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FAO Chickers...
at 06:50 28 Mar 2019

...and other interested parties.

Seems your favourite 'oh-my-gawd-can-you-berleave-it' merchant has split from her squeeze. Considering her latest looks like a top-knotted semi-shaven ape you could be in with a shot. I'd give you 20/1 odds on bedding the beloved voice of da yoof.
BoJo on child rapists
at 20:33 13 Mar 2019

Don't know if covered but horrific comments given the current climate:

"I think an awful lot of the money, an awful lot of police time, now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey - £60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse and all this kind of thing."

If there ever was proof that this man is no mere court jester but a terrible fcking cnt this should do it. Does he have no idea what's going on?
Germany it is, lads!
at 17:16 27 Feb 2019

Wonder which teams we'll be playing, or whereabouts in the country it'll be? One of the Berlin teams would be great... well, my liver doesn't think so!
ME interview
at 17:45 30 Jan 2019

Sorry if I missed the answer to this or am being thick, but which clubs/owners was ME talking about? Just wondered who had approached him about buying the Club.

Two clubs, "chucked some money at it for two years, it all went wrong, and one got relegated to League One."

Away from the football misery...
at 19:41 6 Jan 2019

The Bros documentary currently on BBC is pure Partidge-grade gold. But with Bros. And irl.
at 18:01 23 Nov 2018

Flying out tomorrow morning for work. Anyone got any tips on places to go or things to see? Doing a three-day conference but going for a week so have a bit of time to explore.

Any recommendations welcome.

Theroux, Louis
at 10:57 19 Nov 2018

Anyone else watch his excellent documentary on assisted dying last night?

I rarely cry but it had me blubbing like a baby. Certainly a conversation that needs to be had more- and surprised that it's legal in so many US states. His best one in a while for me.

Town players as Tarantino films
at 17:25 16 Nov 2018

Jackie Brown

Forward, b. 1914.
Suffolk dictionary - recognise many/any?
at 21:01 8 Nov 2018

Posted before about EA/Suffolk words, and later bought Charlie Haylock's 'Sloightly on th' Huh! An affectionate look at the Suffolk dialect' off the back of it (great book- buy it!). In it there's a Suffolk dictionary which I've just started transcribing for something I'm working on.

Thought it would be interesting to see if any of the words are familiar to any of you. As there are so many, I'll start with A and B. If there's any interest I'll do a follow-up.

Suffolk Dictionary

Abroad – Outside Suffolk

Absy – Abscess

Addle – (1) Save up money- ‘At took me years t’addle up enough bor ferra week-end in Flixstowe.’;(2) To grow or thrive – ‘At gaard’n ‘ont addle wi’ all ‘em ‘air weeds agrown’

Airy-wiggle – Earwigs

Alp/Blood alp – Bullfinch

Arsel – (1) To move backwards; (2) (usually followed by about) to fidget whilst sitting down – ‘Coot blaarst; ‘ay aarsl’ about fairly. ‘Ay must hev ants in th’ pants.’

Arselins – Backwards – ‘Oi want yew goo’un forrunds, not aarsl’ns.’

Bab – Crab or eel bait consisting of worms strung or tied together.

Babbing – Crabbing or eeling using a bab tied to a weight on the end of the line (Walberswick still hosts the World Championships).

Backus – A wash-house or scullery at the back of a farm house; a place for odd-jobs.

Backus boy – An odd-job boy. ‘Oi started out on th’ farm azza back’ss booy.’

Baffled – To be knocked and twisted irregularly together. ‘At barley wuz hooly baafl’d boy ‘at owd storm laars noight.’

Bang – A type of cheese made in Suffolk from milk skimmed several times; as a consequence it is very hard. Also known as Suff’k thump.

Bargain – A quantity; a load. ‘At wuz a poor baarg’n o’ wool from three score hoggets.’

Barley bird – The nightingale. ‘The barley bud. ‘at hooly sing at noight. Bootaful sow’nd – th’ lead singer in naytcher’s kwoire.’

Barley mung – Barley meal mixed with water and milk to fatten up fowls or pigs. ‘Ont git enny aylm ‘nts feed’n em pigs ‘at baarlee mung,’

Bay duck – 1. The shell duck. 2. Having bright colours like a bay horse.

Betty(-ass) – A female ass

Betty boil – Tea kettle

Betty tit – the female tom tit or tittlemouse

Bibble- To eat like a duck searching for food in shallow water; to drink and eat at the same time.

Bishop Barnabee – A ladybird; so called because, long ago, this particular bishop wore bright red and black attire. Usually shortened to bishy. ‘Little owd bishy dun a lot o’ good in the’ gaard’n.’

Blob – Blunt and rounded; said of something when it should be sharp or pointed. ‘Poor owd booy. Hee’s gotta blob nose, ‘n’ blob lips, ‘n’ his fingers are blob ended. No wunda he ‘ent gotta little owd mawther.’

Blowbroth – A meddling old busy body.

Blote-herring – A bloater

Bobble – Fuss or worry. ‘Yew make a bobble b’bowt north’n, yew dew.’

Bonnka – A fine, strapping, well-built young person, especially a girl. ‘At mawther’s a rare bonnka’

Botty – Big headed

Bor – A friendly form of address between men or boys. ‘How dew yew fare, bor? Dew yew keep a’throshn’n, bor? ‘Taint be ser loikely, bor.’

Boud – A biscuit weevil. ‘Yew hatter tap ‘em bowds out afore yew eat ‘em bisc’ts.’

Brattlings – Tree lopping and toppings used in hurdles or for hedging or firing.

Brawtch – A bent hazel stick used as a staple to secure a rizzer (rod) or to hold in straw or reed on a thatched roof.

Brew – The edge of a ditch away from a hedge.

Brummager – A seafarer who pilots boats without a licence.

Bumby – A hole dug outside the back door for depositing kitchen waste before it is put on the compost. ‘Cood blast, ‘at bumby hooly stinks; needs clear’n owt.’

Buttle – The bittern

Meet the club tonight
at 15:33 1 Nov 2018

Any on here going? Got any questions?

Gonna be a bit of a snorefest now Hurst's gone, isn't it?

It's been an interesting morning...
at 10:54 29 Oct 2018

Here at footers HQ.

Not sure why I'm posting this here but maybe some of you will find this little story interesting.

As some of you may know, I along with some ex-colleagues quit our jobs at the beginning of the year to go out on our own. We found an investor willing to back us and he found what seemed like the perfect technology partners for us to work with. All good. Now, nearly ten months down the line and a couple of weeks away from our first proper investment round, we've found out that these tech people are scam artists.

All year we have worked with them on developing our product and they've strung us along for all that time. We've flown them to the Far East, Malta, America, bought them all sorts of things, from hotels to dinners, equipment etc. More to the point, we've funded them more than £1m in investment in that time.

When Pushkin came to Shovekin over the weekend (our investor wanting to see the final product and their refusal to show him), he did a little digging and found out the horrible truth about these guys. One was an actor who had nothing to do with technology and his son (they are the 'company') was working as an events organiser this time last year, again with zero tech experience!

What amazes me is how well they pulled the scam off, by giving just enough correct information when pushed, were able to keep straight faces all the time (even delivering long speeches at our launch event last month) and demanding to be paid in cryptocurrency, which is how we work anyway but is obviously untraceable.

I thought scams like this were just the stuff of films, but today I know much different! I just can't believe someone I was speaking to just last week was fobbing me off in such a believable way... We'll still be able to go ahead with another partner, so no real harm done to the project (well, aside from all that dosh!) but word to the wise- do your homework, get lawyers on the contracts and don't be afraid to challenge people when it comes to project delivery!
It's Mr Ham's birthday today!
at 21:59 25 Oct 2018

And he's spent all day covering ITFC on here...

Can we get a thread of thanks for our dear leader?
Who was...
at 14:44 7 Oct 2018

... the player we had not so long ago who was a bit of a nutcase, played as CB and striker and ended up at Southend or somewhere? North African, I think.

Was thinking about those odd sorts who can play both roles but can't seem to remember the chap's name.
at 17:07 16 Aug 2018

Any recommendations around the £100 mark? Happy to pay more if there's a noticeable difference, but I'm tone deaf so subtleties would be wasted on an idiot like me.

I would like them to be loud though.

at 12:45 7 Aug 2018

Has actually disappeared... Like a candle in the wind.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Now, who's going to take up the role of making a new thread every hour on the hour?
Elderly peeps/Internet
at 18:00 22 Jul 2018

Has anyone got any experience and/or advice about older family members starting out with modern tech?

My grandad now has a smart phone, sometimes writes messages on WhatsApp and things like that, but still very basic. He's a lot more isolated now and I think it could be great thing for him to get more involved but don't quite know the best way to go about it.

Some of it confuses and frightens him a bit. I just want to make it as interesting, easy and accessible as possible for him.

Any thoughts, experiences?
Hurst doesn't like cheese
at 08:16 19 Jul 2018

Football's coming home...
at 13:11 7 Jul 2018

... happy hardcore style. Some crackers on this album!

BBQ Season
at 17:12 5 May 2018

Is upon us. Will get the coals roaring tomorrow early afternoon.

Any TWTD favourites? Got the usual in, plus some lovely whole sardines, potato salad spiked with anchovies, plus the odd bacon-wrapped banana for the intrepid and/or stoned.

Anything to add to tomorrow's shopping list, TWTD? Sure I can count on you for culinary advice!

Tradespeople- little advice please
at 10:58 18 Apr 2018

What sort of quote should I be looking at for an all-rounder to come in and assess/document the sh1tshow of work just completed in my kitchen/bathroom?

Landlady insists on using cowboys (god knows why) and they've left the place in a right state. Name it, it's f00ked.

Now instead of going back and forth with her, I want to get a professional to take a look and give her a quote for getting it all fixed to the right standard. Any ideas on price?
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