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Laura Kuenssberg is tweeting that the Chair of the Backbench
at 21:05 11 Dec 2018

1922 Committee has asked to see the PM tomorrow after PMQs.

It's happening...
[Post edited 11 Dec 22:17]
For those that haven't seen the Liz Truss (Cabinet Minister) twitter thread...
at 13:28 4 Dec 2018

She was talking very indiscreetly in a restaurant yesterday. A Green Party candidate happened to be at the next table. Here's his report...

It has a couple of sentences of preamble on the ethics of reporting it, then it's reported quotes of Truss putting the knife into various colleagues.

If Ipswich fans received a Stadium ban for falling over a hoarding
at 18:35 2 Dec 2018

during a crowd surge in an East Anglian derby, how long should that middle aged bloke in the Liverpool coat be banned for after his pitch invasion towards the end of the Merseyside match?
This one should be headlined
at 08:04 30 Nov 2018

Attention seeker gets attention, complains to get more attention.

Personally I think the airline employee has done a good job of providing the little girl with a gentle introduction to the lifetime of ridicule that she faces as a result of her mother's stupidity.
A rude joke
at 08:35 29 Nov 2018

Why do men from Norwich have six fingers on their right hand?

One for each sister.

It's all we've got left. Base insults.
Walkers Crisps Brussels Sprouts flavour
at 15:34 24 Nov 2018

The latest in a long line of special edition flavours.

They actually taste remarkably like Brussels Sprouts. Whether or not you'll think that's a good thing will depend upon whether you like Sprouts or not.

But they are nowhere near displacing Walkers Max Strong Jalapeno and Beer flavour as my current go to crisp. I love them. So addictive.
at 16:47 10 Nov 2018


But at least Scum have gone from 2-1 to 2-3 in the space of 5 minutes.
I'll tell you who I feel sorry for...
at 15:52 25 Oct 2018

...that bloke with all the UEFA badges who has managed lots of international teams but never been given a break in England.

He wanted to come here in the summer as his last move before becoming England manager.

He surely wouldn't have done worse.

What was his name?
Another step towards the Trumpification of British politics
at 13:18 19 Oct 2018

I just don't understand this, coming from "the Party of Law and Order".

Is it just a symbolic way of showing that they can be awkward? Or are they genuinely embracing anything a Libertarian NRA Tea Party nutjob would vote for?
[Post edited 19 Oct 13:18]
Yes or No
at 23:10 2 Oct 2018

If Paul Lambert would come, would you want him to come in as our manager, with the imminent international break available to him to work with the squad?
[Post edited 2 Oct 23:14]
Somebody lock Darren Bent in the media suite
at 21:51 2 Oct 2018

And don't let him out until he has signed for us.

We need a greedy striker who knows where to be in the box and who gambles on being in the right place when the crosses come in.

And we can only sign free agents. He's not the player he was, but he does know how to make space in the box.
[Post edited 2 Oct 21:57]
Donacien and Jackson are trying
at 20:29 2 Oct 2018

They really are. I'd say they are pushing towards a 6 out of 10.
"You can't even spit, you can't even spi-it...
at 19:54 2 Oct 2018

...Trevoh Chalobah, you can't even spit!"
Here's a young Norwich fan hopefully we can all support...
at 09:41 1 Oct 2018

Campaigning for British Sign Language (BSL) to become a GCSE subject.

Currently deaf children in deaf schools have lessons in BSL, but can't gain a qualification in it. They have to learn specialised BSL vocabulary in other subjects, but are then only assessed on the written English.

Bi-lingual children are, in the majority of cases, able to take GCSEs in their "mother-tongue" (quite rightly- languages are a higher level skill and it is appropriate to recognise those who have acquired them) but deaf children are currently unable to take a GCSE in BSL.

Exam boards are willing to develop a curriculum and assessment, but the Government put a moratorium in place on new GCSEs to prevent further change and turmoil for teachers.

I hope he wins.
Modern Sport is broken #4876235
at 17:51 11 Sep 2018

Alistair Cook wins Man of the Match for the 5th Test against India, and is presented with his medal by a man in a Specsavers sweatshirt.
Great Ipswich area feel-good story
at 14:32 24 Aug 2018

This is some achievement by a young man hit hard by a life-changing condition during his GCSE year.

I think my 16 year old self would have struggled to react so positively.
A thought provoking piece from Gavin Esler
at 11:58 13 Aug 2018

On journalistic ethics in the post-Brexit/fake news world.

Full disclosure: it's mostly about Brexit.
WTF News Story of the Week...
at 08:38 5 Aug 2018

Back in the Nineties, this would have been WTF News Story of the Year, but in the current crazy world, who knows what will happen next week?

Putin has made Actor Steven Seagal Russia's Special Envoy to the USA.

Seagal was made a Russian citizen in 2016.

What might have been...
at 09:05 12 Jul 2018

I said when he was injured during the run-in that Oxlade-Chamberlain's injury could cost Liverpool the Champions League and would hurt England in the World Cup.

He was in fantastic form last season, and I think his dribbling ability and his slide-rule passing into the path of attackers' runs could have made a real difference.

There are loads of "what ifs?" that we could dwell on this morning, my point is that England can immediately strengthen the team who reached a World Cup Semi Final.
Hey, here's a joke!
at 23:49 11 Jul 2018

It's got a punchline and everything!

Why is Phil's ban-hammer like the alphabet?

Because they both end XYZ!
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