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Duffy - Horrendous if true - Is this what the media does now?
at 08:30 26 Feb 2020

The last line 'The BBC attempted to contact Duffy to verify her account'.

Surely you either know 100% that it is from her account and entirely true before you post that she was abducted and raped or you wait until you have confirmation. The last line seemed really odd to me.

Why would this be a main story on a national news headline if there was any doubt, even a tiny one, as to its credibility?

Am I misunderstanding that last line?
West Ham
at 19:57 24 Feb 2020

Very much a yo yo club in the last 10-15 years.

Sat just in the bottom three and launching black balloons as they are unhappy with the ownership.

More than we’ve bothered doing and we are 8th in League One!
When it comes to managers, the players have all the power
at 15:38 24 Feb 2020

When it comes to the owner, the fans have all the power.

No matter how much we think otherwise, we were here before Evans and we will be here afterwards and the best way to get the bloke out of the club, which will require him selling it, is to ultimately take action.

He's not here because he's making huge sums of money is he. Enough of a profit that the fans turning against him would be secondary to staying and making money. He's making a considerable annual loss which he can swallow because of his other interests doing so well.

As soon as the media gets wind of the fans wanting him out that dynamic changes. He becomes a man losing money who also isn't wanted and that will ultimately expediate whatever end outcome comes about. Most likely selling us to someone who actively wants us to progress and hasn't bought us just to keep losing £6m per year.

The time for action is now. Evans has to know how the fans feel.
What goes through Lambert's mind when the other team makes a sub
at 14:04 24 Feb 2020

Do you reckon he sits there scratching his head that it's not 85 minutes yet and they are making changes?

How could he possibly have been happy with the personnel on Saturday? How many games have we been awful in when he's not changed it until 80 minutes or so!

The fear of being replaced and losing your place completely is gone from our lot. They know they'll likely finish the match regardless of how badly they are playing.
Is this one of those quirky twists of fate then?
at 13:58 24 Feb 2020

Where someone like Tyreece Simpson gets thrown on the bench, comes on and catches fire or where Sears gets a run of games and suddenly bangs in the goals.

Probably not.
[Post edited 24 Feb 13:59]
Surely it is time?
at 13:42 24 Feb 2020


That banner has been in the making for some years hasn't it just!
Simulate to end?
at 13:41 24 Feb 2020

Let's be honest kids.

If this season was your FIFA career mode or FM save, you'd probably just resign yourself to simulating to the end of the season now wouldn't you?

Checking to see if you did make it to the playoffs, realising that you finished 10th and then start the big job of clearing out the deadwood, only to find that Evans had given you £65,000 as a transfer budget.

The turnaround in form we need now to go from where we are, to a team in the playoffs and able to win over two legs and then win a final, against two of the top six, is just not going to happen.

Even before we carried even less goal threat.

The saddest thing for me is knowing Wolf and Downes will be gone next year and Garbutt won't be back. Arguably our three best players will be gone and even if a miracle happened and we got money to reinvest, quite simply we can't attract players of their quality.
Lambert is worse than Hurst
at 23:17 22 Feb 2020

He’s managing the same points per game in this division with one of the stronger squads as Hurst managed in the division above with one of the weakest.

Absolutely pathetic.
Can’t believe what I am seeing!
at 21:41 18 Feb 2020

Pompey v Exeter. 0-0 after about 82 minutes.

Exeter score and going to Wembley.

Pompey equalise with two minutes left.

Exeter score again on the stroke of full time to head to Wembley again.

Pompey equalise deep in added time.

Pompey win it in added time with last kick.
The answer seems pretty simple to me
at 20:25 17 Feb 2020

A free application should be made by all people 16 and over to the government for an online ID similar to a driving licence number which needs to be entered and verified on each social media platform, online account and so on.

That way everybody can be held accountable for what they say online. Children prone to abuse and bullying and so on must wait until they are old enough. It allows the proper policing of social media accounts where permanent bans can be issued by the platforms themselves for continued breaches or serious offences.

Individuals will then have to be careful what they say online in the same manner they would act to peoples faces or run the risk of action being taken. It’s the only way to get some control over the monster that’s been created.

The internet is a wonderful thing but in its infancy it’s allowed too much evil to prevail. The platforms aren’t interested and the police can’t possibly police it as it is. Such a measure that revolves around an individuals real life identity is the way forward. It can still be an anonymous user online but with them knowing that they can face repercussions.
Which is better?
at 18:55 14 Feb 2020

Lamb or Ham?
We are two wins off automatic promotion
at 16:22 13 Feb 2020

And Sears is suggesting it’s the playoffs!

We all know that it’s probably the case with our form because we can’t influence it.

Depressing to hear the players having so little belief in their own actions that they think it too!
It has become abundantly clear that Evans is main problem with this club
at 09:39 12 Feb 2020

12 years’ worth of evidence corroborates that we have been poorly managed in just about every aspect of the club.

We could easily list 4 of the 5 managers Evans has appointed as the worst 4 in ITFC history. Even Mick, a success results wise, largely at the detriment to all of things that make supporters want to support their team, saw the second half of his tenure as somewhat of a joke, as he was thrown under the bus by Evans before Mick caused his own problems.

It is quite clear that under Evans we are highly likely to fall further and further away from the Championship and more importantly from the proud club that we rightly became over many, many years.

People will say what can we do, but there are plenty of examples of supporters making it quite clear they do not want the owners around anymore. Only recently Charlton fans succeeded in removing an owner they had a long running dispute with. Blackpool fans eventually wrestled back control of their club. We have to stop being so frightened that Evans is going to liquidate the club. He isn’t going to destroy his entire reputation and other business opportunities sticking it to an entire town, a town which – anywhere else – would have constantly been on his back over the past decade.

WE are complicit in this. Through allowing Evans to slowly destroy the club through poor footballing decisions, we are allowing this to happen to our club. It has to be time for us to come together and show him that we will not tolerate this any longer and set the wheels in motion for him to sell the club and move on with other ventures.

We also have to stop being so bloody afraid of another owner coming in and making the club worse. There are good owners and bad owners but it seems to me Evans is a 2 and there’s a whole dice worth of 3, 4, 5 and 6’s that can be rolled.

I don’t think Evans has been malicious in his decisions, he just has a certain way of running the club, seemingly on the cheap side and this seems to have slowly rotted away all that was good about the club.

Prior to joining us Jewell was a manager with a couple of promotions, Keane had got promoted at Sunderland, Lambert was seen as a coup for a club in our position and Hurst was one of the up and coming young managers who had been successful at all of his other clubs. There is one common factor. All of these managers made mistakes, some absolute clangers, but they were also in a position to make these mistakes. Perhaps the reason they’d succeeded elsewhere was because they operated under a different remit from those above?

We took an age to decide to break away from McCarthy and it is abundantly clear that Lambert is not the right manager and Evans is not the right owner. For 10 years he remained silent and we didn’t know his intentions but he’s shot himself in the foot, twice coming out to define his 5 point plan and his intentions, because it’s quite clear we are a million miles off this.

The fact he rewarded Lambert with a shocking 5 year deal suggests that it is not Lambert deviating from the plan, but that Evans is content with where the club is, losing less money than it was in the Championship whilst we meander along hoping for a slice of luck.

Lambert only has a remnant of good will left with the fans because the relationship was so poor between the club and the fans before he arrived, that he got a massive amount of credit in the bank through just doing what is normal at any other club. Without this, being analysed on results alone, we'd be hearing chants of Lambert Out regularly.

Yesterday, we travelled to one of the worse, smallest clubs in the divisions and played 8 defensive players in a vital game, having slipped out of the top 6 for the first time basically all season. This sort of thing is admired by Evans?

We have to start making it clear to Evans that we have had enough of his tenure. The club isn’t going to die, it will be sold and we will move on with someone else having a better than even chance of improving in my opinion.

The time to act is now.
[Post edited 12 Feb 9:43]
Why do you want us to be successful?
at 14:52 11 Feb 2020

It's not as stupid a question as it first seems when you think about it. It's something someone asked me and my reaction was the same as most of yours probably just was and then I thought about it. Actually there is some logic there.

What do you want from watching Ipswich? What is actually realistic?

I think we can all agree we are a million miles off the Premier League. Nothing at all about the Evans reign suggested we might get promoted once he’d got his feet under the table aside from an incredible season in 2014/15 where we still needed a shock home defeat for Derby to scrape into the playoffs.

Most of our recent memories have been wars of attrition, football that isn’t pleasing on the eye and punching above our financial weight under Mick. We are never likely to see the days of the 70’s and 80’s again as football has moved on, but as recently as 2000/01 we dared to dream and achieved what seemed like the impossible. For those too young to remember it’s what Sheffield United are doing now, only we went into the last day with a chance of making one of three Champions League spots, not four.

Speaking of The Blades, not long ago they were in this division and look at them now. It can be done. But absolutely nothing (again) about the Evans reign suggests an upturn in fortunes, let alone one so dramatic.

For me, the novelty of League One has been enjoyable. New grounds. New teams. It is depressing how far we have fallen but I am not desperate to get back into the Championship. What changes? If we were to go up and play better football then great but what says that will happen? There’s no evidence for that. Lambert has been here almost 18 months and the football is worse than when he first joined.

So for me, it’s about us having a chance of success, which we do this season, integrating the youth, which we have and yet I am still utterly depressed at the state of affairs because we don’t entertain, we don’t excite and most importantly there is no pathway in place to future success. Just a few unrealistic hopes that it’ll somehow get better if Evans sells up or if Lambert leaves. What sort of dream is that?

So what is the answer? What do you actually want? I would love us to go up, push on in the Championship but that doesn’t seem possible. Look at how bad we were last season and how good Luton and Barnsley were, two teams that are now well adrift.

Rotherham were almost as bad as us last year, they have known the Championship a lot of late and yes they are a much smaller club but they are happy. They are entertained. They have an infrastructure that might let them go up, stay up and push on.

We should be looking to clubs like Brentford, clubs like Sheffield United. That build an identity, a style of play, an ethos and have some hope for the future. We seem pretty hopeless on all fronts.

It isn’t the division that’s the problem for me. It’s more exciting being near the top of League One than in the middle of the Championship. It just feels like we are drifting along, further towards disaster and that nothing – not even the sale of Wolf and Downes would help, like it would with other clubs who reinvest and push on.

Am I being too dramatic? It seems like a perfect storm of mismanagement, lack of ambition, financial contraints, coupled with how successful we have been in the past that have led us to this impossible position where I am admiring the likes of Rotherham and wishing I could be happy like their fans are with what they have got.

Dear, oh dear indeed.
Stewart Lee
at 09:58 7 Feb 2020

Tedious, irritating, not particularly funny. That is genuinely what I thought of the bloke. I'd watched several of his shows and not once did I even laugh.

Then a few weeks ago I accidentally saw a clip and laughed out loud. It finished. Another one came on. I laughed even more. I've now watched everything the bloke has ever done and almost struggled for breath of several occasions. He's an utter genius.

So what has happened to me? Have I suddenly moved into middle age and his demographic? Become more intelligent and insightful? This is his old material perhaps somehow ahead of its time and now relevant?

But he's genuinely brilliant and I feel awful for ever doubting his absolute genius. Anyone else ever gone from not standing someone / something to then absolutely loving them in this manner. I'm not sure what happened!
[Post edited 7 Feb 10:00]
Would you take VAR over League One referees?
at 11:22 5 Feb 2020

As awful as VAR is, I probably would take it being correct most of the time than the official at our level being wrong most of the time.

Anyway, Shrewsbury have every right to be livid. How can anyone at Stockley Park give an offside for the THIRD phase of play. The scorer was offside when the ball was played to a team mate on the other side of the pitch and then onside when the cross came in (second phase) which another team mate then headed at goal (third phase).

At the weekend Jordan Henderson scored a goal that the same VAR gave at the SAME GROUND when he was offside in the same circumstances but then he scored directly from the second phase when the ball was cut back to him.

Absolutely astonishing that officials could get this so wrong. Even worse that the FA Cup can have ties in the same round with and without VAR. Massively wrong to the integrity of the competition.

All this and it's still better than League One referees!
[Post edited 5 Feb 11:23]
Anyone else feel like this?
at 21:13 3 Feb 2020

Three months ago


I give up!
at 15:35 3 Feb 2020

I’ve tried working it out and I just can’t.

Will Norris.

We know that there is a clause in the loan arrangement and that he has to play a proportion of the games. But we signed him at the start of the season and proceeded to use him in 3 of the first 16 matches, which were all in the League Cup and EFL Trophy.
So at this point we already knew about the clause. Presumably though, we decided that we could presumably live with it and that we’d simply play the best keeper.

Then things get weird. We lost two games in four days, after going eleven unbeaten from the start of the season. I wouldn’t say Holy played badly at all. So I looked at the TWTD ratings for the Accrington match where Holy was our second highest rated player. In the Rotherham match he was our joint second highest rated player in an all-round bad performance.

This is where he gets dropped. Norris comes in, does alright and Holy takes over as the cup keeper until the 2-2 draw with Blackpool where Norris is dropped for Holy. Tomas comes into the team, gets MOTM according to TWTD and is promptly dropped again, despite being superb and saving Jacobson’s late penalty.

In comes Norris again, leaving Holy as the cup keeper. In the FA Cup replay defeat to Coventry, Holy gets MOTM again so keeps his place for the visit of Bristol Rovers in the league. He is rated as average in that match, so having got MOTM and then an average performance, he is once again dropped.

Norris has retained the position ever since despite conceding five at Lincoln, a couple of which were on him, gifting Wycombe and equaliser, flapping against Rotherham and palming the ball upwards for them to win it and then shipping four to Posh, including a f***ing howler.

During this run of ten matches with Norris in the sticks, Holy played once, at Exeter in the Trophy – where he was MOTM!

The stats will show that both have featured 19 times this season. Holy has conceded 16 and Norris 23. Holy has 9 clean sheets to Norris’ 6. From memory - errors leading to goals Holy 1 maybe, Norris 5 or 6.

I could have made sense of it all if Norris had started the season and it was clearly financial. But what has happened between us being top of the league and then second, but 7 points clear of third with games in hand with Holy putting in MOTM performances and keeping 6 clean sheets in 7 matches, to then being dropped and barely getting his place back, aside from when he did against Wycombe where he got man of the match and was still dropped?

We are a League One club so there seems no way we’ve paid even £250k to loan Norris. More likely we’ve paid his wages or some of them and agreed we pick up more if he doesn’t play. But why did that not bother us early in the season and now, when he is costing us goals, wins and points, he is seemingly undroppable.

Can anyone actually work this out?

In fact it's almost as strange as giving a manager, who has won 1 game in 15 in a division where that would be deemed bad form for Bolton, a 5 year deal, a contract surely longer than any other League One manager has ever been given, presumably also a record financial amount. Defies belief.

Holy 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 2* 1 /0 /0* 2 /2* /2
Norris 3 1 0 1 0 0 2* 1 1* 1 0 5 1 1 0 1 0 1 4

- Number denotes goals conceded
/ denotes MOTM
* point at which they were dropped from a league match for the next one
[Post edited 3 Feb 15:40]
Next Blue Action banner
at 14:33 3 Feb 2020

If Norris actually starts against Sunderland then l will happily chip in ahead of the Burton game for a giant banner that covers the whole of the North Stand with something punchy and memorable like:


Although if someone has something a couple of words shorter than gets to the same point I'm happy to reconsider.

Seriously, if Holy is not back in goal on Saturday I am going to go absolutely mental within the parameters of being perfectly well behaved.
Why are so many footballers now absolute bells?
at 13:49 3 Feb 2020

As much as I hated him, I understand why Grant Holt acted the way he did.

He played for us hated rivals. We called him a f*t bastard. He loved to score against us and wind us up. That's part of the game and if you give it out you should take it too. No problems with that.

But one thing I have noticed in League One is that this behaviour is apparent even when there is no cause. In matches with no atmosphere with little happening it's gone on and Saturday was a classic example.

Szmodics put them 4-0 up and celebrated in front of Churchmans like 3,000 people had been singing songs about having had him mum for the previous 70 minutes. It's odd and happens all the time.

Nobody had given him any stick. We were 3-0 down and not a word was being said. Yet instead of running over to their fans he decided to taunt ours. Why?

He seemed to do the same for the first goal, admittedly away from his own fans but again why?

Players used to save this for when they'd got abuse but now you see some Stevenage striker doing it when they've made it 1-0 at Carlisle, 3 minutes into a match in front of 8 people.

It's laughable.
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