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Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labour party
at 04:44 29 Feb 2024

Has she been a good girl, or a naughty girl, and forgotten to pay her CGT tax on the sale of her council house.

Without evidence I'm not convinced i believe either her, or Starmer;)
Yellowstone on Netflix, best series i've seen recently.
at 02:48 6 Feb 2024

Who else is hooked on it?

Unfortunately i binged on it, now i have to wait for the new season!
So sleapy Joe could become the first U.S. presidentto be removed from office
at 02:04 13 Sep 2023

Impeachment inquiry begins in to 'corrupt' business dealings with his son Hunter.

Well there's a surprise!

Waits for the TWTD defence committee to arrive

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In sickness, and in health, in sickness, and in health.
at 11:29 6 Jul 2023

A few weeks ago I had what I presume was Covid. The reason i thought it was covid is because my wife said she had two friends who were sick, but no real symptoms other than acute tiredness and a runny nose.

Anyway within a week i was better. About ten days later I got hit really bad. Again I was house bound for two weeks. Aching limbs, sore throat, terrible cough that affected my chest, and a nose full of poison.Complete exhaustion. My bad, again I refused to be tested since I couldn't leave the house, and I just didn't see what it would prove. My wife was pissed because we have a little boy and none of the other members of our home wanted to catch it. I'm not sure even if I had tested positive, what would change our circumstances, but still

Eventually after about two weeks, I got better. Approximately ten days later, and I'm sick again. I've spent most of the day asleep either in bed, or on the sofa. AS yet I don't feel so bad as last time, but has anyone else experienced something similar?

Luckily we have spare room so I'm sleeping in there. My wife is not very understanding and is miffed that once again I'm sick. Also the last time I got very depressed and I'm no fun to be around. Neither can I help much with my little boy. Tiredness sweeps over and apart from this, I don't want anyone else to experience what I'm going through by catching it from me.

If by tomorrow, I'm still feeling bad, I will do what I should have done in the first place, and get tested.

We live in Bangkok and although Covid is still about, it's not as prevalent as before. Of course it could be flue, but to keep getting it!
Looks like Labour has dropped plans to nationilise rail, water and energy.
at 14:46 25 Jul 2022

Another nail in the Corbyn coffin. Kier Starmer looks more appealing by the day!
Living in Asia
at 09:07 2 May 2022

I seem to remember at least one poster on TWTD lives in Asia? Maybe there are others who have specifically lived in KL, Malaysia?
‘An Englishman’s castle is his home-and my castle begins at that gate’
at 16:10 4 Feb 2022

Do you think Robert Hooper was entitled to overturn someone’s car because it was parked on his land?
Do people feel Ghislaine Maxwell should be retried?
at 20:16 6 Jan 2022

Given that two jurors have been exposed for lying about their past.

Personally I feel she should be retried since it’s inconceivable that their own experience did not impact on their judgement, and possibly the judgement of other jurors.

I’m not in anyway sympathetic if she is definitely guilty, I’m just not so sure now given these revelations.

at 19:32 28 Nov 2021

Has anyone on TWTD been diagnosed with Arrythmia? I have and I was wondering if medications work well enough to overcome the problem.
RIP Little Arthur
at 11:59 26 Nov 2021

Since TWTD posters seem only interested in political bashing, covid, immigration etc, has anyone been seriously moved by the murder of dear little Arthur?
I for one have been seriously affected by the pain this little boy suffered. I respect the fact that judgement cannot be passed at this stage but, I love you Arthur, I would willing have taken your beautiful self, fed you, clothed you and most importantly hugged you and told you every minute of the day how much I loved you.
Isn't this the least we could all agree on?
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