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I watch this at least once per year...
at 17:03 28 Jun 2022

And it never gets any less hilarious

Phone deals...
at 13:11 23 Jun 2022

What are you savvy people doing at the moment? I'm probably being mugged on mine, paid off the handset a while ago (iPhone 7) and just been letting it bumble along at about £25 a month ever since with O2. I had planned to upgrade but never bothered as mine was working fine but it's starting to get really slow, so probably time to bite the bullet.
at 13:46 21 Jun 2022

Wonder if we'll look to fill that Carroll / Bakinson void with someone else, especially if Harper and El Miz aren't fancied. Obviously we've signed Ball but it's looking like 2 from Morsy, Evans, Ball as it stands, and I would imagine we'll certainly want a 4th. Not writing Harper off by any means, just basing it on the fact KM had a month with him and was happy to let him go to Crewe when we still had p/off ambitions.

In front of them too, Chaplin, Aluko about the only contenders as it stands, if we assume Dobra is out of the picture. I see Edwards spoken about as an option, but I really see him as a wide man so probably not best suited to this system, unless he can make a case at LWB. I think we might see a bigger name come in towards the end of the window. Marlon Pack is leaving Cardiff, obviously got the Bristol City links there. Been a very good player, I wonder if he might be looked at?

Obviously a lot of factors, I'm not even convinced we're as wedded to the current system as some believe. Will depend who we can shift to some extent too, I would think there's still 2 or 3 we would be happy to get out the door.
Would you trust someone
at 11:59 16 Jun 2022

who didn't like hummous?

Bersant Celina
at 15:06 15 Jun 2022

Where will he be playing ball next season?
Potentially the worlds most boring post...hedges
at 08:41 10 Jun 2022

Anyone know anything about them? My criteria is as follows:

Fast growing - I don't want to be waiting until we're in the Champions league until it's a decent size. 2027 is a long way away.

Look: Don't really mind but certainly evergreen

Size: Not too thick (maybe deep is a more appropriate word) - Don't want it to gobble up too much garden. Also wants to be circa 6ft tall.

Also, if I plant one on a boundary as an alternative to a fence, do I need permission from whoever owns the land the other side, as presumably they'll need to cut it from their side or I'll be trespassing. I can do my side and the top innit.
Tomas Holy
at 12:19 9 Jun 2022

Always seemed like a decent bloke who was clearly enjoying his time at the club. I think most would agree that Walton is an upgrade on him as a keeper, but would wish him well at Carlisle.

Decent move for him, must be an uncertain time for him and his family so it's good to get something sorted out, hopefully for his sake its a 3 year deal. I think people forget that for footballers at this level it's a very short career and very much a case of earning what you can while you can. To be out of work at 30 is tough for someone who has probably 'only' been on £50k - £60k a year for a fraction of his career, and perhaps not on that at Carlisle. With a young family too I believe.

Hope it works out for him, not a bad place to base himself on the face of it. Can't say I've ever been to Carlisle though.
Ferry to Ireland
at 14:02 8 Jun 2022

Has anyone ever travelled to Ireland via Ferry? I know there's a route off the west coast of Wales but that's a trek from Suffolk innit. Are there any others that people would recommend? Been over to Ireland many times but always flown, and quite fancy the car over this time so we're a bit more independent and don't have to fanny about hiring one.

Any thoughts?
Just a bit of fun, starting XI for the opener...
at 12:16 30 May 2022

See how wrong we are come August...

Burns JD Woolf Edmundson Penney
Morsy Sawyers Evans

Winner gets a prize. No 'new XXX' or question marks, they won't count for anything so you might as well plump for a name.

Wouldn't imagine Jackson or Penney will be in there but I'm playing the percentages with those. I'll take 7/11 if you offered it to me right now.
Just took the dog for a walk
at 22:12 27 May 2022

Why is it still so light? It’s trippy.
Ben Morris
at 15:45 23 May 2022

Turns 23 in a few weeks. He's obviously had his issues with injuries and what not, did his ACL IIRC, but he really is at a stage of his development where he should be playing senior football. We've extended his contract by a further 12 months, does anyone think we'll see anything of him in a Town shirt? Feels odd to trigger that unless we wanted to take a closer look in pre season.

Loan at GAIS seems to be going OK, albeit in the 2nd tier in Sweden. A player who has known where the net is throughout his youth career, I can't help but wonder if he could be one to kick on. He strikes me as one of those players that just has a nack of scoring goals, a bit like a Jack Marriott but with less edge.
Peanut butter on a jacobs cracker
at 14:31 12 May 2022

Why has it taken me into my 30's to discover this absolute taste sensation?
at 15:05 5 May 2022


As we head in to 'BBQ season' what are we saying about coleslaw? Yay or nay?
New kit
at 09:46 1 May 2022

Anyone know when it’s likely to be released? Or more details released at least. Can’t remember when we normally get such info.

New manufacturer I believe, and a new sponsor? What’s the latest with Ed’s deal?
'minor flight schedule change'
at 13:35 28 Apr 2022

What a load of BS. I appreciate it's a difficult time for the industry but I wouldn't say moving a flight from 11am to 7am was 'minor', especially with 2 little ones in tow. Not entitled to any refund. Fact of the matter is I wouldn't have booked that flight had it been 7am.

[Post edited 28 Apr 13:36]
Waterfront pub
at 11:33 25 Apr 2022

Fancy a jolly near some water Saturday post match with the family if it's not raining. Happy to travel 30 minuts of Ipswich in any direction, was thinking Maybush or Ramsholt Arms? Or maybe Pin Mill.

Any obvious ones I've missed? Anything decent going on in Felixstowe?
Anyone got any recent experience of a passport application?
at 14:31 21 Apr 2022

And specifically how long it took between the 'application accepted' text / email to physically getting it through the post?
Just got a work email
at 09:23 21 Apr 2022

from someone at Deloitte, and his email signature includes a list of preferred pronouns. I've never seen this before, am I out of touch?

Pronouns: he / him / his

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