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Ration Meals and Snacks Thread
at 16:21 21 Mar 2020

What will everyone be turning to during these straitened times?

My favourite of canned mackerel on thick-cut toast will be a go-to.

Now just working out what to do with 5kg of pasta that doesn't involve copious amounts of cheese... if that's actually possible.
at 10:37 17 Mar 2020

... bit fractious on here this morning ain't it.

Considering the successes of the best/worst vegetable thread, how about a best dog thread to lighten the mood?

For me, it's got to be the slender, noble greyhound. Not the most in vogue doggo at the moment, but the British people will come to their senses soon enough.

What a beauty!

Yesterday at work
at 11:53 11 Mar 2020

I was quietly going about my duties protecting the goods and staff at my local M&S store when I was verbally abused by some shady looking chav.

I was almost in tears after this incident and went to my manager who consoled me in the back.

Do people really have to resort to abusive language when I'm just doing my job to feed my family? Seriously thinking about changing careers after all this. Maybe I'll become a train conductor.
Questions for Rick Wakeman...
at 17:10 6 Mar 2020

... tomorrow on Radio Suffolk?

Is Paul Lambert Close to the Edge or is it all Talk?
Does the squad have a Fragile mentaility?

Hope Mr Murphy can reach Chris Packham levels with this tomorrow.
Urinal etiquette: talking while wazzing
at 10:25 25 Feb 2020

Urinal etiquette: talking while wazzing

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Worst vegetable
at 15:23 24 Feb 2020

It's a tie between the disgusting kohlrabi and okra. Both horrendous veg.
Dreary fantasy career swap
at 12:00 20 Feb 2020

Lots of serious discussion at the mo so how about we lighten things up :)

When you really can't be arsed to go to work, what alternative professions catch your imagination?

Always liked the look of being a postie or milkman. Don't really have to talk to anyone, nice long walk and fresh air every day, get done early afternoon time, bit of 70s 'ow's yer father with the local readers' wives...

And a train driver too. Looks like it'd be a larf but then most mornings our train drivers look miserable as sin! Maybe it's because they only pootle along at a snail's pace and aren't allowed to put their foot down :)

Obviously unrealistic jobs like being Ron Jeremy or beer taster for Adnams don't really count.

Something constructive
at 22:25 11 Feb 2020

'ey up,

My frustration with the usual bedsheet brigade is that much is talked about yet nothing ever actually happens. How about getting together on a statement/letter from an influential fans group (i.e. us) that we send over to the powers that be?

We'd need several concrete points of our fears, concerns and frustrations that the supposed DoF et al could take on board in a serious manner, instead of woolly platitudes.

7 Up
at 21:07 5 Feb 2020

The programme, not the drink.

Hadn't seen it before this week but spent the last few days watching through them. Must say it was pretty interesting following the lives of the children involved as they matured into adulthood. Given that the first programme wasn't that long ago in real terms, it's incredible to think how much this country's changed in such a short space of time. Some of the kids' attitudes on race, gender roles and class were especially eye-opening to a more modern audience.

Comforting to see that no matter your age, class or background that we all share the similar fears, hopes, anxieties and bumps along the way. Trite as that sounds!

Wish more telly could be like this :)
Selective lobby briefings
at 15:55 3 Feb 2020

So the govt. are now restricting journalists' access to lobby briefings, and have been doing so for the past six months. Surely this is the thin end of a pretty nasty wedge? Don't want to get all dramatic but withholding information from selected publications/journalists doesn't smell like good democracy.

Apparently, the reason for doing this is to give access to more 'heavyweight' journalists. If this is true, why is Sky News on the accepted list and the Independent/PoliticsHome not?

All getting a bit Trumpesque from Johnson and Cummings.
Suffolk hotels/B&Bs
at 15:38 21 Jan 2020

'ey up TWTD,

Can anyone recommend some decent places to stay in Suffolk?

Taking a young lady to see our beautiful county for the first time (ITFC game included, naturally) and wondered if any of you had tips on the best places to stay.

Ideally, somewhere on the coast or near to the AONB would be great. A couple of decent places to eat/drink nearby wouldn't hurt either. Seen a few nice looking places in Aldeburgh but any other suggestions?

Not sure mother's box room in Lowestoft has the required ambience :)

And if the lady's really lucky, she'll catch crabs in Walberswick too

Thanks in advance x
TWTD End of Year Awards
at 12:36 30 Dec 2019

As I'm bored stiff at work, did wonder whether anyone has posted this year's thread... My apologies if so.

Below are last year's categories, so penny for your thoughts, TWTD:

1) Best overall poster of the year
2) Thread of the year
3) News story of the year
4) Most missed poster of the year
5) Best new poster of the year
6) Most improved poster of the year
7) Best Admin of the year
8) Chef of the year
9) Argument of the year
10) Busiest c**t of the year
11) Funniest poster of the year
12) Ultimate WTF moment
13) Best blub
14) Underappreciated Poster of the Year
15) Post of the year
16) Football post of the year
Controversial from TfL!
at 16:33 9 Dec 2019

Not sure if this is a wind-up by someone else and how TfL got through Legal if not....

Your daily reminder that you're all...
at 08:51 5 Dec 2019

... bloomin' lovely and have many special gifts to share with the world.

Oh, and we're going on a cup run.

Let's spread some festive cheer and much-needed positivity!

Political correctness gone mad (again)?
at 17:39 6 Nov 2019

I was in the local supermarket earlier today with the DW and DS (8) (off school at the minute with suspected CMDLD) and had the fright of my life in the cereal aisle...

It seems the cowardly barstewards at Raisio Group have rebranded Sugar Puffs as Honey Monster Puffs. Now, I remember when Coco Pops did this back in the day and all hell broke loose.

When this happened with Coco Pops I vividly remember there being a phone-in poll aimed at kids from that happy-go-lucky monkey and his jungle friends.

Is it worse to name one of the principle ingredients on the pack as its brand name, or to insidiously promote its consumption to kiddies through cute, cuddly characters? Or are both fine? If this beast appeared in my bedroom at night, I'd sh1t a brick... PC gone mad? Penny for your thoughts, TWTD...

[Post edited 6 Nov 2019 19:01]
Public Service Announcement
at 19:06 3 Nov 2019

Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, plus a good walk are the keys to de-stressing on a Sunday.

My sage (geddit) advice was ignored, then all hell breaks loose.

Lessons to be learnt here.

Think on, TWTD.
Pub etiquette: a case study in moral decline
at 12:44 29 Oct 2019

Last night I attended a music recital. At one point a young chap (transfixed on his phone, of course) bumped into me, spilling half my pint. He apologised and walked away quickly. Now, is it just me or should he have at least offered a replacement? That's the way I was brought up anyhow.

That got me thinking and must say I've noticed a sharp increase in people ignoring the traditional pub queue as well, just ordering whenever the bar staff ask, instead of correctly pointing out the people who were there before.

Another incident was a mate of mine putting a 50p on a pool table to reserve our spot a while ago. Isn't that normal? The chaps playing didn't seem to think so and told him to remove it before things got physical. We played darts instead.

Are these noble British traditions still in practice elsewhere, or have I merely been unlucky? Whatever the case, it's certainly worrying.
Here's one for you arty, university tossers
at 13:55 27 Sep 2019

Review of Grayson Perry's latest show... ouch!

Jones is a bit of a knob at the best of times, but he's got some good points here.
Oi! Gav!
at 16:55 16 Sep 2019

Ignore me. I'm an idiot.

[Post edited 16 Sep 2019 17:04]
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