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Listening to Hurstys interview
at 11:41 19 Jul 2018

So far he has said he will be wearing a gilet and that results come ahead of style. Just shows it is about who is saying it opposed to what they are saying
Waghorn fee
at 09:22 19 Jul 2018

What is he worth?

What do you think we will get?

What would you sell for?

1 million - This one is the least valid and could be any number. The other 2 are more important

4 million

7 million
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Paul Hurst interview
at 07:46 19 Jul 2018

I wonder if my question gets asked, he did like the tweet so I took that as positive
Who has caught Hurstys eye?
at 16:25 18 Jul 2018

I doubt it is texters but he is trying hard

Could it be Mcloughlin, it seems Klug was keen to push him on. I wonder if he has been bending down to have a word in Paul's ear

Cotter? Mckendry? Ndaba?
On the subject of mortgages....
at 19:06 17 Jul 2018

I actually need a bit of advice.

My fixed period is coming to an end so i started researching, the complication is that I haven't ruled out moving but the house i want might not come up for years. I also haven't ruled out a large extension. I decided to give myself some freedom but I also decided to fix for a long time because I can only see interest rates going up. I also chose to put my term down to 10 years to make overpaying easier

This led me to the Coventry and a 5 year fixed without a redemption penalty. There is an option to borrow extra but also a product fee of 599. Against a 2 year fixed elsewhere it was about 50 per month different but I figured it was worth it especially if rates go up in 2 years.

I have now leant far more towards not moving and doing an even bigger extension than planned. This might mean putting the term up again. Should I abort this mortgage quick and look again?
Has Edwards given a statement yet?
at 10:31 17 Jul 2018

I really keen to hear Gwi-on his move to Ipswich

at 09:57 17 Jul 2018

As many of you know I am a big fan of his and believe he is technically head and shoulders above many in the squad. I think Hursty will agree but i do wonder whether it will be possible to convert him into a centre half this season. It has been done for many, Southgate and Kompany being obvious examples and I think skuse has all of the qualities.
What time for Gwion then?
at 09:41 17 Jul 2018

Club bring it forward to 10am now that it is already leaked?
I am enjoying the OTT reactions to everything
at 08:12 17 Jul 2018

Hurst does and the rewriting of history.

He says something positive = oh it is so refreshing to hear that. Such a change, he is a winner

He says something critical = such a breath of fresh air. He is ruthless and clearly a winner

Can't wait for the 1st time he swears and everyone makes a mess of their computer
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I'm still positive
at 15:46 16 Jul 2018

I don't care what anyone says about our squad and our club. I see a bright future and i dont want a load of signings and changes. Build a platform and do it gradually but let's get a team that utilises and slowly builds around Dozzell and Nydam.

Bart is the best keeper in the league and waggy was the most effective player last season. I think I would like Tilt to come in and Gwion looks great. Bring on the season, we might take some time to develop but let's be patient and support #ANewEra
Ignoring England's efforts VAR has ruined this
at 16:36 15 Jul 2018

World Cup for me
at 15:42 14 Jul 2018

I'd rather be a numbskull than a ****
Def going down

Braintree changing rooms
at 14:40 14 Jul 2018

I hope they have improved since I played there in around 98. One of worst away dressing rooms I've seen. Legends like Skusey deserve better
Teddy Bishop and injuries
at 13:12 14 Jul 2018

Speculation by me but could his injury woes be connected to his bulking up. He added a lot of muscle and there is a definite thought that the body can't adjust quickly to carry the extra bulk through lots of intense exercise. Other players have had similar thoughts about them, if memory serves me this was seen as an issue when Joe Cole moved to Chelsea and bulked up.

Hopefully his body will have now adjusted to his size
at 20:31 13 Jul 2018

Tall right footed wide player that seems to play on the left and score lots of goals from outside the box
1 negative from this world cup
at 09:11 12 Jul 2018

And there are so many positives.

The one negative though is the explosion in the new trend of beer throwing. Just drink it FFS. I hope this doesn't continue into the championship and we all get drenched in coca cola when we score.
[Post edited 12 Jul 9:12]
Double post
at 14:41 11 Jul 2018

Sorry internet/phone went crazy
[Post edited 11 Jul 14:42]
Guess the 6 clubs rumoured
at 14:40 11 Jul 2018

To be facing an embargo in the championship?

Sheffield weds
Choose the result for tonight
at 11:00 11 Jul 2018

A kane hat trick and a 4-0 win


A late sterling goal to send us through

I choose option b. The Sweden game was never in doubt from the kick off and it just felt like it was missing the drama a bit
What a time to be alive for politics
at 10:50 11 Jul 2018

We have 1 party with lots resigning because we are not bankrupting the country in the way they demand and the other party appointing someone as shadow equalities minister that has previously been suspended for offensive remarks and social media posts against other nationalities or religions.
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