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I'm thinking of launching a start up Island
at 11:59 9 Dec 2019

Perhaps all the folk that couldn't look themselves in the mirror if they voted for Tories on Thursday would be interested in moving there to live in an inclusive society where people of any race, religion, colour, age, gender and sexuality could just get on with each other as decent people.

That way everyone else can stay where they are and slowly realise that the Tories are destroying them off the back of their own ignorance, stupidity and prejudice.

Does anyone really feel 'proud to be British?'. I never have done. We literally sailed to the corners of the earth taking whatever the hell we wanted from every other country and hundreds of years later in an inclusive world we vilify the same people for coming over here, working hard and being a positive influence to our country.

I am absolutely disgusted with the state of this country, the media and half the people in it. I've found a lot of comfort in so many well educated, decent, intelligent folk on TWTD all agreeing at how depressing the situation is.

Sadly I doubt any of us can do anything about it, but it's comforting to know I'm not as surrounded by those people as initially feared. As someone else said, the Tories are now UKIP and they are going to win an election off it.

Utterly, utterly shameful.
The story behind Ally McCoist becoming a skinhead is fantastic
at 13:47 6 Dec 2019

It's like something that John Sullivan came up with!

McCoist went in for a trim and spoke to his usual barber, a young Turkish lad and asked him for his 'normal one'.

However, it turned out to be the brother of his usual hairdresser who also thought that he'd asked for a 'number one'.

Alas, the clippers took all his hair off right down the middle of his head and there was no going back!
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Are we now a 'cup side' lol. Can anyone be bothered to check this out?
at 09:17 5 Dec 2019

We've beaten Spurs U21's and Gillingham in the trophy and have also beaten Peterborough (technically). We have also beaten Lincoln in the FA Cup.

Four cup wins already this season.

Anyone know if you took our four cup wins before this season how many years it would go back? I'm going to guess at 10 years off the top of my head, allowing for 4 wins in the League Cup.

Well done that woman!
at 12:57 29 Nov 2019

Absolutely brilliant that she's embarrassed him in this manner, when the bloke won't even confirm how many love children he's had (we know he has had them) or how many single mothers he's created.

Also great that the hypocrite doesn't like people bringing up things he definitely said in 1995 but he's okay to speculate on what Corbyn might have done (without proof) in 1984.
Deserving of it's own thread
at 09:27 29 Nov 2019

To the person who suggested

We've got Flynn Downes
We're going up again
You're never gonna keep us down

I doth my cap.

If this chant doesn't take off then nothing ever will. It's as good as it gets.
What a bunch of _______ the Tories are
at 09:19 29 Nov 2019

So Johnson didn't bother with the climate change debate (a massive worldwide issue that those up for election should speak on) when everyone else did, he was 'empty-chaired' and the Tories have gone running to Ofcom.

I bet they won't bother to raise the 1,392 things actually worse than this that TV stations and news outlets have broadcast deliberately favouring the Tories.

I really do hate them.
Ipswich v Wycombe was essentially a general election for the top spot come May
at 16:01 27 Nov 2019

Wycombe are the Tories. Nasty cheats full of time wasting tactics, diversion tactics, trying to harm the beautiful game with absolutely no morals whatsoever. Worrying more about what we might do than what they might do.

Ipswich are Labour. Ultimately trying to do the right thing, ultimately stating our noble intentions to win the right way but rarely looking like we'd actually do something that would make a difference.

I guess that makes the officials the press? Skewing pretty much everything in the favour of Wycombe?
Perhaps we can all contribute to Lamberts referee dossier
at 11:59 27 Nov 2019

What is going in there then?

- An Ipswich goal which was disallowed when it was perfectly decent. Chambers headed the ball on with Jackson level with three defenders. At that point the defender then heads into his own net. If Jackson had touched it then he wasn't offside anyway. If they believed he was offside then he wasn't interfering with play as the defender still had to try and get the header in to stop it going in. If he was offside the Assistant would have flagged straight away or at any point during the celebrations. Farcical.

- A clear Ipswich penalty for handball not given despite the player moving his arm towards the ball. At the same time Jackson was penalised when clean through after a clearance was fired at his shoulder / chest from point blank range setting him through. This was awarded as a handball.

- A penalty was given for Chambers barely touching their player, which arguably was a dive but started 4 yards outside the box and he was in the midst of completely falling over by the time he entered the box. Should have been clear to the referee and Assistant that this was outside the box.

- Wycombe should have faced 10 men for the remainder of the match with Donacien arguably due a straight red before Wycombe won their penalty, but at the very least this was a second yellow.

- Luke Chambers, if adjudged to have pulled down the Wycombe player should had a red card. He was the last man and it wasn't an attempt to play the ball as he touched the players shoulder. So there is no double jeopardy rule. This is a clear straight red if the referee believes it is a foul.

- Ade Akinfenwa was penalised for TWELVE fouls. After the fourth one the referee warned him not to do anymore. When players are often yellow carded for three or four fouls as persistent fouling, how come Akinfenwa was only booked on the twelth occasion?

- The challenge by Smyth on Skuse in the middle was very late and a clear yellow. Smyth had been booked for kicking the ball away but wasn't cautioned here.

- On that note, two Wycombe players wasted time by kicking the ball away before Smyth was booked and four afterwards. None were booked. How can one be a yellow but six others not?

- The Wycombe keeper was booked for time wasting on 80 minutes when he had actually just got the ball and was about to take the free kick. Despite the fact he was not booked on other much worse occasions including refusing to give us the ball for a corner.

- Several players were booked for decent when there were players on both teams who protested much much worse (in one case calling the referee a useless c*** - Wycombe's 5 who had already been booked) and this was ignored.

- When players already booked were wasting time, the referee deliberately turned away from play so he couldn't see it so he couldn't take action. Noticed this on several occasions.

- One bad tackle from Donacien and one from Nolan went unpunished (before they were booked) as the ref wasn't looking at play but was talking to players jogging back instead of focusing on the play.

- Countless throws given to both teams incorrectly when it was obvious who they had come off.

- Just to add a conspiracy theory element - the useless Assistant is from Colchester. Really? A team and town that hates us. He may not have any affiliation but why take the risk EFL? There were countless officials to choose from with only 3 games being played.

What have I missed?
Lambert loses a few points tonight
at 22:24 26 Nov 2019

Rotation is all well and good but look at Norwood. Left out of several games and rested but then picks up a knock and misses the Blackpool game and wasn’t fit tonight. So he could have carried on playing when he was fit. I think we should play our best team regardless.

But let’s say there is logic in it. The idea presumably is that we are fresher and fitter than Wycombe who have had all these games with a settled side. Yet we didn’t take the game to them, didn’t take the game to them and left it until 80 mins to ‘rotate’ tonight with fresh legs.

We are losing more in chemistry and momentum than any benefit for me. We don’t look any fresher than anyone.
[Post edited 26 Nov 22:34]
So what is Woolfenden missing that Webster had at a similar age?
at 15:12 26 Nov 2019

Not suggesting it's as simple as Woolfy ending up at a Premier League club in a few years, a lot can happen.

But I am struggling to find a weakness in Luke's game and we should be getting a lot more excited about him than we probably are.

He wins his share of aerial battles, wins tackles, reads the game well and his positioning is good. He is capable of pinging a 50 yard pass to feet, he looks calm and composed, recycles play well and on Saturday he even ended up by the opposition corner flag beating players and getting into the box, as well as scooping an audacious perfect pass over an opponent closing him down.

Webster was a class act. You could tell early on from when he joined us from Pompey, a side doing well in League One, exactly where we are.

He may not go on to the same heights as Webster, but looking at how good he already is and how quickly, he should be raved about.

A few people have said they fear for us if we go up to the Championship that it'll be back to more of the same lower table struggling, but with the likes of Downes and Woolfenden, there's the potential for those two alone to really step up and continue their development even further by being very good Championship players.
What a monumentally big game tonight is
at 14:20 26 Nov 2019

Lambert is right. It's another game. It's November. But tonight is actually about a bit more than that.

I am guessing most of us were waiting for the Wycombe bubble to burst after 5 games, 10 games, but you don't get to almost December having lost just one game without being the real deal.

Whilst we are sitting in a very decent position, with games in hand and the ultimate aim is promotion through any route, a defeat to Wycombe puts them 8 points ahead of us and unbelievably as much as ELEVEN clear of third with the same games played, other results depending. When a team could go 11 points clear of the automatic places at the start of December you have to admit they are a bloody good side and the wheels are not coming off. They will be up there come May.

More importantly for them imagine the confidence they will have from winning at Portman Road. They'll know they are not just the best side in the division but the best side by far and that kind of belief is enough to really push them on in the second half of the season when the same teams they have already been much better than come around again.

For us, defeat leaves us with games in hand yes, but in that pack of 7 or 8 teams going for one place. A win however, puts us well clear of maybe 3rd or 4th but at least 5th and 6th and for the next month or so makes it look like 2 of 4 to go up rather than Wycombe and 1 of 8.

Of course Wycombe could lose top players come January, they could have a dip in form, they may slow down a bit, but tonight is a real chance to do them some damage, hand them their first league defeat in nearly 3 months, make them question whether they can live with us and psychologically a win over them tonight could do them a little bit of harm, even if it maybe won't boost our belief too much with us being expected to be in this position.

So for many reasons tonight is just 3 points and ultimately if we lost tonight but then won our next match with Wycombe losing it's as you are. But I just think tonight is one of the biggest games we have had for many years, not least to give the Wycombe juggernaut at least one flat tyre.

I never thought I'd refer to Wycmobe as a juggernaut but you've got to admit they are a bloody good side, who will be incredibly hard to beat and we need Portman Road to be absolutely rocking tonight!
I just scared myself unnecessarily
at 15:51 25 Nov 2019

I had a bizarre thought pop into my head as to what the standard of refereeing must be like in League Two or even the Conference. Gave me the shivers.

The one thing I have taken from League One refs is that if you just fall over when a player is trying to tackle you, it's a foul. Three times Blackpool players going nowhere did that (I'm not referring to the penalty). Yet we don't seem to have bothered joining in yet.

Will we ever decide to play along with the rest of them. You can guarantee that Wycombe will make Rotherham look like Fifa Fair Play winners.
WT Actual F
at 20:14 21 Nov 2019


‘The Conservatives have set up a website that purports to contain Labour’s manifesto, in a bid to trick voters looking for the document.

The governing party paid Google to promote the website towards the top of its results for people searching for the opposition plan.

It is the latest underhand tactic to have been employed by the Tories, who were earlier this week accused of running an authoritarian-style disinformation campaign to confuse voters about opposition plans’

Surely there’s some sort of law or body or something that can step in here?

It’s utterly disgusting.

All of the horrendous stuff they are doing and have done and still half this country will vote for them. Sickens me.

<Phil>Moved to General</Phil>

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It'll be somewhat ironic
at 09:55 21 Nov 2019

If we finally go on a bit of a run in the FA Cup just to get to the round we traditionally exit at the first possible opportunity!
[Post edited 21 Nov 9:56]
I see Rachel Riley is doing her best to get fired
at 09:23 21 Nov 2019

What a quite amazing, ridiculous thing to do. Even more so when you consider this is clearly a very, very intelligent person.

Regardless of her real feelings, she's managed to convince most of social media to label her a white supremacist.

Really not a good look. If she's able to end up in a position like this, what hope for the 99% of the country who don't have as much ability to process facts!
In the same caption .....
at 16:25 14 Nov 2019

Kane, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Bale and …… McGoldrick.
Bad form?
at 09:32 13 Nov 2019

I've known games where 40,000 have turned up and the game has been allowed to be delayed 15 minutes for some of the few thousand away fans to get there when there have been delays on the route they are taking in.

It seems to be a widely acknowledged thing to do if a large percentage of supporters are struggling.

Is it over the top to suggest it is really bad form on Colchester's part not to delay the game when 2/3 of their revenue last night was made up from Town fans? I know they said it was 5,000 with 2,700 from ITFC but their own fans seem to be agreed there was nowhere near as many of their fans.

At £10 a ticket, you're looking at an extra £25,000 that they made last night with it being us as opposed to 50 or 100 fans from other clubs for that match. If you can't make allowances to put a game back 15 minutes (to what would be a usual kick off time anyway) to accommodate a huge percentage of the crowd then it's very poor in my opinion.

At least they won their cup final against our reserves. They'll live off that for years.
Do you want to put it to a vote Phil?
at 11:00 6 Nov 2019

The Judge story seems to have gone from him being sh it to being sh*t to being not very good back to being sh it again.

Same sh it, different spelling.

EDIT - I'd say if we can't use the word on the forum, it's not suitable for a main news story!
[Post edited 6 Nov 11:01]
Something else that Rugby might have got right
at 13:30 5 Nov 2019

With their version of VAR being excellent and players actually respecting the referees, Rugby may have done it again.

Saracens, their version of Man City, have been fined £5 MILLION and deducted 35 POINTS!

They've won the league 7 times out of 10, 3 of the last 4 and have been ruled to have done so due to salary cap issues. Seems that Rugby try and keep costs down so that it doesn't inflate the market and lead to other teams struggling to compete. How football could learn.

It may be that there's a bigger agenda as -35 points seems almost certain to relegate them, so maybe there's something else going on, but on the face of it, how nice if football dealt with clubs that break FFP like this!
Jo Swinson
at 11:42 5 Nov 2019

She seems to be trying to make out that she's some sort of alternative between the Tories plans to kill all of us who have a penny less than a million pound and Labour's undeliverable pipe dreams of a hippy free for all where we each live in harmony.

I always find the voting history of these people the best indicator of what sort of person they are. When you compare the records of Corbyn, Johnson and Swinson though, she comes off worse than Boris!

Essentially on every vote Corbyn has said we should tax the rich more, Johnson has decided not to vote (even though we know what he supports) but Swinson has actually voted against.

Pretty much everything that Johnson has voted on, Swinson has the same vote, with Corbyn voting the opposite way. How can she make herself out to be somewhere between the two, when history shows she shares the exact same ideals as Boris, but actually votes for / against the things even Boris knows it's not a good look to be seen voting for / against?
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