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ifollow abroad.....
at 18:05 13 Apr 2021

Currently isolating in Australia 20 floors up. Starved of watching football and just dawned on me can I access ifollow abroad? Would be a pleasant surprise if I can.....
Travel help needed
at 18:48 31 Mar 2021

Hello. I know there are a few posters here that travel a fair bit. I know it's a long shot but need advice fast.

I have finally been given and exemption to travel to Australia to see my daughter so was delighted with that news. I went to book a ticket today and there seems to be more road blocks. The only tickets available are via the U.S however UK nationals are not allowed to transit through. Surely there are exemptions here also though? Because flights are going to Australia everyday via U.S and if it was indeed the case that no one is allowed through then not a single person would be on these planes.

I have made about 20 calls todays but simply impossible to speak to a real person and the few times you eventually get through to someone they have no idea or pass you onto someone else who has no idea.

Getting pretty desperate so thought I'd chance my arm here.

Nostalgic highlights of Paul Cook scoring against us
at 17:29 5 Mar 2021

Cavani ban
at 16:33 31 Dec 2020

What a joke. Embarrassing. It was dialogue between him and a friend and not offensive in the slightest where they come from. Any snowflake somehow offended by it don't look at it.... I'm offended by the ban....
No subject
at 21:03 3 Nov 2020

at 17:35 1 Nov 2020

Just a thought.

If for a 0-0 draw both teams got 0.5 points rather than the 1 point for a draw I think this could be a great way to evolve the game of football. I'm sure there would be some flaws but would stop games like the one we're currently watching.
Full lockdown ---> will football carry on?
at 11:46 30 Oct 2020

It's seems inevitable to me that a 2nd full lockdown will take place eventually. Personally I don't agree with it however think it will happen. If it does unlike last time do we expect football to carry on? I know there are more important things but I actually think for a lot of people confined to their homes and with little else to do, watching the football is a healthy escape.
Matt Le Tissier
at 14:15 30 Jun 2020

New favourite pundit.....finally someone not being a sheep.
Season restart.....hear me out
at 13:29 1 May 2020

First off I would like to make a disclaimer that at this point football is almost irrelevant and I would not suggest for it to come back until 100% safe to do so, so with that in mind....

Surely it would make sense that whenever football returns this season is carried on regardless with next season being impacted rather than this one. That would see season 2020/21 as a completely unique season in the history of football where every team does not play each team twice. Let me give an example....

It is September and the all clear is given to play football again from a safety aspect. Therefore the season carries on where it left off and the seasons results would not be void or skewed....simply a much much later finish. This would see a season finish in November. Teams then have the usual break season to season so the 20/21 campaign would start in January. There would be a calculation to how many games would usually be left and therefore the league would be this amount of games long....let's say 22 for example. Because all teams won't play each other twice there would be a fair and random draw and each team would play the same amount home as away games. That would see season 20/21 finish at the normal time and everything would be back to normal. The result of this would mean:

1) A fair a complete finish to season 19/20

2) A fair yet unique season for 20/21

3) And everything back to normal for Euro 21 and the following season.

It will be impossible to fit all the games into the time available so surely if a season has to be impacted it should be a season that has not yet started....i.e 20/21

This seems logical to me yet have not heard this idea anywhere....am I missing something?
Can the football world stop speculating about when football will return please.
at 14:10 11 Apr 2020

I have found it incredible that from the start of this there have been meetings and discussions in the media on when football will return.

It just doesn't make sense as when this will be will be at a time when this is over and no one knows the answer to that. Even behind closed door matches won't happen until there is a cure or a vaccine. So how can there be any idea at all when football will return?

Personally I think it will beyond the end of 2020 before we see a game again and at least a year until fans are watching in stadiums.

Just doesn't sit well with me all this talk when in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter anyway.
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