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So away from flouncing and wild speculation, team for Bolton on Satdee...
at 17:10 19 Sep 2018

Gerks: Possession is 9 / 10 of the law and all that. Did well last night and no brainer for me that he starts

Donacien: Really impressed so far, hope he can make the right back slot his own. Light years ahead of Spence who shouldn't be near the side IMO.

Chambers: Skipper, leader, also happens to be a really solid defender. Nailed on.

Pennington: Really like him. I think he and Chambers can form a lovely little partnership, with Nsiala as back up for the time being. Nice option to have.

Knudsen: Not his greatest fan and certainly don't think he's 'all that' but he's solid enough and as good as we've got.

I think that back 4 could really form a solid base for us this season.

Midfield 4 of:

Edwards: My POTS at this early stage, loves to take on a man and create, can play on either side. Really like him. Would start him on the left.

Skuse: Mr reliable, know what you're going to get.

Chalobah: Technically as good as anyone in the squad, lovely with the ball but lacks consistency. That'll only come with game time.

Ward: Hit and miss but played well last night, my MOTM. Deserves to keep his place on the right.

Jackson: Lightening quick, 2 goals thus far in an average looking side and along with Donacien has looked the brightest of the PH signings for me. I think he can go on to justify his price tag and some.

Walters (if fit). Otherwise Harrison: Act as a foil for Jackson, both will work hard and offer a physical presence. I said it before he was signed as I had seen a lot of him at Bristol Rovers and I'll say it again, I really don't think Harrison is a Championship football but we don't really have an alternative.

Dozzell, Huws, Bishop (when fit), Downes and Nolan really need to be putting the pressure on Skuse & Chalobah to stake a claim. I would like to see more from Nolan in particular, I was excited when we signed him but he's looked a little off the pace for me.

Back from the game
at 20:20 15 Sep 2018

Seriously unimpressed with that. Absolute crap.

I have to say I’m really not happy with Hurst thus far. He’s really ballsed up what was a good opportunity here by overseeing so much unnecessary charge. Our squad is significantly weaker than the one he inherited. What’s annoyed me is his desire to ‘make his mark’ and make the team his own. He’s made no secret of this in press conferences, but I don’t think we needed so much change, just a few tweaks here and there. The likes of Bart, Nydam, Dozzell have been the victim of it as much as anyone. PH has been far too desperate to make it his team and install change for the sake of change.

We look terrible and completely toothless going forward. Happy to give him time as I know how hard a role it is but really I’m so unimpressed and disappointed thus far. I made no secret of it on here 6 months back but I wanted Burley. I know George personally and know what he wanted to do with the squad and boy am I more aligned with that that what we’ve seen. Today was absolute crap and so was the Norwich match. The worrying thing is it’s not through a lack of effort or fight, I genuinely think we’re desperately short of quality and that’s what makes me nervous. It’s going to be a long season I fear.

Spence, Sears, Harrison, Rowe, Downes. Not good enough at this level I’m sorry. Absolutely livid.
Chicken burger
at 13:23 14 Sep 2018

Just had one for the first time in a long while. I am partial to a burger but would normally opt for beef. Today I went for a delicious fried chicken burger at Patty & Bun. Bloomin' lovely it was. The sauce was spot on. Would recommend.
So Sandy Toksvig
at 08:57 12 Sep 2018

What with her being a lesbian, the sperm donor for her 3 children is Trigger from OFAH's brother.

True story.
Just remembered it's the international break. FFS.
at 14:09 7 Sep 2018

Anyone taking in any non league?
Dealing with social / personal pressure and expectation
at 15:43 5 Sep 2018

The vast majority of my posts on here are probably football related, and I'm not one to get too involved in social, personal or political conversations on here although I do enjoy reading them. That's not because I think I know all the answers, its just how I prefer to engage on here. That said, I've seen good advice changing hands in the past which leads me to this post. How good are you at dealing with pressure? Social pressures specifically. Do you even feel them? How much expectation do you put on yourself? I think on the spectrum I would wager I'm some way up there in the regard of feeling a pressure to succeed at certain things and putting pressure on myself. I didn't at school particularly, I wasn't too bothered about my grades when really I should have been.

It's only really hit me in recent years though, I think the initial contributor was a mortgage, then turning 30, recently marriage, and now I have a child on the way which has taken things to a new level. In a non humble brag way, I am fortunate to have a good job and can 'provide' (although the whole concept feels totally antiquated to me). My wife and I are firmly a 50:50 partnership, I just happen to earn a lot more money in my job. Despite that, and despite using the term 'fortunate', it creates a lot of pressure which I've really started feeling of late. I feel a lot on my shoulders in that regard and wondered if that's normal? It's not something I've spoken to friends about particularly. What if I lose me job and can't get another one? What if I get ill? Not nice things to think about, and I try to have provisions in place in the form of savings etc. but I feel like there's a period in ones life where there's a transition (many will experience it well before I have I'm sure) from care free to proper responsibilities. Or maybe it's just me that feels that? I wish I was more like my old self in some respects, spending every penny creating memories, travelling, living deep in an overdraft, nomadic, no ties. I mean you only live once right? No offence to my wife and unborn child of course - I wouldn't change that for anything.

Am i making sense? Sorry for the rant.

This is disgusting
at 12:17 4 Sep 2018

The NHS is at breaking point. It's the single biggest challenge the UK faces right now IMO, appropriately funding and operating it.
It's early days, we need patience.
at 22:16 14 Aug 2018

Hurst is rebuilding this squad completely, and that's what the majority of fans were asking for. It's not going to happen overnight though, wait until 2019 I would say before we start worrying too much. You've only got to look at his CV to see how he goes about his business. It's a project he's taken on here. If we wanted someone to replace MM for the sake of change, and not actually change a great deal we would've got a Mclaren or a Megson.

The only thing that irks me slightly of these first impressions is that I'm not convinced the players we've signed that I know a reasonable amount about (Nsiala, Harrison, Roberts) are really any better than what we had already. I'm really up for a Town manager who's going to say here you go Dozzell, Nydam, Downes, Emmanuel, Woolfenden,'s your chance, what can you do? I still hope there's time for that, and regardless of my opinion on that matter, PH deserves the support of Town fans and so do these players so FFS pull yourselves together and back the project. It was never going to be an instant fix.
Hope we sign a few more from Shrewsbury...
at 15:13 8 Aug 2018

Just for the bants.
So knowing what we know, what are the other transfers expected?
at 13:05 8 Aug 2018





I would say we'll see Jackson in and Garner out. That'll be about it I think.
at 12:25 8 Aug 2018


Donacien Nsiala Chambers Knudsen

Ward Chalobah Nolan Edwards

Jackson Harrison


We've got options.

Tomorrow could be interesting
at 22:56 5 Aug 2018

If Derby and Boro get into a bidding war for Waghorn. Plus Boro have a bit of cash in their pocket having sold Gibson and now Traore, would love to see us pull their pants down for Knudsen.
at 20:22 26 Jul 2018

Where’s he at with fitness at the moment? I know it’s cliche, but for all we talk of new signings, he, Dozzell and Bishop could be like 3 blooming exciting ones this season.

Need to strengthen at the back and keep Waggy though.
So if Waghorn goes...
at 22:02 24 Jul 2018


Waghorn £8m
Webster £3.5m
Knight £1m
World Cup fees: £0.4m

Plus McGoldrick, Webster, Waghorn, Bru, Celina, CCV, Iorfa, Hyam, Carayol, Gleeson, Connolly, McCarthy and Connor off the wage bill since the end of last season.

Replaced (so far) by Chalobah, Edwards, Roberts, Harrison, Hurst, Doig.

Must be monumental upside as things stand. I look forward to some exciting additions over the next couple of weeks of this #newera. Or is it #samesh1tdifferentguise?

Holywells or Christchurch?
at 11:48 22 Jul 2018

Or C) Other.

What’s your favourite public space in town?
Prince Philip
at 11:38 20 Jul 2018

Hearing the old boy isn’t doing too well. Hopefully it’s not true, he must have a few gaffs left in him yet.
Ian Wright
at 23:36 12 Jul 2018

Bit of a chopper isn't he? Some lass just gave him some banter on twitter for his terrible shirt choice, which was clearly well meant, to which he replied with a comment about her teeth. Bit OTT innit. CBA to link it.
Right then, teams for next season...
at 12:08 5 Jul 2018

I love hearing everyone’s opinions on who they rate, who they don’t etc. How do you want to see us lining up given the players we have, and perhaps one or 2 realistic additions? I love the back 3 system that England are playing and Tottenham nailed so beautifully, I also think we have the players to consider it, so that’s what I would go for with a lot of emphasis on yoof:

GK: Bartosz
CB: Chambers
CB: Knudsen
LWB: Nydam
RWB: Ward
CM: Dozzell
CM: Huws
CM: Chalobah
ST: Waghorn
ST: Garner

Spence, Emmanuel, Cotter, Kenlock, Woolfenden, Smith as back up defensive options.

Bishop, Adeyemi and Downes I would love to see kick on this season and really challenge for a starting role.

Sears, Morris, Folami, Drinan providing the competition up top.

Chalobah is a rogue inclusion given his age and inexperience. I’ve got him in that Skuse role, protecting the back 3, where I think he could really excel. I think PH might view him in that Ben Godfrey role he had at Shrewsbury. Clearly Skuse is an option there and remains a reliable one, I’ve just gone a bit balls deep for the purpose of this exercise.

The wide men are crucial in this system, see Rose / Walker at Spurs or more recently Rose / Trippier. Absolutely essential that they’re technically gifted footballers who can defend but also create. So much of the play goes through them, that’s why I’ve gone for Nydam / Ward as I think they’re streets ahead of the likes of Kenlock or Spence. JK I prefer in a back 3.

We certainly need a CB to replace Webster and a proven forward.

Is it just me, or is a prison sentence a little OTT for this?
at 11:31 22 Jun 2018

I mean yeah, silly thing to do, but prison? Seems a bit of an over-reaction IMO.
Belgium v Panama
at 16:48 18 Jun 2018

Horrible game of football.
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