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One plus point
at 12:25 18 Oct 2021

Aluko. He was slated by many on here before he pulled on a blue shirt, and many questioned the point of the signing, but he's looked pretty decent to me the little I've seen of him. Lovely finish for his first on Saturday, and is a busy player with a good workrate and not a little skill. Not sure what some were complaining about.
No real blame on Hladky on the goal
at 15:58 16 Oct 2021

but once again the opposition only needs one chance to score. He just doesn't save anything apart from very routine stuff. You might as well put me in goal - I'm cheaper and just as effective.

Just to reiterate, I'm not blaming him for the goal, it's more an overall point that he never rescues us in the way say Bart would often do.

Other than that and one long throw into our box, we've been utterly dominant. Just so frustrating letting the lead slip so quickly again because we really ought to be winning this comfortably.
If you ever need to give a speech
at 10:44 16 Oct 2021

Don't do it like this guy;

The Secrets Of Quantum Physics was only two episodes, sadly
at 18:19 14 Oct 2021

Anyone got any other sciencey/spacey/the unknown programmes I could watch? I'm with my parents in Essex for the week as Lady Dollers is isolating with Covid... the only bonus of which is I get to watch more of what I want to watch!

Also, anyone got any latest books on this sort of stuff? Whilst I love books on these subjects, they do tend to go out of date very quickly.
Blimey. PC sacked!
at 18:13 14 Oct 2021

Wasn't expecting this.
Tech question - iMovie on Mac
at 15:35 13 Oct 2021

Cut a few film clips together by dropping them in iMovie on a mac, for a mate's 50th. Basically dropped them in in order and it seems to work as one long movie (never used iMovie before so was chuffed how easy it seemed to be).

Saved it to my google drive and downloaded to desktop too.

However, when I WeTransfer it to a friend, who's putting everything together for the 50th, she's only getting the sound when she downloads it, not the visuals. What are we (probably me) doing wrong?
Anyone interested in quantum physics?
at 09:59 12 Oct 2021

You all are right? Course you are.

Well you should watch The Secrets Of Quantum Physics on Amazon Prime. Absolutely brilliant and fascinating. It's a bit dumbed-down... but that's exactly what you need for quantum physics! The guy's analogies really help you to understand it, and he generally explains it really well. Love his enthusiasm for the subject too. I'm hooked!
Have to hand it to him, Boris's speech was excellent
at 13:06 6 Oct 2021

For those who support the Tories it ticked every box, had some well-timed jabs at Labour, and was funny in several places. He really is a good speaker if nothing else.
Is there a more annoying phrase in football after a loss
at 11:49 3 Oct 2021

than, "We go again"?

Utterly meaningless, thoroughly irritating and Morsy uses it FIVE times in his interview. FFS, "we go again" whether we win, lose or draw unless it's the last game of the season.

Too much bull from players and managers - do your talking where it matters.
Anyone listen to BBC Minute (or maybe your kids as it's news for youngsters)?
at 09:41 30 Sep 2021

Pops up on Lady Dollers phone as part of her morning alarm, and something's been bugging me. At the end of every broadcast they say "O629G". What on earth does this mean?!
Nice foodie pubs in the Essex countryside?
at 16:45 29 Sep 2021

It's my dad's 85th birthday today and we're looking to take my parents out for a fancy meal in the above location in a couple of weeks. We've done The Sun Inn in Dedham, which was very nice. Any more for any more?
RIP Jimmy Greaves
at 10:16 19 Sep 2021

Quality player and a funny guy too. Used to love Saint & Greavesie.
A good fridge freezer and/or one of those big bookcases you divide rooms with
at 08:46 17 Sep 2021

Recommendations anyone?

Fridge freezers are aplenty in places like Curry's, just wondered if anyone's got one recently that's a bargain or just really good (like has an ice crusher built in or something).

And room dividing bookcases. Had a look at these but not sure on the quality/finish without seeing it live:
Rolling Stone have compiled the 500 greatest songs of all time
at 15:51 16 Sep 2021

for the first time in 17 years, speaking to more than 250 artists, writers, and industry figures.

I don't know how one undertakes such a task. Like what constitutes a great song anyway? Even the definition is subjective, let alone before you get into preferences.

It piqued my interest because I laughed at a mate declaring the other day that Last Man On Earth by Wolf Alice is the greatest song ever written. I mean, it's a great song, but really? Ahead of all those famous classics? But then who am I to scoff? It's as valid as any other.

And also, surely your favourite songs change on a regular basis, depending on a myriad of factors - your mood at that moment, what was happening when you first heard the song, whether you prefer lyrics or tunes. Even favourite genres can be wildly different, so you end up with comparing apples with oranges.

An interesting discussion at least.

I obviously jumped to number one and couldn't really argue with it. I won't spoil it by revealing it here.

No.5 surprised me. Nirvana, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. It's a great song, don't get me wrong. iconic for it's time. But the 5th best song EVER?!

The Beatles only have one entry in the top 10, surprisingly. And Strawberry Fields Forever isn't even their best song IMO.

And also, how the hell is Outkast, 'Hey Ya!' the 10th best song ever?!?

Where's the best place to park in Ipswich on a matchday these days?
at 08:14 11 Sep 2021

Hey Joe (and others who know people who work at the club)
at 16:01 9 Sep 2021

How different is the culture there now since the new regime came in? Is it better now that things are better organized/things get done without waiting for Marcus to approve? But is it also harder work? And are people generally happier with how they're being treated and things are being run, or is Ashton's pushing of excellence getting a bit much for some?

Just wondered. He comes across well but off camera he might be an absolute slave-driving a£$ehole for all I know. Or people might be utterly galvanized now they can see the club improving and feeling a part of that.
Song for Phil
at 11:01 8 Sep 2021

Phil taps with his fingers
And sometimes stamps his toes
With hobnobs all around him
Pablo's best, he knows
It's written on the forum
His hair it never grows
And if it is a matchday
He's on your radios... ohs...
Anyone live in or near Islington (or know about the parking there)?!
at 13:50 5 Sep 2021

Moving there next week and just discovered there are certain properties where you can't apply for a parking permit - and mine is one. So where the F am I supposed to put my car, Islington Council?! (I know about 50% of people reading this are itching to say Gatwick).

I've applied to rent a garage but until that comes through, not sure what I'm supposed to do. Anyone know of a place even vaguely near Islington where parking permits aren't required? Or even better, anyone live in the area with a spare space on their drive for a couple of weeks? Bit of a long shot I know.

Stay calm, lads
at 08:46 18 Aug 2021

But for an open goal and a penalty miss we'd probably have 6 more points than we do now. Whilst we haven't been great so far, you can't really legislate for incidents like that (particularly the open goal).

There have been enough good passages of play in the games I've seen to tell me it'll all come good when the team gels (and yes, despite what some told me on here the other day, teams do need time to gel. Brenner and Marcus said so on the radio, Cook has said so post match).

When it clicks we'll be destroying these teams. Keep the faith.
Not seen it mentioned on here but did anyone else think Cook was a bit negligent
at 20:06 8 Aug 2021

only having one defender on a bench of 7 subs? I guess he doesn't rate Ndaba that much, but even so - it left Donacian covering 4 positions.

Thankfully he did well as deputy.
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