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Best crisps
at 13:33 9 Jul 2020

Being the crisp connoisseur that I am, I've been thinking about pecking order. What are we saying?

Champions League: Manomasa (If you've not tried them, please do), Mccoys, Pringles.

Premier League: Wotsits, Skips, Quavers.

Championship: Regular Walkers, Kettle Chips, Mini Cheddars, Monster Munch.

Conference: Wheat Crunchies, Space Raiders, Chipsticks, Squares.

SIL Div 4: Twiglets.

at 14:56 8 Jul 2020

What's the consensus on tipping tradespeople? I normally give a little something to trades people to get themselves a couple of beers or whatever, but wondered if it's the done thing and how much is an appropriate amount?
L1 next season then...
at 19:57 6 Jul 2020

Ipswich Town

And likely 3 from Luton, Barnsley, Boro, Hull, Huddersfield, Charlton, Stoke, Birmingham, Wigan.

Absolutely buzzing for another mid table finish. What a time to be alive.
Ben Folami
at 12:37 4 Jul 2020

How likely is he to stake a claim next season do we think? With the purse strings no doubt being tightened for obvious reasons, I was giving some thought to our forward options on my morning bike ride today. Absolutely key that we get Norwood fit, he looked off the pace for a lot of last season, but I still think he and Jackson could strike up a decent partnership. With Keane gone, not a decision I disagree with FWIW, that only really leaves Freddie as another senior striker, and he's as likely to be deployed wider. He's also had injuries of his own so it'll be interesting to see if he can find anything close to his pre injury form.

Potentially leaves a decent amount of football for Simpson, Folami, Morris. Tyreece has the physical advantage in that he really is what we lacked at times last season, but I wondered which of these is most likely to stake a claim do we think? Morris and Folami are 21 now, they're young but they're not kids. It feels like a great opportunity for them.
Gone a bit old school for lunch today...
at 12:40 2 Jul 2020

Chicken dippers. With salad.

It's a chicken dipper kind of day isn't it?

Kit observation
at 17:02 30 Jun 2020

Would've liked to see the word 'winners' under the badge. UEFA Cup Winners 40 Years. UEFA Cup 40 Years looks like we're celebrating participation, and only a bunch of absolute nobody's would do that.
Anyone planning on frequenting a public house at the weekend?
at 12:20 29 Jun 2020

I think I'll pop in to my local for a couple of pints of bitter. I'll give it a few hours after opening though to give the pipes a chance. Sod having the first pint after lockdown in that place.

If you are, what'll be your poison?
Cheese on Toast...
at 11:29 25 Jun 2020

I've always been a cover the bread in cheese and stick it under the grill kind of guy, but today I toasted the bread in the toaster and added a nice mature cheddar at the end. Is this acceptable to not melt your cheese?

I think I prefer it.
Away from politics, viruses, football or bigotry...
at 16:49 18 Jun 2020

Anyone know anything about mortgages?

How does it work if you're in your fixed term and want to move house to somewhere that'll require borrowing more money? In my simple mind there's 2 choices:

A) Pay an early repayment fee to exit existing lender and get a new mortgage on your new property with a different lender. Not ideal given these fees can be high.

B) Move your current product over to a new, bigger one with the same lender. How does this bit work, is it a completely new application? And If my wife isn't currently on my mortgage, but would need to be added to be able to afford the new gaff, would that likely make it a different application / scenario?

I've never moved before, still in my first place, but I can imagine it's a relatively common thing unless people normally try and time moving with the end of a fixed period?
Where's the footie on tonight?
at 17:42 17 Jun 2020

I cancelled SKY in protest a while back, but wondering if either of the games tonight at watchable anywhere?
Is it bad that I'm
at 14:32 11 Jun 2020

Sat at my desk (home desk) drinking an Irish Coffee at 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon?
I don't expect this thread to make a jot of difference
at 09:43 10 Jun 2020

And I'm sure this won't be popular, but I've decided I'll be cancelling my season ticket if Lambert isn't removed from his post. What I really think we need is both a new 1st team manager and an experienced DoF in role too. Frankly it's a circus at the moment with Lambert, Taylor and O'Neil. None of them have a pedigree of note to justify their existence in their respective roles. Lambert more so, but his tenure here has never got going, and doesn't threaten to.

The club isn't a charity, and I feel less inclined to treat it as such the less it acts like one. It's been run as a business first and foremost in recent years, balancing financial sustainability with competitiveness in the market, and for that I don't blame Evans one jot. I've said as much in the past, the way of the Derby's of this world isn't responsible football club ownership and it's destined to go pop for a lot of clubs. But that comes with consequences, and it's felt increasingly like a 1 way street for me, by way of loyalty, which wears thin after a while.

The lack of leadership I've witnessed run throughout the club over the past few years is a disgrace, and as much as it pains me I'm not prepared to be a part of it until things change. I'll always support this club, but if we're kicking off next season with the same clowns in charge, I'll feel less compelled to financially support the regime than I ever have before.
at 17:41 7 Jun 2020

Must be loving all this. I think mine has spent about 2 hours on her own, maximum in the past 3 months. I'm a bit nervous how she's going to cope if / when I do start going back into the office and she's left on her own for 4 or 5 hours again.

Definite upside of lock down, hanging out more with the furry friends.
Proverbs & sayings
at 10:54 3 Jun 2020

Without going full on David Brent, I'm not ashamed to admit I do enjoy a proverb / quote. A good friend of mine is Hindu and regularly tries to use new ones when talking to me, which like a good joke I can never remember myself. Anyone got any to offer? Few favourites of mine below:

"Each time you point your finger at someone, 3 of your own point back at you".

"There is nothing noble in being superior to another man. The true nobility is being superior to your previous self"

"Why would a monkey know of the taste of ginger?" - When something completely unexpected is expected of someone.

"Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice". I think this was Henry Ford, the journey can be as rewarding as the end goal. At least that's my interpretation.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination".

Any more?
Anyone else ridiculously quiet at work?
at 12:16 26 May 2020

Post bank holiday weekend hangover? Half term impact? Barely had an email into my inbox all morning. Had to double check they're actually working.

*I know I'll live to regret tempting fate here.
Away from the politics....
at 09:56 25 May 2020

The actual trends are encouraging, infections and hospitalisations way down. It feels like we’re getting there folks, let’s stay vigilant.

It’s also going to be an absolute scorcher today, anyone got any plans?
Anyone bought or sold a car
at 15:50 23 May 2020

In lockdown?

Hoping to sell but not sure how it'll work by way of a test drive etc .
Here's a question
at 19:58 21 May 2020

Typical housing stock (excluding flats and bungalows) has living space downstairs and bedrooms upstairs innit, from my experience. Would you be put off buying a house with a downstairs bedroom(s)? Perhaps your bedroom is downstairs? Is it weird? I can see some benefits to it, but it's something that I feel a little uneasy about.

Lock down life has had me assessing some options which has prompted this.
Checking out
at 17:17 18 Mar 2020

Hi all,

Hopefully not 'look at me', certainly not intentionally, I just wanted to wish everyone on here all the best over the coming weeks, which will no doubt be challenging. Goodness knows what they'll bring, but I know if people stick together and look out for one another it'll be a damn sight easier to handle. This place is a great outlet for that and a wonderful resource for Town fans and non to come together, keep up the great work.

Everyone needs to remember that it's perfectly acceptable not to agree on things, it doesn't make someone a bad person.

I, like many, have found recent days tough, and I can sense when I'm not the best version of myself. I'm going to take a little social media hiatus but I'll be back when the football returns.

All the best to you all in the meantime.

Heard a little whisper
at 18:36 16 Mar 2020

That schools are going to close next Friday at the absolute latest, possibly this Friday depending on the spread this week. Plan will be to close for 4 weeks, 2 of which are scheduled Easter hols anyway.

Edit: This was from a friend who is assistant head at a Suffolk school. Not def info but he thinks likely.
[Post edited 16 Mar 18:48]
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