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Kids kits
at 12:38 7 Jan 2022

Does anyone know if the club does a kit (or shirt at least) for toddler age kids? Looked on the website but the smallest appears to be 7-8 yrs unless I'm looking in the wrong place.
Anyone on a health kick?
at 13:31 5 Jan 2022

I've been on a very strict routine for a week now, not going too badly so far in terms of diet and nutrition, but need to up the exercise. Have struggled with the energy levels since having Covid really, and don't feel like I'm remotely back to pre levels. Couple that with being a time poor parent to little ones and largely wfh, I found I wasn't doing anything like the excercise I have always done in the past, which resulted in putting on some weight in the second half of 2021.

Just did a very aggressive 20 minutes of skipping. Such an underrated form of excercise innit, very efficient way of burning energy.
That was better
at 10:22 30 Dec 2021

Thought we rode our luck at times, especially the chance they skied over the bar with a couple of minutes remaining, but by and large we contained them pretty well, and they're a tough nut to crack. We also had our chances, especially on the break in the 2nd half, I thought Norwood took Evans' excellent ball down well, perhaps just needed to get his body between the man and goal so as not to leave himself too much to do on his left foot, but a nice chance all the same.

Clearly the Chaplin chance late on, where Morsy probably should've gone to Pigott on his right. I actually thought the initial ball to Morsy from Chaplin was suicidal at the time and completely the wrong ball in the circumstances, but the Egyptian did well to make something of it. He played well all night, it seemed to work with Evans in a deeper role, and Morsy pressing higher up the pitch. The gap between midfield and front 2 was huge against Sunderland, where Evans didn't get anywhere near close enough to them which limited our ability to press high up the pitch, I thought Morsy did that well last night and perhaps him in more of a number 8 role while Evans sits is the way forward. Aluko was neat and tidy in possession yet again, the guy has so much quality on the ball. Aside from one loose pass into the middle I can't recall him giving possession away at all, I thought he was class and Celina will do well to dislodge him when fit.

Have to mention the lovely take from Chaplin on his chest at one point late on in the middle of the park, knocked it over his shoulder and sent 2 of their men packing. I actually thought that was a great chance but his through ball was a touch heavy and Stockdale was alert.

Penney I thought had a much improved 2nd half. A little rushed in possession at times, and a clumsy yellow that was largely his own doing positionally, but a safety first approach after the break especially and some valuable interventions defensively. Donacien and Woolfenden were excellent, with the exception of one dodgy Woolfy moment first half. I can't help but feel Edmundson and Woolfenden is the right partnership, with JD right of the 3, especially if they're going to be encouraged to step out with the ball. I can't see that suiting Toto or Burgess. The wingback role might suit KVY in time too, and certainly will Coulson when fit. Coulson on the left and Burns on the right sounds strong to me.

Thought the front 2 put in a real shift, Bonne is such a horrible striker to play against, and after a ropey first 20 minutes from Norwood he gre into the game too. They remind me a little of Morison and Gregory when they were up front for Millwall. Full of running, sh1thouses, scored goals, street wise.

Fans were great too, really positive atmosphere all night and I'm sure KM and his staff will have felt buoyed by the potential that exists here having seen that. Really enjoyable night under the lights, proper game of football, certainly some green shoots, and vitally it's 3 points. We've got a nice run of games coming up that can hopefully yield points, let's hope it's not another false dawn.
Merry Christmas everyone
at 15:12 24 Dec 2021

I won't be around for a while, I just wanted to wish everyone on here a very Merry Christmas before I shoot off. I hope you all enjoy the festive period as best as we safely can in these current circumstances.

Good tidings to you all.
Norwood & Bonne
at 10:29 19 Dec 2021

I think if we persist with 2 up top they’ve got the makings of a good partnership at this level. Work hard, they’re scrappy, decent in the air, can finish, bit of fight about them and both intelligent and street wise. I think they’re capable of developing a good partnership, and it seems like they get on off the pitch. The sort of front 2 you wouldn’t want to play against.

There were a few occasions yesterday where they didn’t look best pleased with Evans. They were trying to press Sunderland, but often our midfield was so deep that they had an easy out ball. They wanted Evans to be joining in at least 10 yards up the pitch. Saw Norwood give him a right earful on a couple of occasions.
[Post edited 19 Dec 2021 10:38]
Utter disgrace
at 20:22 15 Dec 2021

Absolute shambles.

State of this club sacking Cook to carry on rudderless at such a pivotal point of the season. Complete disgrace.
Christmas dinner thread
at 15:14 15 Dec 2021

Go on then, what's on your plate. Perfect Christmas dinner...
at 18:26 11 Dec 2021

Thought he did well to be fair. Edmundson too but we’ve come to expect that, whereas Burgess coming in out of the cold against a tricky forward line played solidly.
Lee Evans
at 15:46 11 Dec 2021

Dire yet again. What does El Miz need to do to get a chance alongside Morsy?
The Norwood pic on the homepage that Phil keeps using
at 13:40 9 Dec 2021

I always think it looks superimposed or something. Or a screenshot from FIFA. Don't look real innit.
If you were a football manager
at 09:52 9 Dec 2021

What would be attractive in a club?

I quite like 1 club towns. Not sure why, but there's something cool about the whole town supporting the same side.

Area would be high on my list. Opportunity to live in a nice part of the country, perhaps coastal or failing that some nice countryside / market town.

Not too bothered about history particularly, but a decent fan base is important and the 2 often go hand in hand.

I wouldn't want too big a club where the role was too limited just to the football, I would quite enjoy getting slightly into the commercial elements and community stuff. Wouldn't fancy a Newcastle type gig for example.

I think Exeter City would be up there, maybe Plymouth. Swindon Town. Oxford maybe, although a little twee for me, more so than Exeter. Contrary to my first point Bristol Rovers, I worked for them coaching for a bit, love that club.

Where are you sending your CV and why?
Derek Adams
at 11:28 8 Dec 2021


It's a bit of a contrarian suggestion which on the face of it might feel underwhelming, but I can't help but feel like he might be a good compromise position between someone young (ish) but not completely wet behind the ears. Prior to his current Bradford role he's done an excellent job everywhere he's been. Remarkable job at Ross County, took Plymouth up to L1 and over achieved the following season finishing 7th, then some how managed to take Morecambe up last season which frankly was ridiculous considering the resources, they were tipped to go down, that's aguably his finest achievement to date.

I can't say I've seen much of Bradford this season but they appear to have drawn a lot of games. Perhaps a few points behind where they would expect to be. I've heard very good things about Adams from friends that have played under him, how he engages a squad and really gets them bought in to a common goal. He works his players and staff hard, very hard, and takes zero nonsense, but does so in a way that people buy in to and don't resent.
Steve Bruce
at 18:49 5 Dec 2021

Entirely hypothetical of course.

Christmas board games
at 14:14 1 Dec 2021

What's looking likely?

I had the misfortune of playing Articulate at the weekend. Really had to bite my tonuge at my sisters new boyfriend who started describing each of the 'Person' cards by wasting time saying 'They're really famous...'

No sh1t they're really famous, hence featuring in the game. I wasn't here thinking it was going to be Giles Coke.

Also how's that spinner thing in the middle fair? We consistently outscored the rest only to see them sh1thouse their way forward a couple of steps. Joke of a game.
[Post edited 1 Dec 2021 14:18]
I just met a magical Genie who said he could grant me 1 wish...
at 12:29 24 Nov 2021

I said 'I wish I could be you'.

The Genue saud 'That's a weurd wush, but OK u'll grant ut'.
Well that was sh1t
at 22:37 23 Nov 2021

Beyond p1ssed off with that. Beaten by a much, much better side but we certainly don't make life easy for ourselves.

I'm not going to dig out a rookie but Clements was found wanting on Saturday and starting him again tonight was naïve from Cook IMO, and frankly unfair. Edmundson is too good for us, quality player, just a shame about the averageness around him. We were easy to play against, it was all so predictable. Possession without purpose and too easy to turn the ball over from their high press.

No creativity, no ideas, no b0llocks, there seems to be a real unwillingness to take a chance and a real lack of confidence. Cook is so rigid tactically, aside from throwing Pigott on which seemed more like it was born out of desperation as much as anything else.

It was basically a carbon copy of the games against them 2 years back. Lost both 2-0, we had a lot of the ball but generally did nothing with it. Out fought, out thought, and offered very little going forward. I feel like we could still be out there and wouldn't have scored. Doesn't really feel like progress in that respect.


As for Rotherham, they're going back up.
[Post edited 23 Nov 2021 22:37]
I would go with...
at 11:55 23 Nov 2021

Donacien Woolfenden Edmundson Vincent-Young
Evans Morsy
Burns Chaplin Celina

Chaplin simply has to start, I'm getting a bit annoyed at him sitting on the bench. KVY I'm bringing in on the left as I think it's a lot to ask of young Clements, and I fear tonight would be a big ask of him. Celina needs to be on it if he's on the left and remember his defensive responsibilities. That's a side of Edwards' game that I really rate.

Woolfenden in for Toto, not that I think he's great, but he is a touch better on the ball. Toto's cards are marked, it was as clear as day that he's been targetted in recent games, watch how quick they will be to press him if he starts, knowing his distribution is lacking and they'll turn the ball over.

Aluko for Burns if he's not fit. Edwards on the bench as a potential game changer.
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