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“Vertically challenged“
at 11:39 30 May 2018

PH is 5’4” so what, bet he’s on a higher salary than the rest of us!

As a 5’4” in man myself I can empathise with Paul and the many challenges ahead (especially the magazines on high shelves)

The following men were/are 5’4” and under and we look up to them:
Mahatma Grandi, Mel Brooks, Prince, Paul Simon, Pablo Picasso, Ludwig van Beethoven, Voltaire, Michael J Fox, Harry Houdini, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, Genghis Khan, T.E. Lawrence, Toulouse-Lautrec, Seth Green.

To be honest didn’t find too many 5’4” footballers that I was familiar with, any ideas?
When I use the up and down arrows, can I be found out?
at 19:32 27 May 2018

I have a real fear of someone getting upset, finding out where I live and letting my bike tyres down.
To ignore users or not?
at 20:29 22 May 2018

In particular the serial moaners, those whose vocabulary is limited to “Evans out” and the Walter Mitty types.

Do regular users have these on your “Ignore list” or keep posts live for entertainment purposes?
Previous appointments by Mr Evans
at 17:18 20 May 2018

I was not a forum user when Keane, Jewell and McCarthy were announced as manager. Were these names high on the bookies list of names , were they previously discussed on this board, or were they announced out totally out of the blue? Will it be tomorrow?

Wedding over back to football
at 16:23 19 May 2018

Put your hankies away now it’s time for football again.

This is the latest post on the St Mirren forum, I know it’s been discussed here already seems to talk sense and will get us back on track.

8,137 posts
Top Man:Tony Fitzpatrick
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Posted 14 minutes ago
“IF Jack has been interviewed twice, and I do stress IF, and they still haven't offered him the job then this is a clear indication that he hasn't convinced them he is the man they need.

When you are recruting people and the right person walks in, you don't f**k about: you offer the job immediately rather than risking losing him to one of a number of close competitors who are also recruiting for the same position.

Unless terms are already being discussed, it is pretty clear Jack is not their preferred candidate. There would be no other explanatiom for the delay. Ipswich are clearly waiting on someone else.”

Personally I’d be ok with Hurst Ross or this weeks big idea Lambert. I’d like to get this whole episode concluded so the cheese discussions can be the centre of attention again.
Hello from new user
at 13:32 17 May 2018

Hello from the sunshine, long term reader first time poster. Before anyone asks Paphos blue is not a cheese type.
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