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Checking out
at 17:17 18 Mar 2020

Hi all,

Hopefully not 'look at me', certainly not intentionally, I just wanted to wish everyone on here all the best over the coming weeks, which will no doubt be challenging. Goodness knows what they'll bring, but I know if people stick together and look out for one another it'll be a damn sight easier to handle. This place is a great outlet for that and a wonderful resource for Town fans and non to come together, keep up the great work.

Everyone needs to remember that it's perfectly acceptable not to agree on things, it doesn't make someone a bad person.

I, like many, have found recent days tough, and I can sense when I'm not the best version of myself. I'm going to take a little social media hiatus but I'll be back when the football returns.

All the best to you all in the meantime.

Heard a little whisper
at 18:36 16 Mar 2020

That schools are going to close next Friday at the absolute latest, possibly this Friday depending on the spread this week. Plan will be to close for 4 weeks, 2 of which are scheduled Easter hols anyway.

Edit: This was from a friend who is assistant head at a Suffolk school. Not def info but he thinks likely.
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Race Across the World
at 11:17 16 Mar 2020


Away from the stresses of coronavirus, is anyone watching this? I love it as a premise for a programme, really enjoyed series 1 and loving this one too. Basically 5 pairs all start at the same point in central America, and have to race to Ushuaia (phenomenal place by the way, went a couple of years back) in the southern tip of Argentina. They're given a budget the equivalent of the air far, but they can't take a plane. They also have no phones and no internet access, just a map. They've basically got to hustle their way along the journey.

The mother & son are my favourite, what a relationship they have.
Not warming to the girl with the deaf husband, she's a bit annoying.
Brother & sister are OK, he's a nob but she's quite fit.
Uncle & nephew are OK too.

Anyone else watching it?

The collateral damage from Cornoavirus
at 15:36 13 Mar 2020

Is going to be material. There's a heck of a lot of businesses out there that simply can't afford a few bad periods.

3 of my friends have today been made redundant.

It's only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.
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What's your proudest achievement?
at 13:53 13 Mar 2020

at 10:20 12 Mar 2020

What’s your approach to coffee? I like coffee, especially a real one. Sat outside a cafe in Italy in the sunshine or something. Failing that, I normally just have a lazy instant at home. My mate has been telling me to get a V60 and filters but it all sounds like a ball ache. We’ve got a snazzy coffee machine at work but I don’t like the pods.

What’s the way forward?
Markets taking a Sunday battering
at 23:37 8 Mar 2020

FTSE to open a further 5%+ down! this is proper tin hat time.
at 10:55 8 Mar 2020

Presumably Coronavirus is going to have a significant impact on the Marcus Evans Group, given so much of their revenue if generated from conferencing & events. It could go one of 2 ways If it really takes hold, it could be the catalyst for him to dispose of ITFC, or the limited funding that we do have my be even further cut back.
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at 22:41 3 Mar 2020

Another goal that looked as soft as sh1t. Seen the replay and stand by that, terrible goalkeeping. As for Chambers, imagine getting outpaced by Ched Evans.

What a shower we are.
at 20:36 3 Mar 2020

Holy, Wilson, Earl. Usual suspects, absolutely crap.

Launching long balls to Keane & Judge, well done.

The only way Warnock would make sense
at 14:42 1 Mar 2020

Is if it happened today, or tomorrow. Given he’s openly said he’s retiring at the end of the season and, would appear unlikely to change his mind on that, all he offers us right now is a final roll of the dice with regards to this season, and that could be all but over this time next week if we’re 8+ points off the playoffs. Evans hasn’t got the b0llocks or desire to invest in a punt, in the hope we might sneak into a playoffs that we would likely lose anyway. It’s easier and cheaper for him to sit tight, write this season off and sack Lambert when it’s mathematically impossible for us to make the playoffs.

The only way I see that changing is Warnock agreeing to carry on for one more season.
If ever these comfortable players needed a reason to pull their fingers out
at 14:11 1 Mar 2020

It’s the threat of Warnock replacing Lambert. They won’t know what’s hit them. Good job too.
Their goal was absolutely shocking
at 16:02 29 Feb 2020

How is he allowed to get a shot away and what on earth was Holy doing? Shocking.
At what point does Lambert get the shove?
at 18:32 26 Feb 2020

Realistically, while we're in with a shout of the playoffs he isn't going anywhere, but if it becomes mathematically impossible for us to finish inside them, does he go at that point? What if we sneak into 6th and we're dumped out in the semis? Does that buy him another season? I guess it depends to an extent on any clauses that might or might not exist in his contract.

I have an opportunity to do some digging on Tuesday pre match.
Adnams Lighthouse
at 19:52 19 Feb 2020

Got it in a mixed selection box, don't remember having it before. Really enjoying it, wasn't expecting much given its low ABV. Quaffable.
Lambers press conference waffle
at 12:56 15 Feb 2020

It really frustrates me this constant BS he's coming out with. His constant admission that we're a big club and have a history and expectation levels like it's some sort of get out to the here and now. Nobody is saying we have a god given right to go up, nor is anyone saying that winning trophies 40 years ago has any bearing whatsover on our competitiveness now. The attendances are irreverent in that context too. Literally everyone is aligned with that. It's all a bit straw man from PL.

Ultimately it comes down to the fact he's inherited a club bottom of the championship, has unarguably got one of the best and most expensive squads at this level (despite what he says), and in picking up 20 points from the past 21 matches or whatever it is, sitting 7th in the league and playing without any real creativity or confidence is abject failure given the resources he's working with.

There's absolutely no way Wycombe should be above us. If we're generous and say there's a 'mini league' of Rotherham, Sunderland, Coventry, Pompey, Peterborough and Ipswich as the best 6, with little to choose between us all, then he needs to explain why we're bottom of it and haven't beaten any of them. It's THAT that he needs to answer. Frustrates me that he can default to this 'no right, got to earn it' BS. If we're not 'earning it', who is responsible for that? The buck stops with him.
at 12:59 13 Feb 2020

I don't mean to brag but I've absolutely smashed it to smithereens today. Watford away-esque scenes my end. I've absolutely Richard Chaplowed it.

Lined a wholemeal wrap with a combination of mayo, dijon and a few drops of my ol' pal smokey. On went a bed of mixed leaves, cucumber and plenty of grated mature cheddar. Add in some left over roasted veg from last night (paprika coated sweet potato fries, courgette, red pepper, onion) and finished off with just a small amount of soured cream.

Deary me, he's nailed that.
Buzzing for us to see the benefits of the squad rotation...
at 22:06 11 Feb 2020

When can we expect that? Asking for a friend.
I've come full circle on Downes & Wolfy and selling them
at 21:43 11 Feb 2020

I think I'll be disappointed if they don't leave at the end of the season, if Lambert stays on. For their sake they need to go on to bigger and better things. The other sh1thouses can deal with it, but those 2 deserve better and about the only 2 working to earn the right.
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