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Blue Action launch - a reflection...
at 19:03 23 Sep 2018

First off, wanted to say a massive thank you to the ground staff and stewards who were supportive, accommodating and really bent over backwards for us...
Big thanks to the fans already in and around the section for holding up the banners and waving the flags as the players came out. Obviously can't appreciate what it looks like when you're actually in there, but seeing some photos from people elsewhere in the ground it looked really, really cool…
Me, Rich and a couple of lads really gave it some all game - nothing but positivity for the full 90 minutes as promised. Have to say, were a little disappointed at the turn out - barely anyone came to join us, but I guess it's a bit new and is going to take people a while to see us as a viable group, so we expect that we might have to plough a lonely furrow for a little while. The game was also dismal, the worst possible performance to accompany the launch, but we appreciate nonetheless what support we got and stand by the principle of getting behind the lads regardless of what’s happening on the pitch…
Keep an eye on TWTD, Twitter and Facebook for updates regarding Blue Action's future plans and movements. UPPA TOWEN!
Just heard a rumour that the Swan is closing down..?!
at 11:53 29 Aug 2018

Very worrying if true. The Swan has been the bastion of Ipswich's hip, alternative scene for many years. This could have significant implications for the cultural vibrancy in the town. Really hope someone comes in to save it...
Snoozers -
at 07:40 13 Aug 2018

For Christ's sake do the decent thing and just get up when your bloody alarm goes, yeah..?!
For those of you concerned about Towen signing lower league players...
at 15:43 6 Aug 2018

...remember that Sheff Utd were a league 1 side last season and did alright...

...Bournemouth coped admirably, eventually getting promoted...

...and strike me down blind, but our shallow gene pool friends up the way managed pretty well an all.

Have faith. Paul Hurst knows a decent player when he sees one. It'll be erratic for the first few months, but it will click. Next season is ours - Ipswich 2020 vision...
All you good good people...
at 20:02 12 Jul 2018

...listen to me..!

I posted blog a good while ago on this very topic, ignorant at the time that the forum may've provided a more receptive audience...

I really want to establish a proper, dedicated singing section at Portman Road. An ultra group if you will, although i'm personally indifferent to graffiti tifos and blokes with megaphones, but whatever. It'll be as democratic as possible...

There's a bit more optimism about the place, granted. The Bobby Lower can make a fair old racket when it wants to. But too many times recently the ground stood in complete silence; and on too many occasions the only singing that could be heard was negative and sarcastic. People will - with some justification - put it down to the poor football on display and just the general sense of stagnation around the place. But the current goodwill is brittle; it'll only take a few bad results for the boo boys to return...

In the blog I got a few responses, mostly quite cynical and patronising. Maybe I am a bit naive. But I can't believe i'm the only person who wants to make a row for their team, non-stop for 90 minutes, singing unique, imaginative chants, regardless of what's happening on the pitch or who's in the dugout. I want Ipswich to become a club recognised for its fan culture, not dismissed as another soulless bunch of fairweather consumers, indiscernible from the morass of other EFL clubs...

I've already spoken to SLO Liz Edwards who says the club's keen to facilitate as much as they can. They're aware, though, that this needs to be a grassroots movement. I'm also involved with the official supporters' club, so can pull a few strings there. If this is something you want to get involved in, let me know...

For those of you upset about Ben Knight's departure to Man City...
at 10:11 29 Jun 2018

...don't direct your ire at our club. In modern football, we very much live under the yoke of 'divide and conquer'; we're left pointing accusatory fingers at each other, but the fact is the system (EPPP) is specifically and deliberately designed to allow big, rich clubs to cherry pick whatever talent they choose. What's more, it's a myth that Man City will offer Knight a better footballing education: Ipswich has top facilities and an experienced team of UEFA qualified coaches; we can in fact offer youngsters a greater chance of meaningful, first team football. All City have over us are fat wads of Arab petro money to buy off the fruits of our labour. It's deplorable, and has to stop...
Ed Sheeran wearing that Towen top at Wembley the other night...
at 11:02 20 Jun 2018

Now, i'm certainly indifferent to his music (that's about the most diplomatic way I can put it), but I think that was an absolute touch from the lad. Regardless of personal musical taste, I think it's really cool that we have someone of such a high profile showing the Caackers off...
A (two fingered salute) to the good ol' 'V'...
at 08:26 18 May 2018

No-one seems to do it anymore, only the single, brashly erect middle finger, or - even worse - the American middle finger, where the thumb sticks right out and the index and ring fingers are crooked slightly down (google 'Eminem giving the finger')...

Sigh. Give me a good ol' British 'V' any day, thrust defiantly upwards, whilst blowing a robust raspberry. Proper...
On Ipswich Star's coverage of Michael Crowe et al being released...
at 22:00 17 May 2018

...it says this:

"Another young goalkeeper, Nick Hayes, has also been released, after No 1 Bartosz Bialkowski’s deal was EXTENDED BY A FURTHER YEAR and with Gerken recovering well from his injury."

Have I missed something here..?! So Bart is sticking around for at least a year longer..?!
Don't know if anyone on here is into David Squires...
at 17:00 15 May 2018

...but his latest cartoon on Wenger's departure from Arsenal might be his best yet:


There are many things to take the mick out of Norwich about...
at 19:36 30 Apr 2018

...but why do so many mock their East Anglian accents..? I've got a humdinger of one, proud of it, and ham it up to bemused locals on every away day. I wish more of us embraced it, rather than some horrendous Essex accent, Generic Southern English, or - the absolute worst - south London yardie rudeboy...
Why is the Championship on at frigging half 10..?!
at 22:14 30 Mar 2018

Is this a recent development..?!
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