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Turned the Hundred on and it’s like watching Comical Ali at work
at 18:23 22 Jul 2021

Standing in front of an empty Oval and they’re repeatedly telling us what a great atmosphere it is! Hilarious.
I’m only watching to see if it’s as naff as it sounds. So far, it’s met expectations.
[Post edited 22 Jul 18:23]
Can we get the Fleetwood game rearranged? There is a higher calling
at 22:05 13 Jul 2021

Many of these sad sacks can’t even fight for their own contracts
at 16:22 27 Mar 2021

There’s no hope of them fighting for us. They’ve checked out.
Hopefully the result at full time will show I’ve been premature in writing this and I look an idiot...
Much better in terms of intensity and effort but familiar frailties exposed
at 15:02 20 Mar 2021

Can’t defend set pieces, lack of quality in the final third and a keeper who can kick a mile in a straight line but offers little else.
Clearly a team in transition and a number of players who won’t be here next season. Cook’s got a big job on but he’s starting to get into their heads. Hearing what he’s shouting at them shows just how basic the level of match awareness is with some of them. He needs a transfer window - once he’s freed up the wages of some of this lot.
Big shout out to my mum and dad
at 19:02 9 Mar 2021

Both in their 80’s. They’ve bought their first iFollow pass tonight. Dad’s a blue and mum’s an Imp. Sorry mum but our need is greater than yours!
That’s a lot of Friday evenings ruined...
at 19:27 26 Feb 2021

So what’s changed?
at 20:59 23 Feb 2021

A week after the abject performance against Northampton, those lads have worked their socks off tonight. Fought for every first and second ball and even produced some quality at times. Other than the absence of Taylor, what’s changed?
It’s not only Lambert who’s pulling Marcus’ leg, his gardener’s at it to
at 10:28 21 Feb 2021

They weren’t green shoots he saw, it’s moss. Goodness knows what state his lawn’s in but as long as the bloke who mows it tells ME what he wants to hear, he’s happy.
So are we agreed? PR Paul has now become Pay Off Paul?
at 18:38 19 Feb 2021

He’s begging the executioner to pull the lever and put him out of his misery - safe in the knowledge that there’s a basket full of cash to catch his head.
There can’t be any other explanation for this week’s behaviour can there?
[Post edited 19 Feb 18:39]
We’re not alone in our public displays of dislike of an incumbent manager
at 21:30 17 Feb 2021

Gladbach fans aren’t too happy with Rose. Ironically, there’s a Dortmund connection too...

Is this the most shameful 24 hours in our history?
at 19:21 17 Feb 2021

It’s a low bar given the Evans era but we’ve had management fall outs, fans wanting rid etc but have we had a 24 hour period like this before?

Damage to a sign being portrayed as a ‘fire’ and the club briefing against a group of its own most passionate fans.
Drew 0-0 at home against a team at the bottom of the third division, cementing our place amongst the also rans.
Red card count going beyond anything any of us can remember- ultimately because we seem to think surrounding referees addresses our own inadequacies on the pitch.
Manager calling out the owner on national media.
Players posting ambiguous statements on social media, leading to speculation about unrest.

I’ve been following for 42 years and I don’t recall a day quite like it.
Are we safe to assume that the only reason this is dragging out for so long
at 19:20 30 Jan 2021

Is that Marcus hasn’t yet admitted to himself that he had his pants pulled down about 12 months ago and got rinsed for a five year deal.

C’mon mate, we’ve all made mistakes but it’s the bigger man who looks himself in the mirror and takes steps to makes things right. Letting this fester is doing nobody any good.
Baggott signing
at 22:13 28 Jan 2021

It was great to see Baggott sign his first pro contract today but the photos got me thinking.
This is such a big day for a young lad but in years gone by, the picture would have been the manager and chairman congratulating him on signing. When did that stop? Have things become so disconnected that this is now down to a name on paper and nothing more?

I don’t believe it’s down to social distancing either as a quick image search for ‘first professional contract Ipswich Town’ shows all the recent players on their own except Andre Dozzell sitting next to Jason when he signed.

BTW, what the hell is that screen on the table behind him in our quaint 1970’s boardroom?
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