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Anyone called Nigel here? If so, did you go to
at 10:33 6 Nov 2019
Fortuna Düsseldorf fans, do you sing this?
at 19:59 16 Oct 2019

If not, why not?

Guy Verhofstadt's speech to the LibDems
at 17:11 16 Sep 2019

I've said that brexit was a sideshow for greater EU integration and here you have it, straight from the horses mouth.

Do those LibDems know what they are cheering for? Have they no sense of history?
Higher or lower?
at 15:30 25 Jun 2019

England to get...

(currently 44/3)
[Post edited 25 Jun 2019 15:32]
Town players as insects
at 09:25 20 May 2019

Kevin Beetle
Tick Mills
Gareth McCreepyCrauley
[Post edited 20 May 2019 9:56]
Jonathan Pie: Brexit - nicely put
at 20:43 26 Mar 2019

Good to see someone addressing the societal reason for Brexit rather than turning the whole thing into a Brexiteer v Remainer stereotype fight.
Are there betting websites where...
at 10:04 21 Feb 2019

you can ask for the odds on certain multiple event scenarios happening?

I'm interested in two possible scenarios:

1) Town remaining unbeaten at home for the remainder of the season.
2) Town winning all their remaining home fixtures.
[Post edited 21 Feb 2019 10:04]
The Great Escape...
at 19:05 13 Feb 2019

... starts tonight.

Today's match - potentially massive
at 11:50 10 Feb 2019

I dislike the expression "must-win game" because it's overused and therefore rendered almost meaningless.

Today however, has the potential to be enormous.

A loss today, and not much changes for the club, we can continue on with our mental preparations for next year in a different league.

A win however will give the club, the team and us fans a huge lift. Putting a small spanner in the Budgie's fight for a top two finish is nothing compared to the lift it could give us in our own right.

All the best to all Town fans at Carrot Road today - you really can lift the team. Hell, we're only playing Nodge - but somehow we've made them something special in the back of our minds. They are Norwich City. They play in yellow. They have a stupid song. They've never won anything and they're only a Championship side.

Vive la révolution! Vive les Gilets Jaunes!
at 01:07 7 Feb 2019

The art of boring people into submission
at 10:20 17 Jan 2019

Having lived in Spain for close to 20 years I've seen Spanish politicians practise the fine art of boring the electorate into submission first hand.

Politically, the most exciting thing which has happened in Spanish politics since the failed coup attempt in 1981 (History fans watch here: ), is probably 15M (May 15 2011) and the rise of "Los Indignados".

Normal Spaniards actually started getting interested in politics. Now though, all that passion has been beaten out of everyone (by a 2 year long process of trying to elect a new government) and now the politicians are just left to do as they please while the weary population gets on with trying to live a little.

And perhaps we've reached that saturation point in Britain too.

I LOLed as I heard Teresa May say last night that she's going to press on and deliver Brexit for the people. It's nonsense. There'll be no Norway model. No Brexit. Nothing.

The Government's hardest task was always going to be getting over the fact that not delivering Brexit would look a bit well, you know, undemocratic.

It's clear to me that the plan for a while has been for the Government to tap into this demand for democracy. But not the democracy connected to delivering Brexit, no, what's needed is street-level democracy, one that comes from the people and is not tarred by duplicitous politicians, the sort of Democracy that is British, one that builds empires and has tea and scones. Yes the people of Britain (even Brexiteers) are going to beg Mrs May to stop and put the country out of its misery. The poor thing is going go against her democratic instincts and have another referendum to reverse the decision made in 2016. She'll play the part well, and most will respect her principles if not her ability as a PM.

So it'll be 1:1, so let's have a third?

Nope, that won't happen. The next referendum has to be decisive, we're talking nearly 2/3rds majority - to make it "much more democratic" than the original democratic election.

So, we're in for the long haul. Expect all manner of lovely pro-European stories in the press in the coming months to bring it on.

Enjoy the show.
Australia v India - Incredible run out
at 08:17 6 Dec 2018

A great run out to match my favourite:

From today (Cummins gets Pujara) from 2:32

AB gets Katich (2005)

[Post edited 6 Dec 2018 13:28]
The UK Politics Show
at 16:48 15 Nov 2018

Like every Thursday, it's been a busy teaching day for me. It ended with one of my students asking me what's going on today in the British Parliament. I got home and looked at the BBC website but there's not much concise.

Would be grateful for a summary.

How many resignations?
Who's resigned?
Have they all resigned for the same reason, and what reason is that?
Will there be more resignations?
Who benefits from all of this?
What's going to happen next?

I will be grateful for official narrative answers as well as personal feelings from all political viewpoints.

Thanks in advance.

This place is a little fractious of late.
at 19:19 4 Nov 2018

Here's something uncontroversial to focus on for a moment:

[Post edited 4 Nov 2018 19:19]
A criminal investigation has NOT begun into antisemitism in the Labour party
at 01:18 3 Nov 2018

Well, not according to the person who's most likely to know - Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police on Friday:
(relevant section starts at 2:23:30)

So why has the story "Police launch investigation into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party" gone round the whole world? why would anyone want to start a fake news story like this?

Could it have something to do with this:
"Is there anything Israel’s allies can do to make it more difficult for a Corbyn-controlled Labour to rise to power?"
2018/19 Season: Reasons to be cheerful - Part 1
at 18:12 7 Oct 2018

There are plenty of reasons why we should be a team low on confidence and any of the following could have seen us throw in the towel:

Losing our unbeaten home run (DDDD), and run of three unbeaten (DDd) the week before.
Playing against a recently relegated premier league team whose previous home fixture was a 3:0 win
Going one nil down with an own goal in the first 10 minutes.
Losing a half-time lead on consecutive weekends to a wonder goal scored by former town player.

But we didn't throw in the towel - we pressed and won it.

Yes, we had the rub of the green by the looks of the highlights, but after the bad luck we've had this season we were due a bit of good fortune. Fortune favours the brave, and we didn't give in.

That suggests a team with a lot more mettle than some of us have been giving them credit for.

Well down Town
Well down travelling fans.
Well done Paul Hurst.
Amazing: I'd never heard this version before
at 00:42 2 Oct 2018

Jeff Buckley sings The Smiths' "I know it's over"

HEADS UP for those who suffer, or who have loved ones who suffer from
at 21:22 17 Jan 2018

Depression, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, OCD or other mental health problems... or even those, like me, who are just interested in the subject.

There's an 8-part docuseries which started today and runs for the next 7 days.

The first episode which you have probably missed unless you're very quick was an intro to the topic. Tomorrow's episode will look at gut health and its affect on the brain.

Here's a trailer for the programme:

Here's where you sign up to view the episodes:
[Post edited 21 Jan 2018 9:39]
Songs which have shaped you
at 20:21 15 Jan 2018

1st year at university, away from home. Aged 18.

RIP Dolores.

I adore this song.

[Post edited 15 Jan 2018 23:33]
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