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What a time to be alive
at 14:10 17 Jun 2019

Trump as President, Boris as Prime Minister.

It is something when comedy actors like Kevin James playing a ridiculous, goofy version of the President in Pixels, alongside Adam Sandler or Hugh Grant getting off with Tiffany from EastEnders appear more competent and realistic than the actual President or Prime Minister.

All we need know is Johnny English in charge of M15. Was dear old Frank Drebbin alive he'd probably be the National Security Advisor.
Very good news for football
at 16:39 13 Jun 2019

Great to see Blackpool owned almost entirely by a lifelong Blackpool fan, who you would assume only has the clubs best interests at heart.

Lovely to see after what their fans have been through.
The greatest analogy of all time?
at 11:39 13 Jun 2019

Obviously from a male / lesbian perspective.

'The joy of the Championship is like it is your perfect pair of breasts. It's is excitement, anticipation and fulfilment. It's real.

League One is not far behind and admittedly as you go down the divisions, they things get less pert, a bit more chaotic, a few more wrinkles but you still get that very sense of enjoyment.

However, the Premier League now is a West London clinic boob job. You know that everything has cost an extortionate amount of money, everything there is just for show, to the casual observer everything looks incredible, but ultimately nothing about it is real'.

So we are presumably away first then?
at 09:25 13 Jun 2019

Norwich are A, H, H, A in consecutive weeks, but start a week later than us.

We would therefore be H, A, A, H but wouldn't start with two home games, nor would we have 3 out of the first four away.

So assume it's as follows

A (3rd)
H (10th)
H (6th / 13th)
A (17th)
A (24th)

That seems to be logical. A, H, H, A, A with one midweek home game that doesn't have to go against what they are doing.
Random Norwood fact
at 13:34 11 Jun 2019

He only ever wears pink boots. Considers them to be lucky so has never worn anything else in his professional career.
Hurst interview
at 13:00 9 Jun 2019

Says he still thinks what he did was right but the players never bought into his philosophy and that too many of them couldn’t take the sort of criticism he handed out after Exeter.
Black Mirror is back on Netflix
at 13:10 6 Jun 2019

Just watched the first episode of Season 5. Three episodes available. Will binge watch the other two later.

Outstanding episode and absolute genius as always.
I genuinely can't wait for the Women's World Cup to start
at 11:25 6 Jun 2019

It's football.

It's a World Cup.

I don't care that the ability level is miles off the blokes. These are the top women in the world, competing for the ultimate prize and say what you will about the women's game but these ladies appear to give it their all and still largely be playing for pride and professional desire.

I'm sure in 25 years there will be big money in their game and there will be as many mercenaries as the men's game. But for now it's quite refreshing to see matches without the theatrics, cheating and constant surrounding of the ref.
Greatest goal celebrations?
at 15:29 5 Jun 2019

I was just watching a feature on the 1994 World Cup and saw Finidi's famous urinating dog celebration which got me thinking about the best goal celebrations ever.

ITFC - it would have to be Kuqi's dive, although Hermann's crowd surfing is up there too. IIRC it was against Bradford and he ended up not being credited with the goal.

FUNNIEST - Klinsmann. Fair play to him. A diving German who was reported to have no sense of humour, who joined Spurs and celebrated goals by diving. Very good. Also used to like Lee Sharpe's three amigo's thing.

BEST - I always used to love Robbie Keane's celebration. The old cartwheel, forward roll and gun salute. But for me (probably due to the magic of Italia 90) you cannot beat Roger Milla. The greatest in my opinion. Proper celebration that paved the way going from handshakes and an arm in the air to a whole world of their own.
[Post edited 5 Jun 15:31]
Stars on the shirt - Wonderful reminder or Embarassment?
at 11:25 5 Jun 2019

I was reading an interesting article on the origin of stars on the shirts of clubs and how they contrast in their meaning.

It got me wondering whether people like the fact we have three stars on our shirt or consider them embarrassing instead?

Liverpool and Manchester United have won something like 75 European and Domestic titles between them and not a single star.

Kilmarnock have one on their shirt to represent a cup win.

Bury and Huddersfield have two and three respectively as a result of trophies they won 75-100 years ago.

We have three, which signify the UEFA Cup, League title and FA Cup, yet plenty of other teams have no stars despite winning the league or cup more than us.

Juventus only have three on their shirt. The same as us. As do Yeovil Town who had one for every 5 years in the football league (seriously).

I assume most people don't care, but if you do have a strong opinion do you love them or loathe them?
Random fact about Norwood for those that believe in destiny
at 13:12 4 Jun 2019

James Norwood made his Football league debut whilst at Exeter City.

He was a 70th minute substitute in a 2-1 League One defeat at Elland Road to Leeds United in 2009-10.

The player he replaced?

None other than Sir Marcus of Stewart.
Let there be no doubt whatsoever about who is the bigger club
at 12:16 3 Jun 2019

I have long since said it's not about the temporary divisional status, it's not about attendances and it's not really about recent history.

Norwich finished top. We finished bottom. For the first time ever they will be two divisions below us.

They are drowning in Premier League riches. We haven't beaten them for a decade.

Yet STILL their fans are on here, day after day, setting up accounts, obsessed with what we are doing.

It's really quite sweet. No matter how much more successful they have been lately, they know they are still in our shadow and probably always will be.

The thing that would hurt us the most is if they stopped caring about us altogether and deemed us insignificant. But they are still looking on enviously at a club two divisions below. Hilarious.
Remember when Admiral used to make loads of teams kits?
at 12:13 3 Jun 2019

I loved the England ones of the early 80's. Absolute things of beauty.

Anyway, a lovely story is that they seem to still be using the same designer. He's 108 now and not really managed to familiarise himself with any of this fashion malarkey over the last 30-40 years.

What on earth is that home shirt? (I say shirt, it may actually be a dress).

It looks like the kit that your Sunday morning team in 1986 would have refused to wear because it looked cheap and nasty.

Unless they replaced the blue with green and stuck a canary on it I honestly don't think you could make a more horrific looking shirt.
[Post edited 3 Jun 12:17]
I award to thee .....
at 12:57 31 May 2019

A Norwood song based around 'No Good' or whatever the Prodigy song is.

A tune that's never been footballised before. A fitting nod to Keef and easy enough that anyone can learn it!

Got Nor-wood for free
We don't need nobody
Don't need no-one
Got Nor-wood for free
Bournemouth expect a bidding war for Mings apparently
at 14:04 30 May 2019

He's said to be Villa's top transfer target and Bournemouth are willing to let him leave.

However, various Premier League clubs (according to Sky) are after him. West Ham and Southampton as well apparently.

Can only push the price up and Bournemouth certainly won't be selling him for a loss!
I don't hold out hope, but it would be great if Evans learned from last year
at 10:59 30 May 2019

Hurst was looking in the freebies bin for people like Roberts, then had a little bit of cash to spend with Webster going and brought in the likes of Edwards and Harrison, then got a big windfall from Waghorn and brought in Jackson, Nsiala and Nolan.

It was almost like we changed transfer strategy three times in the same summer, from no money to spend, to a little, to quite a bit.

I hope that Evans has a plan in place financially, an amount that Lambert can spend and then takes a reasonable risk against that, by taking a chance on some business elsewhere coming off.

Bart could be off for £1m, the same with Crowe for maybe half that. I understand that if we make money from transfers that money then becomes available.

However, there seems a very good chance of getting £800k - £1m for Clarke from his sell on, given that he seems certain to move and the talk of Mings going to Villa for £12m would see us get another £800k or so. This also looks likely to happen but he could move for a similar fee to what they paid.

That's £1.5m or thereabouts that we will probably end up with from those two players but may not. If we are £8m down on last season and juggling the finances, hopefully Evans will take a risk on giving Lambert Say £1.5m additional early on, to either replace with Bart and Crowe going or with some money from possible sell ons. Obviously, Harrison looks like he could be going to.

I wouldn't want Lambert to be in the same situation of bringing 4 or 5 in on frees like Norwood, Thompson and so on and then being given £3m or so towards the end of the window when it's finally come in, only to then be tempted to replace the replacements!

We have lost a huge sum which Evans needs to balance. It would be nice if he could get ahead of the curve, take a little bit of a calculated risk and let Lambert improve his squad now with money that we look extremely likely to recoup.

We could always actively look to sell Bart, Harrison and so on if they were still here and Clarke and Mings were to stay put. It would be great to spend money and recoup it later against saleable assets that we clearly have, rather than missing out on targets because we are waiting to sell first.
[Post edited 30 May 11:02]
Some encouraging stuff from the Budgies
at 09:55 30 May 2019

Patrick Roberts is undergoing a medical ahead of a loan move for Man City.

Given they won the league, I doubt they'd want to make massive changes to their squad but might want to add 4 or 5 really good players.

Roberts struggled on loan at Girona who were relegated from La Liga, played half their games and didn't score. Before that he looked poor at Celtic in his final season (he was there for 2 years and did well in his first season). A team who battered teams most weeks.

He may well just be squad filler, but if this is the quality of the signings they are targeting then that bodes very well! :)
Football is mad isn’t it
at 20:07 29 May 2019

Honestly thought Maitland-Niles would just be another Lee Martin or Alex Henshall.

He’s playing in the UEFA Cup final. Mental.

*I know. Europa League.
Horrible names thread
at 16:34 29 May 2019

The continual sight of Phil's sticky on name calling got me thinking about the names people are called, which led to this thread.

No offence meant to any TWTD folk called the following but just thought I'd put these out there, inspired by a colleague called Ginette, who went completely ape one day when someone said (without realising she was in earshot) that they didn't like the name - whilst talking about another Ginette.

Wayne / Keith / Nigel / Kevin / Clive - you have my sympathy.

Baby Wayne or Baby Keith didn't even seem right back in the day!

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