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Charlton V Ipswich Highlights
at 00:56 18 Apr 2021

at 23:19 17 Apr 2021

Hope we can get through the leagues in the next 2 seasons,

For what we sold Mings for, IMO KVY will end up being worth more.

What a natural player, for someone who has just come back from long term injury, he's so calm under pressure, knows how to use his body to defend, enjoys getting forward and loves to make those runs into the middle of the field, which is very rare from a fullback position.
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Quite ironic
at 19:43 17 Apr 2021

Phoenix have a Lambert in their squad lol.

I know. Its means nothing whatsoever but I did chuckle

What phases of play best describes a player
at 16:45 17 Apr 2021

Norwood... runs a bit pulls up
Dozzell. Takes corner hits first man then gives a freekick away 30 yards from our own goal
Ward.. gets forward.. offside

Ok I've changed my mind
at 13:53 17 Apr 2021

I dont like bennetts
HT Summary
at 13:22 17 Apr 2021

If it were a midseason game. Youd look at this half as a tight battle between 2 similar sides. Theres not alot In it. Charlton havent really offered much other than a few crosses.

Town.. same old problems really but not surprising. It's amazing how little our players look across the line to see if they are onside or not.

Dozzell set pieces.. mixed from him. We keep trying some low front post kick which never comes off (corners)

What to say really it's a bit meh. Can see either side winning it altho I'd say possibly we are slightly better.

So many times you wish you were playing fifa. You can see jackson or Edward's ahead of play and you know where you would play the ball... but we just dont do it. So annoying.

All in all. It's not bad. It's not great. Its meh
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Pub Player injured again (n/t)
at 12:57 17 Apr 2021

at 21:03 16 Apr 2021

I've tried looking for it but cant see it..

But I could have sworn I read somewhere that we had sent some loanees back.. not as a forum defi info but part of Pauls conference this morning.

1 is Thomas.. can we assume the others are Matheson and Harrop
PC. His words..
at 17:12 16 Apr 2021

Hi. So based on some nice supportive messages I will continue to post. Albeit. I will limit to one new thread per day ( Well I'll try)

On PC this week. As you all know I'm an avid PC fan. I also have always believed our squad are to nice and the way the management have been are to nice.

I am slightly concerned at Pauls strong stance this week. I've once commented that he should call out the team which he did on tuesday.. however to continue this days after I do feel is quite unique and not sure it's a positive move.

We know he will be ripping this squad apart that's a given. But when looking to being in his own squad.. it wont just he players he has managed before. What will potential new players think of this week.. is it a positive to be this honest. Is it not? I personally am on the fence with it.

As I say I was behind calling them out after a game.. it's just the way it's been carried on Into today's conference.

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Sounds like a club in financial distress
at 22:26 15 Apr 2021

Not one that's just been taken over

"“I told him we are not in a position to trigger that extension to his contract and because of the situation, we won't be considering him for the remaining games.”

I'm assuming we're not of course, but that's a very random way of announcing that.

Just be honest, " We don't want to trigger the extension"
Ah the story behind Judge club confirmed
at 21:20 15 Apr 2021

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Managers or players you thought would end up at town
at 20:39 15 Apr 2021

Mentioning Nugent earlier, what managers or players did you always think would end up at town eventually

Alan Curbishley
David Nugent
Judge still here and so is 1 other
at 20:36 15 Apr 2021

Just incase my def info radar is right
Season Tickets
at 12:35 15 Apr 2021

Does anyone know how American league wages compare to league 1

Just seen that season tickets for Phoenix start as low as £9.50 ($13)
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FAO Sears
at 12:19 15 Apr 2021

If 1 - 1 with an out rushing GK, here's a training video on how to chip the GK

Happy Bday Finidi
Nice mention of Brett
at 17:31 14 Apr 2021

Good to see Lambert looking better
at 15:37 14 Apr 2021

On sky talking about racism etc. And then Dortmund. Looks alot better than months ago


" when I left we were 1 point off playoffs with 3 games in hand of hull.."

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at 15:32 14 Apr 2021

Saw a new name yesturday. Club secretary.

Now assuming he isnt new.. can we blame him for anything??

I dont know who stuart is. Or what he does. But hes clearly a wrongun
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After scoring a brace last night,
at 13:58 14 Apr 2021

Norwood has deleted is tweets baiting town fans

Can't think why
"I Couldn't ask for more"
at 22:32 13 Apr 2021

That ladies & Gents is why we are in this mess

That post game comment by Lambert at the time sounded stupid, even more so now as we see the damage of his mentality coming through.

" We're all hurting", Chambers, Judge, Sears etc used to say, how could you hurt when your manager couldn't ask more of you

God I hope PC, Ashton, O'leary are ruthless and this club from it's tea lady to it's Striker is sorted out.
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