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at 09:47 9 Oct 2019

Sometimes you just see a player a couple of times and immediately know they are going to have some career.

When Dyer came into the team it was obvious he would likely go on to play for England.

Dobra is just one of those players who is going to be utterly brilliant. El Mizouni, Lankester, Dozzell - none of those would shock you if in 5 years they were in the Premier League or equally had careers like Dean Bowditch.

With Dobra there's just that something different. He's got the technical ability, brain, tenacity and he's the first player we've had since Gio that's reminded me of him.

Not suggesting he'll end up at Barcelona, but without bad luck with injures, that boy is going to be an absolute top drawer player.
Thread table
at 09:33 9 Oct 2019

I have found this on 4 different goal sites and BBC Sport and not one of them has the tables correct!

Either Spurs were given 3 points for winning on pens or Colchester and Spurs got a point each. In the case of the BBC, they have claimed Spurs won but given Colchester the points! (This may have been edited now).

Correct me if I am wrong, but it should be Town 6 points, Colchester 4 points (a win and a draw), Spurs 2 points (a draw with a bonus point for pens win) and Gillingham 0 points right?

Which means we are through to the next round but can stop Colchester getting through if Spurs get a result.
Interesting social dilemma
at 09:30 9 Oct 2019

Personally I am not a fan of the Nsiala song. It plays on a racial stereotype (even if it is intended to be a compliment).

Other teams have sung it and fans have been banned. ITFC have asked fans not to sing it. But the player himself has laughed about it and says he doesn't mind it.

It got me thinking from a moral point of view how society in general can deem something offensive when the person themselves that it is aimed at, has no issue with it.

We have to draw these lines really to govern what is and is not acceptable, which is really weird when you think about it, that people unconnected to it can be offended when the target actually isn't.

Counter that against chants to Steve Evans of 'have you ever seen your d***' Now personally society won't deem making fun of his weight as bad as a racially motivated stereotype, but if Evans was offended by the chant, which is likely given what we know of him, we are in a place in society when a man offended by a chant would be deemed to be less likely to be offended than another man not offended by a chant, that is supposedly deemed worse.

Always found the whole concept of being offended mad given it's subjective after all and that there are laws built around what individuals can claim to be offended by, regardless it seems of the actual content.
I reckon history will see this point in time as a crucial point
at 09:35 8 Oct 2019

We have a British PM who is an absolute buffoon, whose past who know all about and an America President who is an absolute clown, whose past we all know about.

Do you reckon that in 10 or 20 years it'll be back to having the likes of Major and Bush or Thatcher or Obama, people who, whether you like them or not, were intelligent, competent and articulate and we'd look at today with much embarrassment, or do you reckon we will have just got ourselves into a state where James Cordon is running America and we have Katie Hopkins as PM and things have just got worse!
Breathing space
at 17:53 5 Oct 2019

Real shame there’s no top of the table clash next Saturday but even after that we will be four clear of 2nd and at least four clear of 3rd!

We will also have a game or two games in hand on most teams in or around the playoffs!

We’ve got 27 points and the team in 3rd has 20. That’s already (after a quarter of the season) almost 50% more points than the team directly outside the automatic promotion places.

Without really getting out of first gear all season and coming from a season of losing every week. Absolutely incredible the turnaround and Lambert needs to take enormous credit.

Commentary Man
at 12:43 1 Oct 2019

The worlds worst superhero.

We’ve all met him. That one bloke incapable of thinking things but instead has to commentate on every aspect of life. Very annoying.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard him say?

Today in the gym I met an incarnation of him who commentated on his entire dump with ‘its coming’ followed by ‘that stinks’. He proceeded to then walk around saying ‘I’m knackered’ and ‘Who even goes on that machine’ to himself.
Kane Vincent-Young
at 08:08 29 Sep 2019

Da da da
Full backs never seemed so good
So good
So good
Blue Action - I’m often envious that other clubs have a song
at 09:49 28 Sep 2019

Listening to Forest signing You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling last night after Stoke had banged out Delilah. Love it.

Always been envious we’ve not had a song in that respect. Then I heard (what could be more apt) Those Were The Days and thought Blue Action could easily get something going with that ala Allez Allez Allez

Cracking tune for the terraces, Ipswich themed and even pays tribute tho this site!

Something like this

Once upon a time we had Sir Bobby
And soon we all began to dream a dream
That we would be the finest team in England
He built a team as good as you have seen

Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d beat the best that Europe threw our way
The famous Ipswich Town
You’ll never keep us down
Our time will come, we will be back one day

It's all gone a bit Peep Show
at 10:33 26 Sep 2019

Thomas Cook chiefs suggested to have sacrificed the UK operation to save the German one.

It's JLB all over again I tell you. It's all Stefan Strauss' fault. Where is Johnson at the moment?

What we need is a Thomas Cook grief thief to convince his mate to do a hard hitting skit.
Sheffield United ownership. Two questions.
at 15:51 16 Sep 2019

1) Does anyone know why it is McCabe that has to sell to the other owner and not the other way around? McCabe has put in ten times the money as Prince Abdullah, so wondering how the court decided which party had to sell their shares.

2) Surely if McCabe made an offer to buy the Prince's shares for £5m in 2017 or allow the Prince to buy his, but it ends up in court two years later when the club has been promoted and is now worth 10 times that, the ruling should reflect the new value, not the value at the time the offer was made?

Otherwise the Court have essentially ruled that it is 2017, McCabe has offered his shares for £5m and the Prince has to accept that offer - an offer the Prince DID NOT take at the time.

How does that work exactly?
Kane. Vincent. Young.
at 19:03 14 Sep 2019

Da da da
Full backs never seemed so good
So good
So good
Anyone else feel like a lot is going our way?
at 16:31 9 Sep 2019

The complete opposite to last season.

A long season ahead and by no means getting carried away but all the little bits of fortune possible feel like they are falling into place.

Bolton have got their act together just after we thumped them and so everyone else will play a much harder Bolton side who will take points off them.

Coventry, one of the teams I expected to be up there, have to play all their games away from home. I know it's not slowed them down yet, but in the cold months when fans won't be so inclined to travel …..

Lincoln have so much momentum and it's hard to imagine them appointing anyone on their budget who can get close to what the Cowley's would have brought to them this season.

Sunderland's takeover won't have any real teeth because of the League One rules and at best, they'll have a bit of budget January.

Oxford and Pompey have had abysmal starts that put them well behind us.

Peterborough have only just got their act together after we played them.

It's nice to have a few things go for us for once as usually it feels like everyone else around us gets breaks.
at 12:48 4 Sep 2019

I assume you can block things that people post on your tweets? ITFC may want to act a bit quicker!

They have tweeted congratulating Dobra and the comments have been somewhat overtaken by some XXX rated content that's still their 5 hours later.

I know of a few kids (older primary school) that don't have Twitter accounts but check the ITFC Twitter page for highlights, interviews and so on.

What a way to find out about the birds and the bees! Indirectly through Armando Dobra!
The Trophy
at 10:43 4 Sep 2019

Doesn't the picture on the homepage just sum it up!

Numbers 58, 71, 36, 41 and 43 in shot! Lol.

Still, I enjoyed it! Not sure I'd say the same if we were still in it in a few years and the U21 teams should be nowhere near it.

As someone said yesterday, it reminded me of the Anglo Italian Cup! Salernitana, Foggia, Brescia and Port Vale!
Whatever way you want to dress it up
at 10:08 4 Sep 2019

It's four wins on the bounce at first team level.

Sure, it was Spurs kids, Bolton's kids, a side that had 10 men for more than a half and a team we nicked a last minute winner against, but you don't win four matches in a row without gaining considerable confidence from it.

It has, in the first month of the season, obliterated the losing mentality from last season which I was worried, like Huddersfield, we may not have been able to shift easily.

Huge credit to the players for that.
at 09:57 4 Sep 2019

Most of us agree he has talent and we all want him to come good, but last night only further served to highlight, as did Saturday actually, why I am really concerned about where he goes from here.

Make no mistake. When you are a player like Abraca-Dobra, it is easy to wow the crowd with tricks and flicks but the boy has played two games now, including against a Championship side and done everything possible to stake his claim for a place in the side.

Yes he has a lot to learn at 18 but he has come in, performed very well twice and massively improved his chances. Dozzell is a different player and one that may find it harder to wow the supporters but look at the impact of KVY.

Full backs can't usually shine like midfielders and forwards can but in his one game at PR, he stood out and was absolutely excellent.

Every time Dozzell is given a chance to impress the game seems to pass him by. How long before Dobra is more likely to be in the 18 than Dozzell?

Downes has gone up a level, Woolfenden has, Lankester grabbed his chance, El Mizouni has looked good in spells. It seems as if Andre is getting left behind and with Nolan, Huws and then Sears, Morris, Folami etc coming back, how long before Dozzell can't even get in the 18?

At a lower level, this should be the season where he shines but he looks no more likely to do that now than he ever has, which is a shame as he clearly has some talent, but doesn't seem to do everything required in matches to take his chance.
[Post edited 4 Sep 10:06]
Good chance of penalties tonight
at 16:38 3 Sep 2019

Draw after full time means straight to penalties

So here’s one for you.

Your dream ITFC five penalty takers in a shootout

1 Miller
2 Wark
3 Thompson
4 Stewart
5 Whitton
Kane Vincent-Young
at 22:02 31 Aug 2019

In one home game he played a level above anything Kenlock or Emmanuel
have ever played for us, even in their very best games.

A home debut up there with Whitton and Finidi. Phenomenal.

Just goes to highlight how much better we could be at left back.
How funny was that Shrews fan!
at 20:12 31 Aug 2019

For those that were down the other end, one Shrewsbury fan who looked and acted like an irate Italian manager was going absolutely mental for the last ten minutes.

Every few seconds he stood up and threw his hands in the air. The crowd were doing the ‘wooooooooooah’ and cheering every time his hands went up whilst this guy was seemingly unaware.

Grown ups with tears of laughter streaming down their face. You probably had to be there. But this guy was going nuts about everything.
Over a month without a home game during the middle of the season
at 17:12 28 Aug 2019

Has that ever happened to us before?

I assume it must have around January / February time with postponements once upon a time, but strange to look at the fixtures and see we host Rotherham on 22 October and then are not at home until 23 November against Blackpool.

Obviously we could have an FA Cup tie down here depending on the draw, but seems incredibly odd to have three league away games on the spin, four in total with the FLT, perhaps even 5 if drawn away in the cup.

If the home game with Wycombe at the start of October is called off for internationals we could even have one home game in two months!
[Post edited 28 Aug 17:14]
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