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Wycombe - Proper sh*thouse of a club
at 22:03 6 Jul 2020

I appreciate they have a minuscule budget and have worked absolute wonders and they have to do things differently.

Normally I’d love the romance of a club so small having a chance of such a massive achievement but they are so unlikeable.

Every single player dives, cheats, whinges and moans and tonight, in an empty stadium, you could still hear people shouting ‘woooooah’ when the Fleetwood keeper was trying to clear the ball, jeering mistakes and so on.

This was who? The Wycombe subs, staff or media? Ridiculous behaviour.
No better fact will sum up how awful we’ve become under Evans than this
at 17:12 18 Jun 2020

Next season we could, if Norwich stay up, be the same distance from them as we are from Kings Lynn in terms of divisions.

Utterly unforgivable. Yes some of that is down to Kings Lynn’s rise. But we could be more league positions below Norwich than we are above Kings Lynn, mathematically possible even if Norwich do go down.

How embarrassing.
Aston Villa - extremely poor
at 21:31 17 Jun 2020

Last season they ended up with a mass brawl because Leeds scored when they expected them to kick the ball out. Leeds didn’t have to. But I’m sure we all agree it was the right thing to do letting Villa score a walk in because of the farcical way Leeds looked like they were going to kick it out then scored.

Given how outraged they were it just goes to show their true colours today. Knowing at half time that Sheffield United had a legitimate goal not given because the technology wasn’t working, knowing it was now working etc I would have expected them to do the right thing and let united score from kick off.

Obviously money talks and now the shoes on the other foot they can be hypocritical. For me, what Leeds did was allowed under the rules. They shouldn’t have done it but it would have been less of a gesture for Villa to let a walk in than Leeds allowing one.

I already hate them for 1981 but thought that was really poor on their part. No doubt only concerned with survival and not being hypocrites.
The media needs a f***ing reform after this
at 22:46 21 Mar 2020

All the years of lies, sensationalism, click bait has quite evidently caused massive issues.

Shocked at how many people still aren’t taking things seriously and are risking lives with their behaviour. Absolutely appalling.

The media should be able to report on now serious this is and we all go, wow. I need to do what the say this is bad. But people are still laughing it off as fake news, scare mongering and click bait because that’s what they are used to.

So depressing. Still people out and about standing next to each other, hands over everything. Absolutely despair of some people.

Still seems to be an attitude of its only 1 in 10000 chance of coming into contact with someone on in Suffolk so I don’t need to be careful. Next week it’ll be 1 in 500 and then 1 in 100 and then it’s too scary to contemplate.
China announces no new cases
at 09:32 19 Mar 2020

Seriously? Lol

Like a billion people there and nobody got it. Utter nonsense.

So what is it then? Blatant lie or just not testing anyone to ensure no new cases?

A country that size with a problem this substantial may see action to lower the spread of infection but completely eradicating it? Who do they serious believe is buying that!

Seems like the world has already paid for their failure to disclose the true extend of the virus before. Surely they are doing the same again?
How religion looks in a couple of years will be fascinating
at 13:59 18 Mar 2020

There will no doubt be places in the world where people will literally have to suggest that religious folk wake the hell up and realise that no amount of praying is going to help and that science must be abided by. That's going to be unbelievably difficult to penetrate such contrasting beliefs.

There will also be some kind of fallout with regards to the hundreds of thousands of fatalities that will end up having occurred worldwide. It's all well and good saying that god works in mysterious ways when a small church in Texas collapses in a tornado killing 6 people but how the hell do you spin people of all colours and races, religions, nationalities and beliefs all being affected?

You'd like to think the one silver lining of this all will be that the world will be a better place, people will be closer, less war, less fighting, less intolerance but of course that's highly doubtful.

I just hope that some of the terrible events that have occurred and will occur, especially in countries far less equipped to cope than our own, at least give rise to more respect for science amongst the religious communities to help the world moving forward on disease, climate change and everything else that's important to recognise is not all fate or gods will.
Why does next season have to go ahead?
at 13:29 17 Mar 2020

Apart from the big money sponsorship deals and TV deals, why does next season seem to be given priority over this one?

It's all 'void the season', 'finish the season in September', 'play half the games next season' and so on, but losing a complete season would actually mean nothing.

There's little point finalising anything until we know exactly when teams can return, but surely the common sense stance was for it to be agreed by governing bodies, clubs and so on that completing this season takes priority for the integrity of the competitions.

No matter when it is, complete the current season. Once that has done, let's say it took until December, if needs be don't play next season and start again with the new divisions the following August. If needs be the 6 months could be used to play friendlies with big teams touring the smaller clubs to raise funds and so on.

Surely the big corporate sponsors who would argue because they have a deal until say 2022, would agree to this being effective until 2023 instead.

They don't lose out, clubs get promoted and relegated, you make the most of the intervening months and then start the season from August 2021.

This one goes down as the 2019-21 season in the record books if needs be and gets played over a period of two years. Europe can do likewise with their competitions and sponsors and European leagues follow suit. Consistent with everyone, no loss of integrity beyond what can't be controlled.

If a solution can be found (say the season ends in September and they can squeeze a reduced season in next year) then so be. Maybe teams are seeded based on league position the season before and play 29 fixtures instead (half teams once and half teams twice) of 38 or 35 instead of 46 or they do it like the Scottish League but everyone plays everyone then the division splits.

Contractual issues with always be tricky, so will the transfer window and player movement. No stopping that. But assuming all commercial deals could be extended by a year, this seems to mitigate most of the biggest issues.

The lack of revenue for smaller clubs still paying wages is complex, again this is where you'd expect them to be creative and maybe take season ticket money for the lost season on the basis that it'll be deducted over the next 5-10 years or with friendlies etc, assuming the big boys will be reluctant to help out, which will sadly likely be the case.

I just don't see why next season 'has' to be completed when likeliness is that season has to be delayed anyway. Seems sensible to do away with it completely in principal and only bring it back if a sensible solution can fit into whatever time is left once this season finishes out.
[Post edited 17 Mar 13:32]
Can’t see why the government is getting stick
at 20:13 16 Mar 2020

Seems pretty obvious.

They know it’s not bad enough yet for a total lockdown but we also need to limit it and they know half the population will do the sensible thing and distance themselves and the other half will ignore them and get on with things.

So this recommendation seems a perfect way of achieving a balance between the two. Everything will essentially just half until they need a proper lockdown.
Fairest thing to do is surely just restart the divisions from scratch?
at 15:17 16 Mar 2020

Points based system giving points to seasons in the top flight, seasons in Europe, major trophies won and so on.

Basically whatever criteria sees us in the top 20 and Norwich below it.

Not sure Lambert is the man to spend our £100m war chest mind.
People are amazing - Part 57,983
at 14:43 16 Mar 2020

In the event of the schools closing, some of the mums at a local school have set up a WhatsApp group.

It's to help other mums who have to keep working, so that their kids can be looked after by one of the other mums and plenty are offering to kindly help out with each others kids, confirming how many extra kids they can have.

Yep. That's right. If the children are sent home to stop them mixing with each other, the parents are arranging for them all to mix with each other!
Footballers should just be cancelled from speaking
at 11:59 13 Mar 2020

Gwion Edwards will be 'devastated' if we don't go up.

I know it's all clichés and soundbites but given the state of the world, would anyone be devastated over anything football related?

Then there is the fact that we aren't going up. Never going to happen. Mental even suggesting we could.

Then there's the fact that actually if we go up, he probably won't be here and will likely move to smaller club on a lower wage, so would he really be devastated anyway!

Utter pointless drivel like every other interview with footballers.
Self serving, lying, uncaring politicians
at 06:44 13 Mar 2020

Anyone else think that for the first time in god knows how long we will actually see proper politicians acting in our best interests?

Seems we are aligned. Even if we imagine the politicians care about nothing other than themselves, profits, big society and are happy for the unwashed to suffer whatever (of course this isn’t how they feel but there are big elements of it in politics) they have to get this right.

Being the party that steered the country from disaster and saved thousands of loved ones from potentially passing away could see them set for power for decades. Being the party that people blame for their loved ones passing could see them done for decades.

I absolutely despise the political system in this country and many top politicians and whatever their motives, which well may include being scared for their own elderly relatives or themselves, I have been really proud of the way this situation is being handled, how the advice is being filtered down and how all the usual BS has completely given way to allow us to feel as confident as we can this is being handled to the best of their ability.
iFollow advice
at 13:28 12 Mar 2020

Never watched a game on it as I'm unfortunately usually there lol.

Is it just via laptop or mobile or is it available on things like PlayStation apps and so on?
Miniscule silver lining
at 11:05 12 Mar 2020

With the Coronavirus and Brexit, it's really helped me filter out some of the absolute idiots amongst my friends and acquaintances as well as giving me a lot of respect for people I previously had little time for.

I mean there's a global pandemic, thousands dead, the who country could be about to be shut down, people could lose their homes or businesses, the ramifications are massive, our loved ones could be in serious danger (especially our elderly) and some people are whining about not being reimbursed a couple of matches on their season tickets.

Priorities hey!
When the economy is completely fecked as a result of Brexit alone
at 15:02 11 Mar 2020

How much blame, between all of it and nearly all of it, will the Tories allocate to the effects of COVID 19?
I wonder how many clubs in the 92 haven't ever had a foreign manager
at 14:41 10 Mar 2020

Including ROI as part of the UK and ROI and assuming overseas as any country other than these five, there can't be a single other club that's 'bigger' than us to have never had a foreign manager.

I'm sure some of the smaller clubs like Fleetwood or Salford would have likely had managers from UK and ROI exclusively.

Maybe we can go Finnish or Argentinian or Dutch next time. Would be good for some fresh ideas.

Best we can hope for is probably Gari Megxon.
[Post edited 10 Mar 14:46]
Charlton going the way of Bury!
at 07:05 10 Mar 2020


Will only serve to make some feel we are lucky to have Evans!
Dobra’s goal today
at 22:38 9 Mar 2020


Against a defence just as strong as a fair few in League One

He should be given a run in the team. He’s going to be exceptional.
In the unlikely event further Lambert yardsticks are required
at 17:23 9 Mar 2020

I give you Bolton Wanderers and Southend United.

Bolton Wanderers were on the verge of being ruined last season. They were potentially going out of business, they couldn't pay players, they couldn't get safety certificates and they had to blow out their final game of the season on the basis. They finished above us, despite being in significant turmoil from September onwards.

This season they were hours away from going out of business, had takeovers never happen and were saved at the 11th hour. They had to play kids, had a massive points deduction and were essentially down before the season had really kicked off, simply relieved they had a club. With a team of players who were 'anyone who was available' in a season where they know they are going down, their form over the last quarter of a season had yielded TWICE as many points as we have!

Then you have Southend. Almost down without a wimper, players have twice not been paid, they have been forced to largely play kids, they have fielded an illegible player, they have been threatened with a points deduction, there is massive upheaval all over the club and yet they, despite knowing they are essentially down, have also returned TWICE as many points as us over the last 10 games.

These are just the bottom two. These are clubs in turmoil, consigned to relegation, playing anyone they can cobble together and not always paying them and they are hugely outperforming the squad Lambert has, that should be one of the best 3 or 4 in the division.

It would be funny if it didn't hurt so much.

For all the reasons we are where we are because of Evans, this season has to fall almost entirely on Lambert.

Whatever excuses him and O'Neill come up with, I'd like to know why two complete basket cases can double our points tally!
[Post edited 9 Mar 17:28]
Lambert departure imminent?
at 15:30 9 Mar 2020

These have just been reduced by 50%

Looking for any little bit of hope! PMSL
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