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Oh Kanye
at 20:26 30 Jul 2020

Election fraud? Really?

Board Chefs
at 12:17 30 Jul 2020

What's the answer to making a good hard boiled egg? I've just spent five minutes trying to remove the shell from one and I'm at the stage of either throwing it away or enjoying it with a bit more crunch than usual.

Here's how I made it. Eggs in cold water. Bring to the boil. Heat off lid on for eight minutes. Remove from water and leave to cool. Oh, and American eggs are crap, so don't know if that's an issue.

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I see plucky little Bournemouth went down then
at 18:10 26 Jul 2020

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Powerful response to being called a 'F***ing B**ch'...
at 18:13 23 Jul 2020 her Republican colleague on the steps of the Capitol building on Monday.

Incredibly dignified, and raises so many good points about how many 'average' men still view and treat women.

When you compare this kind of thoughtful response to the utter bilge and lies conservative politicians come out with every single day, there really is no comparison between their respective decency or intelligence.

I don't feel sorry for him...
at 15:43 23 Jul 2020

...but I suspect this guy isn't going to have a happy few years ahead.

Meanwhile the unwanted, unneeded and uninvited federal agents this guy has sent around the country to target Democrats have just teargassed the Mayor at a protest in the second largest city in the North West.

Still, some people on here shrug and say this isn't an authoritarian crisis unfolding before our eyes.
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Oh cool! This really makes me trust policing in my community!
at 04:17 19 Jul 2020

The head of the second largest union for the NYPD appears to be a QAnon nut.

But Middle class white boys or something.
Covid denier shocked to die of Covid - Friend asks for compassion
at 16:16 17 Jul 2020

This article here is a perfect example of why opinions and feelings don't trump facts.

Guy refuses to wear mask. Calls it hype. Guy posts online about going to bars and on out of town trips without wearing one. Guy gets the virus. Guy dies from virus. Friend 'Rick' ask for compassion for him.

Nuh huh, sorry Rick, your friend was a selfish plague rat. God knows how many other people he passed the virus onto while laughing at it. Now you think he deserves compassion?

"We should still be compassionate whether we agree with someone’s beliefs or not" says Rick.

Where was your friend's compassion with the belief of others that wearing a mask in public might help others? Your friends beliefs didn't mean squat when they ran into reality.

Oh well. Anther vote off the Trump count total.
Word that Paul Gascoigne is currently en route to Germany remains unconfirmed
at 14:13 17 Jul 2020
Older folk...
at 13:57 17 Jul 2020

Has Ipswich ever had a more cowardly, sniveling, shatsniffing, weasel for MP than this pimply Tom Hunt chancer? I can't remember one, but then I'm young and wrinkle free so my memory only extends so far.

I was just browsing his 'article' in the Ipswich Star and had a few thoughts.

"I am well aware that many of my constituents still feel like they are subject to racism"

No Tom, you utter gobshoite, they ARE subjected to racism, they don't just feel that they are.

"lazily branding entire public service organisations as “institutionally racist” isn’t constructive."

Yet lazily labeling BLM an extremist organisation is fine apparently.

"It would be utterly depressing if one of the outcomes of some of the divisive activity and policies of BLM UK is that race actually becomes a greater dividing line within our own society."

So any future racism is going to be the fault of the people protesting racism? Let me guess Tom, you also think that the woman who has been raped maybe shouldn't have been wearing a short dress or walking alone in that area of town, right?

"My own view is that what is most defining about us all is our individual character and personality, not the colour of our skin. "

Excuse me sir, I can't hear you over the sound of all your white privilege.

"We must not allow those with their own extreme political agendas to distract from these fundamental facts as we strive to live in a society free from racism."

Yes, so when are you going to get the fook our of our town and piss off back to wherever you came from before Boris sent you on your holidays. You're the kind of middle class white boy certain people should be calling out instead of spending a lifetime voting for you and your ilk.

Oh, and your racist, homophobic, misogynistic, jiggly t!tted leader can get in the sea too.
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This country is doomed with these evil idiots in charge
at 23:56 16 Jul 2020

Let's just keep ignoring science to own the libs. That's going wonderfully so far. 138,000 dead. Great work Republicans. Great work.

Trump just sacked his campaign manager
at 02:05 16 Jul 2020

I've been waiting for Brad Parscale to get the chop since that Tulsa white rights rally humiliation where hardly anyone showed up.

Trump is in trouble. Like Jim Acosta from CNN said today, he's down to working with Kool Aid drinkers and next of kin. I doubt he has access to the talent to turn this around now, Biden is surging in the polls, the virus is running rampant, and he's having to work with utter dregs at this point.

The funny thing is, even if he had access to the best political strategists out there, he wouldn't listen to their advice. Instead he's hired Bill Stepien, who brings that real weak d**k energy of being involved in five losing campaigns, including working on Giuliani's flaming bag of poo run at it the presidency in 2008.
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Apparently yesterday was the 8th anniversary since Chambers joined us
at 23:20 10 Jul 2020

Cheers for everything Skipper!
ifollow refund for season pass holders
at 19:58 10 Jul 2020

Just had the following emailed to me. Apologies if already posted on here and I've missed it.

With the 2019/20 season now officially concluded – with the exception of Play-offs for some teams – we write to update you on your iFollow subscription.

Though the service has been available throughout the lockdown period, we fully appreciate that video-on-demand and club content is no substitute for live football.

To thank you for your patience and custom we will refund you a sum which is the equivalent of 19% of your seasonal package. This will be processed and back in your account within 28 days.

We will be in touch in due course regarding your renewal for the 2020/21 season.

Kind regards,
EFL Digital
I see the woman who was told by police to cover up her anti-Johnson T-Shirt...
at 16:22 10 Jul 2020

...has had an apology from the police.

Rightly so too. It seems the instruction to Flynn to cover her T-shirt and the brief detention to give that direction were indeed unlawful. - despite what some were saying on here!
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Is it possible to face palm yourself to death?
at 20:46 26 Jun 2020
Just saw that the girlfriend of the plane banner fella...
at 18:29 24 Jun 2020

...has been sacked by her employer for making posts of an 'abhorrent' racist nature on social media. I guess she didn't matter too much to her employer considering they sacked her quick sharp.

Although, interestingly, she was offered racial sensitivity training as an alternative to being fired, but after a number of 'conversations' it was decided to end her employment. Focusing on her racism was clearly more important to her than focusing on paying her bills.

Her posting racist things online does rather also undercut her boyfriend's latest pleas of innocence...

“I know people are trying to make out to be one [a massive racist] but I’m not. I’ve got lots of black and Asian friends and this banner was actually inspired by the Black Lives Movement. We were not trying to offend the movement or black people. I believe that it’s also important to acknowledge that white lives matter, too. That’s all we were trying to say.”

So not a racist then. But you do racist things. And you are going out with a racist too... Hmmm.

Nice to see the 'Black mates' box get ticked in the justifying racism bingo game we've had running though. I'm not sure many people will believe that the banner was a show of solidarity with BLM!
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Phase 2 reopening 'celebrations'
at 16:09 24 Jun 2020

Looks like a goddamn outtake from Star Wars!

This has been going on over the whole city for about two weeks now.

Someone's going to have their eye out!
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The Novak Djokovic guide to ruining your reputation...
at 19:06 23 Jun 2020

1) Come out with some anti vaxx nonsense.
2) Have your wife also come out with some 5G conspiracy theories.
3) Organise tennis tournament during pandemic.
4) Contract the 'rona.
5) Profit?
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'Crusader Ian' is at it again...
at 02:49 23 Jun 2020

It's been a busy few days in local politics for Ipswich Conservatives very own group leader, the up and coming self styled 'Crusader Ian'.

The man being talked of excitedly as the next Dominic Raab showed us all why, with a thoughtful and eloquent tweet that he must have hoped would wow his constituents. It was as strong as an opening you could hope for with the meagre materials he has at his disposal, but it remains to be seen just how well this will be received by the All Lives Matter crowd. I mean, it's no aircraft banner over Portman Road!

It must be a busy life as a go-getting local representative, but despite that he still found the time to let all the members of his constituency know that he was invested in effectively and passionately representing them all. After all, nothing signifies a great leader more than the willingness to fight for the people who didn't vote for you as hard as you'd fight for the people who did. This concept was nicely demonstrated by Ian retweeting this gem:

And what's this from earlier in the week? What better way to show off your compassionate side than by having a pop at your famously racist party leader for his blatant flirtations with LeftyBumFestivisim?

Casting an eye even further back in the working week we arrive at the tweet that kicked this frenzy off. In it we find the fearless crusader getting himself all worked up about a statue of Churchill, a man who, as we all know, absolutely saw the critical importance of fighting Nazis.

And yet, we are left to ponder why he's so upset and vocal about those associated with Black Lives Matter/other socially conscious people on the left 'insulting' war monuments all over the country, but has yet to publish a tweet regarding his dismay at the person giving an actual Nazi salute in front of a war monument in Felixstowe, especially as it is relatively in his own back yard:

It's not all business at the weekend though, as we see Sir Ian of the Round Table does allow himself a little light relief! We watched in something like amazement as he kicked off his Saturday with a charming detour into the things that give him a tingle downstairs. This self confessed crush for a professional gas lighting liar with a seriously dodgy boss could play well at the ballot box, as after all, who among us voters doesn't love knowing about the strange pecadilos of our elected representatives?!

Suffice it to say, people of Castle Hill, what were you thinking voting for this individual as your local official?! Wasn't Vickery enough for you?! He admires Trump's press secretary, thinks Boris Johnson is TOO liberal and is completely and utterly dismissive of and hostile towards the concerns of his own BAME constituents. Is that really the kind of person you want representing you? I would check out some of the replies to his tweets. That's the kind of person he's appealing to. Representation at the local level is always incredibly important, we should all choose carefully who we want to represent us, wherever it is we live.

Voters of Ipswich, it's my belief that we really need to vote to rid ourselves of elected council members who conduct themselves in this manner at the next available opportunity. This also includes the voting out of our unfortunate fox hunting, dog whistling MP. Frankly, they are embarrassing the town. Ipswich is better than this and we deserve better than what these men are currently offering.

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