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Public Service Announcement Re: Avengers Endgame (No Spoilers from me)
at 03:37 25 Apr 2019

Saw the Double Bill tonight. Just back now at 3.30am. It would have been 3.15am, but waited for the credit and post-credit scenes.

There are no credit or post-credit scenes. I've just saved you 15 minutes.

It's very good, though.
A Brexit Solution
at 16:26 17 Mar 2019

It's democratic, and doesn't break The Good Friday Agreement.

England and Wales voted to Leave.

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to Remain.

So, England and Wales Leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland Remain. The Border on the island of Ireland stays open. The border between Northern Ireland and Scotland (and therefore the UK) remains open. The Belfast-Stranraer ferry remains border-free.

It would require the EU to make an exception on trade between Scotland and England, Wales and Northern Ireland etc, and allow zero tariffs on trade between them.

Scotland and Northern Ireland to continue to elect MEPs, and contribute to the EU budget each year. EU Law, and European Supreme Court, to continue to have primacy in those nations.

In terms of the numbers: this deal would gain the support of all the SNP MPs. May would be home and dry.

It's obviously very, very late in the day, but if this had been suggested at the beginning of the Article 50 process would it have been a possible solution?
So the IRA have formally claimed responsibility for the mail bombs...
at 11:55 12 Mar 2019

They were clearly "warning shots", and designed to say "This can return" rather than do damage at this stage. Claiming responsibility on Brexit vote day is hugely significant.

The Good Friday Agreement is now broken in all major areas:

1. The Power-Sharing Executive is suspended. Google Arlene Foster Renewables for reasons.

2. This means that the Police Service of Northern Ireland is now under the direct control of the Home Secretary and Northern Ireland Secretary. The Northern Ireland Secretary recently blundered and politically interfered in the legal process regarding killings by British service personnel. Independence and freedom from political interference for the PSNI is a central plank of the GFA.

3. Any issue around sovereignty is supposed to be determined by a vote by the people of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland voted substantially against Brexit, but the British passport-holders of Northern Ireland are losing their European "citizenship" by the imposition of the will of English voters.

4. A No Deal Brexit will necessitate the reintroduction of security structures and roadblock checks, whether on the Border or just beyond it. The GFA calls for the dismantling of security structures, not re-imposing them. Even May's Backstop only provides a temporary relief: a solution would still need to be found.

5. The only lasting success of the GFA which hadn't been compromised was the decommissioning of all paramilitary weapons. By sending these "bombs" (firecrackers, really) and then claiming responsibility, the IRA (or whichever faction of the IRA is responsible) is formally declaring that it is no longer bound by the GFA.

We are in a really bad position: the Peace Process is teetering, and the DUP are content for it to fall.

And they have May's nuts in a vice...
So I wrote a couple of weeks ago...
at 18:06 2 Feb 2019

That if we got at least 5 points from 3 games against teams with nothing to play for, then we might have a chance.

Blackburn, Villa, Wednesday.

We lost all three and scored one goal.

Against teams with very little to play for.

We are down. That's it.
Terrorist bombing has returned to Northern Ireland
at 00:01 21 Jan 2019

I've been warning about this for a while.

There's a lot more to it than just Brexit: Foster's lack of ministerial accountability, subsequent collapse of the power sharing executive and closure of Stormont, resulting "rule" over Northern Ireland by the British Home Secretary, subsequent propping up of the Tory Government by DUP.

However, Brexit really isn't helping. And comments from Tory MPs suggesting that the Irish Border is a red herring, or that The Good Friday Agreement doesn't matter are fuel to a potentially highly flammable situation.

One for you to get your teeth into, Glassers?
at 10:19 18 Jan 2019

Your end of the country and as clear a case of brutalist immigration policy as you'll ever see. Are you and your Asylum network contacts up on this case?

Lest we forget what Theresa May's "determination" to "see things through" does to real people. In this case an elderly couple who came as refugees from the Ayatollah's revolution in Iran, settled in Scotland, integrated, had a family now spanning 3 more generations, including a daughter who works in the NHS, and her autistic son.

And now to be deported.

Fck hostile environment.
Meanwhile in Trumpland
at 10:39 15 Jan 2019

The President invited the Clemson Tigers (University Championship winning American Football Team) to the White House for dinner to celebrate their victory.

But, umm, shutdown: no chefs!

So President classy pulls out all the stops:
Prediction Thread
at 02:35 15 Jan 2019

Theresa May Edition.

What's your prediction for the outcome of the Brexit vote?

My prediction is that May will lose, the Government will survive a No Confidence Vote.

May will then announce her resignation, as she will say she has got the best deal she could, and did her best to respect the will of the people. Many political obituaries will be written borrowing heavily from the words written about Andy Murray in recent days: "dogged, remarkable resilience, courage, surprisingly good second serve" etc

The Tories intriguingly don't have a Deputy Prime Minister, but I think it is note-worthy that David Liddington moved over to the Cabinet Office a week ago. I predict he will take over the reins and manage a pause on Article 50 and a Second Referendum.

Well that's my crock of horse sheet, what's yours?

Collins: I'm fat and I can't wait to get crackling!
at 14:51 11 Jan 2019

Oh no, that's Justin Lee Collins.
Credit to Lambert
at 07:44 6 Jan 2019

Whilst many other managers come out with the same old clichés and go through the motions, today, thanks to him, the English language now has

"I'm not going to hide behind any rocks or smoking jackets"

for anyone in a desparate situation, but with a bit of fight left in them, to reach for.

Up there with Roy's "big forearms", for me.
How many years has it taken for us to go
at 20:42 5 Jan 2019


"Get the deckchairs out, we're promoted!"


"Re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic"?
Glimmer of hope?
at 16:49 26 Dec 2018

I think Chalobah has played pretty well.

He'd be my Town MotM. Who is yours?
The first signing ITFC need to make when the window opens:
at 15:13 26 Dec 2018

The QPR red button camera operator.

Busy, active, always looking for new angles.

Ok, s/he sometimes makes mistakes, but so much more exciting than the pedestrian approach taken at PR.
Jose gone!
at 09:53 18 Dec 2018


Sorry, didn't see other threads.

Has any other manager lost his mojo so dramatically?

Without going near the England team?

Otherwise, Capello?
[Post edited 18 Dec 2018 9:55]
1 down 9 to go
at 23:13 15 Dec 2018

9 more wins from the remaining 26 games (and a few draws, say 6 or 7) should see us safe.

9 wins, 6 draws, 9 defeats doesn't sound impossible.

Basically, can Lambert make us a lower mid-table team over the rest of the season?
Laura Kuenssberg is tweeting that the Chair of the Backbench
at 21:05 11 Dec 2018

1922 Committee has asked to see the PM tomorrow after PMQs.

It's happening...
[Post edited 11 Dec 2018 22:17]
For those that haven't seen the Liz Truss (Cabinet Minister) twitter thread...
at 13:28 4 Dec 2018

She was talking very indiscreetly in a restaurant yesterday. A Green Party candidate happened to be at the next table. Here's his report...

It has a couple of sentences of preamble on the ethics of reporting it, then it's reported quotes of Truss putting the knife into various colleagues.

If Ipswich fans received a Stadium ban for falling over a hoarding
at 18:35 2 Dec 2018

during a crowd surge in an East Anglian derby, how long should that middle aged bloke in the Liverpool coat be banned for after his pitch invasion towards the end of the Merseyside match?
This one should be headlined
at 08:04 30 Nov 2018

Attention seeker gets attention, complains to get more attention.

Personally I think the airline employee has done a good job of providing the little girl with a gentle introduction to the lifetime of ridicule that she faces as a result of her mother's stupidity.
A rude joke
at 08:35 29 Nov 2018

Why do men from Norwich have six fingers on their right hand?

One for each sister.

It's all we've got left. Base insults.
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