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Fascinating addition to the bizarre Lib Dem web of lies
at 16:55 1 Dec 2019


Doctoring emails in a remarkable attempt at shutting down a report on their sale of data to the remain campaign in 2016.

Really strange few weeks for them.

Johnson’s terror-free utopia
at 23:05 30 Nov 2019

This is classic post-May Tory electioneering. Their deceitful delicacy of year’s gone by has now been completed replaced by Bullingdon bungling.

Don’t be surprised at the scale of mild-mannered Tory defections to the Lib Dems at the close of the polls.
An example of how the billionaire press manufacture the news
at 14:37 30 Nov 2019

I know it’s hardly surprising for The Sun, but perhaps those who swallow stories about a 4 day week for the NHS should consider this doctor’s opinion in the thread of tweets.

The offer of money reminds of of how The Sun used to chuck a few quid at teenage skinheads in exchange for a menacing Nazi salute photo.
[Post edited 30 Nov 2019 14:38]
Absolute scenes in Haverhill
at 09:57 30 Nov 2019

Cummings bat signal
at 18:33 27 Nov 2019


Holy hoodwink Batman, I think he’s trying to deliberately mislead people (again)
Something deeply concerning going on at the BBC
at 16:41 27 Nov 2019

It’s getting silly now. This is a step beyond the doctored news footage.

Labour Manifesto
at 11:56 21 Nov 2019

Published: https://labour.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Real-Change-Labour-Manifesto-20
Madrid Assembly votes to ban Catalan/Basque pro-independence parties
at 18:30 8 Nov 2019

I don’t think fascism worked out very well for them last time.

The Electoral Commission ought to be having a look at these fellas
at 09:13 8 Nov 2019

Finally an admission.


"Leaflets were posted through doors in Putney which wrongly credited trusted polling firm YouGov for data suggesting the party was neck-and-neck with the Tories. The projections actually came from a company that is not a member of the British Polling Council and uses national polls to forecast local voter intention."

After lots of heel digging from Swinson, Berger et al. Quite a remarkable campaign so far from those who are happy to point out the voter manipulation of VoteLeave/Leave.EU during the referendum.
Labour to retain freedom of movement
at 11:27 7 Nov 2019

Regardless of whether or not we leave the EU.


That's the ticket.

More briefings from Red Zed to follow. You love to see it.
Read this article from Peter Oborne
at 13:36 22 Oct 2019

This is real journalism. It's a shame the leading outlets didn't have the balls to publish it.

EU to offer extension until Feb 2020
at 19:01 20 Oct 2019

Not enough time for a referendum, only a GE.

In the words of the great Alan Partridge...
at 09:00 19 Oct 2019

That was like an advert for the IRA
Blue Passports
at 11:18 23 Mar 2019

There's a solution for anybody concerned they won't be able to get their blue passport due to the current Brexit debacle. The Daily Express is offering free imitation holders in protest:

Question for Mr. Bloom and others - If you all take them up on their offer, will it appease you enough for us to stop the whole leaving thing and everybody wins?
We’ve reached the ‘Uri Geller telepathically stops Theresa May’ stage
at 17:57 22 Mar 2019

...of Brexit

Wish he would lay off the boy Corb.
[Post edited 22 Mar 2019 17:59]
Prophecy of Zed
at 09:12 22 Mar 2019

Option 1:

May's deal isn't brought back. People (including the press for some reason) seem to be pretending the Bercow thing didn't happen.

12th April approaches. HoC start arguing about EU elections and a further extension, but the house fails in attempting to bring the length of the potential further extension request out of May's hands and in parliament's control.

Revocation gains traction. W/C 8th April becomes a stare down between no deal or revocation due to May's refusal to face reality with the longer extension (making it too conditional or centring it around her deal). The 450 MPs who voted to remain do away with their 'respect the result of the referendum' when faced with the question of revoke or no deal. The petition by this point has reached many millions and has given those 450 MPs the confidence to go with it.

HoC votes to revoke Article 50. A night of celebration and bitterness. Deranged gloating and complaining by people on both sides. May resigns after unmitigated failure at every promise she made. General Election.


Option 2:

May's deal is brought back. Either via a meaningful (lol) tweak to the WA or through some kind of parliamentary decision to go against the convention Bercow set out. Deal is either voted down or amended to include a people's vote.

If voted down, see second paragraph of Option 1.

If amended to include people's vote, the nation choose to remain over May's deal. The same deranged gloating and complaining follows.

Disclaimer: Two weeks ago, I would not have expected or even wanted Brexit to be abruptly cancelled in a way which opened a can of worms. The course that May has taken and the absolute state of her speech has resulted in a change in the wind. The can of worms is now a justifiable consequence - A can that both a majority of the public and HoC are prepared to open (in my opinion).
A real tweet from a real MP
at 22:56 20 Mar 2019

Send help
at 17:25 20 Mar 2019

Zed has absorbed too much Brexit.

I’m sitting on my sofa rocking backwards and forwards. My left eye is twitching.
at 07:00 20 Mar 2019

Absolute nonsense. This is simply a result of the likes of Leadsom and Fox threatening to resign at cabinet yesterday if she requested a long extension. May is a morally reprehensible disaster who’s only purpose is to save face within her party.

This is not a plan.
Dream Cabinet
at 21:54 19 Mar 2019

Chancellor of the Exchequer:
Robin Hood

Home Secretary:

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union:
James O'Brien

Secretary of State for Defence:
Tony Mowbray

Secretary of State for Justice:
Nelson Mandela

Secretary of State for Health:
Jet from Gladiators

Secretary of State for Housing:
Jaque Fresco

Secretary of State for International Trade:

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:
Charlie Dimmock

Secretary of State for Transport:
Denzel from Only Fools and Horses

Secretary of State for Education:
Noam Chomsky

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:
Greta Thunberg

Secretary of State for Business:
Levi Roots

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport:
Phil Ham

Secretary of State for Scotland:
Pauline Cafferkey

Secretary of State for Wales:
Howard Marks

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland:
Jim Magilton

All led by me, Zed. A broad church to reunite the nation. I trust I can count on your vote.
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