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A few observations from yesterday
at 08:47 21 Aug 2019

Second consecutive performance where we’ve looked pretty poor IMO, against weak opposition. The saving grace is that we’ve got through the first 4 games of the season and now we’re perhaps closer to getting the weak links out of the side, namely the full backs. The additions are positive, and if Nolan can come back, and Huws, Dozzell, Judge and Edwards can all kick on then we really should be winning the midfield battle. Norwood is class, and exactly what we’ve missed for ages. Aside from being a very good footballer, I love his attitude. Him and Judge just have that maturity and professionalism, and will to win. They’ll grab us by the scruff of the neck and drag us up a level. An ipswich side without characters like that wouldn’t have won last night. A criticism i’ve had for a while is I think our players have got away with too much. A few boos last night and a rocket up their backsides isn’t a bad thing. We need to be obsessed with winning every game we play. McGoldrick’s departing comments said a lot and i think we’re turning that corner now.

Any side with ambitions to play decent football needs footballing fullbacks who want the ball. I don’t believe we’ve seen such players yet this season, and Donacien doesn’t have a future here for me. Lambert was right about him, and the sooner KVY can make that spot his own the better. Kenlock too to a lesser extent, and I’m sure he’ll face competition from Georgiou and Garbutt as the season progresses. I’m sorry but we absolutely have to go 2 up front and take it to teams this season, home or away. Keane getting fit will be a real win in that regard.

As for Wimbledon, nice of them to let a competition winner have a run out. I hope Rod McDonald enjoyed his day out.

On to the next one, 3 points at Bolton please. Anything less is a failure.
at 21:54 20 Aug 2019

If I ever see him in a Town shirt again it’ll be too soon. Get that fraud out of the side immediately.
Can’t make it today as I’m away for work
at 09:09 17 Aug 2019

But given I’m out of the country, does that mean I can access a video link if I pay iFollow? Never done it before so not sure how it works.
Stupid car related question
at 10:11 7 Aug 2019

From someone who knows absolutely nothing about cars. I've tried to google but cba to read through pages of nonsense. Does it matter what sort of engine oil I stick in? Light came on today, presumably I can just buy whatever they're stocking at Tesco garage?
1 down, 45 to go...
at 20:25 3 Aug 2019

Great result, away from home to a side that will be strong enough this season.

Really encouraging to see Huws and Judge back off the bench too, the sooner we can get those 2 match fit the better. People have likened Norwood to Garner but that’s an insult to Norwood, he’s class and will score goals. Not to mention seems to have exactly the right attitude, a real winning mentality and is street wise enough to kick us on a level.

Downes is maturing as a player and looks every bit capable of being one of the best central midfielders in the division, Garbutt looks very to tidy on the ball (I wonder if he’ll end up at LB once Judge is fit?). Rowe could be like a new signing, direct, quick, can create and full of confidence off the back of a promotion campaign.

Young Woolfenden was solid and has always impressed me. I think he’s got a good future at this level and a more than capable challenger to Chambers and Nsiala when fit.

When you look at the players that are still to return too, such as Nolan, Dozzell, Chambers, Nsiala, Sears, Bishop, Edwards etc we could almost field a 2nd side stronger than today’s.

We still very much need to strengthen at full back. Donacien I’m afraid isn’t good enough. He’s been an enigma to me but today the penny dropped, he’s just not a very good footballer. I wonder if we’ll see Chambers back at right back at some stage? As it stands our full backs will cost us points this season, I’ve got no doubt about that.

Holy...looked to command his box reasonably well in the 1st half, but a couple of nervy moments in the 2nd didn’t fill me with confidence. A missed cross followed by the back pass, very nearly cost us the points and without being overly critical he looked every bit a keeper that shipped 70 goals at this level last season. I think it’s only a matter of time before Norris takes the jersey off him.

All in all a good day at the office. We need to be single minded and absolutely obsessive about winning every match we play this season. Lambert is spot on, we don’t have a right to win promotion we have to earn it, and we showed today we’re ready for that fight. It’ll be a long season and we will lose games, but I think it’s going to be some journey.


Line-up tomorrow...
at 10:58 2 Aug 2019

I'm going:

Will Norris
Myles Kenlock
Luke Woolfenden
Cole Skuse
Joshua Emmanuel
Flynn Downes
Andre Dozzell
Emyr Huws
Alan Judge
Kayden Jackson
James Norwood

at 15:21 30 Jul 2019

Very good goalkeeper.

I will be more than happy if Bart moves on and he comes in as #1.
Did Downes get sent off yesterday?
at 09:31 28 Jul 2019

Didn’t see any mention of it on Stuart Watson’s twitter
I never knew Boris’ girlfriend
at 20:11 24 Jul 2019

Was one of the victims of the rapist cabbie, John Warboys.
I'm going to put a decent chunk of cash on a 2nd referendum
at 13:41 24 Jul 2019

I think it's a likely outcome now.

Once a few civil servants get in BoJo's ear about the reality of a no deal, he won't want his name against that. He's self serving and only cares about his own reputation, which he'll do anything to keep in tact. After some negotiations with the EU, proving no workable solution, and in the knowledge that he wouldn't get a no deal through the commons even if he wanted to (which he doesn't), I think he'll put it back to the people.

The reality is he never truly believed in it, he just saw it as his opportunity to get to the hot seat, and to be fair to him it's worked. It'll be positioned something like after negotiations it's now apparent that the Brexit the public was offered isn't workable...blah it's now a choice between Remain vs. No Deal.

I really think that's where we're heading.

at 03:14 24 Jul 2019

Is this it?

Sh1t me this storm is going for it. I remember watching Trump get into the White House, while a huge thunderstorm took place above my place in South London. How’s this for a bit of pathetic fallacy?
Colchester - the place, not the football club
at 09:51 21 Jul 2019

I was thinking about this yesterday, 'on paper' Colchester has a lot going for it. Clearly, it has a lot of history given it's a Roman city, can claim to be the former capital of England, super easy to get to by rail or road from London (<45 minutes), has a pretty cool Castle which is the best part of 1000 years old, very good Zoo, not far from beaches, close to Harwich which has huge commercial benefits as well as being a tourism route for wealthy yanks on cruise ships, beautiful surrounding countryside, pockets of affluence, close to Stansted Airport, UEA is regarded as one of the countries top Uni's now. I could go on...

There's a lot about it that you can't really put a price on, but on the few occasions I've visited, far from being a destination city that appears to be prospering and attracting tourists etc, it's stuck me as a bit of a sprawling sh1t tip. No offence to anyone that lives there, I'm just wondering how it's come to be the case when you consider it's history and what it has going for it. I might be wrong, perhaps I'm not visiting the right bits but there's very little redeeming about the place from my experience.

Pretty loose question re. home security...
at 17:48 10 Jul 2019

After a couple of break ins down my ends I'm looking to beef up my security at home. I don't want anything that's visible from the road or leaves my gaff looking like fort knox, but something to give a little peace of mind, especially as I'm away with work a bit. Anyone know of anything effective, perhaps use of tech? I've got an iPhone.

War in the blood
at 09:33 10 Jul 2019

Did anyone watch this recently? Absolutely heartbreaking and terribly sad to watch, but boy what a fascinating documentary about the groundbreaking CAR-T cancer therapy. It was particularly close to home for me which made it hard to watch, but on the flip side it was life affirming and left me with an enormous sense of appreciation for the amazing medics and patients involved.

Also, without wanting to be political about it, when you've got such a talented Maltese Dr. as Martin Pule plying his trade and lecturing our next generation at UCL, and the other Irish lady, it frustrates me further that Brexit will undoubtedly make the UK a more difficult to get access to, ergo less appealing destination for the brightest young minds in Europe.
[Post edited 10 Jul 9:35]
Boris Johnson - Def Info
at 11:58 27 Jun 2019

I've heard that BJ might have a pretty tough weekend ahead of him.

Horrible, horrible bloke.
[Post edited 27 Jun 12:01]
There were 2 lower league players I was hoping we would take a look at...
at 10:38 27 Jun 2019

James Hardy, ex Man City yoof, left AFC Fylde this summer. 23, quality player and one I think was destined for League football. I notice Walsall have just signed him, I think he'll tear up L2 and was thoroughly worth a punt.

The other was Danny Mayor, a really classy footballer in L1 and I was scratching my head at why he would be dropping a division when I saw the Plymouth link. I would be very happy if this is true.
Its 10:21
at 10:21 26 Jun 2019

Is that too early to be thinking about lunch? Absolute Hank Marvin this morning.

What's on the menu for you lot?
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