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World Mental Health Day
at 12:50 10 Oct 2018

Surprised not to see it on here already as while there is plenty of rough and tumble TWTD is usually a safe space* to talk about mental health issues.

My brain decided to celebrate the occasion by gifting me a b**tard of a panic attack this morning. I was pretty much too scared to drive to work (I have PTSD type issues from a fatal** road accident a few years back), and having eventually calmed down enough to drive I still kept uncontrollably crying during the drive and for the first half hour at work.

I'm lucky enough to be able to afford private counselling, so I have a fairly good handle on why this is happening and what I can do about it, but many others are not so lucky.

If you're affected by mental health issues, today or any other, I wish you well, I hope you have somewhere you can talk about it, and try to remember, It's OK to not be OK.

* - I'm not a fan of the term myself, but it annoys all the right people, so sod it.

** - not for me, obviously, but not a fun experience as a witness either.
We knew this day would come.
at 06:39 28 Sep 2018

Flying cars to go on sale.

I can only hope that somewhere, an excited Tractorgirl is putting down a deposit.
Hipster Vegan Jazz Cafe coming to Peterborough
at 10:58 21 Jun 2018

I'm thinking of setting up a pop up cycle café there on a Sunday to see if we can achieve peak annoying.
Wes Hoolahoop's testimonial - this tickled me
at 16:59 9 May 2018

"Due to extensive pitch works being carried out this summer at Carrow Road, and a number of other factors, the testimonial will be at a date in the next 12 months."

One of those reasons is that on Saturday, the day the club wanted to arrange it, Carrah Rud is hosting a corporate tournament thingy. Only it isn't. It was booked ages ago by a friend of a work colleague on behalf of one of the sponsors to arrange corporate shindig.

He forgot to organise it. Instead, they've scraped together a work team to play against the village side that my work colleague plays for.

This is like a reverse 'joe Royle Ruined My Wedding'.
Middle aged retro indie and cheese fans ...
at 11:06 31 Mar 2018

I'm off to see The Wonder Stuff and Neds Atomic Dustbin this evening.

I'm more excited that before that I'll be celebrating a gig buddy's birthday at the Cheese Bar.
Important Cheese News
at 14:33 4 Jul 2017
Yes I DO know what is Brexit!
at 10:22 27 Jun 2017

New series of Absolutely. Still superb.
Guaranteed TWTD Row Topic # 37 - Trainers
at 10:25 1 Jun 2017

In the market for a new pair of trainers. No athletic activity expected, just something that goes with jeans or shorts for a variety of social occasion for the mid-40's chap. Sub-£100, ideally nearer half that.

Usually I go for something that Mullers would describe as a 'suede monstrosity' in muted colours (currently got some brown Gazelles and some grey/blue Pantafolo D'Oros - like the boots seriously comfortable, don't last long) but happy to take some suggestions on something more interesting.

Like Boggers, I'm leaving this here and going out for the day, and I'll see who's left standing at the end. Let the bickering and insults commence...
TWTD Pixies fans ...
at 11:37 12 May 2017

Just found out they're playing a warm up at Cambridge Junction before Hyde Park. Suspect it might already be sold out, but will be booking a meeting room for some 'quiet time' in a minute.
Mistaken identity
at 11:15 4 Apr 2017

No relevance to ITFC at all, but i thought some of you might be interested in this. A story of a lifetime dealing with beaurocracy identifying you as someone with a different name.

The purchase of my first house fell through at 3pm on the day before I moved because someone with a similar name to mine who had lived in the same road had been declared bankrupt. Luckily we had an understanding landlord who let us stay on an extra week in our rented property while we sorted out the relevent paperwork to confirm it wasn't me.

Anyone else had similar experiences?
[Post edited 4 Apr 2017 13:03]
Fans of Ed Sheeran and Lefty Bumfests will be delighted with Icelands promotion
at 09:01 17 Mar 2017

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Sparks and other blues fans
at 21:15 18 Feb 2017

Not really my genre, but stumbled across him tonight and really taken with this ...

Could any of you recommend a decent compilation of his to get me started?
Fans of Star Wars and pointing and laughing at forriners
at 13:42 6 Jan 2017

I may be well be behind the curve here, but this tickled me. Chap has purchased a Chinese copy of Revenge of the Sith, enabled Engrish subtitles and then overdubbed the amusing mistranslations. This is one of several highlight videos, although he has done the whole film.

I feel far from good.
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