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Just convinced 3 people to get ST’s
at 15:26 17 Apr 2019

Who otherwise weren’t going to. Come on people, let’s get to 14,000.
Should probably caveat this
at 17:00 16 Apr 2019

By saying I was genuinely really saddened to see the fire at Notre Dame yesterday and I’m glad the emergency services have managed to save some of its treasures and avoid anyone getting hurt. Big job to salvage what’s left of its glory and put it back together in some form. Too soon, however this really tickled me:

‘Leeds Cathedral would’ve taken more’. Ffs.
[Post edited 16 Apr 17:02]
Leon Mckenzie
at 09:55 10 Apr 2019

Norwich connection and his double at Portman Road aside, strikes me as a good bloke. Heard him on TalkSport recently.
A return to form for Sheff Wednesday tonight
at 22:57 9 Apr 2019

3-0 winners. 1 defeat in 14 for them in the league.

Next 2 look tough with Leeds and Norwich both away but if they’re still in touching distance after those 2 I wouldn’t rule them out of a playoff spot. Big Steve Bruce doing it again.
Ironic innit, the supposed Brexit day of 29th March
at 16:18 29 Mar 2019

Turned out to be the day the dream died for millions. Not going to take any satisfaction in the whole sh1t show, it's been a farce regardless of what side of the fence you're on, but I can't see how Brexit is going to be delivered at all. May's deal isn't getting through and the only thing the parliament do agree on is avoiding No Deal.

One way or another, it ain't happening folks. Good job too.

Now can we just sack it off once and for all and revoke Article 50, and agree to not talk about it again? Get back to spending our time, attention and money on proper issues closer to home like schools, hospitals, defence, pot holes and policing?

Can we all unite and play nice and enjoy a blisteringly hot summer in this kick ass country that we're so lucky to call home?
The yoofs that got away XI
at 12:39 27 Mar 2019

If we had been in a position to sign nobody throughout ME's reign, but through compelling salaries and deep pockets we could rebuff any offers that came in for our home grow talent, what could our XI look like today? I'll have a stab...

Emmanuel Bennett Clarke Kenlock
Bishop O'Keefe Dozzell
Marriott Rhodes Wickham


Bent (for bants)
R. Wright (as above)
Might go on a walk this afternoon with the dog...
at 10:51 24 Mar 2019

Suffolk walk - coastal or otherwise (centralish).

Any suggestions good folk of TWTD?
Through the Keyhole...
at 22:01 23 Mar 2019

Who lives in a gaff like this?

Season Ticket info for next season...
at 11:05 22 Mar 2019

Anyone know when this is due to be released?
Favourite quote from the world of football
at 13:50 20 Feb 2019

This from Rodney Marsh has to be up there for me:

Sir Alf Ramsey told him "I'll be watching you for the first 45 minutes and if you don't work harder I'll pull you off at half time," to which Marsh replied: "Crikey, Alf, at Manchester City all we get is an orange and a cup of tea".

Loud and proud today
at 10:09 10 Feb 2019

They’ll never achieve what we’ve achieved. They’ll never win what we’ve won, and look into that trophy cabinet with that feeling of pride that we enjoy.

They’ll never be walking around Cancun in football shorts and have a random Welsh couple approach them and reel off their stories of memorable sides from the past that even neutrals loved to watch, and remember fondly to this day.

So sing loud and proud today because whatever happens, I’ll be following the town up or down, as I always have.

I might’ve had a few beers already and the arrival of my daughter might’ve given me a different perspective, but today’s league position is immiterial in the context of the histories of our 2 football clubs.

Simply put, they’ll never be us.

Some good Brexit related news..
at 12:19 1 Feb 2019

My wife is pregnant with our first child
at 09:07 1 Feb 2019

Who was due to be turning up yesterday per the original due date we were given, although I know these are rarely a reality. No sign of the little blighter yet.

Nervous / excited.
Not been on here an awful lot myself lately
at 19:38 28 Jan 2019

But notice a few previously frequent posters are AWOL of late? Joe, J2, a couple of others too. Unless I’ve just missed their posts?
I’m not a fan of a Scorecast
at 13:12 26 Jan 2019

Nor should anyone listen to me when it comes to betting as my track record is lousy.

However I’ve just noticed Chambers FGS and 1-0 to us is 650/1.

We couldn’t, could we?

Ok I’ve snapped out of it. Stupid suggestion.

Still, COYB
[Post edited 26 Jan 13:15]
How light is it tonight?
at 22:20 20 Jan 2019

Just took the dog for a walk and I could see everything. Forgot what it’s like when the moon is like this and I’m away from street lights. Remarkable.
‘Someone has to come in for you and I’ve not heard anything at all'
at 15:30 17 Jan 2019

re. Knudsen.

But he played for Denmark, how can this be?

So Leeds were snooping on us too
at 17:21 16 Jan 2019

Brings the whole Championship into question if you ask me. I say we scrap it and all start again on 0 points from August.
One of my mates lives in Norwich city centre
at 16:25 16 Jan 2019

He's a town fan. He's invited me there to watch it, reckons he knows a few pubs where we'll 'be alright'. Hardly a ringing endorsement is it? Thoughts?
Only just realised Blackburn are playing on Tuesday night.
at 18:30 13 Jan 2019

Extra time please!
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