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Disgraceful Harrop
at 19:01 13 Apr 2021

Schooboy defending (n/t)
at 19:00 13 Apr 2021

I guess you could call it...Ashton gate?
at 11:09 13 Apr 2021

I'll get my coat.
Just looking at the squad, where do you even start for next season?
at 11:49 11 Apr 2021

If you’re being generous and trying to find a role for as many as possible I get to this:

GK: ?
LB: Nydam
CB: Nsiala
CB: ?
CM: Downes
CM: ?
CM: Bishop
W: ?
W: ?
F: ?

Others retained: Dozzell, Holy, Norwood, Woolfenden, Dobra, El Miz, Baggott, Lankester, Nolan.

Out: Chambers, Wilson, Cornell, Skuse, Huws, Edwards, Jackson, Judge, Sears, Hawkins, Drinan, Kenlock, Ward.

I think that would leave the basis of a potentially strong squad, lots of youth and potential and hopefully free up a significant amount of budget to reinvest in some senior signings. It would require signing at least:

1 x GK
1 x LB
1 x RB
1 x CB
1 x CM
2 x Winger
1 x Forward
Absolutely dire
at 17:00 10 Apr 2021

No intensity or urgency at all to our play.

What is the point in Parrot? Throw in 1 minute from the end in their half and he’s literally strolling off with his back to Ward, doesn’t even attempt to give him an option.

Woolfenden awful at right back. Sears poor, really has to be putting that chance away. What’s the point in giving Hawkins 3 minutes?

That was such a poor, disjointed, uninterested performance.
May I just say
at 09:23 9 Apr 2021

If anyone thinks about starting the ‘I believe that we will win’ sh1t in the north stand, I’ll be the first to slap them with a rolled up programme.
Handing in notice without a new job...
at 11:12 6 Apr 2021

Always been of the mindset that it's a mad thing to do but I'm very much lacking motivation for my role (have been for a while in truth) and considering a change. Been at this company a number of years now and it's ran it's natural course for me.

I don't have anything lined up, and being on a 6 month notice makes that harder as a lot of the roles are more immediately required. The security of 6 months has been lovely over the last year or so, I'm not knocking that. Been giving it a lot of thought and considering just handing the notice in and then upping the search over summer for an October start. Is it mad in these (or any other) circumstances?
at 15:49 27 Mar 2021


6/10 away performance at the moment I would say. Need to get a foothold in the middle and get Bishop on the ball a bit more.

How much better is KVY? Lovely to see him back, but looks to be flagging, understandably.

Thought their keeper was very lucky to get away with clattering Norwood, I didn't see much contact with the ball?

Edwards doesn't look interested

Could other results be going any worse??
Anyone else quite like this lineup?
at 14:47 27 Mar 2021

I've been moaning for ages at our reliance on powder puff kids who have no demonstrable record, just apparent potential. At the risk of sounding like Alan Hansen or Mick McCarthy this feels like the first time in however long where we seem to be predominantly made up of actual adults. Street wise, senior professionals.

Ward, Norwood, Chambers back in the middle, KYV is a very wise and cerebral head on youngish shoulders, Judge, Sears, Norwood. Edwards even. I feel like the ceiling is perhaps lower with this group than some of the so called promising young players who show glimpses of something every so often, but the floor is considerably higher with this XI, and we really need to find a level of consistency across the side. With some wild cards
and potential match winners off the bench.

Downes is still a big blow and the middle makes me nervous with Bishop and Dozzell playing together, ideally for me its 1 from 2 with them, but aside from that I quite like this lineup.

Anyone else?
It's the hope that kills you isn't it?
at 11:00 19 Mar 2021

Imagine if we really turned it on and beat Pompey tomorrow. That would put us 6 points above them. Hopefully Fleetwood has acted as the rocket some of the squad needs and the blank canvas Cook needs to make the changes he wants moving forward. Games in hand over Charlton. Loads of the teams around us playing each other over coming weeks so plenty of points will be dropped. Decent run in for us. Full week on the training ground for Cook before Wigan, with no midweek distraction. Norwood back. KVY back. Hawkins on his way back, he could be handy. Downes likely back for the final few games + PO's. Thomas & Harrop supposedly talented, is it too much to ask that 1 of them comes in and contributes?

The sun is shining. We're only bl00dy well going up aren't we?

*until 1:45pm tomorrow when I'll be putting my fist through the laptop screen at an abject first half display.
Classic car people
at 15:30 16 Mar 2021

I don't think I would ever be bothered about owning a classic car (not that I have the money). Seems like a lot of faff and I'm not into them enough, but I do like looking at them. I walked past a neighbour earlier polishing his Mercedes 190 SL and I have to say that's a cool car.

What are the best ones, for a novice like me? E Type Jag?
If we win tonight....
at 11:17 16 Mar 2021

Obviously all we can focus on is our games, but if we win tonight and Peterborough win, we open up a 5 point cushion to Pompey, and a worst case 2 point lead on Charlton, but we'll have 2 games in hand.

The consolation if Peterborough don't win of course is that we'll be 5 or 6 points off 2nd.

Huge 3 points on offer tonight, come on lads.
[Post edited 16 Mar 11:21]
Huge job for Cook here
at 10:28 14 Mar 2021

But how nice is it to see a manager who actually looks privileged to be in the post, rather than a cantankerous bell piece who inexplicably thinks we’re somehow below him and his dire managerial record. ‘Marcus can sack me, nae bother’. T0sser.

Cook is probably the most likeable of ME’s appointments. Doesn’t always = successful of course, but I’m cautiously optimistic for the future.
This is absolutely dire
at 14:41 6 Mar 2021

Can’t think of many worse this season. Disgraceful
Dozzell again with a stupid foul
at 13:07 6 Mar 2021

Will he ever learn?
Cook’s first presser
at 19:26 4 Mar 2021

Apols if already posted, is there a vid or audio of the full thing anywhere? Seen Phil’s stories and full transcript (thanks Phil - inbetweeners voice optional but encouraged), but wondered if there was any way of listening to it?
Welcome to Paul Cook
at 12:28 2 Mar 2021

Given we can’t welcome our new gaffer in person under the circumstances, perhaps we could create a thread and share with the club? I’ll kick us off:

‘Welcome to Suffolk, Paul & family. Here’s to a long, happy and successful stay in this part of the world. Up the Town’.
at 13:10 27 Feb 2021

I’m wondering if the stars align whether he might be a contender for the job. Pure speculation on my part and no def info whatsoever, but with Blackburn in poor form and TM having a year left on his deal, they might decide its time to part ways in the not too distant future which presumably would be relatively cheap for them to do. If that coincides with a takeover at Ipswich and the search for a new gaffer, I wonder if that could be an option?
Saturday has suddenly become a biggie hasn’t it?
at 11:23 24 Feb 2021

I would go as far as saying we need to be on 50 points after 30 games, which would give us a platform. Have to say, such is the nature of L1 that I look through that fixture list and with the exception of a couple of tougher looking away games there really is nobody we shouldn’t be beating, but that’s been the case all season of course. And last.

It just makes it all even more frustrating to me that what we’re finally seeing a bit more of what we’ve all been crying out for for so long. Last couple of games we’ve looked more scrappy (in a good way), much quicker and higher press, unrecognisable tempo, 2nd front man off a number 9, less predictable, getting the ball forward more quickly and with purpose, and a more pragmatic defensive approach. It’s felt much less complicated and far far harder to play against. Not rocket science is it? It’s just effective League 1 football that will yield points. The fact Lambert has messed about for the past 2 years and taken us backwards to such an extent is unforgivable. I’ve got no confidence that this isn’t a false dawn either. Genuinely the worst manager I’ve seen at Town and that takes some doing.

Still, let’s hope we can somehow sh1thouse some more wins despite him, rather than thanks to him. Big one Saturday.
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