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The roof is getting cleaned!
at 11:04 7 Aug 2019

Confirmed by Marcus himself. Oh and we have money available for 2-3 new players.

It's always pleasing when Evans speaks like this. So many myths perpetuate in the years between him speaking but when it is all laid out like this he comes across very well and sensibly explains why he won't jeopardise the club.

In the cold light of day, it's not his fault football has got absolutely ridiculous over the last decade and what he thought was a competitive amount of money to succeed has now become a drop in the ocean. Nor do I blame him for not increasing his commitment to stupid levels of money.

Pleasing that he's committed to all the things we wanted, the academy, adding a couple of players and sorting out smaller issues like the ground looking tired, the PA not working and the bars being shocking.
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As I've said before, Evans is free to make mistakes
at 13:21 2 Aug 2019

But making the same mistakes is something that nobody should do, let alone a man of his supposed business acumen.

He gave Keane millions to spunk on rubbish like Priskin and Leadbitter, then gave Mick peanuts, even when he was performing miracles, even when we were top of the league at Christmas and even when we sold Murphy and needed a quality replacement and even when we made a 800 times profit on Mings.

Last season he loosened up the purse strings a bit and trusted it to Hurst, a man we had high hopes for, but an inexperienced manager at this level.

Now we have a genuine chance of promotion, a manager who knows how to get out of this league, like Mick did with the Championship and the signs are Lambert will get absolutely nothing.

That from Evans would be unforgivable and should be the final straw for the fans.
Delapidated stadium XI
at 10:48 2 Aug 2019

Eric Gates
Kemar Roofe
Nobby (Turn)Stiles
Strangest transfer quirks ever?
at 10:35 2 Aug 2019

Webster joining Brighton in the same summer as Matt Clarke.

I know they have Dunk and Duffy, so it'll likely be a cup match, but it's entirely possible Webster and Clarke will play alongside each other having been involved in a swap deal between their two previous clubs.

Got me thinking about other strange coincidences and deals.

We all remember Ian Crook signing for us on a free, holding up the shirt and us then selling him back to Norwich for a modest sum straight away.
It is going to get very tricky allocating blame if we start to struggle
at 09:54 2 Aug 2019

Because whilst Evans is absolutely the problem with 90% of what is wrong with the club and nobody can ignore that, Lambert still has (even without being backed in the transfer market) a squad that should comfortably be in the top six.

So if we do start to struggle fans should turn on Evans finally. It's long overdue. But the time for the owner to be exclusively to blame was last season as we were falling out of the top two tiers.

As much as I think Lambert is good for the club and will do well, if we don't then questions would have to seriously be asked about why he can't perform with this squad.
So because Lambert just gets it he is pandering to the fans?
at 09:32 2 Aug 2019

Typically depressing modern attitude?

The bloke can't simply see what we see? That we need investment, that the stadium is run down, that the fans feel disconnected.

So he speaks up about it and people get on his back for just coming out with soundbites and talking the talk.

What exactly do you people want? For him to suggest freebies are fine, the stadium is glorious and the fans love Evans? Then you'd be on his back for being deluded FFS.
If you had to choose what the 5 years of following Town would entail ...
at 17:01 1 Aug 2019

If you had to choose what the 5 years of following Town would entail ...

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Choo Choo! All aboard the Sell-On train!
at 13:32 1 Aug 2019

Wigan set to make a £2.5m bid for Kieffer Moore!

So that's Webster, Clarke and Mings already.

Can't be more than 10% of Moore surely and there won't bet anything due to his former club. So if correct, that's another £117,500 coming into the club, which all helps.
I bloody love Luke Chambers
at 13:08 1 Aug 2019

The guy took a monumental amount of stick at times last season when he could have easily sat on the sidelines for months.

He played poorly through injury, his mum having cancer, broke his wrist and other off the field issues. gave his absolute all and was the one having to basically try to put the whole club back together on his own until Lambert came in.

Write him off at your peril. I reckon he's going to be an absolute warrior this season and come May everyone will be singing his praises.

The way the game is going, he may be the one of the last players that we ever have who literally bleeds blue and white.
FFS! Panic! What! Evans Out! Arrrggghhh!
at 13:02 1 Aug 2019

We are signing a bloke with plenty of experience at this level, who will likely be a 4th choice, at best 3rd choice, on a short term deal, for peanuts!

I am outraged.
Anyone able to find odds for a four team relegation accumulator?
at 17:16 31 Jul 2019

The North West quartet. Bury, Bolton, Rochdale and Accrington.

Does anyone know what would happen if Bolton and / or Bury ceased to be. Do you reckon they would still pay out as relegated?
Really good League One preview
at 17:07 31 Jul 2019

Credit to the Lincoln forum. Really informative, detailed and (pretty much) accurate preview on all clubs.

They've got us down for anywhere between 1st and 10th. I think that's absolutely spot on.
Wishful thinking
at 15:12 30 Jul 2019

But could the Webster deal be holding things up?

I'm sure we won't get any more money even if we do get £1m - £2m from that deal. But wonder if there's a chance that we have another target in mind if we do.

May be as simple as Bart wanting to see what Blackburn offer, before we can get Elliott or need to get Norris. Can't see Rovers appealing to him though given how close Millwall is to home.

If it's a potential move though with a Championship wage being paid, instead of Millwall paying his League One wage, then who knows.
'You can't run a club on loans'
at 11:44 29 Jul 2019

Correct. You can't.

But when you are about to start the season with TEN players that would be in and around the squad injured then what else should you do?

If we buy these players, then we end up with a massive squad again, which we simply can't do. On what? 2 year, 3 year contracts?

Even if we end up with 5 or 6 loans I have no issue if they are genuinely to address injury problems. A better RB than what we have on loan is fine. Adding another CM on loan is absolutely pointless unless we suffer more injuries.

I don't like it either, but stop holding Lambert to account for what he would ideally like, not necessarily what he can actually have given the budget restraints and injury nightmare.
[Post edited 29 Jul 11:46]
What do we reckon Bart is on per week?
at 11:33 29 Jul 2019

Good business, if we assume that Millwall were only club likely to pay £1m, before the issue with the medical.

Even if his wage has reduced to £8,000 a week, that's £415,000 over the course of the season and people who knew a lot more about these things were saying that loan fees would run into several hundred grand.

If we say £600,000 all in, with wages saved and a fee, that's decent business, given that if he didn't go now, he could be sat here for another year as a backup where his value diminishes further.

I know people don't like loans, but a keeper of the quality of the Wolves lad, who should now be moving up to a starter for a League One club, is a good loan to have.

Also, getting Elliott in on loan is again a decent loan. Someone we could potentially look to pick up for free next summer if all goes well, as he'd be out of contract and someone we don't get lumbered with on a contract, if he's not particularly good.

I don't really like loans, but both Garbutt and Elliott would be potential signings for free next year, we don't have to pay a fee now and both are players that could be great or could add very little, so there is zero risk.

This is what loans are intended for, with clubs at our level.
Real Madrid lol
at 06:59 27 Jul 2019

5-0 down at HT to Atletico.

7-1 down with 5 mins left.

Ended 7-3. Only a friendly but what a humping.
Nottingham Forest are to hold a collection for Notts County staff
at 16:33 26 Jul 2019

I appreciate they aren't the fiercest of rivals these days, share a city and there will be a lot of goodwill between the clubs. Forest regularly loan players to County.

It's a lovely gesture by Forest to collect for the County staff.

So then. You know what I am going to say. If we had collection buckets for our feathered friends what would you put in there?

I've got a couple of Darts trophys knocking about from the Debenham Cherry Tree, so might donate one to them to kick off their trophy cabinet.
The weather is literally melting peoples brains isn't it?
at 13:32 26 Jul 2019

Most of the rational, pleasant, polite people I know have become uncharacteristically sharp, grumpy and rude over the last couple of days.

Not sure whether it's more the weather, more the impending sense of political doom, the fact Judge could be leaving or all three, but I assumed others have noticed it.

Probably as simple as people not sleeping as well with the heat and thunder and it taking it's toll, but there's a total epidemic of grumpiness in Ipswich I swear!
Evans Out!
at 13:21 26 Jul 2019

EADT is now reporting that, contrary to what we have heard from the horses mouth, we've sold HarryFromBath to Bristol City.

Didn't want to believe it, but it's just like the Judge situation isn't it.

Harry has clearly had his head turned by a club closer to home, no doubt better pay, with more detailed opposition forums and he's shown absolutely no loyalty here*.

*On a serious note, thank you so much Harry. Absolutely incredible commitment to the cause, backed up with a fantastic football knowledge and wit and it's been a pleasure yo enjoy your work.
[Post edited 26 Jul 13:22]
Lambert has come out with some odd things lately
at 10:39 26 Jul 2019

The quotes about 'not really sure what's happening with the signings' and 'not really sure if anything is happening with Judge' and 'not really sure' this and that hinted that he didn't really know what was going on past a certain stage - for example Evans was negotiating with clubs.

But now this is extended to 'not really sure anything was happening with Bart, they enquired but it didn't happen for one reason or another'.

What's that about. We all know that

a) Millwall made a bid
b) Bart was there for a medical
c) There was an issue with the medical that caused the deal to fall through (either he outright failed to medical or Millwall tried to renegotiate on the basis of this old injury).

Why would Lambert suggest they enquired, when a bid was accepted and Bart was at Millwall? Seems very odd and makes me wonder if his other statements have merit or this is just something he does when he doesn't want to answer a question - merely suggests he doesn't know what's happening.
[Post edited 26 Jul 10:45]
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