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I would say 2 words sum up this club
at 19:10 19 Apr 2019

From the very top to the very bottom,

Utter fiasco.

Marcus Evan's the modern day stan glassman has got to be THE worst and most inept owner in the entire league given the now debfunked oyston era.
Ashley ward
at 13:32 16 Apr 2019

Could be on his way here to solve our striking woes next season.
Wages could be an issue but Evan's prepared to do what it takes.
I just heard this from a good source whilst in Kuala Lumpur.
Listen ladies
at 07:25 14 Apr 2019

Not a single scrap of quality.

Our big white hope is a washed up ex Brentford player who is old as time!!

If it wasn’t happening you wouldn’t actually believe that someone could fuc this club up to this extent unless they were trying too.

adeyemi and huws. 2 indicators, not of our luck, but how this balls up of an operation is going.
This club is truly finished.
at 09:59 11 Apr 2019

Coventry city mll.

Not an ounce of anything good anywhere within it.

I'm off to Kuala Lumpur.
By lucky chance we have landed at Southampton dock.
at 09:52 31 Mar 2019

I see we lost after having 97% possession and 39 shots.

Would it be fair to say we are toothless?

Anyway good to be back and can’t wait for league 1.

Might even win a game.
Would anyone be interested
at 18:34 26 Mar 2019

In joining me on a sponsored cycle ride to begin around October, starting in Egypt heading south to end up in port Elizabeth south Africa.

Its gonna be arduous if not a little dangerous.
Mainly tents but we will try solid residences at least once a week.
Let me know.

Calmer waters at last
at 07:36 26 Mar 2019

But less of these nautical woes, I read the brexit process has hit a few stumbling blocks during our time away.
In layman’s terms can somebody give me a brief update of where its at.

Many thanks in advance.
Half way across biscay
at 15:28 23 Mar 2019

Rough ain't the word.

Anyone know if we have any tickets left for next week?
Saw the drop kick murphys
at 10:01 19 Mar 2019

Last night in Lisbon.
1 off gig, post paddy's day nite for fans over here.
Pure luck never even knew they were playing.
Best Gig I've seen for ages
In Portugal major sail issues
at 16:00 16 Mar 2019

Check my IP address Gav.
Just read you think I'm taking the piss.
Pecker wasn't in the bar in PE that I can promise you.
If he was why didnt he reply to my post while I waited for him?
at 07:21 6 Mar 2019

Where were you last night?
Oh that's right you ARE a pecker.
David beckham
at 18:43 3 Mar 2019

From the sun kissed shores of South Africa I have just read that beckham has had a statue of himself unveiled ar LA Galaxy.
1 is this for real?
2 if so...why,what did he do?
39 points to play for
at 09:13 22 Feb 2019

I predict mid table finish.

Cant see is losing another game now.
We are on our way home.
at 20:50 18 Feb 2019

Should be back for the final game but I fear we might get stuck in the doldrums.
Edward Bishop
at 08:46 10 Feb 2019

I know this club is at an all time low and we have about as Much spare cash as Lehman brothers in 2007, but celebrating the re signing of a small frail lad with red hair and skinny legs who once had an ok 20 minutes away at Doncaster is laughable.
Fair enough we might as well give him 3k a week to sit in the treatment room for another 2 years but those of you who think he is some sort of messiah are very wrong.
The players we have let go yet we keep this calibre of player shows why we are where we are,
Ineffective,broken and cheap.
Should be our Motto.
And yes it's hot here.
Kangaroo's aside I'm not impressed
at 06:44 1 Feb 2019

But more importantly how is Marcus Evan's 5 point plan going?
I’d be genuinely interested IF anyone on this forum can accurate say how many
at 18:12 30 Jan 2019

Pairs of socks they own.

And don’t go running to count them, this is purely an excercise to see if people know within a few quid the true value of their foot coverings portfolio.

Yes I am drinking.
[Post edited 30 Jan 18:13]
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