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GameStop shares
at 11:12 27 Jan 2021

Anyone been following this?

Absolutely bonkers market manipulation from Reddit. Feel for whoever jumps on the ponzi scheme at the top, there's going to be a hell of a long way for it to fall.
Most underwhelming replacement?
at 10:36 25 Jan 2021

Of the realistic candidates, who would you say is the worst option?

Chambers has to be up there for me. I like the guy, and he may well go on to have a good managerial career, but I really think that transition from teammate (albeit captain) to manager is a tough one. I want to see some fresh blood who can bring 2 or 3 staff with him and shake things up a bit, get that reaction on the training ground where people are out to prove themselves again.
at 10:13 25 Jan 2021

Looks like he's getting the push today.
Evans and the club
at 09:40 25 Jan 2021

Have absolutely zero idea how much damage they're doing right now do they? It's quite staggering really, I do wonder if the lack of fans in the ground is contributing to their spectacular misreading of the sentiment among fans. I think they're completely underestimating the feeling, and long-term damage this is doing.

The opportunity cost to all of this is massive. If they think it's a case of switching the manager at any point and they'll all come rushing back, I really do think they'll be in for a shock. A lot of fans are fast approaching a point beyond turning back now I fear.

Swift action please Mr Evans, or you might well live to regret this for a long, long time.
I'm sure we peppered their goal with efforts
at 17:00 23 Jan 2021

Just didn't come through on iFollow very well.

We need to get Bishop on the ball more
at 16:01 23 Jan 2021

Looks about the only player who will break the lines. Having him and Downes in the middle is a real step change from the Huws / McGavins of the world which is the positive. Need to get that 'front 3' much closer together.

Give Thomas a good half an hour I say
There are actual adults on the #itfc twitter
at 13:32 18 Jan 2021

Crying that our goalkeeper coach has wished a friend happy birthday, because said friend played for Norwich.

This is everything I can't stand about our manager
at 12:02 15 Jan 2021

Is he confident Evans will continue to back him? “I don’t really care, to be honest. What do you do? I said this to you last season, if Marcus says to go, you go. If Marcus says you say, you stay. I don’t have a problem. I get on really well with him, I don’t really get involved with this stuff.”

Asked to clarify what he meant by that, he added: “What I’m saying is, what can I do about it? If somebody comes and says ‘listen, you need to leave’, what can I do? You just say ‘OK, thank you very much, see you later’.

“You have to remember, I was at the highest level of football and I know how it works. I’ve worked with unbelievable managers, no stress, no nothing, pure stone cold focused on what I had to do.

How on earth can a manager sit there and criticise his team for not working hard, and relying on ability, before saying they don't care and pointing to past achievements, with absolutely no hint of irony.

The bloke's a fecking moron. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've come to the conclusion that Lambert's just a bit thick.

Good news about the injured players coming back
at 09:46 14 Jan 2021

Not because I think we'll rocket up the league, but more that it'll hopefully take that excuse off the table for Lambert. No doubt fixture congestion will be the new 'lads need some help.

Its no normal.
Website design & creation
at 21:30 11 Jan 2021

I'm sure there are some techy types on here that'll know a thing or 2 about creating a website. What's the going rate for creating a site from scratch? It would have to be nice, and would need a shop functionality within it.

I appreciate it's not the weather for it...
at 16:28 11 Jan 2021

But I can't remember the last time I saw a neighbour outside his or her home cleaning the car. Has it completely died out now, are we all too lazy?
The most frustrating thing about it all...
at 12:53 10 Jan 2021

Is none of it's new news is it? All of yesterdays issues are the same things that have been blindingly obvious for weeks and many months now. Woolfenden was spot on in what he alluded to post match, I just wish he had let the handbrake off and spoken his mind, but appreciate why he can't.

We've got a system that doesn't play to the strengths of the players we've got available to us. We don't have a lone striker, and Drinan bless him looks miles short of being that. If we're in a position where he has to start due to injuries, then at least get support around him in Jackson in a front 2. Norwood's movement is in a different league altogether, as he showed again yesterday with his impact by way of a goal and assist in the second 45. We very quickly need him to get up to speed and starting games.

We've shoe horned our only fit & proven out and out forward in Jackson into what is effectively a wide right midfield role. No doubt he would rather start there than not at all, but it's not his position which is quite evident and utterly ludicrous that he's starting out there while Drinan leads the line.

We continue to persevere with trying to overplay defensively among players who, while good L1 defenders IMO, simply aren't cut out for that. So much of the game is played in our half / third that inevitably we bring so much defensive pressure onto ourselves. We need a front 2 that we can hit much more directly rather than predictably playing through Dozzell every time. Swindon did a good job on him (who was uncharacteristically sloppy), but once AD is suffocated we have absolutely nothing.

Dobra is an interesting wildcard, but I still think much more effective off the bench at this stage, he miles off having the defensive discipline and decision making for that wide role he was in yesterday. Ward was poor, but in no way supported as he should've been to prevent Swindon doubling up on him.

Emyr Huws is quite clearly finished, he was absolutely dire in that 1st half yesterday. How or why he continues to start I really cannot understand.

Judge I thought was again one of our better players yesterday, particularly out of possession. I dread to think what that would've looked like without his industry and work rate in there. Certainly there are question marks about his use of the ball on occasion, but again he was making all the turnovers and forcing errors, doing Huws' running for him. Glad to see him get the goal his performance warranted and one of few who actually looked like they wanted it which was so disappointing elsewhere across the side.

It's so frustrating to see us blindly and stubbornly stick to this flawed approach and selecting the same passengers who consistently bring nothing. It's criminal really. The way I see it either Lambert is making a point to the owner who has perhaps guided him down this route, or he's utterly delusional. One thing is for sure, this is a dressing room that has well and truly been lost and I see no coming back from it.

I'm at the point now where I almost don't want this to turn around, because this regime doesn't deserve any success ahead of others in this division.
Anyone on a new year health kick?
at 12:39 8 Jan 2021

A few weeks in December (and probably well before then in reality) of eating terribly and drinking every night definitely took its toll. Bit of a Jan detox for me and already feeling slightly better for it, and lost a bit of timber albeit it'll mostly be water loss. Wouldn't say I'm in bad shape but definitely been slack lately. It's hard WFH to be active, I used to do 5k steps on a bad day without trying just on the tube, walking to my office, stroll at lunch etc.

Anyone else on a bit of a detox?

Proper lockdown then..
at 15:27 4 Jan 2021

Being announced later.

Schools and Uni's closed, WFH mandatory etc. Back to March type lockdown.
Load of waffle...
at 17:43 21 Dec 2020

But encouraging to hear 500k have had the jab (albeit 50% of the job).

There's 12m people in the UK over the age of 65. You would like to think once those are vaccinated, the level of burden on the NHS / risk to public health dramatically reduces.

Hang in there people, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Ideas to make Christmas positive for those alone?
at 10:26 21 Dec 2020

A lot of doom and gloom out there, what with Brexit, a global pandemic, a mooted Christmas, sh1t weather and general apathy about a lot of things. I won't get on to ITFC, which pales into insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

Peoples mental health has taken a battering this year, I've seen that first hand. My uncle is disabled, lives alone and has never married or had kids, he's now in Tier 4 and was so desperately looking forward to seeing family at Christmas as he has done every year. I spoke to him last night and could hear the disappointment in his voice, which really breaks my heart. I feel like I timed my move away from the area he lives well earlier in 2020, but the consequence is I haven't seen him and my brother and I are as close to kids as he's got.

Needless to say he's staying put for Christmas now and will have it on his own. Such are the rules, and its a sensible decision, but really is sad. I hate the thought of him alone on Christmas and fear for him as he's had mental health challenges. I've just popped his present in the post, but wondered if anyone had any novel ideas (within the rules) that could help him feel included? I might devise a quiz and ask him to zoom in to it?

United genuinely should’ve had 11 or 12
at 18:25 20 Dec 2020

If Cavani and Martial could finish today.

Absolutely bonkers game.
If you’re London based
at 14:26 19 Dec 2020

And planning to spend Christmas elsewhere, I would go now.
Enjoyed this about Allardyce
at 14:20 18 Dec 2020

'there's always been a part of Allardyce that resented being pigeonholed as a survival specialist, that always longed to build something: the welder by day who dreams of being a dancer by night but is just too damn good at welding to give up the day job. Also, people keep asking him to weld things. Also, he's not actually that good at dancing'.
[Post edited 18 Dec 2020 14:21]
at 10:36 16 Dec 2020

Hopefully over the coming days and weeks the political posturing subsides and makes way for a softer Brexit, whereby a free trade agreement remains with the EU, rather than reverting to WTO terms, and our ability to diverge is moderated to some degree or pegged to EU terms, which they're seemingly insistent on.

Once the dust settles on Brexit and it becomes chip paper, how likely do we think it is that a party will take a strong re-join position? And will there be appetite for it? As a remainer myself, we lost, and I'm over it. I'm not sure I've got the mental horsepower for years more of Brexit dominating the media and causing further division in this country. A referendum on re-joining followed by 4.5 years of arguing about that feels like a toxic recipe for disaster. I do believe the social, sentimental, economic and logistical practicalities and pain will continue to be felt for some time though.

However, how likely do we think it is that it can & will finally be put to bed as a political issue?
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