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Odds on Collins
at 18:45 12 Jan 2019

Getting fan's players of the season?
Underrated British Films
at 20:39 30 Dec 2018

It's all gone Pete Tong
Bend it like Beckham
My beautiful laundrette
at 19:54 30 Dec 2018

The amount of horses who have died from racing this year in UK. Still, come on Godolphin and all that...
QPR and Ipswich previous 15 meetings
at 14:07 25 Dec 2018

Only 1 draw. Jump on draw tomorrow.
Schoolboy Christmas error
at 11:51 25 Dec 2018

Got Lucan a nice Hugo Boss t-shirt, which I saw on sale at a bargain price. Went and left the bloody price tag on!

at 20:56 5 Dec 2018

Also, I would like us to overthrow the government, put a stop to gravity, and I think our solar system could do with a new sun.

Let's face it, the sun has had a pretty terrible 4 billion years in charge- with only one planet being a sustainable environment for intelligent life. I think Ed Sheeran should be the sun.
Computer Games
at 13:22 26 Nov 2018

Does anybody else think that people over the age of 15 that play computer games need to have a long hard look at themselves and grow up?
24 Hour Party People
at 22:23 13 Nov 2018

Watched it last night for only the second time. Massively underrated film.

Fantastic story and a great cast.
For anybody that doesn't know how to feel
at 20:53 25 Oct 2018

Check the meltdown on wotb.

Broken Heart Parkway.
Fitness coach dancing
at 19:09 25 Oct 2018

Can somebody send me a link to the video please?
Taking the Lambert comments with a pinch of salt
at 18:53 25 Oct 2018

In my whole time following Ipswich, every time we have had a vacant manager's position there has been an immediate front runner. It has never been them.

FWIW I don't want him, not just because of Norwich, I'm just not convinced by him.
7 observations from somebody who hasn't seen a Paul Hurst team live
at 23:45 24 Oct 2018

1) Just because Hurst isn't the answer, doesn't mean the question shouldn't have been asked.

Year by year a further nail is hammered into the coffin of the soul of football, and this year it is the admittedly useful addition of the Red Button match choice from Sky Sports for midweek FL games - which I took advantage of again tonight. They wheeled out this week's clueless commentator for the game, equipped with quick witted jibes about the amount of changes to our line up, and it took him less than ten minutes to mention the media's favourite man - Mick McCarthy. "Mick McCarthy was probably under appreciated by the fans of Ipswich, they wanted change and it isn't working out well for him". I was a Mick supporter longer than most, but I will admit that outsiders really do seem to miss the point. We knew that getting a new manager was a risk, we knew that Mick was unlikely to get us relegated, and we knew the position we are in now was a possibility- but how many people would say they wish we kept Mick? We had to risk hell to escape purgatory.

2) Every game that he stays, is a lost chance to pick up crucial points for his successor.

I don't think anybody has any malicious hatred towards Hurst, but I don't think there are many that honestly believe that he can turn it around. We took a gamble on a younger manager, which a lot of us wanted, but it came apparent about a month ago that the wrong younger manager was appointed. Apart from a slither of a false dawn at Swansea, there are very few positives to mention about Paul Hurst, even if you clutch at straws. As it stands for a new manager, we are a club that is amongst the teams at the bottom of the table, with a group of players that probably has enough to warrant staying up when played correctly. In a month's time, there is a strong possibility that we will be asking for a miracle even greater than the one Mick performed when he came in 6 years ago. In the words of Mark Corrigan "you're not a bad person [Hurst], but I'm afraid you are a moron".

3) He is definitely making it up as he goes along.

No need for an explanation on this.

4) We can probably do a lot worse than George Burley

If somebody told me a year ago that I was saying this, I would've thought they were mad. At the moment, I don't see many alternate options that are greater. A few months ago we were filled with excitement at the prospect of hiring a manager with a long term view. Less than half a year later we need a fire fighter. Burley's obvious downfall is that he has been out of management for a long time, but he has positives that could counteract this. There is probably no other manager that could create the greatest amount of unity amongst fans overnight- the whole club needs an injection of enthusiasm and identity from top to bottom at the moment, and Burley could be the drug needed- with Butcher being the needle. I think, amongst with the lift the club would have, Burley has enough tactical prowess to keep us up. At the very least he will genuinely want to give youth the chance when it is deserved.

5) Hurst is a combination of Keane, Jewell, and McCarthy's bad points put together.

Harsh words, but I think they are true. I see Keane's arrogance and continuous habit of playing players out of position. Jewell's mismatch of loanees and free transfers- getting drastically rearranged each game. Mick's hit and hope approach that enraged so many of our fans last year. If Hurst is still here in a month- it's going to get nasty.

6) We've lost a generation of fans.

The awful running of the club has alienated so many fans over the past 5 years, we have lost so many older loyal fans- and they have inevitably not passed the following of the club down to their offspring. Despite most of the under 21's that support and follow our club being complete idiots (see tonight's chanting for example), I have to admire the fact that they do follow us- what have they ever witnessed to entice them back for the next game?

7) We should have hired Jack Ross

Not def info- just a feeling
at 17:07 21 Oct 2018

I think Evans might be in the process of selling up.
The one thing I can't understand
at 18:17 20 Oct 2018

Is why he is still here?
Any Hurst inners left? (n/t)
at 21:32 2 Oct 2018

Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury
at 20:00 1 Oct 2018

Now I'm in the 1% of this country that doesn't pretend to be a boxing expert twice a year- and I rarely go out of my way to watch a fight.

One fight I would watch is Joshua Fury though- could anybody tell me how likely it is to happen?
George Burley's barmy army
at 13:40 30 Sep 2018

Is he gone yet?
Tell you what I'd like to see
at 21:03 24 Sep 2018

u23s v first team.
Get rid
at 21:25 22 Sep 2018

Song for Walters and Rhodes Sunday
at 13:09 30 Aug 2018

Obviously I won't be there to enforce

Country Roads, take him home
To the place he belongs
Jonny Walters, F*** off Keano,
Take him home, Country Roads

Jordan Rhodes, **** off home
To the place you belong
We didn't want ya, F*** off Keano,
F*** off home, Jordan Rhodes
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