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Funny isn't it, the psyche of a football supporter...
at 11:56 23 Jul 2021

Seen suggestions of how improved our squad is vs. last summer, and on balance I would agree, especially in key areas. I'm not sure we're anything close to the finished article at this stage though, given we're so light in numbers and proven quality in certain areas. Still a fair bit of work still to do I would suggest.

It's funny isn't it, last summer we were relishing the prospect of a squad with huge depth, I remember some putting up their preferred lineups on here and Dozzell only making the 3rd side. Could we see a reinvigorated Downes, and we all know how good a player he is. A newly fit again Bishop, lots of hope for Dobra and El Miz, Dozzell pulling the strings, the prospect of Huws finding anything close to his old form, Nolan, Skuse's experience. Hopes that Norwood would find some level of fitness after a stop start first season, which had shown promise and a decent return all things considered, coming in having banged them in at Tranmere. Jackson's pace. Sears. A 'surely too good for league 1' Alan Judge. Chambers, Ward dropping down from the Championship, Woolfenden, Vincent-Young.

The hope and expectation was only heightened with Bishop's cringy 'yeet' opener against Wigan. HMS P1ss the League and #announce100points equally cringing their way through the Twitter TL. Fingers in the ears from our captain to block out the boo boys, as if a promising opening month in L1 had gone anyway to proving anything after years of decline.

There were lots of reasons to believe, but ultimately we were let down through a palpable vacuum in leadership both on and off the pitch. A gaffer who looked disengaged and uninterested from the word go, mismanaging us spectacularly through the season. We looked bereft of energy and ideas relative to those around us, and utterly toothless and rudderless for the most part. Some of those performances will live long in my memory for all the wrong reasons, sat in front of iFollow just wondering where we were heading under Evans and Lambert. Lee O'Neill rolled out in front of the camera to spill out more platitudes and buzz words. It was so f**king bleak, and seemed to so appropriately mirror what was going on in the world around us both politically and socially with the uncertainty, mismanagement, and general boredom and misery.

Times are hopefully a-changing now, at the club at least. Perhaps Gamechanger can be our gamechanger. Our vaccine. After all, hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness.

A new owner, largely new squad, new manager and seemingly a fresh culture and expectation has buoyed the spirits of supporters, but the cynic in me can't get too excited yet. It's funny how we work as supporters isn't it, had Hladky and Penney signed for Pompey I don't suppose we would be losing too much sleep, but once they're in the door here we expect it all of them. If you're really cynical as we sit here today we still have 3/4 of a back 4 that Cook inherited, and that assumes KVY can get fit. We don't have much out wide, and we're putting a lot of faith in Harper who is still young. I think we're a few short as it stands, but encouragingly I think those in charge know it too.

Still, win, lose or draw it's so good to have the prospect of going to watch live football at Portman Road. Have a couple of beers and catch up with friends & family. It's never about the destination and always about the journey for me, so I just hope we can play some exciting football this season and take the game to our opponents, we've been too submissive for far too long.
Where's the team at then?
at 15:29 21 Jul 2021

I lose track of who has come in. Something like this look OK?

KVY Woolfenden ? Coulson
Harper Fraser Evans
Burns Piggott Bonne

Subs from: Holy, Nsiala, Norwood, El Miz, Dobra, Nolan, Penney, Donacien

Assumes Downes, Bishop, Jackson, Kenlock all depart.

I think we're probably 2 short defensively, and 1 or 2 wide options short. Think Bonne will be seen more down the middle, but not sure who else would line up there if the season started tomorrow.

Still 4 / 5 to come in then, and perhaps the same going out.
A Paul Lambert quote from towards the end of his time here
at 10:54 1 Jul 2021

I remember one of Lamberts later interviews, on the rare occasion he bothered to show up, he said something along the lines of 'I guess we'll find out if they're good players'. Struck a chord with me at the time, does anyone know which interview it was and if he elaborated at all?
What's a socially acceptable time to commence noisy garden works?
at 09:20 1 Jul 2021

Neighbour was out with his chain saw at 07:30 today. Normally wouldn't mind so much but I was looking forward to a lie in.

Question about land borders if I may...
at 12:10 29 Jun 2021

Forgive me if this is stoopid, I've never had to consider it before. I moved out of a London flat in 2020 where my borders were clearly defined and easy to interpret. Now I'm in the sticks, all I have to go off is a site plan that was purchased as part of the conveyancing work, and shows a red line that isn't particularly precise. It doesn't detail any trees at the back of my plot, so I'm not sure if they're mine or not. If they're not, then they're public I guess as I back on to a public space. Anyone know where to start in determining this?
So the Euro's then...
at 13:30 23 Jun 2021

Looking likely to be one of Germany, Portugal or France. I'm thinking France, as I can see them drawing tonight and Germany winning. What's your starting XI then, assuming all fit and nobody isolating?

I'll go:


You've got your partnerships there (City x 2, United x 2). All comfortable on the ball and unchanged from a clean sheet. I really like that as a back 4.


Rice holding, Mount in for Phillips doing more of a defensive role than he's been asked to previously. Grealish in the #10, I think he has to start.


Sterling has to start on form. Kane is a no brainer despite being quiet thus far and as well as Saka did, I'm going for Foden for his set pieces. Saka an option off the bench.

For me that's a great side. Puts a lot on Mount to be that all energy man in the middle but I think he brings a bit more than Phillips on the ball against higher quality opposition.
at 14:34 11 Jun 2021

How’s Suffolk lover Jose getting on?
at 22:18 10 Jun 2021

Doesn’t seem to get much air time on here anymore
What's an acceptable amount of time to wait before sacking off a zoom meeting?
at 14:08 9 Jun 2021

Have a 14:00 - 16:00 in my diary. It's sunny, we all know full well that nobody on this call wants it to happen. The organiser hasn't started the meeting yet, is it acceptable if I sack it off at 14:10?
Air Force One
at 09:24 9 Jun 2021

What time am I looking out for Biden flying overhead then?
Jude Bellingham
at 12:11 2 Jun 2021

Had just finished Year 8 at the last Euros.

Why do youngsters
at 08:59 2 Jun 2021

Who sit at home every night playing FIFA and tugging themselves into oblivion, have to act so boastful about knowing who Kalvin Phillips plays for?
Another glorious day
at 09:16 1 Jun 2021

Looking like a real sizzler. Not a bad week to be getting some prospects down to the training ground / water front I would say.

What are people up to? Anything exciting, or stuck inside at your desk like me?
[Post edited 1 Jun 9:16]
Anyone listen to Radio 2 this morning?
at 09:50 28 May 2021

I should be embarrassed at that shouldn't I?

Omid Djalili was the guest, saying he's recently moved to Ipswich. Speaking highly of the proximity to countryside and the docks area of town, despite starting with 'it's not that glamorous, I've moved to Ipswich' when asked about his recent move to the countryside.

He also said as a big footie fan he likes seeing the Ipswich players of yesteryear in and around the town. Wonder if we'll see him at PR next season.
Malky Mackay
at 09:50 26 May 2021

Back in football it seems, looks likely to get the Ross County job.

Quite staggering appointment really.

Euros matches at Wembley to be full capacity...
at 12:14 25 May 2021

According to this.


The Euros format
at 12:13 24 May 2021

With 4 of the 6 3rd place teams going through is so sh1t isn't it?

I thought Group F looked interesting with one of Germany, France, Portugal going out but I can't see anything other than them all qualifying, despite one of them likely only beating Hungary.

Horrible format.
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