected a hiding given the quality Wolves possess and our injury list so all in all not a disaster but I would have loved us to have caused them problems.

Full ground today but very quiet throughout. Nevertheless good things come to those who wait so one day in a years time we might be in their position. For the time being though to beat poor travellers QPR on Tuesday is a must.
[Post edited 24 Dec 2017 0:19]
Terrible performance at Hull, even worse at Villa during the 2nd half
at 22:01 28 Nov 2017

So tonights result is huge. Massive lift. Really stunning result !

And clean sheet for a change !

This has literally came out of the blue !
Match thoughts
at 22:03 25 Nov 2017

There isn't much to report from the match in all honesty. The less said about the 2nd half the better. Therefore this post is also going to contain my moaning. I was bashed by some 'superfans' last week in my Hull report. So I'd advice those people to put me on ignore or just not to read it.

First half I can accept our team's performance. Effort wise it wasn't too bad. They tried. However there was no central midfield whatsoever during the entire game and many our attempts would begin with the hoofs from our central backs.

Sears who himself played in that 3 men line behind Garner tried a lot. Cooperated well with Knudsen at times but in fact was playing as a left winger. Even Stevie Wonder would have found out long ago that Sears wasn't a winger. But that one who is our manager and who himself thinks he knows best still carries on playing him in his unnatural position.
He played better though in compare to last Wednesday whereas Ward once again was completely useless.

The disallowed Garner's goal. I can't comment if it was a correct decision as it was too far from our end.

Villa fans hadn't been happy with their team's recent home performances. The defeat to Sheffield Wed followed by below par one against Sunderland last Tuesday. And it came as no surprise for me because they were poor. There was barely a threat and it was us on the front foot for the most of the time. As I've said that effort wise it was fine. I couldn't question that however we badly lacked that element of quality every time we got into their box. Their defence was shaky and that was the chance for us. Many corners however no good outcome out of that. Johnstone in the Villa's goal despite all our efforts remained untroubled.
The goal which Villa scored came against run of play and was a bit harsh on us but this is what you pay for calamitous defending. Everyone is on Iorfa's back but before the ball reached Adomah in our box no-one was bothered to challenge Whelan who set this all up.

Half time reflections? We needed more courage in the second half and the introduction of Celina and Huws. They both came on in the 2nd half but turned out to be a big disappointment. So was the entire Ipswich team.

Second half was terrible. Was extremely painful to watch. There is practically nothing to report. I mean any positive aspects. Skuse's shot was blocked by their defender and Waghorn's good delivery from the corner was followed by Garner's header that went over. Two little pointless things and nothing else.

Iorfa's fatal positioning led to their 2nd goal and the game was beyond reach. The heads dropped but that ain't excuse. Why on earth the team didn't show a bit of effort to get back to this? As had been the case in the 1st half we had no central midfield. We chase the game so we needed a few extra yards forward from everyone particularly non-existing midfield. But no ! Skuse very comfortable in his customary 'safety mode' and offering no support whatsoever for the strikers and Connolly not doing better.

And we kept hoofing. Strong, athletic Villa defenders and we hoof and hoof. Well done McCarthy ! What a genius ! Simple passes that could create an opportunity were beyond our scope. There was literally nothing to worry for their defence and Johnstone. The latter will have been bored sh1tless.

The 2nd half remainded us who we were. Just a drifting average Championship club. I can accept the defeat but I want the team to show some commitment and desire. There was none of that. Never ever have I left any football ground before the final whistle. I didn't do this today either but if I had done so I wouldn't have missed anything. We looked like a non-league outfit for the majority of 2nd half. So painful to watch.

Some people, the 'positive brigade' keeps screaming about the goals we have been scoring this season but what about our defending? Mistakes time and time again and it doesn't look we're going to eradicate that. According to some Skuse who is 'vital' part of our team and second defensive midfielder give us a protection. What protection I am asking? We keep shipping goals so what's the point in playing two defensive midfielders? Why not offering support for the strikers instead? I don't know what is going on during the team's training sessions. No extra work for defenders? But it has to be mentioned that once again lack of investment is a significant reason of that. The money weren't invested last summer to sign a proper central back.
Iorfa? Wolverhampton are sick of mediocrity and decided to go for promotion and we take of their average/poor players on loan. Ipswich Town the kings of mediocrity are happy to take up that option. But the other question is what does Iorfa offer us that Emmanuel didn't? Really stupid decision to send the latter out on loan.

I've heard comments that Villa spent a hell lot of money in compare to us. Yes and we aren't in the same league as Villa in terms of spending. But very often when I was voicing my frustration over MODERATE lack of investment from Evans in the last few years I was labelled as a member of TWTD Derby fan-club by some idiots here.

Very poor performance last week against Hull followed by the positive one against Sheffield Wed and again brought down back to earth today. 2nd half was a sheer agony . We don't eradicate our defensive mistakes, we keep playing two defensive midfielders regardless of result.

The day to forget.

Derby away , Middlesbrough away, Wolves away...... LOL ! Happy days !
It's so difficult to take as I liked our performance
at 22:23 22 Nov 2017

Cannot question players' commitment. Whole lot better than last Saturday at Hull. A battling kind of performance which will have done for me.

But why taking Celina off and replace him with Sears? The latter is dividing opinion tonight.

Skuse whom I first to criticise was very good today I have to admit.

Feels like defeat :(
Match thoughts
at 21:56 18 Nov 2017

Large number of our fans will say it's a good point and point away from home should always be deemed as a good result. Yeah, let's take a point and move on, eh? What next?

McCarthy has a cheek to con those who haven't been at Hull and say it's a well-earned point. That could have been completely different story but for his same old awful, painful tactics. It's safe to say it was a torment for the travelling Town fans. People were so quiet and seemed totally resigned with the team's nothingness and lack of ideas especially in the 2nd half.

However the way we started the match we could have torn them apart. All over them until McGoldrick's goal. I don't think they visited our half in the last 5 minutes. Nice well deserved lead. The friend of mine did ask me after the goal if I'd taken a point. Would I fook??!! Hull's team and crowd looked so bleak. Very depressing place. Never seen so many empty seats during my visits there.

But no matter how poor an opposition is, no matter how badly they lack confidence there is always a hope for them. And that is playing Ipswich Town who will happily let you play because that is Ipswich's manager and his tactics for you. Instead of going for 2nd and possibly put the game to bed after 20-30 minutes we gradually allowed them to come back to this. We barely threatened McGregor in the remainder for the first half. Hull seemed shy initially but we kept inviting them and giving incentive. And let them have the ball. Typical McCarthyism part 150 ! Let's try to shut the shop !

An equaliser had to come. Poor defending despite four defenders and two deeply sitting defensive midfielders.
Celina and Waghorn didn't offer anything going forward but it's nigh on entire team who were very generous and on the back foot after McGoldrick's goal.

Second half started a bit more promising. A little bit more activity near their box and Celina's shot on target was parried away by McGregor. And all of sudden and out of nowhere we conceded 2nd after bad Chambers' mistake who himself failed to deal with the ball and onrushing Dicko. One on one with Bialkowski and goal was a formality.

What happened afterwards was depressing. There seemed to be lack of fight in the team, lack of ideas. You sat there with practically no hope as the team never gave us any hopes. It was Hull who were actually closer to score another one as terrible backpass from Knudsen to Bialkowski could have ended the match.

And that one who himself doesn't give a fook about the Town fans stood in his technical area with hands in the pockets. We played badly and some alternatives were required. However he wasn't bothered to make any changes. We were losing against the team who lacked confidence yet .... still played with two deeply sitting defensive midfielders. And he thinks that's best in the moment like that !

A penalty which we missed was soft in my opinion. McGregor saved that and the sadness deepened.

80 minute and first substitutions ! 'Well done' tactical master !

Spence's equaliser though undeserved and harsh on Hull was still a big relief. But even a bigger one was Hull's chance in the 3rd minute of injury time when their striker somehow missed a simple header from few yards. How did he miss it? Massive let off.

Given the way we were playing we have to accept a point. Yes still though reluctant to do so as we should have put the game to bed in the first half but for 'inviting opposition' tactics.

There was no midfield whatsoever. No-one to pass the ball towards strikers but I'm sounding like a broken record. This is McCarthy and we have to endure the same sh*t at least until May. Not only does he big up opposition in his interviews he let them have a go at us on the pitch as well whereas it was us who ought to have dictated the proceedings today.
Obviously there will be a few from 'Super Mick' brigade who will dearly defend himself. For me personally it's hard to accept that 'philosophy' of letting opposition play. Of course we sometimes play good teams and good defending is required but there was no need for that today. Same like against Burton three weeks ago when we had been so abject for the majority of the match. McCarthy keeps making us gutless and fearful. Obsessed about opposition and we cannot even express ourselves. The team looks really shackled at times. Beyond me to understand why some accept that 'philosophy'.

Of course some will point out that we are only 1 point from the play-offs but I don't and will never accept letting opposition play. I'm far from happy with that. I want an opposition to be scared of us.

Feeling frustrated today with failure to beat poor opposition but that was due to our 'tactics'. The draw is the solitary positive from today as we hardly deserved it.

So now let's put two defensive midfielders in front of back four against Sheffield Wed, let them play and see what happens !
Cardiff have spent peanuts and are fighting for the promotion
at 22:01 31 Oct 2017

Having a good, passionate manager is a massive thing for them.
Sunday League defending and such 'brilliant' protection from his lovely Skusey
at 21:46 31 Oct 2017

But we have to stick with his 'philosophy' and cannot question his decisions can we?
James Maddison
at 11:10 16 Oct 2017

This could be their biggest threat on Sunday as the boy has a hell of potential and they keep raving about him.

Skuse will do nothing to keep him quiet so that's why we badly need Adeyemi to return as his physical presence could be helpful.
Match thoughts
at 20:06 14 Oct 2017

Can't really argue with the result. There will be some saying the old cliche that we could have nicked a point with a bit of luck. Now we couldn't. We got what we deserved. Spoke with a Blades' fan after the game and he's said that was their worst home performance of the season. Even though they had lost to Norwich last month they battered them throughout the game. Worst Blades' performance and we played well only for the last 15 minutes of the first half.

Set up? Typical McCarthys. Just trying to match them up. Let's sit back and let them have a go at us. Super Mick McCarthy, eh? That set up was at his 'best' for the first 30 minutes. We were harmless as babies. Literally no intention to threaten them. Just sit back ! Flat back five with 'wing-backs' in Iorfa and Kenlock playing as full-backs. We kick off the game with a pass to Knudsen and he immediately hoofs it and the ball is given away.
Very rigid defence which Blades struggle to break down and the biggest 'positive' of this set up was Leon Clarke to have been kept quiet.
We started the match after 30 minutes from Waghorn's corner and that was followed by a decent spell until the end of first half. McGoldrick's shot two minutes later narrowly wide. Two good Waghorn's chances. One of them impressively parried by Blackman.
McGoldrick our stood out player by far and most threatening. Any time he has a ball you sense he is capable of producing something out of nothing.

5 minutes after the restart we conceded a really stupid goal. Our rubbish and pathetic defence allowed Basham a space to score from a free header. Three central backs + the bollard in Kenlock and nothing was done to prevent that.
We had a good 10 minutes period after their goal in which Waghorn hit the bar.
A moment later Clarke left alone by our defence hit the bar for Blades.

Last 30 minutes from Ipswich Town ? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mostly painful hoofing with no attacking intent nor ability to get back into the game.
No-one in the middle to carry this team forward and provide a service towards strikers. Nydam and Skuse sitting very deep. The latter in his usual 'comfort safety mode'. Downes having a very quiet second half after coming on. But Ward in particular was very dissappointing and annoying. You would have expected him to have caused problems for their defence given his ability. A few lame pointless crosses. Completely unable to beat any of their defenders or unlock their defence by a proper pass. Totally no existing player.

The substitutions? Why taking McGoldrick off? Yes he was nowhere near as good as in the first half but as I've said before he always has that ability to get something out of the blue. Given how badly we've been missing a creativity during McCarthy's reign we can't afford to take off players like him.
Celina and Sears came on but unfortunately it didn't make a significant difference. Sears offered a bit of pace but nothing besides. Their contribution might have been more fruitful if the central midfield had supported them.

10 minutes before the final whistle young Blades' star Brooks did run across the pitch completely unchallenged by Skuse and defence and launched a shot that went narrowly wide. A minute later Clarke's dangerous header was saved by Bialkowski. They were closer to score their second than us creating a meaningful chance let alone score.

Got what we deserved. No attacking intent, no ability to chase the opponent just mostly pointless hoofing and hoping for a luck. Pure McCarthyism. The only positive was the spell between 30th and 45 min.

Don't know what is going wrong with Iorfa. Impressive during the August spell especially Barnsley away. Today he was shocking and wasteful.

Some might say that defeats like today are a part of current working process. There isn't anything like that under McCarthy and I'll keep maintaining that. If anyone tells me there is a progress I don't care. It's just the same old in terms of tactics and the question is if it's going to yield us good results. The freak August spell besotted number of our fans. Now we've lost 5 in 7 and keep dropping down the table. Super Mick, eh?

I'll be travelling next week for the Norwich match. Hope is probably the only way we can get the result. If we're set up to win the game then there is something to look forward to. But it's a wishful thinking I'm afraid. McCarthy ever since he's been with us he plays for draws with them.

Obviously I can't compare the current era with that one in which Jewell totally ruined the club. But I literally can't wait for McCarthy to go. Not just because we've lost today. I'm just sick of him and his 'matching up' and defensive tactics. Going to be the same old, same old for the majority of season with occasional good performances like Leeds away or Sunderland at home.

So Mr.McCarthy let's allow Norwich to have a go at us and see what happens afterwards ! Let's try to match them up ! Or can you nicely surprise and let them worry about us?
[Post edited 14 Oct 2017 20:10]
Kieffer Moore goalscoring machine
at 17:46 30 Sep 2017

Another one today. Bring him back?
Getting what we deserve
at 16:46 30 Sep 2017

Garner's shot straight at their keeper aside we are totally lacking ideas in the 2nd half.

Skuse and Nydam sitting deeply when we're chasing the game. What's the point?
[Post edited 30 Sep 2017 16:46]
I've been doubting this team and McCarthy
at 01:57 27 Sep 2017

Particularly after that abject performance at QPR.

Then poor defensive set-up against Bolton.

But fighting spirit from the Leeds game and plenty of goals that we have been scoring keep prove all people like me (cynics, moaners etc etc) that anything is possible. Carry on like that and that will do for me. Mick in? I still got my own reservations but result from last night makes me proud as f**k.

Thank you Town ! Thank you Mick !
[Post edited 27 Sep 2017 1:58]
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