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Line of Duty theory that just came to me
at 21:48 23 Apr 2019


Couldn’t get the whole Chicken Licken thing out of my head. DEFINATELY a clue.

That’s about someone falsely believing the sky is falling in. Corbett suspected the same with a bent copper running the show his sky falling in.

Thinking back to Hastings, in Series 1 we heard that he served in Northern Ireland and him and a colleague were set up and his mate died. He lived but statements were falsified and that kind of drove Ted to do what he did.

Now Corbett is what 40? He was adopted at 10 when his parents had both died. Ted is 60? The timeline fits for Corbetts Dad to have been Ted’s mate.

It was personal for Corbett. He has a grudge and has one against Ted. So what if he blames Hastings for his dad dying or believes Hastings covered something up. Maybe that’s why he’s desperate for him to be H.

I read the other day H block is THE block in Belfast’s most notorious prison. So maybe H is simply the top man from the prison back in the day now pulling the strings.

Whatever it is I can’t help feeling that with the ties to Series 1, Ryan, Jacqui’s body and all this that it’s hinting at something from the first series and Hastings back story for me now can’t be a coincidence. I reckon there’s a connection there.

No way did Mercurio just think it was funny to hear a scouse woman say chicken licken. It runs deeper.

Also think Lisa will be AC12 and that Hastings will be going off book to catch H and that he will turn out to be completely clean and maybe even acting under the orders of the DCC or something himself. I bet everything he’s doing is known about higher up.
8,000 season tickets sold on the first day
at 17:31 23 Apr 2019

As if to further prove the point of how we will fare budget wise in League One, if we didn't sell another ticket we would still have the 10th highest attendance in the division next season based on this year.

We will easily sell 12,000 season tickets in my view which would put us 4th. By the time you add in the fact Sunderland and Pompey could both be promoted and Bradford have gone down, plus the fan bases at Bolton and Rotherham as well as Lincoln and the other promoted sizes, it's extremely likely we may have THE biggest average attendance in League One next year.

Only definite team to beat us will be Sunderland if they miss out on promotion.

For all the doom and gloom, remember so many clubs in that division have tiny budgets. Even with us losing £7m a year we will have a massive budget. 14 of the 24 clubs average gate this season is lower than the season tickets we have sold TODAY!
Memorable 'little ground' banter you've ever heard?
at 16:30 23 Apr 2019

In the past month I have been to four non-league stadiums, two of which I'd say were League One / Two standard and a couple of them a bit smaller.

All of them in some way reminded me of following Town away in the late 80's and early 90's when we went to places like Fellows Park, Prenton Park, Boothferry Park, Vale Park, Plainmoor and so on. The sort of grounds with portable toilets in one corner and a burger van in the other. A club shop in the ticket office, which also trebles up as yet something else.

Fans packed in on terraces behind the goal, just yards away from the away keeper who can hear every single word. Back in those days you used to have all sorts of running verbal battles between fans and opposition players.

I can't remember the last time I spoke to an opposition player at Portman Road apart from an injured Chris Martin by the touchline telling me to 'f*** off in return for me suggesting that 'Just Eat' wasn't a motto to live by.

Anyways, what are the funniest / strangest / most memorable things you recall from the traditional style lower league grounds?

For me I would have to say:

- A young Robbie Earle (Port Vale) laughing at a fat Town fan who refused to throw the ball to him when it went in the crowd, only to then throw it, it hit the wall at the front of the stand and bounced back and hit him in the head.

- A Hull keeper (I think his name was Ian Heslop) taking stick all game from us for being a bit overweight only to shout back at a Town fan 'well your missus never complains about how big I am'.

- A Town fan going absolutely mental at the Manor Ground when his car, parked behind the goal Town were attacking and visible in the gap between the stands, was hit for a third time by a wayward Town shot that went over the stand (back in the Ian Atkins days) - leading to other Town fans mocking him singing 'You're going home in a f*cking taxi cab'.
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I understand many here know little of League One
at 10:28 23 Apr 2019

That is fair enough. No reason why you should. But this amount of fear over what it holds is completely unfounded.

In 2016/17 Rotherham finished 24th in the Championship, like we will. Their record after Christmas was W2, D4, L16. Overall, it was W5, D8, L33, Pts 23. They were even worse than we are, they just happened to win an extra game than we are likely going to.

Since Christmas we are W2 D7 L11. The same wins as Rotherham post Christmas that year, almost double the draws and less defeats. So we are actually better than they were after Christmas (leading into the new season) and over the course of the whole season.

Last season Rotherham won the playoffs, after finishing 4th. They won 24 of their 46 games. They had a run of 14 games unbeaten that included 7 straight wins.

They were promoted with Wigan and Blackburn (who both got close to 100 points!). Both those teams were relegated with them the season before after also being terrible.

Guess how many games Wigan and Blackburn won, their unbeaten runs and their winning runs? Very similar.

This is not coming down from the Premier League into the Championship where half the clubs there have had parachute payments are as cash and asset rich as you.

This is going down into a league where a large number of relegated teams are immediately streets ahead of most of the division, a lot bounce straight back and a large number finish in the Top 6 or Top 8 such is the gap.

We are going to have a squad way beyond 3/4 of the division, one of the largest attendances each week and we will be one of a handful of clubs that players at the others would dream of playing for.

I appreciate we look terrible at the moment and that people are worried that the likes of Forest, Sheffield United and a few others haven't just bounced back. That was when the gap wasn't as big between the divisions as it is now. Any club that's been in the Championship now and goes down is significantly stronger than the other League One sides.

But Rotherham went from worse than we are this season to a side that won over half their games and went three months unbeaten!

Sunderland were utterly pathetic last year. They have lost TWO matches out of 44 this season!

Some grasp of the fact that League One can be tricky, but often isn't for clubs much smaller than us is needed!

We may not get 100 points, we may not get promoted, but statistically it is incredibly likely that we will be right up there and not languishing in the lower half.
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Cheers Leeds
at 18:43 22 Apr 2019

Useless bunch of bottlers.

On the plus side there will be loads of them coming down here on the final day for a dead rubber lol. All the effort to make fake accounts, try and get tickets, beg for them etc.

Blades beating us confirms Sheffield United are up baring an unbelievable turn around including huge goal difference.
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How is Keith Stroud still a referee
at 18:13 22 Apr 2019

I have seen him probably 20 times now and he’s never had a single game where he’s not made at least one massive error.

How he’s not given Bamford a penalty today when he’s 10 yards away with a clear view and sees him completely wiped out defies logic.

Unless you’ve watched him ref before.
Some more context on ticket prices
at 17:09 17 Apr 2019

I couldn't find the 2018 one, but this is from 2017. It gives the prices for League One clubs.

Our renewal / early bird prices and matchday prices are basically what you'd have paid to watch Gillingham 2-3 years ago.

When you put it in that context, what Gillingham were to that division (relegation battlers), inflation and the fact we are offering to knock a further sizeable amount off (in the event we meet some pretty tough targets admittedly) it shows how well the club have done and hopefully gets many of the stayaways back onside.

I'd much rather watch us potentially be a top six side and beat the likes of Charlton, Bristol Rovers and Gillingham than I would turn up to watch us defend or get beaten by Nottingham Forest, Derby and Millwall.

I cannot wait for next season.
I'm struggling with the levels of negativity around next season by some
at 10:17 16 Apr 2019

We may have won 4 games out of 42 this season, but when you look at the last 12 games, a far better measurement of where we currently are than the season, which includes pre-Lambert, we have drawn 7 of those matches 1-1.

This includes a Derby, West Brom, Bristol City all going for the playoffs and Forest and Birmingham who were not far off for large parts of the season (the latter until a points deduction).

We are now a pretty competitive Championship side that is just lacking a bit of quality in the final third or being punished for the odd lapse in concentration. Most teams that go down do so because they are nowhere near good enough.

We will find ourselves in League One, with pretty much the squad we now have, as a team that could hold it's own but just couldn't quite win games. We will no longer be up against teams that are as likely to punish the odd lapse in concentration, we will be against teams we won't have to be as clinical against.

Of our grand total of 4 wins this year we have beaten Bolton (going down with us) and Rotherham and Wigan (one of whom will join us). These are going to be amongst the best teams in League One.

It's not going to be a 100 point season but you look at Luton who have had a 20 match unbeaten run, Sunderland have had a 20 match unbeaten run (and they were a mess last year) and Barnsley put together something like a 20 match unbeaten run.

The notion that we will go down, as a reasonable Championship side that can hold teams that might be in the Premier League next year, but we will somehow struggle is unfounded.

We will be very strong in the division below, unusually so, we have a manager that's been there and done it at that level, a very decent squad for that level and one of the biggest attendances and budgets (even if it is massively slashed).

I'm nothing but positive about next year. A genuine chance to see a winning, successful season with plenty of our own players involved.

The bottom half of League One shows how bad half of that division is. There is absolutely no reason at all why we won't be one of the strongest teams in the division and I reckon it may really do us all the world of good.
Whatever your point of view on relegation, there is no arguing with this stat!
at 17:20 12 Apr 2019

Our average attendance is 17,660 this season, the 14th highest in the division.

Last season it was 16,271. The year before 16,981.

In the previous two seasons when we have been reasonably competitive, including last season when we finished in the top half and were not completely out of the playoff race late into the season, we had a lower average attendance that during the worst season we have possibly ever had in terms of points and wins.

Absolutely f**king astonishing the support we've had. Ticket deals or not. 1,600 people going to Brentford on a Wednesday night to watch a game they can see on TV to support a hopeless side all but done.

Absolutely remarkable. That tells the true story of our fan base. Everyone deserves a massive pat on the back.

Almost every other club in the land would be toxic right now, players booed, managers booed, fans fighting amongst themselves. I'm sure some clever dick will be along in a moment to say we are all mugs for allowing Evans to reduce us to a club with such a lack of ambition but I am bloody proud of the fan base.

For all the stories in the papers today and on the radio, that's one thing that nobody will pick up on. We are absolutely terrible, yet suddenly I'm enjoying match days!
Could we be THAT team in League One?
at 14:45 12 Apr 2019

I have seen a lot of fans of League One clubs say that the refereeing in League One is absolutely laughable and some drop off from the already poor Championship officiating.

I am just wondering though if we could be one of the teams that benefits from this?

Who can forget our old mate Alf Buskh in the 1991/92 championship season? The guy was absolutely terrible but pretty much every single big call went in our favour. We won about 20 penalties that season and I am sure he gave half of them! He seemed to be the ref every home game in the final months of the season.

We have seen teams like Leeds and Villa come down here and get everything from the ref. We have seen teams at the top of the table get everything from refs. We have had absolutely nothing from officials this season, no doubt largely down to being rubbish in the first place but it's always been the case that teams up the top get the penalty shouts and decisions teams down the bottom don't.

As one of the biggest clubs in the division next year and potentially one up the top challenging, I wonder if we will finally see 50/50 calls go our way on a ridiculous ratio, the likes of which we've been on the receiving end of for seasons?
Only just noticed that Wigan play Millwall on the final day
at 13:36 12 Apr 2019

If Millwall, Wigan or Reading pick up a single point we are effectively down on goal difference.

But given that these two have to play each other and they will obviously both get at least a point, that actually means we are already effectively down on goal difference.

I know it makes little difference but we are effectively down now rather than effectively or definitely down tomorrow. Yeah of course neither team has that point yet from the final fixture, but as it is guaranteed that they'll either both get a point or one will get three, we are basically done now.
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We have never played in the third division in its current format
at 09:40 12 Apr 2019

On 1 May 1957, Ipswich Town travelled to Southampton. A 2-0 win against the Saints completed a wonderful season for Town that saw them crowned champions over Torquay United on 'goal ratio' with both sides on 59 points, just a point ahead of third placed Colchester United.

Sir Alf Ramsey was in charge, almost a decade before he would lead the nation to glory. Ted Phillips scored a magnificent 42 goals and Town never looked back. Lonnie Doneghan was number 1 in the charts. It was a long, long time ago.

Think of the generations that have passed since then. Phillips was replaced 20 years later by Mariner, Mariner 20 years later by Mathie, Mathie 20 years later by Murphy.

62 years have come and gone, by which time England have won the World Cup, Ipswich Town have been champions of England and Europe and Norwich City have still won absolutely nothing of any real significance.

Over half a century has passed and just look at the names in those top division back then. Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Wolves all making the top 7. Only nowadays Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City have replaced Preston, Blackpool and Burnley.

A look below the top two divisions reveals many of the same teams stuck there now. A look at the top two divisions reveals many of the same teams cemented there now.

Football changes. Swansea and Hull rise through the divisions, Pompey and Luton crash down them. But generally speaking these are anomalies.

No matter what owners come and go, no matter what players come and go, teams generally end up where you'd expect them to be based on the last 50 or 100 years.

Ipswich Town is a great. Not the greatest, not the richest, not the most well supported. But we will be back.

When we last played in the third tier it was Division Three South. We have never played Northern teams in a third tier match before. Next year is a new experience. Only a small percentage of us can even remember being below the top two divisions.

We may be stuck there for 5 years or 10 years, but make no mistake we will be back and we will be stronger for it.

For all the doom and gloom on here about other clubs over the last few years - 'we could become a Portsmouth'. Indeed. A Premier League club that went right down to League Two and are ON THE VERGE of the Championship again.

'We could become a Luton'. A team that went from the old Division One down to the Conference and are now all but CERTAIN to return to the Championship again.

'We could be a Coventry'. 'We could be a Blackpool'. Two teams that went down into League Two, but were not a million miles away from the playoffs for the Championship this season.

We may fall my friends. We may continue to fall. But it only goes so far before we become that big team, the one all the players at that level want to join, the one every manager at that level wants to buy, the one every businessman has an eye on to return to its former glories because of the massive potential.

Tomorrow is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning.

We will be back. We will be stronger. And I bet that we'll actually enjoy the ride!


[Post edited 12 Apr 9:40]
Who was the bloke asking for Hannah
at 18:08 8 Apr 2019

Girl I work with went to Bolton on Saturday and she’s called Hannah so I had a word with her and she confirmed it was her he’s on about and that she’d love to have him over for dinner.

She said to message her on Facebook. Should be easy to find. Hannah Bell-Lechter.
[Post edited 8 Apr 18:12]
I've previously defended Corbyn to a large extent
at 15:52 8 Apr 2019

However, the latest suggestion doing the rounds is inexcusable if true.

There's a lot of chatter on Facebook (not exactly reliable for its news content, but worth bearing in mind it may later be verified) that he had a curry with Skeletor in 1991.

If so, there is simply no way that he can suggest he was there only trying to bring about peace to Eternia.
[Post edited 8 Apr 15:58]
Not sure what to think about this
at 14:45 8 Apr 2019

Pleased we got the game on and beat them but the EFL picking and choosing when to give clubs their money sets a dangerous precedent.
A job for Friday afternoon
at 13:13 5 Apr 2019

Alan Judge needs his own song.

We are going to be singing it constantly next season, all being well, so let's make it a good 'un!
So what should be the Bolton fallout according to FA rules?
at 17:08 3 Apr 2019

Let me clarify that I'd rather we play the game and I certainly don't want us to be the team that got handed 25% of their entire wins in a season because the other team didn't show up but what if the game cannot go ahead or the players refuse to play?

Anderson took a huge swipe at the players yesterday. I can't imagine for one minute they won't play because they will have professional pride and still believe they may be able to stay up, especially after winning last week, but surely if a team cannot fulfil a fixture then it's a walkover for the other team (3-0) in line with every other league up and down the country?

If Bolton cannot complete the fixture due to a safety certificate not being issued and for whatever reason the match can't go ahead behind closed doors, if staff are not willing to turn up, then shouldn't it be the same?

In either event, the match being postponed / rearranged would make a mockery of football. What's to stop players 'going on strike' in the future when they are 4 points behind with 2 games to go and have an injury crisis to give them a chance of having players fit when the match is rescheduled.

No professional club should be unable to fulfil a fixture unless it's outside their control - eg snow, flooding, tragedy. If the players won't play they should have to play the U23's, youth team or whatever they need to under at the very least special dispensation to do so.

I'm sure the game will go ahead, but genuinely if it doesn't anything other than giving us a win would be a mockery - but I bet the Football League would never dare do so.

Can anyone recall anything similar? I am aware of smaller clubs going out of business and their results being scrubbed and tables being adjusted, but can't remember a match amongst the 92 being awarded to someone other than the battle of Bramhall Lane, which stood at 3-0 anyway didn't it when Sheff United went down to 6 men?
I checked the stars last night to see what was written
at 13:22 20 Mar 2019

I was reliably informed that Ipswich Town will play against Bolton Wanderers next season over two legs in the playoffs.

That would be a lot of fun. With a bit of luck though they'll be playing Chorley in the Margaret's The Florist Northern League Division One.
Chambers staying for two more years
at 19:16 15 Mar 2019

Great news!
Where to start with Birmingham City?
at 16:15 11 Mar 2019

Firstly, I am glad to see that idiot has been given a life ban and will spend the next 3 months in prison.

Now I agree that is a perfectly fair penalty for the crime in my eyes, but it is massively inconsistent with other assaults, that are witnessed and go unpunished. Absolutely no doubt that he's been made an example of.

Secondly, I wonder how you all feel on the subject of a fan, probably intoxicated, with low intelligence, or both running onto the pitch and assaulting a player and being banned for life and imprisoned, but yet when a footballer, who is a role model, jumps over a hoarding and assaults a fan in a potentially more threatening manner, they get a ban. Strikes me as odd that a footballer, who should have a greater duty of care if anything, can get away with that.

Thirdly, I can't think of a club I dislike more than Birmingham. I actually include Norwich in that, who are just desperately tin pot. Anyone who was there in 2001 and witnessed kids being assaulted, stewards throwing punches at Town fans and our own players actually intimidated out of a cup final will hate Brum forever. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from them (even down to the deliberate destruction of the pitch) and the gutless FA did nothing.

Fourthly, any news on the steward dragged away by cops after he assaulted Grealish? Did he get arrested or was he just restrained? After what I saw there in our Worthington Cup Semi Final defeat, I am really not surprised. Their stewards were essentially just fans, like the angriest ones you get in the North Stand.
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