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The Cricket has been great viewing if you are getting World Cup fatigue
at 19:45 19 Jun 2018

For those who haven't been following, England have smashed the World Record for ODI's and at one point looked like they would score 500 in their 50 overs.

Eoin Morgan scored the fastest ODI 50 by an England player, too, and Hales and Bairstow both had big hundreds.

Target 482.

Australia started quite brightly but wickets at key moments have pegged them back a little. On cue! Rashid bowls Finch!

Australia currently 152-4 from 20.4 overs.

So Australia are probably going to score around 330, normally a good score, and the biggest possible score I can see them getting is 380, which is normally a very, very good score. But that would mean they would lose by a hundred, which is a big defeat. But anything less than 380 will mean they are slaughtered.
Did anyone notice Caballero during the Argentinian National Anthem?
at 13:59 16 Jun 2018

All the Argentinian players were facing the front, but Caballero was turned almost 90 degrees with his back to Messi.

What's that all about?
Well that was a very good goal
at 17:53 14 Jun 2018


Random text to stop it appearing on the home page........

Russia's fourth, fast forward to the 90th minute if you've recorded it.
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A Good News Story
at 22:51 13 Jun 2018

A solution to the plastic problem: a completely natural waste product which can produce a plastic-substitute for food storage which OUTPERFORMS plastic as it has anti-bacterial properties as well.
That photo of Hurst and Doig holding the Town shirts up with their names on the
at 22:30 12 Jun 2018

Am I the only person wondering whether Paul's has the EACH logo on the front?
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Body Language for Dummies- great photo!
at 08:52 11 Jun 2018


Trump has started a Trade War, destabilised the G7, and is now linking all of that to NATO and raising the question as to whether USA should bother to defend NATO allies. And he has ended the strategic aiance with Iran which saw US and Iran provide the military cover to those opposing both ISIS/Daesh and Assad's Syrian regime, leaving him able to rebuild his position.

If it were possible for Putin to influence a US Election and get his puppet installed I would imagine his To Do List would be pretty much ticked off by now.
We'll be able to negotiate our own Trade Deals
at 09:32 8 Jun 2018

Brexit's going well, isn't it?

It won't be long now till May and her crack team of ace negotiators will be able to turn their focus from the silly Leaving deal with the EU and focus on those bespoke deals that will make us RICH!!!!!

There's no sense in which, having left the world's most powerful trading bloc, we have suddenly become an irrelevance and that 30 years of sucking up to America and joining any war they asked us to could all be undermined by a frosting in the May/Trump relationship, is there?

That's the US President who has just started a Trade War with Canada for sh!ts and giggles.

So we've thrown away our trading relationship with Europe, Trump is, as predicted, implementing protectionism, and Putin sends long range bombers and Novichok rather than Trade Envoys.

China has got Africa sown up, and, you know, history.

Any of the Leavers care to tell us where we are going to get these bespoke Trade Deals from? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident you are in May's team to negotiate anything at all?
The only person in the stadium who wasn't impressed by that goal
at 21:15 26 May 2018

was Gareth Bale's mum...

ITFC Trivia Question
at 18:35 12 May 2018

How many players who have played for Town have won a Champions League or European Cup medal or medals, and who are they?

I make it three.

Blimey! Bolton turnaround!
at 14:22 6 May 2018

From 2-1 down to 3-2 up...

In unrelated news, Maddison went off injured after 11 minutes.

Was it a case of "play him for the minimum time then sub him off so he can get a big clap from all the six-fingered mob"? Or has their entire financial strategy just hit the rocks?
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Possible public service gag of the year (Star Wars Edition)
at 12:24 4 May 2018

Well played Heathrow!

Read all the additional info by each destination:

Newsnight tonight
at 22:34 3 May 2018

Why is Kirsty Wark dressed as a De La Soul tribute act?

Is it a Children in Need thing?
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Millwall v Boro at 5.30pm is interesting
at 17:08 28 Apr 2018

More so now that we've clicked so Boro can't take things for granted against us next week.

A win for Millwall puts them level on 72 points with Boro and Derby, with Preston on 70, all going for 2 Play Off places.

Millwall then at home to Villa
Derby at home to Barnsley
Preston at home to Burton

If Boro win then their spot is secure, and Derby would then only need a point unless Preston win by 10. A draw is almost enough for Boro.
Game on!
at 01:54 31 Mar 2018

Kane Williamson out just after lunch.

NZ 36-5
T O P. T I P
at 01:09 31 Mar 2018

If you are going to watch David Warner give a live press conference apologising for letting down the people of Australia ("whether cricket fans or not") make sure you have been to the pub beforehand and had a few pints so you can laugh your f*cking tits off at the funniest thing ever.
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The Aussies and their Press Conferences
at 22:16 29 Mar 2018

I've just realised what this whole thing most reminds me of: when "Nasty Nick" was caught cheating in the first Big Brother house. The media here went mad, psychologists were talking about the bloke being destroyed, and he was described as the most hated man in England.

He was caught out and shamed and cried and then had to do similar contrite press conferences, where he cried again.

The mob hysteria around it is worrying, and the press conferences really awkward viewing, but there is a clear trajectory to this and Smith and Warner will be playing the baddies in pantos in 5 years time, just like Nasty Nick. Maybe the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella.
[Post edited 29 Mar 22:29]
Genuine question re NHS wage rises
at 10:14 22 Mar 2018

Have the Government guaranteed that they will find all of the extra costs of the NHS pay rises, and associated "On Costs" with additional money?

If not, how are NHS Trusts, many of which are at financial breaking-point already, supposed to fund it?
Guns in the USA (Part 3,786,543)
at 08:55 19 Mar 2018

I'm absolutely certain that this wasn't the intention of those who drew up the Bill of Rights.

A 9 year old boy had an argument with his 13 year old sister about a video game controller. Then he shot her dead.

Nine years old.
A Good News Story
at 14:56 23 Jan 2018

Hooray! They're going to The Oscars! Nominated for Best Live Action Short.

I read and watched this a couple of days ago, and, in spite of going to the cinema loads and currently working my way through Awards Season with my Limitless Card, this is the first set of nominations I looked for:

It's a short film about a young girl learning sign language, written by a couple who met on the cast of Hollyoaks, with her co-starring and him directing.
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Any truth in the rumour
at 14:10 11 Jan 2018

That Town's shirts next season will be sponsored by "Magic Vegas"?

Apart from the XXXXL shirts which will say "Johnny Vegas" on the front instead?
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