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Doncaster look good value tonight
at 18:38 26 Oct 2021

And not because of Holy...
at 21:52 19 Oct 2021

The train has left the station.
This keeper
at 21:04 19 Oct 2021

Wasn’t he absolutely dog sh1t against us for Rochdale last season too?
[Post edited 19 Oct 21:05]
Decent half
at 20:36 19 Oct 2021

A few observations:

- Penney needs to use the ball a bit quicker. How often have his intended passes been closed down?
- Bonne. Love him, good half. Works his nuts off.
- Aluko has been very neat in possession
- Edwards decision making at times is questionable. Clearly has ability but is so raw.
Dog sh1t (n/t)
at 16:57 16 Oct 2021

More 'style' than substance
at 15:48 9 Oct 2021

Passing it around comfortably enough in our own third but we've created f*** all. Bonne feeding off scraps, an inability to build on a lead. Very Lambertesque.

I use the word 'style' loosely by the way. This isn't good football. Good football requires directness, unpredictability, a mix of styles, creating in the final 3rd.

This is turgid, at home to a very average side.
Feels massive today
at 11:35 9 Oct 2021

I’m not going to say ‘must win’, but it kind of is isn’t it? Just looking at the league table and we really need to be something approaching 30 points after 20 games, or very high 20’s as a minimum from where we are now. Makes today a biggie.

IF we do get the 3 points today you would have to say a yield of 10 from our last 5 games is much closer to what will get you out of this division at the right end.

How un-Ipswich is it
at 21:50 28 Sep 2021

To see us 6-0 up and busting our balls to find a 7th.

If this was a boxing match
at 20:38 28 Sep 2021

The ref would stop it.

I can’t work out if we’ve been good or they’ve been dog sh1t. Little bit of both I think, but the amount of time we have on the ball is embarrassing.
‘Making a day of it’
at 12:30 25 Sep 2021

God I’ve missed this. The sun is breaking through, people milling around my much maligned home town, a buzz of anticipation ahead what should be a well attended game between 2 of the bigger clubs at this level. I met with mates early for this one, en route to pub 3 of 5 of our pre match Ipswich pub crawl.

I love life. Enjoy the game everyone.

Up the f*****g Town
Set pieces
at 10:38 30 Aug 2021

What is it about our club that we can barely beat a first man at a corner. I’m sure we over index in absolutely dog sh1t set pieces and have done for years. Must be a curse.
We seem so tactically naive at times
at 17:02 28 Aug 2021

How has a player like Carroll sat on the bench for 96 minutes when we were increasingly failing to take control of the game in the middle? Just seemed such an obvious change with 20 minutes to go.

Can’t get my head around it really.
Quite right Sir Marcus
at 21:46 17 Aug 2021

If you can't get basics right like defending a long throw, against average opposition then we don't deserve to win. Basics. Soft as p1ss still.
Shambolic defending
at 21:30 17 Aug 2021

Its so basic.
FFS (n/t)
at 21:10 17 Aug 2021

Funny isn't it, the psyche of a football supporter...
at 11:56 23 Jul 2021

Seen suggestions of how improved our squad is vs. last summer, and on balance I would agree, especially in key areas. I'm not sure we're anything close to the finished article at this stage though, given we're so light in numbers and proven quality in certain areas. Still a fair bit of work still to do I would suggest.

It's funny isn't it, last summer we were relishing the prospect of a squad with huge depth, I remember some putting up their preferred lineups on here and Dozzell only making the 3rd side. Could we see a reinvigorated Downes, and we all know how good a player he is. A newly fit again Bishop, lots of hope for Dobra and El Miz, Dozzell pulling the strings, the prospect of Huws finding anything close to his old form, Nolan, Skuse's experience. Hopes that Norwood would find some level of fitness after a stop start first season, which had shown promise and a decent return all things considered, coming in having banged them in at Tranmere. Jackson's pace. Sears. A 'surely too good for league 1' Alan Judge. Chambers, Ward dropping down from the Championship, Woolfenden, Vincent-Young.

The hope and expectation was only heightened with Bishop's cringy 'yeet' opener against Wigan. HMS P1ss the League and #announce100points equally cringing their way through the Twitter TL. Fingers in the ears from our captain to block out the boo boys, as if a promising opening month in L1 had gone anyway to proving anything after years of decline.

There were lots of reasons to believe, but ultimately we were let down through a palpable vacuum in leadership both on and off the pitch. A gaffer who looked disengaged and uninterested from the word go, mismanaging us spectacularly through the season. We looked bereft of energy and ideas relative to those around us, and utterly toothless and rudderless for the most part. Some of those performances will live long in my memory for all the wrong reasons, sat in front of iFollow just wondering where we were heading under Evans and Lambert. Lee O'Neill rolled out in front of the camera to spill out more platitudes and buzz words. It was so f**king bleak, and seemed to so appropriately mirror what was going on in the world around us both politically and socially with the uncertainty, mismanagement, and general boredom and misery.

Times are hopefully a-changing now, at the club at least. Perhaps Gamechanger can be our gamechanger. Our vaccine. After all, hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness.

A new owner, largely new squad, new manager and seemingly a fresh culture and expectation has buoyed the spirits of supporters, but the cynic in me can't get too excited yet. It's funny how we work as supporters isn't it, had Hladky and Penney signed for Pompey I don't suppose we would be losing too much sleep, but once they're in the door here we expect it all of them. If you're really cynical as we sit here today we still have 3/4 of a back 4 that Cook inherited, and that assumes KVY can get fit. We don't have much out wide, and we're putting a lot of faith in Harper who is still young. I think we're a few short as it stands, but encouragingly I think those in charge know it too.

Still, win, lose or draw it's so good to have the prospect of going to watch live football at Portman Road. Have a couple of beers and catch up with friends & family. It's never about the destination and always about the journey for me, so I just hope we can play some exciting football this season and take the game to our opponents, we've been too submissive for far too long.
Where's the team at then?
at 15:29 21 Jul 2021

I lose track of who has come in. Something like this look OK?

KVY Woolfenden ? Coulson
Harper Fraser Evans
Burns Piggott Bonne

Subs from: Holy, Nsiala, Norwood, El Miz, Dobra, Nolan, Penney, Donacien

Assumes Downes, Bishop, Jackson, Kenlock all depart.

I think we're probably 2 short defensively, and 1 or 2 wide options short. Think Bonne will be seen more down the middle, but not sure who else would line up there if the season started tomorrow.

Still 4 / 5 to come in then, and perhaps the same going out.
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